house made of cheese

Two open-faced grilled cheese sandwiches smashed together DO NOT make a regular grilled cheese sandwich.

The proportions of cheese to bread are way off, so you end up with a pile of melty cheese and a bit of bread in the middle. Learn from my mistakes.

The Apron (TG/AP)

James and Tim were hanging out at Tim’s house after school. Tim’s parents were still at work and the boys were at the house alone. The two of them had been playing Mario Kart for a while now and they were beginning to get hungry. Unfortunately, they weren’t old enough to drive and get food, and Tim’s parents hadn’t left any money to order pizza. James suggested just using the kitchen to cook something simple, but Tim told James that his mother had made the kitchen off limits. Tim never knew why his mother wouldn’t let them into the kitchen, but he never questioned it either. All he knew what that his mother was very protective of her apron.
“C’mon, Tim. We’re both starving and it can’t be that hard to make macaroni and cheese. I’ve made it before at my house because my parents actually let me use the kitchen.”
“I don’t know. If my mom finds out she’ll ground me.”
“I’ll cook and make sure to clean up. You can watch from the other room. You won’t even have to be in the kitchen!”
Tim’s stomach gurgled in hunger. “Fine,” he said. “But make it quick and easy before my mom gets home.”
The boys ran downstairs and began to look through the pantry. They grabbed two boxes of macaroni and cheese and two sodas. Tim left the kitchen to watch from another room, but as James turned on the oven he noticed a red apron hanging up on the wall. He grabbed it and tied it behind his back, chuckling at how big it looked on him. Tim wanted to object to James using his mother’s apron, but he was too hungry to care at this point. James began to pour the macaroni into a pot of boiling water. Realizing that he needed something to stir the noodles, he spotted a ladle hanging up on the kitchen wall. He tried to reach for it, but found that he was too short. Suddenly, as if the universe wanted to help him, he grew nearly a foot in height. James and Tim both recoiled in shock at James’ sudden growth spurt.
“Whoa!” James screamed. “What just happened?”
“You just got…a lot taller.” Tim said in shock.
“Yeah, I noticed. Hey, I don’t feel so good…ack!” James grunted as his bones began to shift. His frame began to expand to adult proportions. Pops and cracks could be heard as James’ shoulders and hips cracked outwards. His legs grew longer as his feet grew larger. His children’s clothes began to tear as his body continued to expand, revealing smooth hairless skin underneath. James now stood over a foot above Tim, but he was having trouble balancing with his new legs and height. His spine cracked and arched as if it were preparing his body for a new center of gravity. Just as he was about to lose balance, he felt his chest heave forward as two massive breasts burst forth from beneath his torn shirt. Terrified, he tried to cover them up and hide them from Tim. Ironically, this was the first time that either of the boys had seen bare breasts in person. James and Tim watched in horror as James’ abdomen grew toned and shapely, accentuating his already feminine hourglass figure. James ran his hands down his changing body as his fingernails grew long and manicured. He didn’t want to admit it, but the feeling of fingers tracing his smooth new body made him feel excited in a way he’d never felt before.
“James! What’s happening to you?!” Tim screamed.
“I…I don’t know, Timmy…” James said with a slightly deeper voice. “It’s getting hard to think…”
Tim was taken aback by James’ response. Only his mother called him Timmy, and James’ voice was beginning to sound more and more like his own mother’s. James turned around to look at Tim, but seeing the look of terror on Tim’s face made him feel a little sad inside…like he wanted to protect him. James’ clothes suddenly vanished into wisps beneath the apron, but new clothes quickly materialized on his smooth, feminine body. Tight jeans hugged his legs while a white shirt pushed his breasts into his chest. He stifled a feminine moan as a bra materialized underneath his shirt and tickled his new nipples. He looked down at his changing body and noticed how well the apron fit him now. Tim, on the other hand, noticed that the clothes on James looked exactly like clothes his mother would wear. James tried to hide another moan as the jeans began to tighten around his crotch, but was unable to stop a sensual gasp from escaping his mouth. He felt his boxers tighten into a silk thong as his member began to retract into his abdomen. He put a hand over his stomach as his insides shifted, making way for a fertile womb and female reproductive system. He couldn’t see it, but he somehow knew that a tight clit is all that remained between his legs. He wanted to touch it, but knew that he couldn’t in front of Tim. He let out another moan as his ass began to inflate, stretching the already tight jeans to their limit and nearly creating an outline of his new pussy. James couldn’t help but run a hand over his crotch as Tim watched in horror.
“James, please fight it!” Tim wailed.
“Timmy, honey, I don’t know how!” James said in a motherly tone. Both boys recoiled as they recognized the voice of Tim’s mother. “I’m sorry, Timmy…Tim…I’m not trying to…nooo! Ahh!”
James grabbed his head as he felt his skull shifting. His hair tumbled down into his eyesight before quickly styling itself into a bun, just like Tim’s mother’s hair. His eyes grew smaller and took on a hazel color. His nose grew cute as his jaw cracked into a mature, feminine form. His cheekbones slightly rose as his lips grew plump. He let out a gasp as the physical transformation finished. Tim stood in horror and watched his best friend continue to take on more of his mother’s mannerisms.
“Tim…Timm…Timmy. Help, please. I don’t want to be your mother!” James screamed in an all too familiar voice. “I can’t…remember…” he mumbled as new memories began to enter his mind. He looked at Tim in desperation, but the sight of Tim only made the memories more real. “I…I remember giving…birth…” James struggled to say. “I remember your father…my husband…”
“James, please, think of all times we’ve hung out! Think of all the video games we played!”
“I remember…buying you video games. I remember you wanted Mario Kart for your birthday.”
“What? No! That was my mom!” Tim cried as tears rolled down his face. “You’re not my…mom?” Tim felt strange as he suddenly felt the need to accept his new mother. Reality seemed to be rewriting itself, but Tim still remembered James and the transformation he underwent.
“Timmy, honey, please. I love you, and I always will. Now, how about we play some video games together after I cook up some dinner?” James said in a loving, soothing voice. Tim didn’t want to say yes and lose his best friend, but it just felt right to go with it.
“Okay, mom. I love you too.”
And Tim’s words, James accepted the transformation into Tim’s mother fully. Lucy smiled at her son and turned her attention back towards the stove. She used her new motherly culinary knowledge to make the best mac and cheese anyone has ever tasted. She served two bowls of mac and cheese and walked upstairs with her son. Sitting down next to her son on his bed, she smiled as she watched him eat and play video games, though she noticed that he had plugged in two controllers instead of just one. She didn’t remember any of Tim’s friends coming over, so it struck her as peculiar. She looked back down at herself and giggled when she noticed something. She had forgotten to take off the apron before coming upstairs.


