house of flail

There was a bumblebee in our basement again. Once again, seemingly flightless while in the basement, at least–though this one (or maybe it’s the same one who knows) had more spunk, and was buzzing angrily even on the floor.

I scooped it up, took this quick video, and brought it outside. It stayed on the peony for about two seconds and then took off, flying over our house and into the sky.

I am so confused. @curlicuecal , how much do you know about bumblebee behavior?


Last chapter is here !

[ Yifan | Thieving Hearts ]

\ Heist

Your breath came out in nervous gasps, as you tried to move as quietly as possible. Since the attack forced the whole guard to move out, the barracks were abandoned, not one living soul in there. It was only full of weapons.

Weapons that you and the mates could use. The wolves were armed with supernatural strenght and their powers, but the mates were helpless- what would happen if someone would attack the house and not a single wolf would be there? They needed to learn how to protect themselves.

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travelings-throughout  asked:

Gosh I can't get over your writing style. It is so beautiful and mystical. I have tried to put my finger on how your writing makes me feel for months now but can't. It's so celestial, outerwordly, and illuminating. It's like you're the story teller of the zodiac themselves. You are able to create such a strong vision and feeling in your post it's like you take the reader into another word. Thank you.

this is really really cool, i read this and came back on to read it again. thanks so much for your words, you’ve really put a lot of thought into this, thats so cool, if only u could see my 3rd house leo with its paws flailing lol… i love the story teller part… the cool thing about astrology is that ive always felt it an extension of me, somethign that is so present in everyday that writing about it feels like writing a journal… astrology is really magical, thanks for learning it with me <3

Houses of the Holy is filled with so much interesting context and comparisons, especially in retrospect, now that we know angels are such a crucial part of the show.

But there’s something I didn’t catch last time I went through this episode.

This is the episode where we get that first heartbreaking tidbit into Dean’s faith, or lack thereof, and how it was tied in to Mary promising him as a child that “angels are watching over you.”  And how utterly he couldn’t believe, because… the angels never saved her, despite the fact that she believed in them.  (If I have brains at some point I’d love to meta Mary and faith and what season 12 did to her, but that is not this day.)

There’s a moment when Sam and Dean are in the church with the priest; Sam points over towards a picture of Michael, and he’s pointing at Dean at the same time.  I’ve seen a half dozen joke posts of “gosh golly gee Kripke knows how to foreshadow holy crap” but that’s… not what is happening in this episode.

The very last scene (which I want to stab someone for, seriously, who decided it was okay to put Knocking on Heaven’s Door over a conversation where Sam’s losing his faith and losing his hope that he can escape his ‘destiny,’ that he can gain redemption, the words “I can’t do this anymore” are NOT OKAY IN THIS CONTEXT), Dean turns to Sam and says “I’m watching out for you.”

I may have sat and stared blankly at the screen when I caught the duplicate.  Angels are watching over you… I’m watching out for you… add in that Dean got so visibly tied to Michael in the middle of the episode, and suddenly we have a recipe for Dean being represented as Sam’s angel.

Sam’s response is, of course, “but you’re just a man.”  He wanted the higher power; but the thing is… this show often focuses on the theme of humanity being the monsters and the real evil.  But this whole episode is built around a human spirit acting in the same capacity as an angel: loving, vengeful, protective, offering redemption and a second chance.  It’s the direct compliment to the darker theme we’re so much more familiar with.

And Dean (lovely Dean who keeps getting framed as a serial killer in these first seasons, seriously, go back and look at it…), is given the protective, avenging role when someone’s life is at stake.  He isn’t a fluffy cherub, he’s a warrior, trying to look out for the people he loves.  And he’s always looking out for his little brother…

I’m fine this is fine…

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I am literally in awe of how the artist captured the exact visual in your head of tobias. What was your reaction

^ That.

No joke, I literally ran around the house “dancing” (aka flailing). Then I showed him to Cliff and my closest friends, repeatedly saying “Look at him. LOOK AT HIM!”

Real talk, it’s impossible to explain how it feels when an artist not only draws your MC, but draws them exactly how you envision them. That has literally never happened to me before. It’s SO EXCITING!

Anywho, after I calmed down a little, this happened:

Sometimes I still point my phone at Cliff and whisper “Look at hiiiiiim…”

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IT'S FEELS TIME!!!! Companions react to Sole getting really sick with like a .1% chance of surviving (and reactions when they miraculously pull through)

It happened when they were going through an abandoned hospital. Sole pricked themselves on a stray needle, and before long, Sole was bedridden. After several days of tests and observation, a doctor emerges to tell Sole’s companion the news.

