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Room for hire, legacy challenge

The founder of this legacy inherited a house that has always been used as a boarding house, but the house has a lot of short comings and needs to be refurbished. 


  • Have a very luxurious guesthouse/hotel
  • 1 million simoleons on your household fund.

Start: Your founder/ inkeeper moves into a big lot. To build a house you’re allowed to use money cheats. You can build it by yourself or you download it from the gallery, it doesn’t matter as long as it isn’t furnished. 

The house needs at least 4 bedrooms (bed, nightstand, chair, dresser), 4 bathrooms (toilet, sink, shower or bath) and a kitchen (refrigerator, oven, table, chairs, cabinets). Use the cheapest and most uncomfortable furniture there is. The only skill builder you’re allowed to add is a bookcase. When you’re done you set your household fund on 1000 simoleons. 

Ageing: You can put it on normal or long, just what you like. I use MCC to set the ageing. It’s something between normal and long.

Autonomy is on full. You’re not allowed to control your guests the whole time.

The first week you start your life leveling your skills and meeting new people. You can do whatever you want. After that week your two guests will move in.

the innkeeper: You’re allowed to control your founder/ innkeeper at all times. You’re not allowed to have a job though. It’s your job to take care of the house and your guests. You earn money with painting or writing ( not both) and gardening, fishing etc. When your painting skill is at level 5 you’re just allowed to paint 1 painting a day. (Painting is too easy to earn money with).

Cleaning, repairing and cooking are also tasks for the innkeeper.

Guests: Use the random trait generator for your guests traits and aspiration. They will leave the house when they reach the top of their career or when they complete their aspiration. You’re not allowed to control them all the time. You play rotational with them. You’re allowed to complete their whims though as much as you want.

Money: The innkeeper needs to pay the bills and she needs to renovate the house. No money cheats.

Moving out: When a guest leaves the house he gets:

  • 20.000 simoleons
  • 10.000 simoleons they saved of their salary
  • 5000 simoleons for each skill at level 10
  • 2000 simoleons for each skill at level 5, dancing, photography.

You can start playing rotational now if you like. Put ageing off when you play with another household and put it on again when your back at your legacy lot.

Mc command 

If you have mcc, use it to put on all activities and social interactions on autonomous. (Repairing, mean interactions etc)

I also use mcc to set my ageing. Mine is something between normal and long.


You play rotational with your guests on weekdays. In the weekend you’re founder is free to do whatever she wants. In the weekend you’re not allowed to control your guests you can just complete their whims.


The innkeeper  is not allowed to marry one of the guests. They innkeeper is allowed to marry with any other sim. If he/she wants to marry one of her guests they have to wait until the guest achieved his/her goal. You’re not allowed to add money from your spouse to the household fund. Your spouse is not allowed to have a job. He/she can make herself useful in the house, repairing, gardening, fishing, collecting items, and writing or painting. There are a lot of things you can do to earn some extra money. 

Lot traits

You’re just allowed to change one of your lot traits when a new guest moves in. Choose them wisely.

End of a generation

When your heir is a young adult, he or she takes your place and you can retire. Before you start with the next generation you get payed your retirement.

Add to your household fund: 

  • 10,000 simoleons for every completed collection.
  • 5000 for every skill at level 10
  • 2000 for level 5 dancing, photography
  • 10.000 simoleons for every guest you’ve had.

I’m still play testing this, so it’s possible that I have to make some changes. Please let me know if something is not clear or when something’s not right. Please tag this challenge with #roomforhire legacy so I can follow you.