Perfect Valentine’s dinner at our house – homemade tomato soup with crispy grilled cheese sandwich croutons. I made somebody around here pretty happy!

If you don’t want to take the time to make your soup from scratch, it’s not as good, but canned tomato soup can work in a pinch.

Homemade tomato soup, modified slightly from Chowhound.

  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon unsalted butter
  • 1 medium yellow onion, medium dice
  • Kosher salt
  • 2 medium garlic cloves, minced
  • Pinch of red pepper flakes (optional)
  • 1 (28-ounce) can whole peeled tomatoes in their juices, preferably San Marzanos
  • 1 ½ cups low-sodium chicken broth or water
  • 1 teaspoon granulated sugar
  • 1/3 cup heavy cream
  • Freshly ground black pepper, to taste


Heat oil and butter over medium-low heat and add the onion and a big pinch of salt. Cook, stirring occasionally, until the onion is completely soft, about 10 minutes. (If at any point the onion looks like it’s beginning to brown, reduce the heat.) Add the garlic and optional red pepper flakes and cook for 2 minutes more, stirring occasionally.

Increase the heat to medium and add the tomatoes and their juices to the pan. Cook until they’re beginning to soften, about 10 minutes. Add the broth or water, sugar, and bring to a simmer. Cook at a medium simmer until the tomatoes begin to fall apart, about 15 minutes.

Remove the soup from the heat and cool slightly, about 10 minutes.

In the meantime, make two grilled cheese sandwiches and keep warm on the skillet until soup is ready. (Time accordingly.)

Purée the soup directly in the saucepan using an immersion blender, or use a countertop blender, carefully puréeing the soup in a couple of batches until smooth.

Return the soup to the burner over low heat and stir in the cream. Add black pepper, then taste and adjust the seasoning with additional salt or pepper as needed. Serve in warmed bowls and top with bite-size pieces of sandwich.


Kitchen Plate - A sampling of three different house-made sides: Iron skillet sweet potatoes, cheddar cheese drop biscuits & Momma’s mac and cheese from Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming located in Disney Springs.