Cait: She lunges forward, grabbing the doctor’s collar in a fierce grip and yanking them to her so they’re nose-to-nose. “What do you mean, ‘little chance of survival’? I’ll tell you who’s got a little chance of survival, fuckhead.” Her grip on their collar tightens. “'Cause let me tell you. If they die in there? I’m holding you fuckin’ responsible.” She pushes them away, stomping off and out of the building. She drowns her sorrows in the nearest bar, relapsing back into chem use and filling her blood with the most potent chems she can find. She’s sobbing in an alleyway weeks later when Sole finds her, still a little weak from being bedridden. She looks up, her eyes red. “Is it really you?” she whispers. Then she jumps up, clutching Sole in a bone-crushing hug.

Codsworth: “Oh. Oh, I see.” He knows what 1% survival rate means. He knows that now, he’s going to be the last one left. Sole’s spouse, Sole’s son, and now Sole themselves are all gone, and with them his last connections to the Old World. Back when things were right. He leaves the room without a word, and the doctors don’t question his disappearance. Making his way back to Sanctuary, he only offers a brief explaination for Sole’s absence. “Sir/Mum is indisposed at the moment,” is all he says. Then he goes to the house, his house, and begins trimming the hedges. He dusts the countertops, he changes the bedding of Shaun’s old crib. When Sole comes for him, padding into the house, he swivels around, and something chokes up his voicebox. “Back in time for dinner, Sir/Mum?”

Curie:Non! No, no no, you must be mistaken!” She nearly tears her hair out in frustration. She is a doctor, for goodness’ sakes. She’s spent decades studying all manner of illnesses and their treatments, spent weeks walking around in an organic body of her own. There must be something she can do! She buries herself in Pre-War medical journals, finds old textbooks to refamiliarize herself with old material. And it’s all for naught. She returns to Sole’s bedside, hair mussed and tears dripping down her cheeks. She crumples beside their bed, holding their hand in her own and crying against it. When Sole squeezes her hand back, she freezes, looking up at them slowly, almost believing she’d imagined it. They give her a tired smile, and her tears turn to cries of joy. She leaps up, wrapping her arms around them and speaking in French, forgetting to speak English in her excitement.

Danse: Not possible. That’s the thought that runs through his head as the Brotherhood doctor gives him the diagnosis. “Are you certain?” he asks, voice gruff. The physician informs him that, yes, they are sure of Sole’s condition. “I see.” His throat tightens. “See what you can do to make them comfortable, then.” He refuses to just let Sole die, refuses to just see them waste away in bed, alone and forgotten. So he lingers on the Prydwen, ignoring the words of the other soldiers, stalking back and forth across the blimp catwalks and just waiting. When he’s finally summoned by a doctor, he comes running from the opposite end of the blimp, charging past everyone in full Power Armor, bursting into the room sweaty and panting. Sole gives him a smile from the bed, and heat rises behind his eyes. When all the doctors leave, when it’s just him sitting beside Sole, a few tears well up in the corners of his eyes. “Welcome back, soldier.”

Deacon: He should stay. He knows he should. But he can’t bring himself to. Once he caught sight of the doctors’ notes, having pilfered them when no one was looking, he feels his feet itch and he has to run away. He can’t stay - that’d drive him crazy. But the more he runs, the more guilty he feels, the more contradicting thoughts and feelings well up inside his head until he’s come full circle and is sneaking into Sole’s room late at night. Sitting down beside their bed, he watches them. “Hey, boss,” he says, sounding hoarse. “Sorry I’m late.” His breath hitches, and he has to remove his sunglasses, sadness and guilt filling the deep blue eyes behind them. “I’m sorry I… never got to tell you the truth. I know I should have. I guess there was never a good time. I’m… I’m sorry for everything. For all my bullshit. I just… I’m sorry-” He looks up, and finds Sole looking at him, eyes open and focused on him. He stops. Blinks. Opens his mouth. “Howdy, boss,” he says at last. “Sleep well?”

Dogmeat: Why doesn’t his person pet him anymore? Now all they do is lie in that funny-smelling bed, surrounded by all those strange humans. The strange humans give him treats and pets sometimes, but he wishes his person would give him treats and pets again. Despite the doctors’ attempts to shoo him from the room, he always finds his way back in, butting his nose against Sole’s hand with a whine. It comes to the point where the doctors have to drag him from the room, and then he responds with a growl and a bark. So they leave him there. The nurses make sure he has food and water, and he stays by Sole’s side, resting his head on their stomach. And one day, Sole pets them, and Dogmeat is happy again.

