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captacorn  asked:

For the Hogwarts ask, let's go with Star Trek captains: Picard, Janeway, Georgiou, Lorca, Sisko

Jean-Luc Picard | Gryffindor
Picard could easily be sorted into Ravenclaw, he’s definitely the most intellectual captain. But in the episode “Tapestry” he is literally faced with the decision between Blue and Red and he chooses Gryffindor. So, per Harry rules, he’s Gryffindor. 

Kathryn Janeway | Gryffindor
No question. She is the epitome of Gryffindor: “In command school, they taught us to always remember that maneuvering a starship is a very delicate process. But over the years I’ve learned that sometimes you just have to punch your way through.” She has a highly developed saving people thing, she’s confident to a fault, she rushes into danger, she has a very loose relationship with the rules, and she parties hard. Gryffindor through and through. 

Philippa Georgiou | Ravenclaw
My ray of sunshine and steel! If Luna Lovegood was a starship captain! It’s that telescope. She looks at the universe in a very specific and delightful way. She sees the potential in everything, the possibility, in both people and the universe. And I mean, come on, her introduction was creating a signal by walking in the sand. Girl is brave and true but she’s a Ravenclaw. 

Gabriel Lorca | Gryffindor
Jumping around all of space to save people is not a Slytherin move. Nor is completely ignoring authority and doing whatever he wants rules be damned. Slytherins have their own agenda but pretend to play the game and stay out of trouble. Gryffindors insult Vulcan admirals and then hang up on them. Gryffindors make promises about their ability to save the day without asking the poor Ravenclaws in engineering if it is possible. Gryffindors are loud and passionate and ready to leap into battle at any time. Gabriel Lorca is a Gryffindor. 

Benjamin Sisko | Hufflepuff
Sisko has traits of all four houses but he knows when and how to use them because he knows himself so well, and knows what matters. He is decidedly loyal, loves his family, and leads by example. But he’s not in it for glory or acclaim, he keeps his head down and does his job, and takes things exactly as seriously as they require. 

kissman91  asked:

Sort into houses: Janeway, Kim, Torres, Tuvok & Naomi Wildman

Kathryn Janeway- Slythern

Now before you go yelling at me, let me get one thing straight; Not all Slytherins are bad. Second, Janeway checks all of the boxes for Slytherins: Ambition, check. Cunning, check. Intelligent, check. Resourceful, check. Determined, CHECK. Not to mention Slytherin’s are great leaders and don’t you dare tell me Janeway isn’t a great leader.

Harry Kim- Hufflepuff

I promise I did not put him here just because he is a nice guy. I am a proud Hufflepuff myself and I feel there is much more to being a Hufflepuff than being “nice”. To me personally, the defining trait of a Hufflepuff is loyalty. And Harry is the most loyal bean. He is also a hard worker, caring, and cares deeply for his family, both his biological one and his delta quadrant one.

B’Elanna Torres- Gryffindor

I feel Torres fits in all houses, however, her best fit is Gryffindor. She fights for what she believes in, and she fights hard. She is very brave, adventurous, and loyal. I know she often likes to ignore her Klingon side, but I know somewhere deep down, she cares very much about her honor. She likes to be right where the action is and is not afraid to take charge of a situation.

Tuvok- Ravenclaw

Tuvok is a textbook Ravenclaw. That may be partially due to the fact that all Vulcans value many Ravenclaw traits. He is first and foremost, very wise and values fact above all. He is able to keep a cool head in any situation (or at least keep the facade of calm). Although he is very strong, he will always try to use his words first, and only take physical action if necessary. 

Naomi Wildman- Gryffindor

Naomi was the hardest to sort. Still developing as a person, she has shown great bravery, a thirst for knowledge, and strong ambition.  I feel, however, if she were to be sorted at the age she was at the end of the show, she would be placed in Gryffindor. I feel it is her sense of adventure, her love of others, and her great desire to be a captain one day that would allow her great success in Gryffindor.