My challenge for this evening: a dinner summary post in the style of @yourtrashyhipster. They’re not having restaurant week here this summer, so instead a number of restaurants are doing “Food Week.” Echoing Darin, we basically told them to bring us the whole menu, since there were three choices each of starter and main. Also echoing Darin, 14 tried absolutely everything. But after he and I got her to try roasted bone marrow, she might as well keep on being brave and eclectic.

So: lamb meatballs with house-made hummus (an add-on), shaved Brussels sprouts with lardons and bleu cheese, flank steak with fried garlic chips and roasted potatoes, locally sourced pork chop in a sauce with coffee and sorghum done with a gratin, and a play on shrimp and grits with the grits done as a cake ala polenta. (Not shown, the lobster bisque and dessert.) We discovered Albariño at a tapas place in San Francisco back in 2006. It’s a wonderfully light, slightly fruity and minerally white that’s good with almost anything in summer.

Tomorrow night is band camp kick off, which means functionally summer break is over. This was a heck of a finish. Onward and upward.

We don’t have any bread I think so I just made me a ham and cheese “sandwich” by wrapping two pieces of honey ham around one slice of provolone cheese and dipping it in honey mustard.

This is how desperate I am.

I was trying to avoid all the chester bennington stuff today bc csa/suicide combo has been getting to me so I met up w a friend, went to a park across the street from their house, spent several hours eating cheese and getting drunk, made proper homemade bechamel mac & cheese bake w tons of mustard & black pepper and a thick crust, drank more with that, were so late to a play that we decided to just go to a pub instead, and now fin bc I want an early night and I’ve got laundry

anonymous asked:

Varlen! I'm the cheese fairy, here to make a cheese related fantasy come true! *waves her magic cheese wand before whisking Varlen away to an undisclosed location. It's a house made entirely out of cheese! There's a fondue fountain in the center, a giant cheese sculpture of Varlen and Dorian holding hands, and nugs are OFF LIMITS in this sacred area.* Now take care, lovely! *Flies off into the sunset.*

Varlen: It… it’s perfect. When can I take Dorian? When do we move in?!

Stroke of Luck

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Summary: All it took was one small misstep for Ladybug for bad luck to take it’s toll. Or perhaps it was a stroke of good luck for Adrien? However, there’s one thing for certain. When Adrien accidentally happens across Ladybug’s identity, feelings will become stronger than ever.
Rating: Teen
A/N: A fic I’ve been waiting to write for a while, more of that Miraculous shipping! Other chapters are available on my AO3 account. Enjoy!
Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

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SummerWrite Week 7: Monday, August 7th


-played introduction games

-read about Frida Kahlo

-made self-portraits

-read about Helen Keller

-Identified objects by smell and touch

-navigated the playground “blind”

Today in SOLVE A MYSTERY we…

-made self-portraits with magnifying glasses and interests

-discussion about mystery

-read “Miss Nelson is Missing”

-talked about inferences

-created our own riddles


-introduced ourselves and shared horrible stories (gross!!)

-brainstormed types of spooky stories

-read some spooky examples

-werebear writing exercise

-created a menu for scary monsters

-wrote more short spooky stories and shared them


-introduced ourselves

-read Greek God’s bios

-read an ancient myth

-made up our own epics


-wrote cinquains and hay(na)ku poems

-made dream houses

-ate cheese-its and played lava monster!

-shared our work


-learned the various elements of a story (character, conflict, setting etc).

-began writing our books!

Today in FACT TO FICTION we…

-brought imagination to plot 

-played “perfect strangers” poetry exercise 


-worked on characterization 

-deconstructed the antagonist role

-discussed “what do characters care about?”

-what if…? story starter

-character prompt writing

-protagonists motivation

-story walk through


His family was gone. Finally. And now it was time to welcome Sapphire back to the house. He had bought some things for her, to make sure she felt welcomed. This was her house too and he wanted to make sure he showed her that. Liam had spoken to Zane and he had told him a bit about her last roommate which made him want to show her even more than he would never kick her out.

Liam spent all day cooking and cleaning as well, making a huge double chocolate cake for Sapphire, and putting up small little notes around the house. Notes of appreciation. He even made macaroni and cheese and chicken tenders for them to have for dinner. It wasn’t healthy, he knew that, but that’s what they liked to eat sometimes. Before she came home, he turned the music up, almost as loud as she had it the first time they met. 

