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spn hiatus creations week two:
Urban Legends

“Kinda makes you wonder, of all the things we hunted, how many existed just because people believed in them?”

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Welp, the auction is today. We managed to raise $1,105 which isn’t enough for a down payment, but we have a realtor and possible lender who are willing to work with us while we fix the credit score and get enough for a down payment. At the very least, they’ll help us find another place if we get kicked out. So I’ll keep the fundraiser going for now, though I’ll post an update later once the auction… happens, and we know for certainty what will happen.

I really really really really really really really really REALLY hope that lady gets the bid. Or the nice gentleman who offered the same thing, or the lady who owns the house up the street and would rent to us, or one of the other nice people who actually cared about our plight.


I can’t sleep, so today is going to be laundry, gardening (as if I can keep my garden… another depressing idea), and fretting a lot. And anime, for distraction purposes.

Otherwise… it’s time for tea. (Sleepytime tea, to be exact, because I’m out of chamomile T_T)

thanks for sticking with me this far, lovelies 💙

Starklings superhero headcanons
  • Robb’s powers manifest first, and dramatically - he has splitting headaches for a week and then suddenly, inexplicably turns into a direwolf at the dinner table
  • (Grey Wind is not impressed)
  • Jon is less than three months later, and with significantly less fanfare
  • He’s pyrokinetic and cyrokinetic
  • There’s a cyromage in every generation of Starks, and Catelyn is pissed, because it should be her trueborn Stark son spilling ice from his fingertips (Ned reminds her firmly that turning into a direwolf is a perfectly Stark-like power)
  • The pair of them and Theon (energy manipulator, with the easy arrogance that goes with that power set) run around Winterfell for a while stopping petty crimes and getting into a ton of trouble
  • “You can’t call yourself Kraken, Theon, that’s so lame” “You call yourself Direwolf” “I turn into a direwolf”
  • Jon goes by Elemental
  • They get caught eventually, because gods know none of them are masters of subtlety, and Ned wants to let them stew in jail for a while for being idiots but eventually bails them out
  • The Stark kids are firmly banned from any and all vigilante activity
  • Sansa’s an empath and she hates it - they hire a therapist specializing in mutants who calls her an empathic mirror. She mimics the emotions of the people around her and it’s hard as hell to control
  • She won’t learn for years that she can manipulate other people’s emotions as well
  • Arya’s a shapeshifter as well, but changes faces instead of forms
  • For a while she has to concentrate constantly just to keep her own shape, but she’ll be good at it eventually - years in the future she’ll entertain the next generation of Starklings with a new level of impersonations
  • Bran’s probably the most powerful, but the least in control. He’s precognitive and retrocognitive, but he can’t control what he sees (at least not yet)
  • They won’t learn it for a while, but he has the potential to be a reality warper as well, the most powerful since Brynden Rivers
  • It’s Rickon (super strength and invulnerability) who decides to follow in his big brothers’ footsteps and start superheroing around again
  • If Rickon is doing it, then Bran is doing it, and if Bran is doing it, then so is Arya (they go by Wildling, Greenseer, and Huntress, respectively)
  • They actually manage to be less subtle than their brothers, and have a tendency to spraypaint “THE NORTH REMEMBERS” on the nearest wall every time they stop a crime (Bran has a flair for the dramatic and Rickon has a flair for spraypaint)
  • They’re fooling nobody, especially Ned
  • Robb is a Responsible Adult, but Jon laughs and tells them all the best hideouts in Winterfell
  • Bran works comms most of the time (his powers aren’t great in a fight). Sansa will join him eventually, as Lark
  • Rickon and Arya are a hell of a team, and the local police want to hate them, but honestly it’s so much less paperwork when you don’t actually have to stop the robbery yourself so they don’t try all that hard to catch them

It is literally the second day of summer and I’m already bored


“Hey! You’re both looking very relaxed in your cool-guy hats. You sure you’re working a case?” you asked as soon as Sam and Dean came on the screen.

