house of cards chapter 13


House of Cards, Season 3, Episode 13: “Chapter 39”

F: “Alright. What do you want? What is the goddamned alternative? Please, Claire, tell me, because I don’t understand - all I am hearing is, ‘it’s not enough.’
      That the White House is 'not enough.’
            That being First Lady is 'not enough, not enough.’”

C: No. It’s you that’s not enough. 


“Everytime I’ve spoken to you, you’ve never spoken back. Although given our mutual disdain, I can’t blame you for the silent treatment. Perhaps I’m speaking to the wrong audience. Can you hear me? Are you even capable of language or do you only understand depravity? Peter, is that you? Stop hiding in my thoughts. Come out. Have the courage in death that you never had in life. Come out. Look me in the eye and say what you need to say. There is no solace above or below. Only us. Small, solitary, striving, battling one another. I pray to myself for myself.”