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The three Great Unovan Houses that shaped the events in Myths of Unova

There are obviously way more families than the ones listed but these are the ones I spent the most time on for worldbuilding so that the comic had more…historical backing of sorts? Probably pretty excessive but it works :)

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Don't You Worry Child
Swedish House Mafia - For A Season Cover
Don't You Worry Child

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Don’t You Worry Child - Swedish House Mafia - For A Season Cover 

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Random MoU Ancient Unova Tidbit: The heir to the throne is always determined by age. The term “King” is quite gender neutral in this society, so there have been kings that did not identify themselves as male. The oldest child is always picked as the sole heir, unless the circumstances state otherwise (the main culprit being the child’s overall health). Even with cases of twins/triplets, the oldest one is usually chosen as heir. There have been three instances of more than one ruler in the kingdom, the most infamous being the twin Kings that started the Great Unovan war (and to a lesser extent, the sons that succeeded them).

The previous King before these twins was Asha Harmonia, famously nicknamed as “Asha the Conquerer.” With the navy amassed by House Aequita, she took over all the nearby islands (and associated waters) surrounding West and South Unova, expanding the kingdom territory by nearly twice its size. Currently 80% of these islands are now underwater, and the ruins are popular diving spots.

House  ████████

One of the High Houses in Unova that have sworn alliance to House Harmonia. The house was founded by ████████, ██████████████ whose skills were critical in bringing the Unovan states into one unified kingdom. For this reason, even though this house started out as one of the poorer houses, the family eventually gained a lot of power to become one of the most infuential, causing other High Houses to regard them with suspicion. As a result, the members of House ████████ are extremely secretive; most historical information about this family (in academia at least) is very speculative at best.

Their members, inluding their apprentices/students, are feared as mercenaries and spies. As allies, they were one of the most loyal and cunning; but as enemies, they were the most vicious and unforgiving. They were rumored to have had held grudges that span multiple generations.

Like many High Unovan Houses, the ████████ House quietly disappeared from history after the Great Unovan War. It is not known whether there are any living descendants of the ████████ House. Even to this day, scholars still have a hard time pinpointing the location of the ████████ stronghold and their true sigil*. But their motto is infamous and has instilled fear for most of ancient Unovan history: “Observe, avenge.”

  • Known members of ████████ :  The Shadow Triad (by apprenticeship), █████████████

*For the convenience of the reader, the true sigil is available to the reader, and also note that most people in MoU are not aware of this fact.

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House Cerea

It is one of the High Houses in Unova have sworn alliance to House Harmonia. It also happened to be one of the richest, thanks to their stronghold being located at the agricultural, southern region of Unova. Due to their wealth, many other Houses tried to curry favors from this family, or at least make alliances with them. Even though House Cerea is a relatively pacifistic family, their involvement in certain historical feuds caused them to make some dangerous enemies.

Similar to House Harmonia, House Cerea have several family members who are able to completely understand and communicate with Pokemon. The Cereas hail their ancestory from Demetris, a dancer who was said to have helped bring bountiful harvests when she befriended Landorus. Their traditional headquarters are in Abundant Shrine, and several Unovans are known to be living descendants of this House or the minor Houses that branched off from the original family. Much of Unova’s written history has been sourced from ancient archives that this family has kept for centuries. 

Their sigil consists of an orange, 8-petaled flower over a trisected shield, the latter of which is supposed to represent the kami trio Pokemon. Their motto is “Share the Bounty.”

  • Known members of Cerea: Alder, Benga, Cedric Juniper*, Aurea Juniper*, Drayden*, Iris*

*These characters hail from minor houses that branched from House Cerea

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House Harmonia

It was the royal house of Unova for several centuries, hailing their ancestry from the “Grey Sheperd,” who had befriended the Original Dragon and (supposedly) forged a contract to keep peace between humans and Pokemon in the region. The Harmonias are also credited for founding the first Unovan civilization where Pokemon and humans were able to live without conflict. Many members in this family has the ability to understand and communicate with Pokemon.

Generally, historical archives have revealed that the Harmonia kings and queens were fair rulers of their kingdom. However, many of them were also percieved as being overpassionate about their beliefs, and disagreement with them sometimes resulted in war. The Great Unovan War is said to have resulted from such conflict. A few decades after the Great Unovan War, the Harmonias fell from power and disappeared from history. 

Despite their fall, the original contract is said to have remained intact. Scholars say their ancestral fortress was Dragonspiral Tower. Their sigil consists of two identical dragons forming a circle, which is to represent the balance that the Harmonia House vowed to maintain between humans and Pokemon. Their motto is “Live in Harmony.”

  • Known members of Harmonia: N

To see the other Unovan Houses and their info, check the tag!

a-house-of-many-things  asked:

Itsuke Kojiri: Merry Christmas, Lord Harmonia. I brought you a gift. *she unwraps a small, round, green stone with a swirl in the middle, like a cat's eye marble* This will grant you incredible power, but only if you come to truly respect a Pokemon as a partner and companion, rather than just a tool. It's your decision, my dear. Oh, and this as well. *hands him a gray egg* Take care of her, I have no doubt that she'll be quite fond of you.

“Very well. I’ll hatch this egg and see what’s inside of it.” Ghetsis puts the egg into a case and takes the small marble, curious about it.

“To respect a Pokemon as a partner is the criteria for using this…it seems everybody keeps telling me to do that.”

Lay me to rest, my life has reached its end
I shall become one with this land
Farewell for now, my family and friends.

Ancient Unovans generally believed that the Dragon Force was responsible for giving the land and its inhabitants life. So when a person or Pokemon passed away, they believed that their body and soul would “reunite” with the land that granted life in the first place.

Wolis Nemoria, one of the oldest Unovan scholars known in history, observed and recorded how a dead body decomposed and became indistinguishable from dirt. This, he reported, was clear evidence that the land had the ability to reclaim after death has passed.

With this knowledge in mind, most Unovans did not have any elaborate burial rituals. Usually, the body was buried quickly in the ground, often wrapped in simple cloth or a cape; flowers were strewn over the body and the grave to represent affection for the deceased individual, but it also a served a practical purpose of covering the smell of decay. The average mourning period for Ancient Unovans would be 2-3 days, largely consisting of the affected family hosting a period for people to pay their respects to the deceased. 

On the other hand, Ancient Unovan tombs (for those that could afford them) can be exceedingly elaborate, often featuring murals that depicted the deceased individual’s accomplishments. But beyond the murals, not many items were stored in these places. Initially, scholars had thought these tombs had been robbed, given how sparse they were.