Hancock: He leans back in his chair, expression unreadable as the doctor relays the news. The physician is obviously unnerved by the ghoul’s unwavering stare. After a few moments of silence, he waves them away. “Get out of here.” The doctor leaves without a moment’s hesitation. Hancock buries himself in his work after that, keeping his mind off things with drugs and politics and enforcing the lenient law of Goodneighbor. But anytime he has a free moment, he goes back to them. Sits by their bedside, tells them the events of the past few days. And one day, with their eyes closed, Sole responds. It makes him stop, tilting his head like he thought he imagined the words. But when Sole opens their eyes, he throws his head back and laughs. When he catches his breath, he goes and pulls Sole into a tight hug. “Son of a bitch,” he swears, grinning. “You were fuckin’ with me this whole time, weren’t you?”

Nick Valentine: He wishes he still had the ability to smoke when the doctors tell him the diagnosis, when he’s looking over Sole’s body lying motionless in the bed. He even wishes he could get drunk. Anything, anything to help him push through the painful tingling in his servos. He turns quiet and reclusive, awaiting the news of Sole’s death at any moment. Somehow, he can’t quite bring himself to be there when it happens. He’s seen too many friends die on him to witness one more. So when footsteps come down the lane, his golden eyes unfocus, and he’s staring into space when the figure comes walking into his office. He waits for the words to come, and freezes when instead, he recieves a familiar hello. He looks over, resting his warm coffee mug slowly down on his desk. “Well, I’ll be damned,” he murmurs.

MacCready: For fuck’s sake. He takes the news with a grim glare, making the doctor take a hasty retreat when finished speaking. First Lucy, now Duncan, now- It’s too much. Too fucking much. He drowns himself in liquor, going through nearly all the alcohol at the Third Rail over the course of several days. He slurs and pukes in corners and staggers through Goodneighbor’s streets with a wicked hangover, cursing at anyone who dares talk to him. Several Neighbors jump at the foul language, expecting it from anyone but him. But he doesn’t care. “I’m not crying, you’re crying,” he snaps, refusing sympathy from anyone that tries. He’s taking potshots from a building rooftop when Sole comes for him, and nearly falls off the edge when he sees them. “Holy shi- crap,” is all he can manage, and he fights the urge to run over and hug them. Though he does give in eventually, and it’s the strongest hug his bony arms can muster.

Piper: She cries a lot. She heads back to Diamond City and hugs Nat very tight, and even though the girl isn’t sure why, she hugs her sister back. Piper sits down at her desk that night, and decides to do a front-page article. By morning she’s surrounded by a growing pile of crumpled paper, and after getting frustrated with each tear that falls onto the paper and smears the ink, she’s finally satisfied with the result of her hard work. She waits anxiously for news of their death, both dreading and expecting it any day. She ends up biting her fingernails down to the bit, and drives Nat crazy with her inability to sit still. When Sole comes in her house door she screams, flailing in place for a moment as her eyes widen. “B-Blue!” she exclaims, then lunges forward and hugs them, pulling back after a moment to pat her hands up and down their arms, feeling them like she’s not sure they’re real. She hugs them again, tighter than before, and presses her face to their shoulder to hide happy tears.

Preston: After all this time. After coming so far, and doing so much, Sole is doomed to die because of a damn needle prick. He sighs. He wants to stay by Sole’s bedside, but with the General out of commission, he knows there’s a lot of work that needs doing. So he focuses on trying to divvy up the general’s responsibilities, taking the majority of it on himself, and spends many late nights doing paperwork and reinforcing settlements and trying desperately to hold the Commonwealth together. He hasn’t forgotten Sole, not really, but he’s seen so much death that one more, even Sole’s death, is just a drop in the ocean. So he soldiers on, because that’s what Preston does - he holds onto hope as best he can and helps those who cannot help themselves. And when Sole walks through his door, not undead at all but alive, he’s not sure whether to laugh or cry. He settles for a salute and a smile instead. “Welcome back, General.”

Strong: He doesn’t understand what the doctors are telling him. “HUMAN SICK?” he questions, scratching his head. “HUMAN FIGHT THE SICK,” he says, nodding his head firmly. The doctor tells him Sole is dying. “BUT HUMAN NOT HURT.” The doctor gives up. He continues to insist that Sole will ‘fight the sick,’ proclaiming his friend’s fighting abilities with all the enthusiasm the Super Mutant can muster. And when Sole makes it through the illness, much to the amazement of all the doctors, he only crosses his arms. “HUMAN FIGHT SICK. STRONG TOLD YOU.”

