house of anubis the reawakening

how the jabian thing went down for those who missed it
  • joy: fabes im having boy probs tEACH ME YOUR WAYS
  • fabian: aWWW YOU POOR THING
  • fabian: I'LL CHEER YOU UP
  • kt: awwwww
  • *while hugging*
  • fabian: now listen here you little shit, your whiny and disgusting and wtf do you have on you piece of trash no one likes you
  • joy: ..... oh.

“So, we’re friends?  Well, no, I don’t mean – ”
“I know what you mean.  And yeah.  We are.”

(House of Anubis, 3x27, House of Enemies)

Thoughts on House of Anubis, 3x41, Touchstone of Ra

I’ll just start of by saying that I didn’t even know this episode/movie was airing until late last week.  I was generally satisfied with how the past season ended (although it would’ve been nice to see Amber and Nina pop up).

I have no idea why I’m picking on a show that airs on Nickelodeon …

Some questions/rants/thoughts: 

  • This is the story they wanted to tell in the final episode of the series?
  • This was the series finale, right?
  • What was wrong with 3x40?
  • Why were there so many new characters?  If the show decides to come back with these new kids, I can’t see myself watching.
  • Were Jerome and Joy over before they even started?  They didn’t seem to have any screen time together.
  • Fabian and Mara?  I know it seemed like they were going there at the end of season 3, but really?  The writers should’ve developed this during the last season and not just tack it on as an afterthought.
  • I had no idea Willow was in the same grade as all of the other Anubis-ers.  I always thought she was younger.
  • Why was Eddie so put out over not being the Osirian anymore?  Dude, you were always in danger.
  • Oh Victor, how I will miss you and your craziness.  I’m glad he took Corbier with him.
  • Seriously, what was that?