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credit: The house I used is from @peacemaker-ic

The Zodiac Signs as Furnishing Styles

Classic: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Libra

Modern: Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius

Artistic: Gemini, Leo, Pisces

Was looking at houses to get an idea of what’s available in the area and had to share this gem

pretty nice exterior note the double garage

woah, some interesting interior decorating but nice room, looks spacious

is the kitchen carpeted? I’ve looked at this a lot and honestly can’t tell

pretty chill as far as bedrooms go and by far the most normal room in the house

bathroom looks ok

I know this has been super normal outside the 1960s/70s interior design but stick with me

big long room with glaring pink carpet. that’s not a mirror on the “back wall” like I thought at first, this room just goes. where one the house is this, I thought to myself

my lord, that’s a garage door. they converted their garage and remodeled but KEPT THE DOOR to open to the outside from their sitting/entertainment room


that’s not all, let’s check out the basement

good lord. just take a moment to take it all in. decor again not updated since 1970 (this house was originally built in 1969). the teddy bears on the couch. that weird game in the foreground which I’ve never seen before. sombreros on the walls the FULLY stocked bar. like so fully stocked…

and just to top it all off, the room that utterly horrified me,

Godric’s Hollow
  • When James parents died they left him their whole estate, but Godric’s Hollow was special, it was him and Lily’s wedding gift and the charming, secluded hamlet suited them just fine, so that is where the newly-weds decided to live.
  • It soon transpired that James had no clue how to furnish a house, and so Lily and Sirius teamed up to make this place a home.
  • Lily started with the sitting room, buying two enormous comfy sofas that could swallow you whole as you curled up and read a book from the equally enormous antique bookcase she bought and filled, with Remus’ help.
  • Sirius bought an entire stores worth of kitchenware, because if there is one thing he had learnt from his days cooking with the house elves, it was that you never knew what you were going to need.
  • ‘What even is a turkey thermometer and why do I own one?’ ‘Shut up Prongs you didn’t know what a baking tray was until two days ago.’
  • Lily also purchased an assortment of flowers which she placed on every bare surface of the house, adding splashes of colour all over the place.
  • Peter, who was quite allergic to pollen, couldn’t stop sneezing wherever he went.
  • ‘I fell attacked in my own home!’ ‘Pete, you don’t live here.’
  • Sirius and Remus are very big on the whole matching sets thing, and so came the his and her loofahs, his and her sink, his and her arm chair by the fireplace. Sirius even bought a ‘Mr & Mrs calendar collection’. Remus reassured a panicking James that Sirius had done the same thing with their apartment.
  • James and Lily spending an entire weekend painting bedroom walls a specific shade of cream that James had picked (Lily couldn’t tell the difference between three identical shades of cream, but James had been persistent that each one had a different ‘aura’) 
  • James accidentally swinging his arm around and wiping a huge line of paint across Lily’s face in the process.
  • ‘Potter!’ ‘Oh god, I’m so sorry babe I didn’t mean-’
  • Lily’s paint brush crashing not-so-accidentally into James face.
  • The next 15 minutes being a paint war between the two as the cover each other in more paint than is one the walls, laughing hysterically and it ending in a paint soaked kiss on the floor.
  • Three weeks of hard work later and the house is finished. It is finally a place the Potters and sometimes Sirius can call home. They can relax and focus on fighting a war.
  • And then Lily gets pregnant.
  • And the quiet life in Godrics Hollow has to prepare to become a lot noisier.
  • But no one is complaining (well Sirius is a little bit because he is usually the centre of attention, but Moony shuts him up.)
  • James is freaking out because raise a baby? In this house? In this war?
  • Lily is like husband, calm yourself, here have one of these 8 different parenting books Remus and I have been reading.
  • Sirius makes it his personal task in life to design the perfect nursery for this kid, and so seals himself semi-permanently in the second bedroom to work on it. No one is allowed in until it is finished.
  • Peter goes out and buys a pram and a high-chair, James and Lily really appreciated the gesture, they hadn’t been seeing enough of Peter recently.
  • Remus buys a collection of children’s books that he wants to read to the newborn, he has been saying all this time he would be terrible with a child, but everyone can tell he is secretly over the moon with excitement.
