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Gemma Doesn’t Like You


“Are you nervous?” Harry asks, gripping onto Y/n’s hand as he starts his three hour drive to his sister’s house.

In their now one year of dating, Y/n is finally meeting Harry’s sister, Gemma. With their schedules being tied from Y/n’s university, to Gemma’s new job, and Harry’s recent solo work, there was barely any time for either of them to take a three hour drive for them to meet. But with somehow a lot of convincing bosses and Y/’s spring break, it’s finally time for Y/n to meet Harry’s “second half.”

“I’m okay.” Y/n replies reluctantly. 

In all honesty, she’s scared shitless. Even though the rest of Harry’s family practically coos over Y/n, Y/n wasn’t raised in a high income family. She shared a two bedroom apartment with her two parents and her two older brothers her entire life. Her only time out of the house was when she went off to school or work, never really having a social life because she neither had time or money for it. This news has been everywhere in the tabloids. How Y/n is living in Harry’s home, how Y/n is only paying off debt and university because of Harry’s wealth. But even though those statements are completely true, it is nothing like what it seems. There is an entirely different story underneath their publications that nobody understands besides Harry and Y/n. And that’s what scares her the most.

“Don’t worry, baby. She’ll love you. She can read whatever she wants, yeah? But all she needs to pay attention to is who you really are.”

Y/n almost throws up at this. 

Harry holds her hand tighter. He knows she knows Gemma has already tried to get Harry to break up with her for a while now. She thinks that Y/n is nothing but a gold digger, using a sympathy card to get every ounce of money out of him so that she can manage a living. Of course that wasn’t the case, and Harry would be willing to spend the rest of his life disproving his sister. And he’s starting today.

“Who I really am is not going to impress her, Harry. I have nothing set out for me.”

“Woah woah woah, wait a second, don’t say things like that.”

“It’s the truth.” She shrugs.

“That’s far from it. You’ve been busting your ass trying to finish school. I have never seen someone be so determined to accomplish anything in my life. You inspire me everyday, every single day. When I feel like giving up or thinking what I’m doing isn’t worth it, I think of your ability to overcome any of that. It doesn’t matter your money, Y/n, you’re the best person I’ve ever met. I’d do anything to be half the woman you are.”

Y/n smirks, letting out a slight chuckle. She leans over to press a gentle kiss on his cheek, rubbing her nose slightly against the skin.

“So you wanna be a woman, huh?”

Harry laughs, sneaking a look at her from the corner of his eye. Her hair in loose curls, diamond stud earrings glistening on her ears, a small smile playing on her lips, her eyes trained on the road in front of her.

“Don’t worry, darling,” Harry sighs, “you’ll always have me.”

Pulling up into Gemma’s driving gave Y/n enough fear to almost pass out on the walk to her front door. Everything she has felt about this day is building up so much inside of her that her body almost feels numb. 

“Stop stressing, darling” Harry chuckles, “it’ll be fine.”

When taking the steps up to her door, Y/n had to grab onto Harry’s hand in case she wanted to run away. Harry gave her a reassuring kiss before he opened the door and walked inside her home.

“Gem! We’re here!”

Her house is everything Y/n expected it to be. Everything is open, everything all in one place, nothing to separate the rooms. It all looked so expensive, there is nothing Y/n has ever seen like it. All she can see herself doing in it is dancing without having any walls to bump into.

Gemma walks out from the kitchen, looking slightly uneasy, but smiling as she gave her brother a welcoming hug. When releasing herself from Harry, Gemma gives Y/n the most disgusting look she has ever seen.

“So, this is Y/N”

Y/n disregards the way she says it. She’s going to do her best to get Gemma’s liking, there is no way she can mess this up,

“Hello, Gemma, it’s wonderful to meet you.” Y/n smiles, sticking her hand out to properly introduce herself. Gemma smiles slightly, looking down at Y/n’s hand.  

“Is there any reason my brother is paying your university tuition, Y/n?

