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I need friends!!

I need more friends that are a part of these fandoms: Dan and Phil Shane Dawson Tyler Oakley Rickey Dillon Jacksepticeye Markiplier Zoella Joe Sugg Caspar ||Superwomen|| Dolan Twins Lucas and Marcus Joey Graceffa Connor Franta Glozell Colleen/Miranda Jenna marbles Supernatural Sherlock Full House F.r.i.e.n.d.s Phantom of the opera Hamilton Troye Sivan One Direction 5sos MCR P!ATD FOB TOP PTV Percy Jackson Perks of being a wallflower Harry Potter The walking dead Michael Jackson Elvis 80s and 90s movies Anything Leonardo DiCaprio

Comment any of the fandoms your in if any match my list so we can become like best friends 😂❤️


I think this is set in my An Absence of Colour universe, but it can be read as a standalone. Enjoy!


“I just hope you like it.”

And Molly shyly turns her back on Sherlock. Pulls off her ludicrously colourful jumper and tosses it onto their bed. With quick hands she drapes her ponytail over her shoulder before unhooking her bra and casting it off too. This leaves her bare back turned to Sherlock, a transparent bandage visible across her left shoulder-blade.

“Well?” she says softly.

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Being in so many fandoms is like Voldemort splitting his soul into the horcruxes… Because I swear to god I have sold my soul to Every. Single. Show. I. Watch.

What this is the last heartfelt conversation Mycroft and Sherlock have?? In the Watson house, full of painful and bitter memories?? Sherlock frantic as John is missing and Mycroft looks at the pram and flashes back to whatever happened to the other one?? And Molly and Lestrade stand in shocked silence as Sherlock screams at Mycroft?? @waitingforgarridebs @johnnlocked

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sherlock and john - this house no longer feels like home {so cold}

my another full of feels sherlock fanvid. i hope you’’ll like it ^^