house of batiatus

Agron/Nasir Fanfic Recs [Best of 2013][GIF Guide][Includes Mature]

More Roman, Than Syrian -A gladiator and a former body slave have more in common than many would think. Agron and Nasir begin to understand each other, and unknowingly give the other a reason to fight.

Always and Forevermore -Nasir still craves the respect and position he used to have, before Spartacus and the rebels came to free him. He feels many of the rebels look down on him because they believe he is dependent upon Agron, so he devises a scheme to make people think he and Agron are quarreling, to prove he can fend for himself.

A Different Arena -In order to pay his debts, Nasir’s dominus gifts him to the House of Batiartus. Nasir must learn to adjust to being a ludus slave, without position or protection. Agron finds himself drawn to the new slave, but he is not the only one.

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