The way she says her name burns Y/n’s insides, like her name is toxic on the tongue. She slowly puts her hand down, tucking it underneath her other arm as her second hand moves to push twist her hair. 

“O- Oh, um..”

“Gemma!” Harry seethes, “what the hell?”

“N- No, Harry,” Y/n interjects, shaking her head slightly, “it’s fine. It’s just that my family isn’t financially stable. They obviously wanted me to get into the best university I could, so when I got accepted, I began to take out student loans. I was on work study and we were provided a good amount of financial aid but it wasn’t enough for us. I ended up owing a lot of money to the bank and-“

“So you had my brother use all the money he saved up from his career to pay for you?”

Y/n stands wide-eyed, clearly not expecting the accusation of her using him. It took Y/n months before agreeing to let Harry pay her tuition. He had offered since the day he met her. She stressed herself out in ways he’d never seen. He felt his career wasn’t even half of what she put herself through at the time. He had all the money for everything she wanted, he was willing to give every penny he had to her, drop everything he’s worked for and give it all to her. He didn’t need it anymore. He had spent his entire life building and building his future. He spent five years making money that he didn’t even know what to do with. He found his girl, he found the one he was going to marry. He had a house, a beautiful house, one he could still pay off because he’s still being paid for being in the media. He lived his dream, there was no reason to keep it. None.
After what felt like years of Harry begging her, to the point where he even went on his knees, to help her get through her financial crisis, she couldn’t say no. Not to that amount of desperation, not when he was in tears watching her suffer so much.

“Wh- what? No, no that’s not what I’m saying at all!”

“What the fuck, Gem?!” Harry growls, his eyes narrowing, pulling Y/n closer to his side. “You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.“

“That’s bullshit!” Gemma spits, taking a threatening step closer to Y/n, who’s shaking and choking back her stupid tears.

“What are the chances a girl like you gets it on with my brother?! Huh? What are the fucking chances of that?!" 

“THAT IS FUCKING ENOUGH!” Harry booms, pushing his hand out to push Gemma away from Y/n.

He swears, he could fucking break her wrists in half. Gemma was the last person he expected to judge Y/n on her economic class. He actually thought they’d get on extremely well. He never expected to be holding Gemma back from punching a fearful, shaken up Y/n, whom he wishes more than anything to be comforting right now, but is too scared to set Gemma out of his grasp. 

Y/n steps back, taking in a harsh breath as the wind is knocked right out of her. She genuinely feels like someone punched her in the throat, which probably would have happened if Harry wasn’t holding Gemma back as hard as he is.
She feels the tears that were building up in her eyes slowly start to fall, her barrier completely breaking down. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, nothing was. She’s not supposed to make Harry’s family hate her. She wanted to become apart of it, grow old and pass down more generations of it. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way.

In the mix of her emotions, Y/n puts on the fakest fucking smile she’s ever put on. Of course it’s not on there for long. She looks down the second it disappears, falling just as quickly as it formed. If she continues to fight for herself, there would be no room for any hope she wishes to carry that Gemma will somehow see her differently. 

“You don’t have to worry about this anymore, Gemma” she cries, little pathetic sobs finding their way from her throat, “I’m going to go now.”

Harry’s head whips up, his heart suddenly stopping when he sees her turn away. 

“No.” He whispers, “baby, baby don’t.” 

His hands loosen around Gemma’s wrists. Not giving a crap what she decides to do once he lets go, his hands fall completely to his sides when he sees her run out the front door.

“I never want her back in this goddamn house, Harry, I swear-”

Never fucking speak to me again!” Harry roars, “if I ever fucking see you after this you’re done! Do you understand that?! You’re fucking done!”

Gemma gasps, flinging her hands into the air.

“What the fuck?! Are you blind, Harry?! I’m protecting you!”

Harry’s hands clench into fists, all his anger building up inside of him. He drove three hours, taking Y/n’s spring break time, the only time she can ever relax, away from her, just to show up here and have Gemma disrespect Y/n like that? How dare she even think about that? How dare she belittle her in front of him like that?