“We had to get in somewhere and they didn’t buy our fed suits. It’s–it’s a long story,” Sam said with a small laugh.

“It’s a long story,” Dean confirmed. “How’s it going there?”

You looked behind you at the quiet bunker before turning back to the screen.

“It’s good. Uneventful. I decided to do a little redecorating. I think you’ll both really like what I did to your rooms–I mean, if you like glitter,“ you grinned. They shared a look, straight-faced.

“Are you kidding? You’re kidding. You wouldn’t go in our rooms. Right?” Dean asked. You gave a small shrug, holding back laughter.

“Guess you guys better get back here and find out. Maybe before I get bored again.”


meticulcus  asked:

I never felt that it was wise to wish too much, to dream too big would only lead to being crushed. Then I met you, you weren't afraid of anything, you taught me how to leave the ground, to use my wings. I never thought a hero would ever come my way. //FIRECRACKER

[ “I never felt it was wise to wish too much,

To dream too big would only lead to being crushed ]

      It was a simple day – All things considered? One wouldn’t really call today anything out of the ordinary. The sky was bright, brilliant, shimmering and natural blues. It was calm. And here he was. Waiting on a bench. It was the most natural sight in the world.

      A young man waiting outside of his l o v e s workplace.

      Today he hadn’t let her know he was coming. Today? He aimed to surprise her – His hands itched to reach into his pocket, pull out his phone, and text a warning: A slight nervous tendency to think he might get missed if she didn’t know he was coming. But? Time had proven him otherwise. And, as silly as it was, the ebony-haired alumni hated the thought of missing her surprised face more than he wanted to pull out his silly phone. ( HALF THE SURPRISE was showing out of the blue! If he missed her expression? He’d pout. )

      “Firecracker always comes out this way. Nothing to worry about.” Kuroyuki murmurs softly, fidgeting with his scarf. To be honest, he had a lot of silly h a b i t s – Things he’d once worried his SOULMATE would find annoying or confusing. After all: A lot of his little ticks even sit his brother off! But, somehow?

[ “Then I met you,

You weren’t afraid of anything,” ]

       Somehow he’d met the most w o n d e r f u l person. The ULTIMATE HOUSEKEEPER never pointed out his flaws or became irked at his inhumane amount of quirks. He was clingy, loud, childish, twitchy – The amount of flaws he had outweighed most people. And back when he’d been a STUDENT of Hope’s Peak Academy, he had been someone that most people went out of their way to avoid. Having graduated? That hadn’t changed much… He was w e i r d. Even for an ULTIMATE’s standards. And yet? She didn’t think so.

      She made him feel special. Warm. Accepted.

      … L o v e d .

      And? It made him feel like his quirks, his silly habits, his general ridiculous nature … Was just [ f i n e ]. She didn’t act like there was anything wrong with this silly little fire-starter. No. She accepted him as he was, and happily accepted him. And he? Adored everything about her.

      CHISA YUKIZOME was truly a blessing. Kuroyuki knew that. He watched how the other l i t u p those around her. How she ignited change, passion – She was a FIREWORK. Brilliant, but small. And some might argue that they burn up quickly. But? E v e r y t i m e he saw her … it was “ f i r e w o r k s. “ And he was amazed, all over again.

[ “You taught me to leave the ground,

To use my wings,” ]

      Sometimes, he wondered if she felt similar – Whether she felt like he was as awe-inspiring as he felt s h e was. If she understood just how dazzling her smiles were, or how a quick smile from her could light him up. It was easy to forget when she was gone …

      That when she smiled, when she smiled for him … They BOTH lit up.

