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Crow's Angels (Sample Track)
Crow's Angels (Sample Track)

GUYS! GUYYYSSSSSS. The Haikyuu!! Second Season DVD volume 6 will contain a special CD, with audio dramas for all of Ennoshita’s movies except Final Haikyuu Quest!!! The audio above is a sample track for Crow’s Angels hehehehehehe.

Meaning, you’ll get to hear

  • Haikyuu!! Fighter
  • House of Crows
  • Crow’s Angels
  • Shimmer Tsukky

obviously I’m most excited about Shimmer Tsukky bc I’m very very biased. HAHAHAHA. I can’t wait!!!!

The DVD is going to be released on June 15, 2016.

Haikyuu!! Texts...

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P.s.: Kuroo slept outside Oikawas house.


Daichi&Kuroo: It was a long night with too much alcohol…and Kuroo told the truth!


Asahi&Noya: Asahi, Tanaka&Yamaguchi want to fly to …don’t know.


Bokuto&Kuroo: Don’t worry, he’s fine.


Asahi&Noya: After Asahi got drunk for the first time…

Tsuki&Akiteru: You bad, bad hot brother, Akiteru!

Tanaka&Oikawa: [thing=think]

Tsuki&Kuroo:  He spelled Yamaguchi wrong. What happened??


Oikawa&Iwaizumi: …Kuroo. Why?

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If there was one thing that Yaku had managed to impart to Lev, it was that Kuroo Tetsurou was an idiot.

Not that he wasn’t smart or anything: he was in a college prep class and knew the meanings of words longer than Lev was tall.  Kuroo was plenty intelligent. It was only when it came to other people that he was a complete and total idiot.

Lev had been pretty sure that’s why the captain had agreed to date him in the first place, because he simply didn’t understand that Le was serious. He knew better now, but those first few months had been stressful to say the least. Now, however, they had been dating for just under a year and things were going smoothly. Kuroo had graduated and was attending a university in Tokyo. His apartment was a bit of a journey from Lev’s house and from Nekoma, but they generally managed the forty-five minutes (shorter if they decided to meet somewhere halfway) once every week or so. So when Kuroo showed up halfway through practice one Friday, Lev was only mildly surprised.

Lev was on his best behavior that day. He did not break away in the middle of a rally to go greet Kuroo, and he only showed off the tiniest bit when he knew his boyfriend was paying attention. He was doing so well, in fact, that he only caught Kenma staring at him in disgust three times that day.

Practice had ended and Lev was finishing up his stretches when Kuroo finally approached him.

“Hey, Lev,” he greeted casually. “You did good toda-”

Lev cut him off by swooping down and pressing a kiss to his cheek. Yaku had said something once about just how easily flustered Kuroo was, and he wanted to put it to the test. He was about to pull away and grin in triumph when Kuroo’s hand snapped up to hold him in place by the neck. The world slowed to a crawl as Kuroo hummed and turned his head, nose brushing all along Lev’s cheekbone until he was leaning up and pressing their mouths together. Kuroo’s lips slid open just enough to close around Lev’s bottom one, then he pulled away with a soft and lingering sigh. He patted Lev tenderly on the cheek, then wandered off to talk to Yamamoto about something while Lev stood in the exact same position, at a loss.

He screamed.


“So have you and Tora made any decisions about next year?” Tetsurou asked, standing with Kenma outside the corner store while the team bickered over snacks inside. Kenma made a face.

“Shibayama can’t be captain since he’s a libero,” he said softly. “Which leaves Lev and Sou as the only eligible regulars. Lev has more experience in games, but…” he trailed off and they both looked through the store window. Lev was standing on one foot, trying to keep his balance while one of the first years tried to climb his torso to get the ice cream he was holding over his head. They both shook their heads.

“Maybe he’ll mature in the next year?” Tetsurou said, but he had little hope for that. Kenma snorted.

Right at that moment, Lev’s head turned and he caught sight of the two of them. His eyes locked on Tetsurou and a smile bright enough to blind them crossed his face. He let the first year have the ice cream and simply stood there, smiling and staring and smiling.

Tetsurou’s heart thudded in his chest.

“You’re hopeless,” Kenma muttered, voice filled with disgust. Tetsurou could only nod, still dazed by what he had just witnessed.

“Yeah,” he agreed. “I am.” Kenma made a face and left him there, standing in a puddle of his own sappy feelings.

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