house from hell

Oh snap??

Holy crap??? All the papers have been signed?? We’re totally gonna buy the house across from my friccn?? Bestie?? Is this real life??

Holy crap???? I guess I’ll be absent for awhile??? Hgkfldlskshao I’m so excited??

it’s 3am and i’ve gotten a sudden urge of gryffindor house pride but the only shitty thing about it is assholes that are like “are you sure you’re not just a intense hufflepuff? or a really loud slytherin?” LIKE YEAH I’M PRETTY GODDAMN SURE like y’all for the longest time i thought i was just a really upfront slytherin for so long (bc honestly they have a lot of similarities) like honestly why thE FUCK is there gryffindor stigma like no bb come and join me in my campfire and beer pong and autumn colors aesthetic i’m waiting w open arms 


the 100 + asoiaf house words