       And, as he saw her approach, he wasn’t even aware of the grin that sparked to life on his lips. He was barely aware of the fact that he was on his feet – actively closing the distance between them. ( Suddenly finding it unbearable to be this close, yet so far apart. ) And suddenly? As he reached for her, his hand lightly entangling with the other fingers, as he smiles at her …

       He stopped worrying then. Every time they saw one another, he stopped worrying –

       ( SPARKS of an INFERNO ) needn’t worry they would die soon. Nor did he worry that she felt him a burden. As quirky as he was, as strange, he had no doubt of anything when they were together. He knew only that he l o v e d this living miracle, and that he was L U C K Y enough that they had somehow become part of this world at the right time… in the right place, that they would come into contact.

      “Surprise!” Kuroyuki chimes brilliantly, brightly. All worries having melted entirely from the moment he’d seen her again. “Ello, Firecracker~! You free? I was hoping to steal you away from your workplace for a while~”

      He had a lot of problems. And she was a very busy woman – Sometimes? It was true that he worried that he might be only making her life more difficult. BUT? She made him forget those things. Maybe that was what it meant … to have a SOULMATE. From the moment they’d met, they’d clicked. Something had always, immediately, just felt r i g h t . . .

      “I have the coolest idea. And~ It involves literal fireworks. You interested?

[ “I never thought a hero would ever come my way.” ] // @shsl-house-keeper

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Apparently you're on a some "potentially triggering" list for Voltron lmao

ALREADY? Oh my god, legit ugly laughing right now. 

I guess it’s because I said I ship shklance? I mean, klance is my first Voltron love, sure, but Shiro is hot af so if he gets thrown into the mix then I won’t complain. If any of my new followers have a problem with that, please feel free to unfollow. 

I’ve made my views on anti-shippers quite clear in this ask response, but I’d like to reiterate: you are 100% responsible for your own viewing experience so if you don’t want to see something, please use the blacklisting tools at your disposal. They exist for a reason.


on a completely related note i’m about to drop some shklance smut whoops

superfuckmelamps  asked:

Just wanted to say I loveeee switchblade and thank you so much for writing it. I love your writing and all the prompts you do. Just wondering what you though about Neil having a nightmare that Andrew died and left him like his mom. Maybe some ooc comforting or just the hand neck thing reassuring Neil that Andrews right there he didn't go anywhere

aw, thank you, glad you enjoy my writing! little post-canon nightmare fic for you:

Andrew woke up to the mattress shifting as Neil levered himself out of bed.  There was no explanation for where he was going – there usually wasn’t.  Neil wasn’t as good with words as he liked to think he was, especially when he woke himself up in the night.

Andrew, who preferred silence anyway, waited until the aching urge to just close his eyes and sleep again faded, and then dragged himself upright.  He grabbed his hoodie from where it was sprawled over the top of the dresser and put it on, folding his pack of cigarettes into the pocket before following.

The entire apartment was still dark, but the sliding door to the balcony was cracked open to let in the sound of the street below.  Andrew went to it, ignoring the bite of cold air across his bare feet. He made sure his steps sounded on the floor as he walked.

Neil had folded himself down into the spot between the lonely outdoor chair they’d inherited from the last tenants and the railing, a black shape huddled in on itself.  Andrew reached for the light switch just inside the door.

Don’t,” Neil said roughly, hearing the tap of Andrew’s nails against the plastic.  

Part of Andrew wanted to anyway – there was nothing for Neil in the dark and the cold.  He didn’t because he could just make out the bowed line of Neil’s neck, curved down, the press of his arm to his scarred left cheek.  This was less run-and-hide than it was reaching for control.  And when it came to coping methods, Andrew didn’t have much of a leg to stand on, even compared to Neil.

He stepped out onto the balcony but didn’t get close, dropping the pack of cigarettes on the ground within Neil’s reach so the lighter inside rattled.  Then he turned around, sliding the door all the way closed behind him.

He went for his sneakers, first, tugging them on.  Then he pulled the duvet off of the bed and threw it over his shoulder.  The cats both protested the rude disturbance as they were sent sprawling onto the mattress, but he ignored them.  It was payback, as far as he was concerned.