Before Harry can even think properly, his fist is colliding harshly against the wall. He felt nothing, only a few pieces of the cement falling to his feet and the horrified look Gemma is looking at him with.

“You’re a piece of shit! You’re fucking dead to me! You’re fucking done!”

Before Harry wastes anymore time, he’s out that door in seconds. He runs in the direction their house is. He’s never run quicker, as if his legs are full speed and his mind is scattered all around him. Nothing is making sense, everything he thought he knew was falling apart. The life he’s built himself is crumbling beneath him, and there is absolutely nothing he can do about it.

“Y/n, Y/n wait!” Harry yells once he sees her running. 

She can hear him, she can hear him loud and clear, but her legs don’t stop moving, and she hasn’t even turned her head to look at him. She can’t, she can’t look at everything she’s ever loved and walk away from it. It’ll be too much for her, she’ll break the second she looks at him and she knows it.

Before Y/n can quicken her pace, Harry grabs onto her wrist so tight that she somehow ended up ramming into his chest. He immediately begins to cry, grabbing her face in his hands as he forces her eyes to land on him.

“Don’t leave me, baby. Don’t leave me.”


“Not over my fucking sister, Y/n. Please, you can’t do that to me. You can’t.”

She squeezes her eyes shut, breaking down entirely as she feels him hold her. How in the world is she going to do this? It’s either she stays with Harry and gets tormented by his sister, who will make her life a living hell, or she leaves Harry, and lives the rest of her life alone because she can’t find love in anyone else.

She almost considers staying with him. Almost. But there is no way she can stay together with him and live her entire life being hated by somebody who means more to Harry than she does. She just can’t.

“She’s right. This whole thing. All of this is a mistake, we’re too different. This isn’t right.” Y/n sobs.

“NO!” Harry barks, pressing his forehead so hard onto hers he wouldn’t be shocked if he broke his skull from it. 

“You don’t dare say that shit to me. You don’t say that to me.”

Y/n shakes her head, pushing him off of her as hard as she could.

“That’s your sister, the way she spoke to me.”

“I don’t care. I’ll never let her in again, she won’t have any fucking sense in this, baby. Nothing will get in our way.”

But she just can’t.

“I’m so sorry, Harry.”

Harry swears he feels his heart ripping in half at her words. His body feels completely detached, like every bone is breaking and all he has left to do is fall in front of her. He holds onto her legs like it’s his last hope. His sobs draining out everything in his head and all he can fucking feel is the mix of his heart being taken right out of his chest and her hands running softly through his hair.

“Please, Y/n.” Is the only thing is brain can muster. Please, please, please. Any source of desperation to keep her with him, that’s the only thing his brain can produce.

He grips onto her legs tighter, his forehead pressed against her knees. He feels her tug at his hair, hears her cry and curse under her breath. 

This wasn’t supposed to happen.


She sighs, a last cry ripping from her.

“I can’t.”

The Black Sisters || The Three Brothers

Bellatrix died for power. She lived for it, too, trying to help Voldemort take over and rid the world of the people they deemed inferior.

Andromeda didn’t die for lost love, but the love she gave up her life for died. She left the Black family for Ted only to lose him as well as their only daughter and son-in-law.

Narcissa greeted death like an old friend. She lied to Voldemort to protect her son, aware that doing so could very well get her killed but not caring because her family was more important.

Couples Retreat | Final Part (Rucas)

AN: I hope you guys like the final chapter of Couples Retreat. It started off as a prompt request and quickly became one of my favorite stories I’ve written so far. I wanted to bring it full circle and I think you’ll know what I mean by that when you read the ending. Hope it’s okay. Enjoy xoxo.
Word Count: 2,128.

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Two Days Ago…

”Welcome home!” Zay says pulling Lucas in for a hug. The two hadn’t seen each other since Lucas left to London to win Riley over three months ago.

Lucas promised Zay a tour of the house before the three of them flew to Texas for his sister’s wedding that weekend. The plan was to get the house unpacked before their departure at JFK Friday morning. While the boys bonded in the empty pad, Riley wanted to spend the day with Maya catching up.

