house in the woods

I live on a dead end road where there’s a patch of woods separating my house from the highway, so you can always hear the hum of the cars on it. all I can hear from it right now is this fucked up bellowing roars, and high pitched mechanical whining. the end is near

Won't you build the dollhouse

As a little girl
My daddy bought for me
The fanciest of doll houses
Made of wood and stories, three
A four foot tall box
I was so excited then
“Can we build it Daddy, can we?”
“When we’ve got more time to spend”
So under my bed the box was slipped
I asked all the time
Never was there room enough
Wrong tools, maybe next time
Then daddy met his new wife
And moved into her place
The box stayed at my grandmothers
Under the bed and out of sight
Her kids had a dog
And Christine only asked once
You bet that dog got a house
And so I requested mine
“Your fourteen now, what do you want it for”
Doesn’t take much to see who my dad loved more
And now I’m all grown up
Double what I was then
The dollhouse is a metaphor for all the time I’ve spent
Because in my box are all the parts
And clear directions too
But I have no time to assemble
What meant so little to you

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Rules-fill out this with your info then tag 10 people you want to get to know better Name- Molly
Nicknames- moll, some friends started calling me “ecstasy” recently b/c Molly the drug
Birthday- March 15
Starsign- Pisces
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Height- 5'4
Sexual orientation- bisexual
Favorite color- Aqua
Time right now- 7:41 pm
Average hours of sleep- 3-4
Lucky number- 13
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Word that comes into mind- seashells!!
Happy place- the woods behind my house or my room
Number of blankets I sleep under- 2
Celebrity crush- RUBY ROSE♥️
Favorite book- speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
Favorite bands- my chemical romance, the pretty reckless, flyleaf
Last movie I saw- Jurassic world
Dream trip- Australia or Cape Town
Dream job- chef or marine biologist
What I am wearing now- an oversized tie-dye shirt and stretchy shorts

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Rhys felt on top of the world. His date had gone amazingly, in fact they had the second one planned. And though his parents had said he couldn’t do it again, he still felt the rush he had felt in the woods with Rowena. Basically, he felt like he could do anything… and that meant something very stupid. He was going to kill the thing that had attacked him.

Once his parents had both left for work, Rhys started to get his stuff together. His crossbow and quiver, of course. If he was going to kill anything, that would be how he did it. However, he really did love the dagger. He contemplated it for a few minutes before he snuck back out to the garage and stole another.

Feeling as ready as he could, he left the house and started for the woods.

Even though Malia thought his idea was terrible, it made sense to him. If the thing had wanted to hurt him before, why wouldn’t it want to hurt him again. Walking through the woods, he stayed alert, his crossbow aimed and ready to shoot.

His heart was racing for the entire hour he wandered the woods, but it was nothing compared to what felt like it stopping when he heard rustling behind him. “Who’s there?” He called out, backing away slowly, arrow aimed at the trees.

Seeing the blue glowing eyes, he didn’t stop to think before releasing the arrow, his own eyes widening at the howl that came after. Whatever it was he had hit it. Albeit only in the arm, but he had hit it.

Immediately following the sound the same creature from last time lunged out. Stumbling backwards, Rhys fumbled for another arrow. Unable to get it, he grabbed the dagger, making a stab at the creature.

DJ was sitting on his window seat with a cigarette between his lips, pulling it away every so often to blow the smoke out his open window. He had just about finished the cigarette when he started to hear voices, but he couldn’t quite make them out. There was too many other noises getting in the way. Instinctively, he let out a scream. It was a noise he would have never guessed he was capable of making. Though it wasn’t quite as high pitched and shrill as his mother’s it was still extremely effective.

Rhys Lahey was about to die.

Jumping off the window seat, he stubbed out the cigarette and started running, straight out of his house and towards the woods. He knew he wouldn’t be able to fight, but he had to do something.