X6-88: The doctors don’t bother to tell him the odds. He’s a Courser. What does he know of feelings? Of attachment? Yet, somehow, he knows. He knows it in the way they whisper, knows it when they whisper to Father and the old man’s face falls. So he stays at Sole’s bedside, refusing to move a muscle for anyone. Some of the doctors leave him be. Others try to shoo him away. “Don’t you have something better to do?” they ask. He fixes them with a steely look. “My job is to protect this person. I will not leave this place until they pass, or I do.” Then, suitably intimidated, the doctors shuffle away, mumbling threats of having him recalled. He doesn’t pay attention. He spends every day and night at Sole’s bedside, so when they finally awake, he’s the first thing they see. When their eyes flutter open, something approaching a smile tugs at his lips. “Hello, Sir/Ma'am.”

((Thanks so much for the ask, anon!))

A Pathfinder’s ABC

B - Brother

His hands, now bigger than hers, grab her firmly by the wrists and she feels the sting as her palms slap hard against her cheeks. “Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself–”

She begins to cry “Stop it, stop it, I’ll tell Mom, stop it, Gabriel.” Her pleas go unheeded.

Sabine takes a seat beside him in the med bay; she doesn’t know what she’ll tell him when he wakes– if he wakes.

She bows her head and runs a thumb over the burn scar on her wrist, another childhood reminder of her brother’s torments. After pushing her against a stove where their grandmother was cooking pasta, the pot tipped and boiling water scalded her wrist. In response, her anger at her brother manifested, not so much because of the injury he caused, but the blame their Grandmother, her dear Mamie, placed on herself for the mishap.

Sabine, lacking the same physical strength of her brother, planned her revenge accordingly– pretending to choke on bubble gum they stashed away after Halloween and were consuming in secret. She had lain on their cubby house floor flailing, gasping and holding her hands to her neck and laughing inwardly as his distress mounted and turned into forceful, heaving sobs and cries of ‘no, don’t die!’ His weeping didn’t stop until well after the prank was over.

Twenty years and six hundred years of sleep later and she still has a measure of guilt about that.

“What if he doesn’t wake, SAM,” she mumbles under her breath. The fear she feels at losing yet another family member overwhelms her.

“He has the best prognosis for someone in his condition, Sabine.”

She presses a thumb and forefinger against her eyelids. “I know that’s what they say, but what if they’re wrong?”

“Both Doctor T'Perro and Doctor Carlyle have said more than once that Gabriel should make a full recovery.”

Sabine takes Gabriel’s hand and places it over hers then brings them both to her cheek. “Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself.”

She knows her pleas will go unheeded.

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Ok, so what if Cas has to go to the eye doctor for something, and he is like temporarily blind for a couple hours and Dean just makes fun of him and laughs when Cas bumps into stuff.


dean would SOOO be unsupportive and move furniture around. then just laugh as he hears cas run into the couch….

but dean not thinking it through when he forgets where he moved all the furniture, so he keeps running into shit as well.

Next thing you know dean and cas are on opposite sides of the living room, arms flailing…JUST TRYING TO GET TO ONE ANOTHER WITH OUT RUNNING INTO A BLOODY COFFEE TABLE. then thats when sam walks in to see a train wreck of a house and two people flailing their arms around.

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A Strange First Meeting

Prompt: AU ‘you found me hanging by my fingertips from your window and i don’t want to tell you i was trying to rob you but idk how else to explain this and i don’t want to go to jail and also you’re kind of cute we should make out when i’m not clinging onto your window ledge for my life’
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Warnings: None

Your fingers were white where they were clinging to the window frame, your feet dangling above the ground and banging against the side of the house as you flailed. “Shit shit shit shit.”

You usually were better at this kind of thing but this time your foot happened to slip in the wrong place and now you were hanging, just about holding on, as you tried to climb into this marks window. You were pondering the ways you could get out of this situation without causing yourself irreparable bodily harm when the light to the room you were climbing to clicked on.

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Rhythm (Part 6 of ?)

Derek Hale x Reader x Pack

I’m thinking only one more installment after this. What do you think? Here is part one, here is part two, here is part three, here is part four, and here is part five if you wanna get caught up.

Words: 1,874

Warnings: None that I am aware of. There may be in later parts, but this is just mainly funny fluff.

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.


The doorbell rang, and you clamored down the steps before your parents could reach the door. “I’ll get it!” You yelled, stumbling slightly as you took the steps two at a time, skidding to a stop in front of the door before smoothing your hair quickly.

You saw your dad eyeing you from the doorway, and you shrugged your shoulders. “What?” He walked into the kitchen to join your mother, shaking his head.

Swinging the door open, you came face to face with a brooding Stiles.

“Oh, don’t look like such a sourwolf. You’re getting free food out of this.”

His glare only intensified, making you smile.

Your parents had wanted to finally have a dinner with you and your “boyfriend” of four months. Malia didn’t even care at this point. The two of you had an unspoken bond, and all it took was a look from you and a wave of her hand, and the clearance had been given, despite a thoroughly confused looking Stiles.