“It’s good to see you, man.” Lucas pats the boy on the back. Even though he was happy in London with Riley, he still missed the city and his oddball friends.

“So I see things worked out?” Zay laughs. “I was almost worried she turned you down when I didn’t hear from you for the first two weeks.”

Lucas bites down on his lip and raises his eyebrow. “Yeah about that…we were kind of…occupied.”

“Atta boy!” Zay wraps his arm around Lucas’ neck and tussles his hair.  

It wasn’t like Lucas to brag about his personal life, let alone his sex life. But even he was impressed with how much time he and Riley spent in bed together when he arrived in the UK. He liked to joke they were making up for lost time.

“So details?” Zay insists, taking a look around the empty house.  

“C’mon man I’ve already said too much.”

“Uh no.” He stops him. “You only implied that you two were doing it nonstop. That’s hardly a detail.”

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House Borrell Lords of Breakwater in Sisterton, Sworn to Sunderland

House Borrell of Sweetsister is a noble house from the Vale ruling over Sweetsister, an island of the Three Sisters, and its port town, Sisterton. Their castle is Breakwater in Sisterton. House Borrell’s titles include Lord of Sweetsister, Shield of Sisterton, Master of Breakwater Castle, and Keeper of the Night Lamp. They are sworn to House Sunderland, who also reside in Sisterton and are sworn to House Arryn. Their arms are a white spider crab on grey-green. The ancestors of House Borrell were pirate kings until the Starks came down on them with fire and sword. For five thousand years the Borrells have had the mark, a sort of webbing between the three middle fingers of their hands.
The Three Sisters are a group of three islands - Sweetsister, Longsister, and Littlesister - found in the Bite, located south of White Harbor and north of the Mountains of the Moon. The islands owe loose allegiance to House Arryn of the Vale. The Three Sisters are considered a part of the Vale of Arryn and are ruled by House Sunderland. Houses Borrell of Sweetsister, Longthorpe of Longsister, and Torrent of Littlesister are sworn to the Sunderlands. The Three Sisters are sworn to House Arryn of the Vale, but the Eyrie’s grasp upon the islands is tenuous at best. Ships go between the Three Sisters and White Harbor all the time. The Sisters sell crab, fish and goat cheese to White Harbor and in return they sell them wood, wool and hides. Sister’s stew is a white seafood stew that is served all over the Three Sisters, in every inn and tavern. Beacons burn along the shores of the Three Sisters to warn passing ships of danger. The Night Lamp of Sisterton is a prominent beacon operated by House Borrell. Some disreputable Sistermen use false lights to lure ships into wrecks to take their cargo. Godric Borrell is the current lord of Sweetsister.

My HP houses headcanons for the three sisters \;w;/

I don’t think I like the idea of Maggie, Amelia, and Meredith living together in the Ellis’ house. Is Grey’s Anatomy Full House now?

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Thayer had been working on this surprise since he’d turned eighteen and saw his family crumbling apart. If he’d had a normal life, like before his dad took off and left leaving their mom a huge depressed and drugged mess, he would’ve been moved into his own apartment or condo with Adeline, and Adrienne but he had been practically raising his sister’s ever since and he couldn’t leave them behind, and he didn’t want to either. They were his all, and if anything happened to them he’d be devastated. Thayer had blind-folded the family, driving them to an unknown location which was really just a house in the very back of the neighborhood next to the safe house - a house he had signed a lease for and was ready to pay the rent for, a house big enough for his whole family, plus Adeline and Adrienne. The third floor was just for them three, and the rest of the house was for his sisters. He had convinced the state that he could handle temporary custody and guardianship of his sisters, and he had signed up for people to come into the old house to start in-home treatment for their mother until she was healthy and ready again for the girls to move back in, then the house would be his and Addie’s to build their family. “Okay, you can open your eyes now, oh, and don’t kill each other for the bedrooms, everything on the third floor is off limits except to me, Adeline, and Adrienne, the rest of the rooms are yours for keeping, happy hunting!” 


