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Crow's Angels (Sample Track)
Crow's Angels (Sample Track)

GUYS! GUYYYSSSSSS. The Haikyuu!! Second Season DVD volume 6 will contain a special CD, with audio dramas for all of Ennoshita’s movies except Final Haikyuu Quest!!! The audio above is a sample track for Crow’s Angels hehehehehehe.

Meaning, you’ll get to hear

  • Haikyuu!! Fighter
  • House of Crows
  • Crow’s Angels
  • Shimmer Tsukky

obviously I’m most excited about Shimmer Tsukky bc I’m very very biased. HAHAHAHA. I can’t wait!!!!

The DVD is going to be released on June 15, 2016.

Kuroo, Kenma, and Lev with S/O's affectionate cat


*Lowkey he is so honored his your cat likes him
*He will definitely give it a few pets and really good scratches because 1. He likes cats 2. wants to get in his your good graces. (be warned he will turn your cat into a meme between you two. like he takes some odd picture of it and will NOT stop using it as a reaction image)
*Your kitty absolutely adores kuroo because he pets them enough, but not too much to get them overwhelmed


*He smiles softly when your cat rubs against his legs and meows at him whenever he comes to visit you, he’s really glad your cat likes him. He believes animals are good judges of character
*He bends down and gives it a good few pets before even talking to you (lol). Gotta get your priorities straight now, Kenma.
*He doesn’t actively attempt to pet his your cat, he waits until it comes to him first so he doesn’t scare it. It’s so precious when they are cuddling because your cat looks so contempt purring in Kenma’s lap, he’s so gentle with it.


*Honestly, once your cat looks at him when he enters the house, Lev cannot stop himself from instantly rushing to it and giving it all the love it deserves.
*He’s feels so. damn. special. Your cat chose to like him so much out of everyone? That’s such a straight blessing. (He will take many pictures with kitty and caption them #blessed) He also will waste all its energy by playing with it (to its delight)
*Your cat is gonna get overwhelmed by him though and leave and go to another room. Lev will definitely be upset about it but will spring right back to his old self if you give him a lil kiss or if your cat comes back lol

Levyaku Headcanons
  • Yaku keeps a Mom Bag with him at all times because Lev always needs something, be it a band aid or an extra charger.
  • Lev never learns to not insult the Mom Bag.
  • Yaku prefers being the big spoon most nights, which is something Lev really enjoys. But on the nights when Yaku needs to be held and loved, Lev is more than eager to spoon him. 
  • Lev is absolutely terrified of bugs. Yaku gets endless amusement from this fact, often bringing over beetles to show Lev just to see that huge string bean book it as far away from him as he can get.
  • Yaku’s first visit to Lev’s house was a disaster. Lev cried because he was convinced Yaku had a crush on his sister, and Yaku couldn’t deal with the looks Lev'a parents gave him. After that first meeting, Lev and Yaku decided to not talk about it ever.

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Fucking ghost whisperer lev. Damn I love him so much <3 alright so hc that he can see and talk to ghosts after he was in an accident (that caused him to die for like two minutes) and he couldn't really tell the difference between dead and alive people for a while. Nekoma found out when he mentioned how nice kuroos dad is when he went over, and everyone's like " lev kuroos dad is dead " also kuroo tears bc pain :D

They’re talking about some team get together they had at the captain’s house and Lev kinda, like, nonchalantly says “oh, Kuroo-san, your dad is really nice, by the way! He’s really funny,” and the entire team goes quiet. Taketora coughs awkwardly. Kuroo has this pained expression on his face. He asks if he’s said anything wrong, and his mind instantly goes over the words he’d said, looking for any kind of takeaway that he’s said something he shouldn’t have. Kenma opens his mouth, stutters out Lev’s name, and farther behind Kuroo. 

Yaku finally speaks. “Lev…Kuroo-kun’s father is dead.” 

Cue a lot of confused “Wait, what, no he’s not,” from Lev, and everyone saying being all like “Yes, he is,” and finally Lev just goes “Is this some kind of prank? I saw Kuroo-san’s dad in the kitchen when I went to get a drink. Yaku-san, you were with me!” 

All eyes fall on Yaku, who puts his hands up to portray innocence. “I didn’t see anything.” 

Lev is so confused. Like, so damn confused. And then he remembers a flash of something from when he was young – all he sees is grinding metal on metal, with limbs caught in the crossfire, but he sees it – and everything makes sense. Why he could see his grandmother alive and walking after she died, but her body was still in the bed. Why he always sees confused, angry people that look like they should be in a gown instead of street clothes in the hospital, running around. Why he sees those teenagers that he reads about in the papers roaming around their old neighborhood arter their suicide. He thinks back to his conversation he’d had with Kuroo’s dad when Yaku went back to the party. “Oh, that’s what he meant by ‘tell Tetsurou I’m proud of who he became’!” and everyone is just shocked. Kuroo is crying. 

Just. I’m here for this. 


Series: Fairy Tail
Main pairing: Nalu
Genre: Romance, humor
Setting: AU: "I just ran away from home and ended up at the wrong apartment" 
Rating: T
Type: two-shot

Synopsis: In which Lucy runs away from home, and the apartment she ends up in is definitely not Levy’s.
A/N: A one shot I wrote in all of 15 minutes. I thought the concept was too cute to pass up (:

Lucy was fuming.

