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| Double The Trouble |

Chaos had ensued after the slaughter of Romans in the House of Batiatus. It wasn’t just the rebellion of the slaves that set everyone in a panic, but also, the people themselves who were killed. Nobility. Good. Was all that Agron could think of. Anger for what they had done, lives they had taken … enslaving him and his brother. The gods also showed them further fucking favor by allowing the group of rebels escape to a concealed location, and more than that, Agron’’s brother had lived through it. His over protective nature for him unwavering. But it had posed difficulty when things had been in chaos. 

Now, they had found shelter in the sewers, underground the streets of Capua. Spartacus and Crixus were in private discussions for the moment, Agron one of the people tasked with organizing those who had sought shelter with them. He held no doubt that these private conversations between the Thracian and Gaul involved a particular woman, but Agron would not focus on that yet. There were far more pressing matters to attend to. “Cease fucking tongue if you wish to remain undiscovered,” he spat at the Gauls who were far too loud for their own good. Agron stood close to his twin, eyes narrowing at the shits across from them, the narrow stream of shit between them, the group divided into two sides it would seem. “Fucking Gauls,” he mumbled. 


Spartacus (2013)/Beauty and the Beast AU

So I recently got into Starz’s 2013 show Spartacus and Crixus and Naevia are my newest OTP. And thanks to the recent release of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast live-action remake every story idea in my head involves one of my fandoms being transformed into a BatB AU. So here we go!

Naevia as Belle 
A free-woman living in Pompeii, considered strange because of her interest in fighting. She is against senseless violence (such as gladiatorial combat) but knows she must be able to defend herself, thanks to the advances of a certain unwanted suitor. 

Crixus as The Beast/Prince Adam
A champion of the arena from the House of Batiatus. He cared only for blood, honor, and glory until a witch cursed him for his cruel nature. She laid waste to the House of Batiatus, leaving only Crixus and his fellow gladiators behind under terrible curse. 

Spartacus as Lumiere (part 1)
A Thracian captured in war and sold to Batiatus after an unexpected victory in the arena. He and Crixus were enemies before the curse but have since become closer. Spartacus is a voice of hope among his cursed brothers, always reassuring them that one day they will be free.

Varro as Lumiere (part 2)
Varro sold himself to Batiatus to pay off mounting gambling debt and provide for his wife and child. He became Spartacus’ best friend before the curse as they trained. While Spartacus preaches hope, Varro is more realistic, knowing there is a chance the curse will never be broken. 

Oenomaus as Cogsworth
The doctore for the House of Batiatus and a former gladiator. When the curse first took hold, he wandered the ruined villa and ludus in silence, feeling he had lost his purpose. Eventually, he began a mission to maintain the ludus and train the gladiators that reside there. He is closest to Crixus, offering him advice and friendship during the curse. 

Agron as Mrs. Potts
A German bought by Batiatus just a few weeks before the the curse took hold. He looks up to Spartacus and also believes that they will one day be free of the curse. While not overly fond of Crixus, especially since he was the one that got everyone cursed, he respects him. 

Nasir as Chip (not related to Agron. At all)
Formerly a body slave in the House of Batiatus and Agron’s lover. He stays close to Agron at all times and hopes for an end to the curse. When Naevia becomes a resident at the villa, he befriends her. 

Ashur as Gaston
A former gladiator and the only slave to escape the destruction of the House of Batiatus. He moved to Pompeii and instantly became smitten with Naevia, who rejected his advances. He is currently working as a spy and thug for Legatus Quintus Cluadius Glaber. His gang of hired thugs act as the LeFou, Tom, Dick, and Stanley characters. 

Mira as Maurice (Not related to Naevia)
A fellow free-woman and Naevia’s best friend. They learned how to fight together after gaining their freedom. She owns a small inn/tavern which Naevia helps her run. 

Praetor Quintus Claudius Glaber as Monsieur D’Arque
An ambitious, ruthless Roman and Ashur’s current employer. He seeks to rise in political rank, but has had trouble because of incompetence. 

The House of Batiatus as the Beast’s Castle
Formerly, the most glorious ludus in Capua and home of Crixus and his fellow gladiators. The curse killed the former master and mistress, Lucretia and Batiatus, which made the gladiators the only inhabitants of the villa and ludus. The villa and ludus have fallen into some disrepair, and would have fallen entirely if not for the efforts of Oenomaus. The residents of Capua do not go near the villa, believing it to be a place of bad luck and evil. 

The Curse
Crixus, the current champion of Capua, has grown drunk on the spilling of blood, cheers, and glory of the arena. He participates in a ritual execution of prisoners in the arena during which he cuts down a young boy without a second thought. This turns out to be a grave mistake as the boy was a sorcerer who had been watching Crixus with great concern. His bloodlust and cruelty were out of control, so the sorcerer had disguised himself as an innocent victim to see if Crixus had any conscience left. Upon seeing that this was not the case, he appeared before Crixus the night after the fight and cursed him to be a monster. Batiatus and Lucretia are killed by the sorcerer for participating in buying and selling slaves. The remaining gladiators in the ludus were cursed to be wild beats, though they are capable of speech and human thought. The sorcerer tells Crixus that he must break the curse before his gladius (sword) rusts over and falls apart. For the curse to break he must learn to show compassion, exercise conscience, and as always love and be loved in return. 

Whew, that was long, but I hope you guys like this. Don’t know when I’ll get around to writing it but I hope it will be soon. All of these images belong to their original owners. 

Agron/Nasir Fanfic Recs [Best of 2013][GIF Guide][Includes Mature]

More Roman, Than Syrian -A gladiator and a former body slave have more in common than many would think. Agron and Nasir begin to understand each other, and unknowingly give the other a reason to fight.

Always and Forevermore -Nasir still craves the respect and position he used to have, before Spartacus and the rebels came to free him. He feels many of the rebels look down on him because they believe he is dependent upon Agron, so he devises a scheme to make people think he and Agron are quarreling, to prove he can fend for himself.

A Different Arena -In order to pay his debts, Nasir’s dominus gifts him to the House of Batiartus. Nasir must learn to adjust to being a ludus slave, without position or protection. Agron finds himself drawn to the new slave, but he is not the only one.

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