“I resent that comment,” you heard a familiar voice say behind Stiles, and looking up, your eyes grew wider at the sight of Derek, grinning like an idiot.

Stiles gestures behind him, his face still creased. “Now do you see why my face is like this?”

Stepping outside, you closed the door behind you, talking quietly. “Derek, what the hell-”

“He insisted on being my ride.” Stiles said grimly.

“What happened to Roscoe?”


You leveled your gaze on the alpha’s face. “What did you rip out this time?”

Holding up a set of keys beside his face, he grinned like a school boy. “These.”

Suddenly Stiles leapt for the key ring with a small war cry, only to be swatting at air as Derek easily tucked them away behind his back, smiling over your shoulder. “Hello!”

Turning, you came face to face with your parents, the door held wide open. How was everyone sneaking up on you today?

“Mom, dad, this is Stiles.” You grabbed his hand, pulling him in with a smile plastered on both of your faces. Derek’s heart began to beat rapidly, the smell of jealousy and anger coming off of him in waves, and you wanted to smirk. Serves him right for being an overprotective little- You tried to kick the door closed, slightly miffed at Derek, but your father caught it just in time.

“Who’s this?”

Looking over your shoulder, meeting Derek’s expectant eyes as he played the part of innocent bystander, you snarled slightly, catching the slightest lift of the corner of his mouth. “Oh. Sorry. This is Derek. He just gave Stiles a ride, today. He was just leaving-”

“Nonsense!” Your mother said, and you could swear you heard Derek snicker softly. And Stiles groan under his breath. “You’ll stay for dinner!”

“Oh, no, I couldn’t-”

“Yes you can, and you will!” She said, pulling him inside, but you intercepted, releasing Stiles’ hand and taking Derek’s arm from your mother’s grip.

“Okay, but first, can you show me that thing you said you brought?” Derek looked at you with knit eyebrows. “You said it was in your trunk? Outside? In your car?”

“Oh! Yes, I saw him put it there,” Stiles said, catching on. “I’ll come, too.”

Your parents looked beyond confused, but you just smiled and pulled the door shut as you all made your way out to the car. Opening the trunk, as soon as it was up, you leaned into Derek. “What the hell?! You are not staying! This is ridiculous!”

“What’s ridiculous is that voice you are using,” Derek said with a smirk.

“And why all this smiling? You never smile!”

“I smile!” He said with a scowl.

“No, you don’t,” you and Stiles said in unison.

Pointing to Stiles, Derek’s face became serious. “This is why I am here. You two are becoming more and more alike and it needs to stop. I can only handle so much sarcasm at once. Both of you together is like, astronomically too high levels.”

“So then why are you staying for dinner?” Stiles asked calmly.

“He makes a good point,” you nodded.

“No he doesn’t!”

“Wait a minute. Is Derek Hale actually jealous of me just because I get to be near Y/N more often?”

Your jaw dropped as you turned back toward Derek who was fuming. “That is totally it! It’s killing him!”

“You two are acting like children,” he muttered. Grabbing a book from the trunk, he slammed it shut, glowering at the two of you. “And no, I am not jealous, because he may get to spend more time with you, but he doesn’t know you like I do. That one spot behind your ear that makes you-” he chuckled as you pushed him gently, stopping his insinuations as he pushed past the two of you back toward the house.

Stiles flailed his hands like he was flinging off a disgusting substance. “Ewwwwwww! Never talk about that stuff in front of me again! Or anyone! Ever!” He shuddered.

“What are you, five?” You asked. “I can see where the claw marks start on your back, bat boy.”

“Hey!” He waved a finger at you. “It’s not my fault she has gotten very possessive since this whole thing started-”

You held up a hand for him to stop, shutting your eyes before letting out a violent shudder. “I didn’t need to know that.”

“What are you, five?” He teased, and you shoved his shoulder as you both went back into the house.


The dinner had gone smoothly so far, the only disruption coming when Derek kicked Stiles under the table after he took your hand in his own after paying you a compliment.

Stiles had looked up at a smirking Derek across the table, and swiftly kicked him back, making the alpha grimace, only to have Stikes smirk and attempt to give one more for good measure, only to miss, the swinging motion of his foot so violent it nearly made him fall out of his chair when Derek moved out of the way at the last second.

Your mom and you cleared the dishes, and you nearly dropped the entire pile when she said, “So what is going on out there?”

“What do you mean?”

“The two of them are fighting over you.”

You looked at her and laughed. “I promise, that is not what is happening.”

Stiles walked in, smiling when he saw you, and wrapping his arms around your waist from behind, resting his chin on your shoulder. “Is it time for dessert?”

