house of filth

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Mr Poe was without a doubt the least qualified person to be rehoming orphans. He wasn't even a social worker, he was a banker. He left three children in a dangerous looking house that was covered in filth with a man he obviously didn't do a background check on. Then when those children came to him telling him that said man was being neglectful and planned on marrying one of them, he shrugged them off and acted like his hands were tied. He then left them in the home of a reptile collector without asking if any if them had a fear of snakes, not to mention it was pretty well established that said reptile collector was a traveler and that's not at all the best environment for children. When the reptile collector died he somehow thought it was a good idea to leave three children in the care of a mysterious man who showed up the day their guardian died whom he had never met. He then brings them to the house of a woman with severe neurosis under the wild assumption that she's somehow fit for childcare. When that inevitably fails, he brings them to a sawmill? Every place he left the children in was extremely dangerous and he never once seemed to care or tried to help, but why was he put in charge of them in the first place?

So when he talks to her next late at night, the conversation had only been at ten minutes long when he said, “Alright Love, I’ve got to cut these shorter. You’re expensive.”

“But,” she had started, and Harry could hear the pout in her voice, “, you’re my favorite call of the night.”

Harry’s heart did this thing that it really shouldn’t with a girl he’s never actually met.

“Okay,” he murmured low, “We can talk for a little longer.”

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Listen,,,, you come into MY house

And say filth about my bae Hocus

Then IM the one being shamed i

L i s t en y'all gunna end me i cant d e al ok you don’t even KNOW how bad i have it for tjat fuckin monochromatic Phoenix owl how dARE U…

I am at work and u come into my life with that kind of filth l ike

I’m a good person??? I smile at old people??? I don’t deserve this


“I really like Ginger but If I was Ru I would’ve eliminated her for the simple fact of having crimped hair…”