An hour train ride, three hours by bus and a 20 minute cab ride with a stuffed backpack, uncomfortable shoes, and a dead phone was all she could take before she practically collapsed at Levy’s doorstep. She’d told Levy about an hour ago where she was, but her phone had died not even 2 minutes later so Lucy had no way of telling her when she got to her place. Hopefully Levy was home. She sighed and knocked, ready to be inside of a house (or apartment in this case), maybe order take out, and not move for the next 3 days.

The door opened and she pushed her way in, dropping her bag once she got the living room.

“You will not believe this,” she started, pulling out her phone and immediately digging through her bag on the floor looking for her charger. “You will not believe what I had to go through to get here. So this lady was sitting behind me on the bus, right? And she had this screaming kid. And I mean screaming. He wouldn’t stop! Something about pancakes. And then, then, this kid starts kicking my seat. Like full on kicking!”

At this point she’d found an outlet by the kitchen and taken a seat at one of the barstools, plugging her phone in and resting her elbow on the counter, dropping her chin into her hand as she continued

“So this mom did nothing to stop him. And I’m here going crazy. This kid will not stop and the mom is just sitting there silent. So finally, I turn around in my chair and face her, and you know what I say?“

Lucy turned toward Levy, ready to explain in full detail the incredible act of silencing this woman’s child, but he stopped short.

Because the person standing in front of her was not Levy.

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YakuLev for the ship thing :)

I just got two yakulevs in a row gOD BLESS

  • immediately begins to shimmy when maroon 5 comes on

Lev. Yaku immediately turns the radio off. 

  • wakes the other up at 3am demanding pancakes

Lev would try it if he thought he’d survive. Waking Yaku is Not Advisable

  • sends the other unsolicited nudes

On one hand I want to say Lev but I feel like Yaku would send them when Lev was at work or in class or somewhere public and Lev would have to sit there uncomfortably for a while. 

  • brags about knowing karate even though they never made it past yellow belt

“I swear to god Haiba, I do know karate and I will use it—”

"You dropped out after a month, Yaku—”


  • comes to a complete halt outside bakeries/candy shops

Lev. If Yaku’s in a good mood he’ll agree to go in instead of dragging Lev away

  • blows sarcastic kisses after doing ridiculous shit

Yaku, obviously. 

  • killed the guy (also, which hid the body)

Yaku killed the guy and hid the body because Lev would blab about it 

  • wears the least clothing around the house

"Lev, put your damn pants on.”

“Yaku, take your damn pants off—OW I’m sorry okay okay I’ll put some on jees.” 

  • has icky sentimental moments for no apparent reason

Yaku C’: 

Imagine Yaku being really enthusiastic about retro anime because his grandmother worked as an animation artist in the 1960s. He has many fond memories of how Grams would play classics like Astroboy and Dororo on VHS tapes for him and tell him lengthy stories of how much she loved her work, which brought joy and laughter to such a wide audience of children.

Imagine that after Grams passes, Yaku starts to volunteer work at a charity house where every Saturday afternoon he brings VHS tapes to share with the children. They ‘ooh’ and ‘aaah’ the first time he sets everything up, marveling at the old technology and the colorless cartoons on TV. Yaku always feels nostalgic whenever he sees their awe-struck faces glued to the screen, but the poignant feeling never fails to make him smile. He is more than happy to continue his grandmother’s legacy by retelling her stories to a brand new audience at the end of every episode.

Imagine Yaku dragging Lev to the charity house after practice one Saturday as penance for being especially petulant while they were working on receives. Lev gripes and complains the entire way there, and he continues to complain all the way up until Yaku starts the first tape of the evening: the opening episode of Kimba the White Lion. Lev plops down at the back of the group so as not to block anyone. He is completely silent while it plays, entranced by the brave little lion hero – at least until the episode ends, and then he’s boisterously telling Yaku to “hurry up and put on the next one!!” Yaku chuckles, ignores Lev, and proceeds with his usual post-show storytime. Then they watch other classics the rest of the evening. Afterwards, when it’s just the two of them on the quiet train ride home, Yaku tells Lev that they can marathon the entire Kimba series together at his house tomorrow, if Lev would like that. Lev beams and says he would like that a lot. He comes into practice on Monday singing the theme song so loudly that Kuroo makes him run laps.

Lev ends up going with Yaku to the charity house the very next Saturday even though he doesn’t get reprimanded for anything during practice. He continues to go every Saturday after that, too.


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Nekoma's reactions when doing the do to being interrupted - family comes home/phone rings/etc.

(that must fucking suck though)

Kuroo: “For the love of-” He’d growl, annoyed by the ringing of his phone on the bedside table. His partner would just slowly pull his face back towards them and start peppering kisses on his jawline, until he got back into the mood. (It was Lev trying to prank call him)

Kenma heard his front door opening and muttered a curse under his breath. He was lucky he and his partner weren’t in any compromising positions and their clothes were relatively on. He decides to go to his partner’s house from then on. 

Lev: He would be too into it to notice that his phone was ringing. His partner would notice his awful ringtone blaring throughout his room and they forced him to get off of them and do something about it. (Kuroo wanted to get back at him)

Yamamoto: would whimper when he heard his phone ringing. He’d get up, very reluctantly, and tend to his call. (Tanaka was interested in catching up)

Inuoka heard the front door opening and he sprang away from his partner and threw their clothes at them while he hurriedly dressed. 

Yaku would freeze when he heard his phone ringing. His partner would have to snap him out of it and he wouldn’t be in the mood for sex anymore for the rest of the day.