He made sure everything was set up, even with Trixie and her new toys laying around, when the front door opened and Sapphire walked home. “Welcome home, Sapphire!” Liam signed.

Best Bagel & Coffee, NYC

After almost three weeks away from NYC, I woke up on Saturday craving a bagel with lox and cream cheese. Problem is, there are no good bagel places in my neighborhood. Or so I thought.

I used to live on the Upper West Side, a bagel mecca. My apartment was a few blocks walking distance from H&H Bagels (RIP), Zabar’s and Barney Greengrass. I was never without an appetizing option there.

But now in Midtown… not so much.

So I googled “bagel” “lox” and “Midtown”, and the first place that came up was Best Bagel & Coffee on 35th St…

The place had great reviews, and being only two blocks from my house, I was surprised I hadn’t heard of them before. So we wandered over to check the place out. And were glad we did.

Best Bagel offers about 12 varieties of bagels, all made in house!

They also have a large selection of flavored cream cheeses, and a full deli, so you can get almost anything you want between your bread…

I went with my standard, a bagel with lox, cream cheese and onion. (Had to go with an onion bagel as their plain is the most popular and was sold out.)

I was quite surprised when they handed me the bag; it was heavy. And when I opened it up, I found a monster bagel sandwich inside. Quite impressive…

At first I thought that $9.75 was a bit excessive, but once I saw, and tasted, what I got for my money, it was worth every penny!

Best Bagel lives up to their name, and here they were right in my own backyard the whole time!


225 W 35th St.

NY, NY 10001



The Holy Grail of Brunch: The BlueStem Brasserie 

There are two types of brunch in this world: 1. The greasy delicious brunch you want after a night out, the one where the portions are big and the Bloody Mary’s are on point, 2. The refined Sunday brunch where you dress nice and splurge on carbs and all things deliciously naughty at a slightly higher price. 

Here I give you that #2 option. This is by far my favorite brunch place in San Francisco, and I have returned to the Brasserie as many times as I can possibly afford on my college budget. This is my number one recommendation because, without fail, the food is amazing; however, if you are looking for that down and dirty ‘fixer upper’ brunch, try the Hollywood Cafe. 

Bacon Waffles & Fried Chicken: Rather than explaining the reaction I had when setting eyes on it, I will simply describe the first dish: Bacon waffles, homemade fried chicken, and maple whipped cream cheese. The waffles were fluffy yet savory due to the pieces of bacon mixed in the batter, and finished off with warm maple sirup. It cannot be denied that the fried chicken gives the dish the WOW factor that makes it so rich and feeling that you may be over doing it on a Sunday morning. The fried chicken is lightly fried and extra moist and goes perfectly with the sweetness of the maple sirup. To me it seems that although this restaurant serves high quality food that is rich in flavor, it is hard to put down the fork even if you know you can’t possibly finish it.

The Brunch Burger: Going for a new spin on a brunch burger, the Brasserie features a burger that is the epitome of breakfast. Due to my egg allergy, the burger above does not have the fried egg on top; however, I didn’t miss it at all. To my delight the beef was placed in freshly baked buns that had the consistency of an english muffin and held in the condiments very well. The BlueStem Brunch Burger is made up of: Grass fed beef, a perfect square of hash browns, breakfast sausage, bread & butter pickles, house made american cheese, avocado, and spicy ketchup. Though the entirety of the burger is a mouthful, it is easily consumable. I personally go for the burger every time.

The Monte Cristo: This cannot be eaten alone. This is what a partner dish looks like. It is RICH. Stacked in triangles, the Monte Cristo is made up of a brioche french toast, house-cured ham, Gruyere, house-cured pancetta, battered and deep fried and accompanied by a black currant Jam and fresh whipped cream. Crunchy, salty, sweet, and moist. There is speculation over whether the jam takes away from the Monte Cristo itself, and perhaps it should be placed on the side, but the inclusion of the jam is no doubt a staple to the flavor of the dish. 

Pork Belly and Sausage Hash: It is rare to come across pork belly that is neither chewy nor greasy, and yet again the Brasserie succeeds in producing a melt-in-your-mouth pork belly. This dish is petite but packed with protein and flavor. The dish is balanced with pork belly, sausage hash, Bloomsdale spinach, caramelized onions, and topped with a mustard aioli. The flavors from the onions were and exceptional part of this dish that gave the protein a hearty and comfort food taste, similar to that of a french onion soup.

San Francisco, CA

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