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New Year’s Day 1853

During 1852 and 1853, Eliza Hamilton Holly’s nieces spent the winter season in Washington, D.C. with their Aunt Eliza and Mrs. Hamilton.

Writing to an aunt back in New York, one of the girls gives a description of New Year’s Day:

The rooms were crowded all day and we received several hundred calls, so you may imagine Marianna and I enjoyed every moment.  I had heard that Mrs. Hamilton’s house was next to the President’s in crowded rooms and it really seemed to me that all Washington was here.  Gentlemen brought their children to see Mrs. H, many called who went to another place, and as you are fond of hearing all, I wish I had room to tell you the manners of the most distinguished among the tenants, members & gen. __ looked very __ and tell Emmeline, Schuyler Hamilton in his gay habiliments was a picture.  Mr. Seward and Mr. Badger I was very sorry not to be introduced to, as I did not know until the last minute and the latter I believed was a classmate of Father’s.  […] Last and most agreeable was from Mr. Fillmore.  I had heard he was thinner than when I saw him last, but I never saw him looking so handsome.  He sat with Mrs. Hamilton some time and asked her to appoint some time to die with him.  Marianne was quite charmed with him and was enthusiastic his praise after he left.  We were all very much fatigued when the calling ceased for we had done nothing but run from one person to another all day, but the excitement was too agreeable for me to wish it at an end.  […] Tell E it was a hundred times pleasant than the preceding New Year’s Day.

source: New York Historical Society, De Groot Family Papers

Colin: Spa’s...

“I’ve taken a couple of licks, a couple of beatings,” he said. “I remember one time when I went in one day, there’s a Russian-Turkish bath house in New York that’s really brilliant that I went to one day and I was feeling, this was years ago, I was feeling really low on myself and so I got two guys to give me the Platza [oak leaf treatment] and I just kept asking them, ‘Harder, harder!’ and they beat the bejeezus out of me. They asked me to put a shirt on before I went upstairs because they thought if the manager saw the welts on my body that they’d be fired.” …





An apartment house in Fordham Heights, the Bronx.