house of found and stitch

So, as some may have seen from my header pic, I have been working on cross-stitching the four Hogwarts House crests. I found a pattern online, but it wasn’t very good, so I’ve been making and re-making each crest, trying to find where the problems were and how to fix them. At the end of last semester, I finalized the last one (Slytherin). I then discovered that, though I’d made all four, for various reasons I no longer had all four, and I didn’t have any of them in their final versions (which only exist on paper), and thus I set out to remedy this, and make the whole set one last time.

This is the second of the four, and the one I have now made the most times: my house, Hufflepuff. I ended up making this one twice in two month, since one of the guys in the play I was in wanted me to make one for his daughter’s Christmas present. I then made this one for myself. Except for the grey of the badger’s fur being too light for my taste (looks like barely off-white in most lights) I’m quite happy with the end result!


Today, with my newly constructed Dream Suite, I visited a Harry potter themed town!
It was beautiful, the paths were well constructed, as were the trees. There were rare stumps scattered around, mushrooms, it was very cute.
1. Waking up you get a cute little set of clothes to play dress up in, with a choice of two wands, beans - Bertie bott’s, of course - and a roman sparkler. I chose the green glow wand because I am a Slytherin and it also glows.
2. The closest house is a castle house, which I’m guessing is the school of Hogwarts. The front room is pretty grand, with different lava lamps representing the different houses. The different rooms have different things, and I posted my two favourites.
3. The divination room. You can flip the hourglass yeee
4. I couldn’t reach the Slytherin table, and was disappointed. Still, I liked it
5. Upstairs is what I’ll assume is the griffindor common room. I think adding the presents around the beds was a cute touch. I hoped a Slytherin common room would be in the basement, but unfortunately not.
6. Running around outside, I bumped into Harry. There was also another girl named Vickie, whom I will assume is the original mayor. She said she was just a muggle. I feel ya, bro.
7. Sitting on the tree. Why can’t i do is in my town yet?!
8. Crookshanks cut out? I think yes! There were other cute little things around, like water pumps and fountains.
9. In Vickie’s house. I found a strange little shrine to the villagers and also stitches. Outside I bumped into a neighbour wearing a stitches shirt as well… Huh
10. A PHANTOM OF THE OPERA ROOM. I AM IN LOVE. I actually really loved this room, it was really well put together. Especially with the little music box you could play.

All up, this town was fantastic and fun to explore. It has little details, like a single dead tree - the whomping willow - that really made it. It was excellent for a first time dreamer and Harry Potter fan.

Dream address: 4000-2146-3640