Imagine watching Tyrion Drink and Die after poisoning his wine…

It was nothing personal. There was a contract…a life promised…and you couldn’t deny the many faced god his death.


cersei lannister + past events impacting her acts
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Tyrion Lannister Challenge:  Lannister pride

And who are you, the proud lord said, that I must bow so low? Only a cat of a different coat, that’s all the truth I know. In a coat of gold or a coat of red, a lion still has claws, And mine are long and sharp, my lord, as long and sharp as yours.


A piece of art in honor of Game of Thrones CRUSHING it at the Emmy’s, shattering The West Wing’s record for most Emmy’s in a single year! Also, yesterday was the first day of fall so we all know what that means….WINTER IS COMING


ASOIAF meme: 1/7 locations ♦ Casterly Rock

Casterly Rock, the ancient seat of House Lannister, is no ordinary castle. Although crowned with towers and turrets and watchtowers, with stone walls and oaken gates and iron portcullises guarding its every means of egress, this ancient fortress is in truth a colossal rock beside the Sunset Sea, a rock that some say looks like a lion in repose when the sun sets and the shadows fall.

The Lords of Casterly Rock have gathered many treasures over the centuries, and the sights of the Rock are justly famed throughout the Seven Kingdoms, even in lands beyond the narrow sea.


If Aerys had agreed to marry her to Rhaegar, how many deaths might have been avoided? Cersei could have given the prince the sons he wanted, lions with purple eyes and silver manes…and with such a wife, Rhaegar might never have looked twice at Lyanna Stark. The northern girl had a wild beauty, as he recalled, though however bright a torch might burn it could never match the rising sun.