Back in the kitchen, he made a mug of decaf coffee – white, no sugar – and one of hot chocolate.  Any remaining adrenaline in his body from being so abruptly woken drained out of him through his hands as he went through the motions he could probably remember in his sleep.

They had a routine, these days.  Andrew sometimes struggled with the idea of that.  Tonight wasn’t one of those times, though.

The pack was in exactly the same place when he returned to the balcony, untouched, which meant that this was one of those nights.  Andrew put the mugs down on either side of it, then took the duvet off of his shoulder and threw it into Neil’s lap.

He took a spot on the concrete on the other side – the balcony wasn’t that big, but it was enough that they both had their space like this.  Once situated, he folded his mug between his hands and let the heat sear his palms a little.  The sensation chased away the habitual desire for the taste of nicotine, the steady inhale-exhale of smoke.

Neil had told him about what that smell meant to him back in Andrew’s junior year, why he used it as his anchor after all this time.  Andrew hadn’t started to pick up the relationship with nights like this one until months later, but he was familiar with the idea of a stimulus riding the edge of comfort and trigger.  Neil knew that, too: that was why he was always so careful with his touch.

After a few minutes, Neil moved.  The duvet rustled as he unfolded it from his lap and then pulled it around his shoulders.  He reached for the second mug and held it up to his face, letting the streetlight-orange steam wash over him.

Andrew looked away, taking a sip of his own drink.  It was too hot, but the sting was a contrast with the rich sweetness of the chocolate.  Comfort, trigger – they were all the same to him.

Neil said, “Can you…”

He cut himself off, and then made a frustrated noise.  No more talking for the man who lived for the damage his words-turned-weapons could do.  

Andrew made it simple, the same way he always did.  He shuffled closer, and put his mug down, and held out his hand to where the barest trace of light silhouetted Neil’s jaw.  “Yes or no?”

At his murmured yes, Andrew touched his knuckles to the sharp line of it – damp to the touch – and then curled his fingers just this side of too firm about the back of his neck.

The sound he got in response was just a breath, shaking on the way out, written all over with relief.

Neil said, “You’re here.”  It wasn’t quite addressed to Andrew, and it wavered between statement and question, but the way his eyes, just barely visible, flickered to him and away again was telling.  

Andrew didn’t reply - his grip was his answer, anyway, unyielding as stone.

All the Magic We Cannot See

A birthday present for the amazing and lovely @thetourguidebarbie, who requested a Klaroline Harry Potter AU with Koroline friendship and optional smut (there’s definitely smut). Basically everything I’ve ever been terrified to write, which is why this is a month or so late. Seriously, this is 10,000 words of me panicking. Woefully unedited. Thank you to @lynyrdwrites for letting me borrow her Slytherin!Caroline headcanon, I can’t imagine her any other way. 

If there was ever a time to harm a cat, this was it.

Caroline shifted uncomfortably, watching Mrs. Norris with narrowed eyes, wondering exactly how much trouble she would get in for using a hex on an animal. She could say she was practicing, NEWTs drove people to do weird things, but the chances of detention were too great, and she knew she couldn’t afford to take the risk of losing house points, not when Slytherin were only a hundred away from taking lead.

Of course, she was already putting that lead in jeopardy just by being out after hours. One minute more and she was seriously considering leaving her post, but the reason for her vigil finally made himself known with a short series of knocks on the wood panel behind her.

Caroline answered with four knocks of her own and the portrait of the first Wizengamot gently eased open, a grinning Kol Mikaelson slipping into the hallway and closing the entrance to the secret passage behind him.

“Miss me darling?”

Caroline huffed, slugging him in the arm and causing him to drop some of the Honeydukes merchandise he was laden with. “You jerk, you were supposed to be back ten minutes ago!” she hissed, trying to remember that she couldn’t yell at him as much as she wanted to. A full tirade would be saved for when they were back in the common room, but for now, she begrudgingly helped Kol pick up the spilt goods.

