house hannover

Trading on thine ice||closed


Childermass had brought the horse into the stable. He now furiously marched back into the house at Hannover Square. Something was wrong with Lady Pole. He could feel it. And yet Mr. Segundus refused to let him to her. For the Lady’s health. Childermass had vowed that he would come back.

But right now he decided to gain his information in a different method. If Lady Pole was under an enchantment, then there was only one, who could detect said enchantment and answer his questions.

There is more then one way to skin a cat. Childermass knew more about magic then people gave him credit for. He had watched over Mr. Norrell’s library and read several off his books. Blimey, the former picket pocket had written down several off the spells he found usefull. Of course his master could not know. It would be his doom.

Carefully sitting down, Childermass pulled out his notebook and flipped through the pale and dirty pages. He soon found what he had been looking for. Childermass had never done this spell before and he knew the risks that came with it. Still, he needed answers!

Enlighting a candle, Childermass receited the words off the summoning formal, adding the name of the one he required to see. After the last syllable left his lips, the magician’s servant blew out the candle.

He knew he had succeeded. He could hear the other one’s steps and the soft cling-cling of the crystall ball he was carrying with him, throwing it from hand to hand. Apparently the describtions off him were accurate.