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A secret report within the Guild.
“Four planets have come to our attention … regarding a plot which could jeopardize spice production. Planet Arrakis, source of the spice. Planet Caladan, home of House Atreides. Planet Giedi Prime, home of House Harkonnen. Planet Kaitain, home of the Emperor of the Known Universe. Send a third stage Guild Navigator to Kaitain to demand details from the Emperor. The spice must flow… “

There is disagreement amongst court scribes regarding the Oxford comma. Some say both are right and none are wrong. I say to you: in lists as in life, ambiguity is a great destroyer, and a weak foundation to build meaning upon. A pause, a breath, betwixt two list items may seem a mere pebble in the desert of history, but its absence can topple empires. The Oxford comma is the way.
—  “The Complete Muad'Dib Style Guide” by the Princess Irulan 
Dune by Frank Herbert

The in-depth, hard-core science fiction novel that confused readers, evolved into a deeply-loved cult-classic, and spawned poor imitations in the form of dark-covered, obscure sci-fi books that clutter the YA shelves of bookstores everywhere (as well as David Lynch’s worst movie of the 1980s - and that’s saying something).

Follow the journey of House Atreides heir Paul, as he moves to the hostile new desert planet Arrakis (Dune) and prepares to unseat the corrupt rulers of the Imperium. Bear the confusing future-names dreamt up by Frank Herbert for 100 pages, then get sucked in against your will and be invested in the outcome despite your better judgement.

An easy read, a Hugo/Nebula award winner. It’s a pretty decent book.

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