Symbolism of Doors

@silvie111 and @just-hilson-things

Both of you made me think of the symbolism of these two scenes through your posts. So this is dedicated to you. (Just-hilson-things, thank you for the gif above.)

Doors have great symbolic significance in literature. They symbolize transitions, passageways, and barriers to cross. They have been used as metaphors with great flourish (e.g., he opened the door of my heart).

Katie Jacobs, one of the co-producers of House, once said in an interview that the first image above shows “Wilson taking refuge in House” after the breakdown of his third marriage. It dovetails very nicely to a comment House once made to Wilson that his only successful relationship was with him.

The second image of Wilson at House’s doorstep in “Holding On” is even more deeply symbolic. He doesn’t enter through the door until he makes peace with House about the chemo. After House rejects Wilson’s offer for more chemo, Wilson asks whether it is ok that they have only five months left. House says no, it is not, but it was better than nothing. Then Wilson says, “Um, how do we start?” After awkwardly looking here and there, House replies somewhat bashfully, “I am not gonna tell you I love you.” A wordless message passes between the two with a look and then Wilson enters through the door with the words, “Thank God. Are there any Oreos?” House stares after Wilson and the door closes in slow motion, keeping us, the viewers, out of what is happening behind it between House and Wilson. This scene is a marked contrast to the opening scene of the same episode where House and Wilson disagree about another round of chemo at House’s door and then Wilson leaves without entering House’s apartment.

I see this second door scene as a major point of transition in the relationship between House and Wilson. House’s words at the door conveyed the opposite message than their literal meaning and Wilson acknowledged the sentiment, entered the apartment through the open door, and went in search of Oreos, a symbol of their love. To me, this was when Hilson became canon, though their love was on display everywhere in The C-Word.

Yes, @silvie111, doors were used as a romantic symbol in House.

Yes, @just-hilson-things, as always, all the steps House and Wilson take ultimately lead them back to each other.

Hilson forever❤️

every episode of house ever
  • *episode opens with patient going about their every day life*
  • patient: owww my everything
  • *patient goes to hospital*
  • house: okay guys got any ideas
  • literally everyone: ehh probably meningitis
  • house: well you're wrong give him a lumbar puncture
  • foreman: house despite you being the head of our team we obviously know more than you
  • house: *joke about foreman being black*
  • foreman:
  • house:
  • foreman:
  • house:
  • chase: hey cameron you wanna bang later
  • cameron: fuk u
  • chase: eyyy she wants me ;0
  • patient: oww my everything
  • cameron: the patient is getting worse house what do we do
  • house: pfff fuck if i know
  • cameron: damn house you suck you're a terrible doctor he obviously has meningitis
  • house: give him some drugz idk
  • cameron: wow guys did you hear house telling us to give the patient drugs? damn he's a great doctor wouldn't you just like to bang him?
  • chase: >:(
  • cuddy: house go work in the clinic
  • house: no
  • cuddy: do it or else
  • house: ugh fine
  • *insert some comic-relief scene of house in the clinic with a dumb patient*
  • *meanwhile the first patient gets worse*
  • patient: owww now my eyes are green
  • chase: house his eyes are green and he is literally on the brink of death what do we do
  • *insert a 3D animation of how the disease works with voice over of how it works*
  • house: only a shot of the super-duper-illegal anti-titty deflation vaccine that has not yet been made legal can save him now
  • cuddy: NO
  • house: YES
  • cuddy: NO
  • house: YES
  • cuddy: NO
  • house: fuk u bitch i do what i want lmao cuddy? more like slutty ayyyy
  • *house gives patient cure*
  • patient: wow, doctor! by some miracle you've cured me! And even the chronic pain in my back was fixed!
  • house: yet another symptom of your titty deflation
  • wilson: how did he have titty deflation? he doesn't have titties
  • house: shut up, wilson, you were probably irrelevant this episode
  • *"You Can't Always Get What You Want" plays*