You laughed softly. Sure, Stiles was invading your personal bubble, and sure, you would kick his ass for it later, but for now, the fuming look on Derek’s face as he carried some glasses in was worth it. “Yes, honey. Go back out there and I will bring the chocolate silk pie out.”

Stiles disappeared faster than you had ever seen him move.

“I got it. Don’t worry,” Derek said, gently taking the pie off of the counter. You didn’t like the look in his eye as he disappeared into the dining room.

Your mom leaned in and whispered, “You picked a good one, darling. That Stiles, he’s a sweetheart.”

Before you could answer, you heard a clamor in the dining room, Stiles letting out a little screech shortly followed by Derek saying, “Oh, I’m so sorry, dude! I tripped! What did I even trip on?”

“Nothing,” you heard Stiles mutter under his breath. “Air. Gravity. Your own pride.”

You began to laugh, and shortly after a sheepish looking Derek appeared, his eyes glinting mischievously for only a second as he look at you, Stiles following shortly after, walking like a mummy from an old horror movie, trying not to drip whipped cream or pie anywhere.


The rest of the evening was filled with laughter and conversation, you getting lost in the way your heart beat matched the one across the room so perfectly. The way the one next to you made a rhythm you wanted to dance to.

Try as hard as you might, you kept feeling Derek’s eyes on you, and your eyes being pulled to him.

The conversation had lulled after a round of laughter, and you made a decision as you stared at the floor. “You know what? I can’t do this anymore.” You looked at each face, a smile you couldn’t control on your own. Meeting Derek’s gaze, that skipped beat cemented your decision. “Mom, dad, Stiles and I aren’t dating. He is dating Malia, and has been the whole time.”

“I don’t understand,” you mother said.

“Well then who are you dating?” Your father asked.

That skipped beat sounded once again, and this time you heard it. The emptiness did hold a name. “Derek.”

“I knew it!” Your mother cried, making you all jump. “I knew it!” Everyone looked to her. “You two have way too much chemistry.”

“So why the cover up?” Your dad asked.

“Well, that is kind of complicated, and I don’t really know how to explain that-”

“We’re werewolves,” Derek deadpanned.

After a few moments of silence, both of your parents burst out laughing. “No, seriously, what’s going on?”

Derek nodded at you, and you turned to your parent’s, both of you flashing your eyes. “Oh, this can’t end well,” Stiles muttered, sliding a hand down his face, holding it over his mouth as he watched your parents.

After a moment, your mother fainted, your father frozen like a statue with his mouth slightly open. Stiles frantically ran to your mother, Derek slowly making his way over as well so as not to scare your father.

“Daddy?” You tried, waving a hand in front of his face, but he was frozen.

“Thank you, Derek. I think you broke my dad.”


It took several hours, but after explaining and re-explaining to your parents, with the help of Stiles and Derek, all about the other members of the pack, and how Derek had saved your life, and reassuring them they were safer here despite all the dangers, your parents came around to the possibility of accepting your wolflihood sooner or later.

You walked your two friends back out to the car, giving Stiles a large hug, which he returned. “You’re the best fake boyfriend ever!”

“And that’s exactly what every guy wants to hear!” You both laughed as you pulled away.

“You got some whipped cream in your hair,” you said, swiping at the little bit you saw.

“Still?!” Stiles whirled around to look in the car window, thoroughly inspecting his reflection.

With a chuckle you turned around the face Derek, who wore a wide grin. “Sorry I just dropped that information on your family. I know I could have been subtler, but I hate beating around the bush. You know that-”

You stopped him with a kiss, the only sound your hearts matching beat for beat, the silence once again surrounding you before the rhythm resumed. “Thank you,” you said, pulling away just enough to speak.

“Ewwwwwww!” Stiles said behind you, the jiggle in his voice proving he was waving his hands like before.

“Oh, shut up and get in the car,” Derek said. “What are you, five?”

Part 7


Little Dunbar II » Brett Talbot

For part one //

Requested by: sladjanastrbac, the alpha aka martins–scream + more!
Pairing: Reader x Brett

It was Friday, a day I had been both dreading, but also secretly excited for.

The date was tonight, and I couldn’t help but overthink and be overly self conscious. I couldn’t help it. It was like my thing.

“So.. We have officially created pizza night as tradition every other Friday,” Scott announced, walking over to me as I placed books onto my hands from my locker. “You in or out?”

The pack was right behind him, all looking at me with hopeful eyes.

“Well, of course she’s in,” Liam assumed. “She has no friends but us. No friends no plans,”

I rolled my eyes at Liam’s sarcastic comment. “You’re funny, Li. It’s a good thing you’re my brother.”

The pack was sent into a fit of laughter before Stiles, who had his arm draped around Malia’s shoulder asked finally, “So, you in or out?”

