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Game of Thrones Cast What Hogwarts houses are you in?

Gryffindor, obviously. No one wants to be Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw is boring, Slytherin is full of psychos, as people know. Kit Harington

Maester Luwin and Hodor

I just wanted to point out that Maester Luwin is maybe the only character in the series to talk about the dignity of a mentally challenged person like Hodor. I literally tear up when he gets heated about the way the Walders treat him, and they way he admonishes Bran by reminding him that Hodor is a man and not an animal. You just rarely see that kind of thing in any fiction, and it chokes me up that Luwin recognizes and champions Hodor’s humanity. Luwin ain’t got no time for your ableist bullshit. Even in this slightly exaggerated, qausi-medieval world, there’s someone who is willing to speak up for the differently abled and mentally challenged. Luwin should get more credit for this.



Eddard - Fa Zhou 

Robb and Catelyn - Phillip and Elinor

Sansa - Anna

Arya - Lilo

Bran, Hodor, Osha - Mowgli, Baloo, Bagheera 

Jon Snow, Sam, Grenn, Pyp - Li Shang, Chien Po, Yao, Ling


The Hound and Arya (v2) - Shan Yu and Melody




requested: bran x reader

as requested by an amazing anon: Hey do you also write Bran Stark images? I’ve been looking for some bc there ain’t many x

i hope u’ll like this bc this was v cute to write hope you’ll like this!!!


Jojen kicked Bran awake, and he jotted with a scream. Jojen sat beside Bran and handed him a part of a rabbit’s leg from the Osha’s hunt. Hodor was making incoherent sounds as he ate his rabbit. “Where’s Summer?”

Bran took a bite of it and chewed. “In the woods,” he started. “I heard somebody.”

Jojen smiled as Osha laughed. “I trust you m’lord, nobody will want to go and stay in the woods. Now, call Summer.

Bran nodded as he shared a cup of water with Meera and Jojen. They have all been traveling to the Black for Jon. Bran ate and talked to them but he was eager to determine if that thing he heard was a somebody. As Osha stepped on the fire to sleep and to not attract creatures, Bran immediately warged into Summer, unaware of where his dire wolf is. Shaggy dog and Rickon was together, and he yearns for Summer. Through his wolf’s eyes, he saw a body. He didn’t know if it was awake, he then padded softly through the snow and leaves, but the body jotted away in surprise when Summer’s paw made a sound.

It was a girl, and a bow is what she has. She pointed it at the dire wolf as he circled around her. He was curious to why a girl all alone was in the woods. Summer continued to circle around her, until the girl cried and fell down. Her cries were haunting, and so full of resentment. “Just kill me, eat me, if that’s what you want to do. I don’t care.”

Summer went near her, and placed his big head on the girl’s lap. He licked the girl’s cheek. The girl relaxed down as Summer continued to lick her tears away. The girl laughed, and nuzzled Summer’s ears. Summer stood and circle her again, and stopped pointing his nuzzle at another direction. The girl stood puzzled, Summer started howling. “Do you want me to follow?” She started following the dire wolf, as it ran, following the steps etched on the snow, soon she was left behind by the wolf, and she still followed.

“Bran! Bran!” Jojen screamed at his ear. “If you continue to warg into Summer, you’ll forget how to a human.”

Bran smiled at Jojen, “There’s a girl in the woods.”

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