“I’d have been back faster but I had to search for the Fizzing Whizzbees that somebody insisted on,” he replied with a wink and Caroline groused but before she could snap back the hairs on her neck stood on edge. She snapped her head to the corner where Mrs. Norris had been watching and realized that the stupid cat had flown the scene ages ago. Which meant…

“Filch is going to be here now,she warned, already moving into the shadows and following the well-worn path to the dungeon. Even as a seventh-year, Caroline was sure she didn’t know all of Hogwarts’ secrets, but getting to the Slytherin common room was something she could do blindfolded, especially from the third-floor passageway that Kol had started dragging her to sometime in the middle of their fourth year. It was at that point she seriously considered dissolving her friendship with Mikaelson, but he always brought back her favourite sweets, and Caroline knew that no matter how much she complained, it wouldn’t feel right to let him go without playing lookout.

Didn’t mean she couldn’t complain though.

“I mean seriously, you do this at least twice a month, how do you still take forever?!” They’d made it down to the dungeons and finally felt safe enough to slow down and raise their voices to normal volume.

“Excuse me darling, but anytime you’d prefer to be the one navigating that passage in the dark, be my guest.”

“You have a wand,” Caroline muttered as they approached the stone-wall entrance.

“Cornish Pixie,” Kol said, frowning when nothing happened. “Bloody hell, is it broken?”

Caroline rolled her eyes. “Do you ever read the message board? It changed three days ago. Acromantula.She smirked as the wall slid open but their bickering was cut short by the sudden noise of the party inside.

“Took you long enough!” Rebekah Mikaelson’s shrill voice cut through the crowd as she pulled the bag of candy out of her older brother’s hands. She didn’t stop to chat before disappearing to find her dorm mates leaving an irate Kol in her wake. “Lovely to see you too Bekah,” he called after her, “What are you laughing at, Forbes?”

Caroline didn’t bother trying to hide her sniggering, but they were interrupted by the rest of the Slytherin quidditch team hoisting Kol up onto their shoulders and starting a cheer which Caroline happily joined in on. A cup of Butterbeer was pressed into her hands and she let herself enjoy the party, rolling her eyes whenever someone mentioned how Kol was the ‘best Beater they’d ever had.’ As if she hadn’t heard that since second-year. Eventually she dragged one of the leather couches over to one of the windows, close enough that she could feel the heat of the fire but watch the lake, keeping an eye out for the giant squid.

“Not enjoying the party in my honour?” Kol dragged his own chair next to hers, plopping down and offering her his bag of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans.

“Last I checked, it was the entire team that beat Hufflepuff,” Caroline said dryly, taking a handful of beans and inspecting them carefully. “And anyway, why aren’t you over there with your admirers?” she asked, nodding towards the sixth-year girls who were glancing over at Kol ever few seconds. Rebekah stood among them, pretending to gag.

“Bet you’re going to be glad when we have this place to ourselves for Easter,” Caroline remarked, already envisioning the peace and quiet.

Kol pulled a strange face. “Here’s the thing Forbes…Mother Dearest is calling me back to the nest.”

Caroline dropped her jellybeans, aghast. “What?! But we were supposed to spend the week studying for NEWTs!”

“You don’t have to tell me that, it didn’t work on her,” Kol grumbled, rolling his eyes.

“She never used to make you come home this much.”

“She’s been depressed ever since Henrik started here.”

Caroline crossed her arms, sinking down into the comfortable leather and pouted, mourning the loss of her study partner. “Well I hope you know I have to rethink my entire study plan. It was made for two people to revise together.”

Kol mulled over her words before a slow, sinister smile spread across his face. “I mean…you don’t have to spend the holidays here, alone.”

“What? Kol, I can’t go home, I already told my mom that I was planning to stay, she’ll be in the States - “

“You misunderstood, darling. I didn’t mean your home. I meant mine.

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