  • Lily is the first one to begin child-proofing, when she moves the knife block into high cupboard one day, and James is confused so he asks what child-proofing actually is.
  • James Potter becoming obsessed with child proofing.
  • I mean he finds every single corner in the house, I mean every. single. one., and places a foam buffer on it. He hides every mildly sharp object from scissors to hairbrushes.
  • ‘Really James?’ ‘Lily, you don’t understand, what if it poked it’s eye out with it by accident?!’ ‘…’
  • He buys a safety gate for the stairs, he buys locks for the toilets seats, he replaces the flower vases with plastic ones, he buys cushions for the dining chairs, he throws out the food processor and tries to throw away the toaster, but Remus eventually takes matters into his own hands and stops the rampage.
  • Then, one month before the baby is born, Sirius unveils his nursery.
  • He’s hand painted all the furniture, from the crib to the tiny bookcase, each in there own individual pastel colour.
  • He has put a mobile over the crib, its of the solar system, and its charmed to also show the phases of the moon. He also added in Sirius the star as an extra orbit.
  • There is a fully stocked changing table in one corner and a full chest of drawers in the other.
  • But the real showstopper what he painted on one of the walls.
  • Its a kind of mural. Of a Forrest full of trees and plants with a small clearing at the centre. Walking into the clearing is a large black dog accompanied by a equally large grey wolf with a small rat hurrying along between their feet. Lying down nuzzled together in the middle of the clearing however, is a stag and doe, dozing peacefully, curled around a small fawn that lies in between them. 
  •  The Marauders, Completed. I written above the image.
  • James has tears in his eyes as he hugs his brother, he is so grateful.
  • Then Harry is born and the house comes alive with life and joy and the Potters pour their love into their son.
  • Remus and Sirius would come over almost every day to play with Harry, Peter would join them as well sometimes and the laughter would carry on through the night as the small house vibrated with happiness.
  • Then the prophecy happened.
  • Remus and Sirius couldn’t come over any more, neither could Peter.
  • The house seemed to dull slowly as the absence of the men took it’s toll.
  • The flowers wilted as Lily couldn’t go out to buy her favourite fertiliser anymore, and James broke the stair gate one day by accident, but couldn’t go out to buy a replacement.
  • A certain darkness seemed to want to creep into the house as James and  Lily’s greatest project and comfort, had become their prison.
  • But, as always, the couple took this in their stride, determined for this to make them stronger rather than weaker, if not for themselves then for Harry, who mattered more to them than anyone else.
  • Lily dried and pressed the wilted flowers to make decorations for the walls, and James used the kitchen tools Sirius had bought to craft a new gate for the stairs.
  • They focused their energy on Harry, who although couldn’t go out to the park, go still be zoomed around the house by James with a small levitating spell, or slide down the stairs with a mattress on Lily’s lap, or fall asleep to one of Remus’ stories in a pillow fort his parents had built him.
  • And whenever James was missing Sirius more then usual, or Lily was wishing Remus was here to make hot chocolate for them all, they could look at that mural on the wall and know that, one day, everything would be okay.
  • Because although their world was crashing down, Lily and James Potter loved each other enough to build themselves a new one.
  • Until one dark night on Halloween, after a day of carving pumpkins no one else would see and eating candy they couldn’t give to other children, Harry Potter lost everything. Because the home his parents had so loving built, was blown apart by someone who could not love. He lost the big sofas you could sink into, and the industrial amount of kitchen utensils. He lost a baby gate and foam corners. He lost a master bedroom that still had hand prints on the walls from where his parents has played. He lost bundles of calendars made for years to come. He lost a collection of books selected just for him to enjoy. He lost two people who sacrificed everything they could, just to keep him safe. And when that curse rebounded, everything in its path was destroyed.
  • And in its path was a mural, of a little Forrest somewhere, with a black dog, a wolf, a rat and and family of deer, all looking with love at the little fawn below.

Not abandoned anymore

  We found this beautiful abandoned farm a few weeks ago and fell in love with it! To implement this project, I suspended all current work and projects and our team of designers enthusiastically set to work! We quickly finished the exterior and interior decoration of the house, and the furnishing of the whole house took less than two weeks. I think we did a great job and we got a great modern farmhouse for a family of 4-5 people.