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1ST HOUSE: Incredibly self-aware; strong-willed; gets their way

2ND HOUSE: Looks for comfort; possessive; nostalgic

3RD HOUSE: Communicative; intelligent; cannot keep quiet

4TH HOUSE: Nostalgic; great memory; ultra-familial

5TH HOUSE: Fun-loving; commitment-phobe; creative

6TH HOUSE: Prone to OCD / ED / GAD; worrisome; nervous

7TH HOUSE: Needs love; self-unaware; allocentric

8TH HOUSE: Prone to SI; reflective; never fully content

9TH HOUSE: Philosophical; imaginative; hates dishonesty

10TH HOUSE: Goal-oriented; determined; successful

11TH HOUSE: Friendly; collaborative; forward-thinking

12TH HOUSE: Self-unaware; imaginative; can’t focus

Stelliums, Pros and Cons

  • 1st House, Pro: Usually very beautiful, comes off as open.
  • 1st House, Con: Usually very stereotypical (especially if the Sun is here, or dominated by mostly masculine or feminine planets), and often egotistical.
  • 2nd House, Pro: Very beautiful, fashionable, and comes into money.
  • 2nd House, Con: Very materialistic, too quick to commit and possessive. (Especially if Venus is here).
  • 3rd House, Pro: Communicative, Intelligent, often spends entire life learning and teaching.
  • 3rd House, Con: Typically very anxious (esp with Mars) and pessimistic (esp if Saturn or Pluto is involved). Can be condescending and even elitist (esp with Sun).
  • 4th House, Pro: Loving, people are comfortable with you, tends to be an open book (with Sun).
  • 4th House, Con: Parents everyone, takes on too much responsibility, needs to support someone or they get depressed.
  • 5th House, Pro: Fun loving, Life of the Party, enjoyable and popular.
  • 5th House, Con: Egotistical and Reckless.
  • 6th House, Pro: Healthy, routine-worthy and intelligent. Good self discipline.
  • 6th House, Con: If Saturn/Pluto are involved, there may be lots of health issues. Despite this, healthy living tends to be a pivotal point in the persons life. Anxiety also lies here, especially if Mars or Mercury is involved.
  • 7th House, Pro: Good Partner™, loves loving, romantic and Will Never Cheat.
  • 7th House, Con: Stays in relationships for too long, can’t be alone, gets depressed if they’re not being loved. Guilty of rebounding.
  • 8th House, Pro: Intelligent, Understanding and is able to get themselves in or out of any situation. Tends to be both easy to spot and easy to lose. Knows lots of psychology and can use it to their advantage.
  • 8th House, Con: Manipulative, pessimistic, often surrounded by death in some way. (Lots of people who talk about suicide, saw a death as a child, perhaps even come face to face with it themselves). There also may be some trauma here.
  • 9th House, Pro: Understanding, cultured, either religious or understanding of the practices. Good in politics / Political Minded.
  • 9th House, Con: Too blunt, too willing to compromise, often forgets about themselves.
  • 10th House, Pro: Ambitious, tends to come into money in their work. Does what they love.
  • 10th House, Con: Workaholic, to the point it damages relationships. There is often also a lot of lessons to be learned by the individual, making them “too serious”.
  • 11th House, Pro: Lots of friends! Can get along with anyone, tends to make conversation easily (esp if Mercury is here).
  • 11th House, Con: Makes shallow connections, needs to surround self with people to be happy, and often uses helping others to avoid their problems. Too willing to assist, as well. Can’t say no.
  • 12th House, Pro: Understanding, empathetic, and is good with psychology. Psychic dreams.
  • 12th House, Con: Mental Illness in some form (either having some yourself or being close to those who do), often picks up too well on others emotions yet is oblivious to intentions.