“Yeah, I’m gonna have to take a rain check this week,” I shut my locker door closed, while walking along with them because our first period classrooms were near one another, despite them being seniors and me as a sophomore.

“What? Who are you ditching us for?” Stiles whined, teasingly.

“Mmm, nobody important. You guys don’t know him,” I shrugged as they all followed behind like curious little puppies.

“It’s a him?!” Scott shouted. “When were you going to tell us? And when can we meet him?”

“Yeah, I’d like to meet this guy my sister has been dating,” Liam commented defensively.

“Okay, first,” I stop and turn around on my heels. “We are not dating, and second, like I said.. You guys don’t know him,”

“Lying!” Malia called out immediately. “Your heartbeat rose,”

I rolled my eyes and groaned. “I hate you guys and your wolf senses. It’s unfair.”

“Oh my gosh! So, it is somebody we know,” Lydia practically shouted, enthusiasm in her voice, making me earn a few ooh’s and aah’s from the rest of the pack, although Liam wasn’t feeling it. “Who is it?”

“Nobody!” I repeated, and groaned once more, for what felt like the thousandth time that morning. “Let’s let go of this.”

“It’s Brett!” Malia guessed loudly, making Liam shoot her a look, and then shoot me another look of disgust.

“Malia! No!” I responded quickly, making it seem unbelievable.

The pack gave me a glare, some good, Liam’s bad, and some a little shocked.

“Soo,” I felt Lydia grab my forearm and pulled me towards her. “Where are you going?”

“To class,” I answered and reach out for the door handle, but I was quickly stopped when Lydia pulled my arm back.

“No, you know what I mean! Where are you guys going to for your first date?” Lydia asked, nudging my side a little.

“Places,” I rolled my eyes. “It’s none of your business,”

“But it is mine,” Liam added, he was still clearly angry I had gone for the “enemy.” Although, it was all unintentional.

“And mine!” Stiles poked his head in.

“It’s none of yours!” I barked back angrily.

“Come on guys,” Scott sighed. “Give the girl some space,”

“Thank you,” I sigh. “Somebody who understands.”

I feel Scott crouch down to my height. “But I am meeting this guy, right?”

I rolled my eyes and entered class before anybody could say anything else.

I spent the entire day agitated, and skillfully avoiding the rest of the pack the entire day.. Which worked. Mostly.

I went home, but once I entered my room, Liam was already in it, tapping his foot impatiently. “So this date with Brett, will people be there?”

I gasped in shock and instinctively threw the pillow nearest to me at him. “Oh my gosh! Liam! Get out! Get out! Get out!” I had managed to hit Liam with all the pillows I had in my room until he left. I sighed and pushed my face onto the last remaining pillow, my face flushing in embarrassment, I didn’t have to look into the mirror to see that.

A half an hour into shuffling through the closet and Liam knocking onto the door and demanding his entrance, my phone was plugged into my speaker docks and I only turned the music up even louder to silent out Liam.

I picked out a few outfits and tried all of them on and off and on and off.

Before picking one finally. One that didn’t scream trying too hard or too casual. I never thought I’d be one of those girls that would spend hours upon hours preparing for a date with some boy, but here I am.

I opened the door of my window, seeing as I didn’t want to face Liam. He would just complain that my daisy Dukes were too short, or that my every inch of skin was showing.

I avoid making noise, and hurriedly get into my car, reving up the engine and backing out of the driveway and driving away just in time to see Liam get out of the house and flail his arms around and do a little freak out dance type thing at his failure. I chuckled to myself at it, before shaking my head.

As I slammed the breaks and parked, I got a text in perfect timing.
“Message from Brett
text me when you’re here”
I pathetically sat there stupidly, waiting a few minutes to reply to the text. I didn’t wanna come off clingy.
I waited a good three-four minutes before texting back and jumping out the car a little too excitedly.

I spot Brett approaching me with a bright smile and I tried to keep my cool and smile back, but I knew my cheeks were red and now, my fingers sweaty. I’m not sure why I was so nervous and flustered over him. I had been on more than plenty of dates before and I was never this way, the way I was around Brett.

“Hey,” we finally met, and he had easily cracked a few jokes and already starting the date off on a really good note.

Brett was such a distraction to what was actually happening, I didn’t stop myself from rambling and rambling, not realizing we had moved past the movie theater.

He stopped by a fancy, and classy restaurant. I stopped as well and stopped talking, shooting him a confused face. “I thought we were watching a movie?”

“Are you kidding? Movies are horrible for first dates,” he asked for our seats, as we were directed to them not long after. “Especially if you want there to be more than one date.”

I found myself looking down and smiling to myself. I looked up, before saying, “You want there to be a second date?”

