house of 1000 corpses 2003

Japanese poster for House of 1000 Corpses, 2003.

I remember when this came out in its original theatrical run, there was an article in the local paper about a bunch of moral watchdogs planning on picketing the theatre in protest, so I figured bonus entertainment for the price of admission, but there was nary an outraged soul in sight.  The only theatre showing Corpses in a hundred mile radius was a shopping center multiplex that was run-down and well past its prime in general, but they specifically played it in the most trashed and tiny of their auditoriums – I’ve been in living rooms that were bigger – which was *perfect*. 

The showing I attended had only one other patron filling a single seat, and he got up and left halfway through, leaving me and my date with our own private grindhouse all to ourselves.  We felt like rock stars.