house of abandon

Date the being that lives in the abandoned house you pass by every day. You sometimes see their shadowy form in the cracked windows, but they dissappear too quickly for you to be sure. They would love it if you stopped by and visited them, but they are too shy to say so.

la vie est drôle

namjoon x reader drabble

warnings: angst, homicide

namjoon psycho!au

word count: 392

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concept: my room stays clean and i dont feel crowded. my window stays open so i constantly feel the cold air outside. the wind blows occasionally and sometimes my favorite song is the rain. i paint things on my wall so when my house is empty and abandoned someone will wander upon it n walk inside and wonder what kind of person wrote those things and why.

So this is a picture of that house I shared a while ago with the figures in the windows, only this is during the day and it doesn’t look that creepy, but Since that first picture, I had heard another noise coming from that Street and a person with a deep voice started talking to me through the fence. Today right after I took this current picture, my phone randomly shut off within two seconds of taking it. My phone wasn’t dying and it wasn’t cold enough to shut it off. My phone never does that.