Visenya, eldest of the three siblings, was as much a warrior as Aegon himself, as comfortable in ringmail as in silk. She carried the Valyrian longsword Dark Sister, and was skilled in its use, having trained beside her brother since childhood. Though possessed of the silver-gold hair and purple eyes of Valyria, hers was a harsh, austere beauty. Even those who loved her best found Visenya stern, serious, unforgiving, and some said that she played with poisons and dabbled in dark sorceries.” ― The World of Ice and Fire.

Dark Sister illustration by Rahedie Yudha Pradito

First of all, I would like to thank everyone so much for all of the support and love during these few weeks. I honestly can’t imagine how I would have survived my exams, resits and surgery without you guys!!  

Today I was finally able to get out of the out the house after almost three weeks of headaches and nausea. My sister has been taking care of me all these days after the surgery, so we went out to get some drinks and study together on campus :)

Directioners force Zayn Malik to build security fence around parents’ home after rooting through their bins

Protective Zayn Malik has been forced to ring his parents’ home with a security fence to stop obsessed fans rooting through their bin

 One Direction fans had also been disturbing the family by peering through the front windows of the property and knocking on the door asking for autographs.

So now a black fence and electronic security gate has been built to secure the luxury property, which is owned by the singer but gifted to his family.

A source told the Sunday People: “The family is never rude to people knocking on the door because without Zayn’s fame they wouldn’t be in the house in the first place.

“But when you’ve got daft kids looking through the bin for some souvenir of Zayn then it is a bit much.

“God knows what they were expecting to find – Zayn’s pizza box?!”

Generous Zayn, 22, bought the house for his mum Trisha, dad Yasser and three sisters after vowing he’d look after them when he made it big.

He also pays Trisha a wage after begging her to give up her job as a dinner lady in a local school.

They have lived in the £280,000 detached four bed home on an exclusive development in Bradford, West Yorks, for nearly two years.

It is a far cry from one of the homes where he grew up - a modest terraced home in the city worth just £50,000.

The singer, who grew up with his British-Pakistani father and English mum in the run down East Bowling part of Bradford, was keen to give something back.

Our source added: “The family absolutely love the place.

“Zayn made sure it was all decorated with gorgeous wallpaper throughout and lovely furnishings like deep carpets and laminate flooring and wooden slatted blinds on the windows.”


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Obsessed fans had also been disturbing the family by peering through the front windows and knocking on the door asking for autographs. Protective Zayn Malik has been forced to ring his parents’ home with a security fence to stop obsessed fans rooting through their bin

One Direction fans had also been disturbing the family by peering through the front windows of the property and knocking on the door asking for autographs.

So now a black fence and electronic security gate has been built to secure the luxury property, which is owned by the singer but gifted to his family.

A source told the Sunday People: “The family is never rude to people knocking on the door because without Zayn’s fame they wouldn’t be in the house in the first place.

“But when you’ve got daft kids looking through the bin for some souvenir of Zayn then it is a bit much.

“God knows what they were expecting to find – Zayn’s pizza box?!”

Generous Zayn, 22, bought the house for his mum Trisha, dad Yaser and three sisters after vowing he’d look after them when he made it big.

He also pays Trisha a wage after begging her to give up her job as a dinner lady in a local school.

They have lived in the £280,000 detached four bed home on an exclusive development in Bradford, West Yorks, for nearly two years.

Read more @ the source: The Mirror

She’s A Spitting Image Of You

Oh look at me uploading a one shot I had 80% written to try to keep you all distracted from the fact that I haven’t uploaded Life Unplanned in three weeks. Soon, I promise. Its just finals time at school. Let me know if you guys like this one. And clearly there’s been a theme to my writing lately, but I just cant help it. Summer time there will be more of a variety as I have lots more free time. As always thanks for reading

SFW 1800 words


When Chester See was twenty two he knew he wanted children. He was fresh out of college and in love with his new girlfriend, and couldn’t help think of the fact that one day, they could be that family walking down the grocery store aisle, hand in hand, pushing the carriage with the brand new baby in it.

