house hunters drinking game

HGTV's House Hunters/House Hunters International Drinking Game

Take one drink when:
- It’s a city where you’d never want to live
- A couple has completely opposite wish lists OR a single buyer contradicts their own wish list
- A property is more than $100,000 over-budget when buying or $1,000/month over-budget when renting
-Take another two drinks if the realtor then calls it just “slightly over budget”
- The buyer complains about something cosmetic as though it can’t be easily fixed (namely: paint color)
- “Open concept floor plan”
- “Rustic charm”
- “I don’t even know if my bed will fit in here”
- “Stainless steel appliances”
- The buyers are seen doing an obviously staged activity (eating crepes in France, eating lobster in Maine, riding in a stupidly nice car that you’ll never be able to afford let alone the mansions that they’ve been touring and whining about, etc)
- A couple seems doomed for divorce

Chug for the duration of:
- A realtor complaining about a buyer’s unrealistic needs/behavior

Finish your drink if:
- The buyer chooses the property you absolutely never would’ve guessed in a million years

That Kind Of Guy

((A request! I hope @mrs-winchester-novak can forgive my lateness with this. It was requested a while ago and since I’m coming out of a very bad fog, I got this written as well as last night’s. I’m getting back into the swing, guys. I hope.

Have you seen or heard of the movie ten inch hero? If so can you write about dean liking the reader for a long time, and he hears from someone (like Gabe or Sam or something) that you have a thing for emo guys like priestly in TIH? So he dresses up for her and suprizes her? If you haven’t seen the movie, you can look it up to see what kind of emo I’m talking about.😜 Thank you!!!

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2000

Warnings: Fluff!

It was always boring in the Bunker after a big hunt. You knew that was par for the course, and it was the reason you always had your stash of movies set up. There were different piles for different outcomes. If you were depressed, you might pop in Love, Actually, or maybe some Toy Story. If you were still angry, there was Equilibrium and Mission: Impossible to go through. But if you were feeling pretty good about the hunt, Ten Inch Hero was the one you went to for a guilty pleasure.

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Fic: Rain and Shine

~980 words of future fluff, solely based off the mental image of Blaine with a a heart-shaped umbrella. If you can find more plot than that here, you’ve done far better than I.

Being a Broadway performer meant that there were a lot of uncertainties in Kurt’s life every month, as jobs were hard to come by and not guaranteed to last. Regardless, Kurt counted on one particular place making a regular appearance: his hair salon, a tiny shop he’d found after scouring the city for stylists who knew more about men’s hair than changing the setting of the razor guard but also didn’t charge an arm and a leg for service. Kurt would have to be literally dying before he’d consider missing his monthly appointment with Isaac - it had taken too much work to find him.

Since Kurt was mobile and conscious, he had kept his April appointment, unexpected broken arm be damned. It wasn’t like he needed two arms to let someone else wash, treat, and style his hair, after all. He’d even shrugged off Blaine’s worried “at least take a jacket!” as he’d left their apartment, knowing he didn’t have anything wide-sleeved enough to fit over his cast.

“Well, that was a bad decision,” Kurt muttered to himself when he stepped out of the salon two hours later. He was safe under the slight burgundy awning, but the rest of the world was getting soaked by a freak rainstorm that would ruin both his hair and the padding of his cast if he left his shelter. “Guess I’m going to have to wait here for a while.”

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