“And a third, fourth, fifth,” Brett continued. “And a lot more.”

We ended up getting ice cream and Brett and I got to know each other even more.

He walked me to my car and I opened the driver’s seat. “This is where the date ends.”

“Yes, it is,” Brett clarified. “Listen, Y/N, I had a lot of fun today and I could tell you did too.”

“I did,” I confirmed, but before Brett could offer, “Can we do this again sometime?”

“It’s like you read my mind,” Brett chuckled and towered over me with his large frame. He leaned down a little, and was several inches from my face. Before I could process anything happening, he asks, “Can I kiss you?”

I wasn’t use to boys asking me if they could kiss me. Usually they just do. But, seeing confident, popular guy Brett ask, made me get all flustered on the inside. It was like his little soft side. I nodded almost instantly, before wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him down to my height, closing the space between our lips.

I know once I got home Liam would be all frantic, and give me a huge speech on why Brett wasn’t a good guy, this that, but this kiss clearly said different.

sorry if this one dragged a little i haven’t written in so long!
Requests for ships and imagines are open!

Bts reaction to their s/o Is scared of the dark

Awww Thank you so much<3 I hope you like It! I decided to make it super fluffy and I am actually dead by this cuteness.

Jin: You were over at the Bts dorm cuddling with your boyfriend Jin watching a movie while all the other members were away. Jin knew you were scared of the dark so when the power wen’t out he knew you were scared but he didn’t except you to break down crying. He tighten his grip and pulled you closer and hugged you and petted your head as you were crying into his chest.

-Shh it’s okay the power will soon be on, I am here for you. he whisperd into your ear and kissed your forhead and looked you straight in the eyes with a comforting look and smile on his lips.

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Yoongi: He was waiting on the couch for you to change in his bedroom into sweats so you two could begin watching your show, But as the power went out he immediatly knew he had to go to you as you were extremely afraid of the dark. As he pushed the door open he saw you slumped on the floor besides his bed softly sobbing while covering your face with your hands.

-Oh baby don’t cry. He says and grabs your chin and lifts your face up and wipes away the tears with his thumb, You manage to give him a little smile and you see that makes him relifed as he sighs and gives you a gummy smile.

Originally posted by haru-haru10

Namjoon: You at recording studio with him watching him rap whilst looking at you lovingly. The power wen’t out and he didn’t see you but he knew you were laying on the floor crying as he heard a shriek immedietly after the power went out. He walked up to you waving his hands around trying to not walk into anything and when he finally finds you he pulls you up and leads you over to the door. He opens the door and leads you to a window where a redish light is coming throuh as the sun is setting, That calms you down and he puts his arm around you and pulls you close as you watch the sun set.

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Hoseok: You were playing a board game with Hobi on the living room floor whilst the other members sat on the couch watching a movie. You were of course winning but you had a hunch that he was letting you win, Nevertheless you were enjoying his company. The power went out and he felt you practically throw yourself at him as he hugged you. You lifted your head and he started showering you with kisses all over your face to distract you about the fact that it was pitch black in the room. You giggled at the ticklish feeling all over your face, He definetly managed to distract you.

Originally posted by jinful

Jimin: You sat on a pillow on the floor of the living room next to Jimin who was concentarted on winning you at the video game. Almost immediatly after the power went out you felt a pair of strong arms grab around your waist as Jimin pulled you into his lap and held you like a baby and slowly rocked you back and forth as he kept hushing you and saying it was okay as you slowly started to sob, But Jimins actions calmed you down fast as you kissed his cheek and you could sort of see throught the darkness, just enough to see him smiling widley.

Originally posted by booptae

Taehyung: Tae immdietly went into silly mode as he started to tickle you, Make wierd faces and giggle as he did all he could to make you not think about it and he was doing quite well until you heard a bang and started crying and he saw that as a signal to try better, So he picked you up and gave you a piggyback ride as he ran around the house flailing his hands and screaming like an idiot which caused you to burst out laughin which then made him laugh knowing he helped you.

Originally posted by holdmettightbts

Jungkook: He wasn’t really sure what to do other than hold you so that is what he did. When the power went out he took a hold of you and you buried your face into his neck as you let the tears fall on him. He kissed the top of your head and rubbed slow circles on your back letting you calm down at your own pace.

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lucidrush  asked:

I got a fan mail asking to write more Punk! Soul and Hipster!Maka so I'm passing that on to you since you actually wrote it.

funny you say that, because i actually wrote a send part to it last night for scur haha, so i’ll just post that. it’s literally fluff so (and long)

            “Help me make the muffins. Papa went off to work.”

            “But you make the breakfast, we decided that.”

            “Then I guess I’m getting all the muffins.”

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