The fact that he wanted children was only solidified more when he sat in his sister’s house, holding his three day old niece in his arms for the very first time. She was breathtakingly beautiful, and so sweet it nearly broke his heart, and all he could think was if it was even possible to love someone more than he loved this tiny tiny baby he met only moments ago.

So when Chester See found himself single, and alone at thirty years old, he decided to distract himself with new job after new job to avoid the fact that he was pretty sure he would never love anyone again after his very recent ex-girlfriend broke his heart.

Six month later he met the most stunning 5'9 blonde who he was nearly incapable of speaking around without nervously stuttering and giggling. It was like he was 18 old years all over again, and had the biggest crush on the prettiest girl in the high school.

Three months after that, Chester See told Grace Anne Helbig that he loved her for the first time, and deep down in his heart, he knew that was the last time, he would say I love you to someone for the first time. Grace was the love of his life, and he didn’t plan on falling in love with anyone else ever again. Well not until they have children, but that probably won’t be for a few more years. Granted he had only just told her he loved her. It was a little early to start picking out baby names.

The first time Chester realized that kids might not happen for them, was at about two AM on a Saturday night as they stood on opposite sides of the bed screaming at each other. Grace had cracked a joke about how much she hated shooting scene with the little girl in her show today, Chester rolled his eyes at her and said she wouldn’t hate it when it was their own child, and that’s when all hell broke lose. Chester had always heard Grace crack jokes about how much she hates children, but to him it was always part of her schtick, she wasn’t completely serious, or so he thought. Until now when he watched her absolutely losing her mind over the prospect of ever having a child.

The second time he realized it probably wasn’t going to happening was two months later, when Grace was three weeks late. He stood in the middle of their bathroom holding Grace who was in the middle of a full fledged panic attack, solely over opening the box to the pregnancy test. She hadn’t even taken it yet. As he held a sobbing Grace, he realized that she really was serious about not having children.

So years went by and Chester slowly started to accept that his Grace and Goose were as close to a family as they would ever be, and he spent more and more time with his niece and his friends kids, to get it out of his system as he explained it to Grace. She watched him over the years as he pushed aside his desire to be a father for her, and over time, it did something to her in return. It made her want to give him what hew anted most. 

It made Grace want to be the one to Chester that opportunity.

And on McKenna’s sixth birthday, (which also happens to be Christmas) Grace handed McKenna a present to go give to her uncle.

Grace had told his sister and his mother beforehand, so they gathered around to watch as his niece would give him his favorite gift ever.

He opened the box and pulled out the white shirt, he smiled brightly at his niece, not paying attention to the details of it, solely thanking her for his gift.

“Auntie Gracie got it for you.” McKenna giggled as Chester kissed her on the cheek. “You have to read it!” She jumped up and down in excitement.

“Oh Auntie Gracie helped you pick this out? Cool. Ok lets see what it…” he trailed off as he lay out the shirt in front of him. He was quiet for a moment as everyone watched him process what it said.

“Number One Dad.” He whispered, looking up at Grace,

She smiled and nodded at him. “Yeah. In less than five months, you can wear that shirt.” She smiled realizing that she was so very glad that she was able to be the one that put that unbelievably large, and overwhelming smile on his face.

The day Grace went into labor was the scariest day of his life. He had been ready to be a dad since the day Grace had told him she was pregnant, until now. Suddenly it was all too real, and he wasn’t ready. He hadn’t read enough books, he hadn’t prepared for how scared he would be for Grace, and how much it would kill him to see her go through all of that pain and torment.

And then, at 2:12 am on Tuesday April 20th, 2018 he got the best birthday present he could ever ask for. A little girl. Seven pounds, six ounce, and overwhelming sweetness.

As he sat next to Grace on her hospital bed holding their little girl who was only hours old, he sang to his daughter and her mother, their lullaby, and watched as they both let their eyes close and leaving him wondering if this moment was even real.

