house in the woods

a/n: people begged me not to write this werewolf!nursey twilight au for the 13 days of halloween monster au prompt and yet…. here we are. i’m so sorry. it’s 3k.

When William Poindexter first moved to Forks, he took one look at the drab town, a slight drizzle constantly giving the air a sort of damp feel, maybe a thousand residents to its name, towering Evergreens that blocked every sliver of natural sunlight lining every side road and thought: ‘okay, shitty, but I can work with this.’

Now, though? Hiking through the woods by his house, muddying his brand new sneakers while his parents have a really loud, intrusive argument in a house with paper thin walls? He’s not so sure.

He keeps hearing these noises off to his left, branches snapping, something like the growl of a dog, and the rustle of trees and shrubbery being pushed through, but whenever he looks there’s no one there. And yeah, it’s freaking him out a little, but at this point Dex is thinking between dealing with his dad’s interrogation on where he’s been and getting mauled by some large animal, the latter is looking really good.

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Today is the last day shooting of “Pretty Little Liars.” Today our beautiful girls will say goodbye to Hastings’s house, where many times they’ve come together to solve some mystery. We say goodbye to Marin’s house, where Hanna liked to hide Caleb in the basement, and Ashley Marin made his ‘private encouters’, first with Wilden and then with Jason. We say goodbye to DiLaurentis’s house where everything happened, at Montgomery’s house, at Field’s house. The motel “Lost Woods Resort” where Mona turned out to be “A”. The Rosewood church, where Charlotte was killed. At the Rosewood streets that have seen strolling our liars. . At the Rosewood high school where they spent six long seasons. The Hastings barn, where it all began. Tomorrow for those five beautiful girls who accompanied us for 7 long years, begins a new journey.  A new life path. I wish the best to each of them. They are going to close the chapter perhaps most important of their lives. . It’s like when you read a book and get to the end, right? When it comes time to close despite would never finish it because we’re too tied up, but you know it’s over. You have to close it and start another book. They have to face a new chapter of their lives, and certainly my support, that never has vanished from 2010 until now, will continue, not matter what they will do. Go girls! And thanks for all!

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The summer after I finished 8th grade, my best friend (let’s call her Holly) had recently moved houses. She was still in the same state, she even still attended the same school, but her mother had switched to this house because the monthly rent was drastically cheaper than where they were staying before and it was located right off one of the main highways. When I went to help them move in, Holly and I discovered why it was so cheap; a little ways behind the new house, down a path in the woods, was a small, very old, graveyard.
At first, we tried to coax Holly’s mom into breaking her lease and moving back into the home they rented previously; but of course, someone had already moved into that house and Holly’s mom insisted we were just being superstitious scaredy-cats. “Those graves are small and old, they’re probably for still-born babies. That sort of thing was common back then, and I highly doubt you’re going to get attacked by ghost babies,” she told us. We felt sheepish after that, and went back to investigate, discovering that she was right, they were the graves of babies and children, the oldest being only six-years-old, the age of Holly’s younger brother. We decided to give the new house a chance and stop being so afraid.
About a month after they were finally settled and moved in, Holly invited me over for our first sleepover of the Summer. Her younger brother had finally started sleeping in his own bed, and this would be the first time we’d actually be able to have Holly’s room all to ourselves. The night went perfectly, junk food and Disney movies, until we heard a bump from the hallway right outside Holly’s bedroom door. We both jumped and screamed, but then laughed at our own cowardice. That didn’t stop us from holding hands when we went to investigate the noise though. We opened her door a crack and saw the retreating figure of a child move around the corner of the hallway into the living room. I immediately wanted to go back in the room, throw a blanket over my head, and hide until morning; but the sound of the front door being opened drew both of our attentions and we slowly made our way into the living room.

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I’m just going to keep posting cute pictures of places I’d like to disappear to. Tree houses, lake houses, really anything with some woods around it and ideally no internet connection.

I read a story yesterday about the winter caretaker of Star Island up in NH. She lives by herself for five months on the island all winter long and takes pictures as she does repairs and maintenance. It sounds both terrifying and exciting. I could write like three new novels in that time! Or maybe just one decent one. 

On the bright side, I wrote some new smut over at QNY. Which feels good. 

Now excuse me while I stare out the window at the rain again. 

There is a sound that i hear in the woods behind my house. And it sounds like a mixture of a dog and a goose. like it’s the mix of a goose honk and a whimpering dog? but it’s like really loud.

does anyone know what kind of animal it could be???