All of these moments had lead to him, sitting in their studio, on a hot Los Angeles day, as Grace sat at her computer editing her newest video, and his six year old daughter sat on his lap as he played the piano.

“Daddy?” She asked placing her small hand on top of his. He smiled and stop playing for a moment. “Can I do it?” She asked, hovering her hands above the keys.

“Of course sweet pea. Do you want me to show you?”

She nodded and watched as Chester played three simple notes. She hesitated, and then copied him, instantly squealing in delight.

“Great job Emma!” Chester said beaming with pride.

“More!” She chanted as she placed her hands on the keys again.

Chester played six notes this time, and Emma reciprocated them flawlessly.

Grace, hearing her daughters giggles pulled herself away from her editing, and sat back watching as her daughter proved to her, for not the first time, that she was all her father.  Granted, She had caramel colored eyes, that had to have come from Grace’s family, and she was rapidly growing taller every day, with legs that were obscenely long for a little girl, but her love for the piano, and her constant singing, and her sweet two sizes too big for her body heart, and goofy personality were all Chester. And ever since she was able to talk and walk, Grace had seen that music was what the little girl would fall in love with.

And the fact that she was a daddy’s girl only added to this. She was constantly by Chester’s side, from the moment she was born. Which Grace attributed to the fact that Chester was a huge softy, and picked her up the second she even whimpered from they day they brought her home, to sleeping in her crib with her when she wouldn’t go down easily, and then sleeping on the floor of her room when they finally bought her a “big girl bed” but she was too scared of the monsters underneath it.

“Show me how to play our lullaby.” Emma said, staring up at Chester, caramel eyes warm and full.

Chester nodded, scootching up closer to the keys.

“Ok, you ready?” He asked as he let his hands move swiftly through the keys and Emma watched, absorbing.

Grace leaned against the wall, closing her eyes for a moment as the familiar tune filled the room. It had been her lullaby ever since they had been dating. The song Chester would sing to her when she couldn’t sleep, or when she was overly anxious, or sometimes just because. And then when Emma was born, it just instinctively became their lullaby.

The piano filled the room, as Emma watched her father intently, studying his hands. Grace giggled to herself as she saw her daughter bite her lip anxiously, itching to jump in.  She was amazed at how naturally her daughter could pick up music, and it made her love both of them so much more.

“Ready, join me whenever you want.” She heard Chester encourage. And suddenly she smiled as she heard the notes falter, and two sets of hands playing the piano. It was beautiful how naturally Emma picked up the piano just like Chester.

She struggled over and over again to keep up, but it was beautiful none the less.

“You’re doing great. Keep going!” Chester encouraged. She could hear the smile he was wearing in his voice. Suddenly the music came to a crashing halt as her fingers stumbled over each other.

“Oh no. I messed up.” Emma said in a defeated tone. Grace could see her on the edge of tears. That was her mother in her. At only six years old she was obsessed with the piano, and begged to practice every day. It worried Grace a little, but her daughter was happy. And that’s all that mattered. Plus Chester was good at keeping an eye on her.

“Oh no sweetheart you were doing so good.” Chester said turning to her. “You are by far the best six year old at the piano I have ever seen. You are even better than I was at your age!” He said, as he scooped her up and place his daughter on his lap.

“Yeah?” She asked quietly, resting her head against her father’s chest, and bringing her knees up to her own.

“Yeah. You’re amazing.” Chester said kissing her on the top of her head.

“Hey baby girl.” Grace said as she walked over to the piano bench.

“Mama!” Emma perked up instantly at her mother’s presence.

“I heard you playing the piano. You sounded amazing.” She smiled sitting next to Chester.

“You think so?” Emma asked, not budging from Chester’s embrace. Yup such a daddy’s girl.

“You’re so good, just like Daddy.” She smiled, gently caressing her daughter cheek, slightly tickling her neck.

“Mumma stop! That tickles.” Emma giggled, turning even further into Chester chest.

Chester sighed watching the two loves of his life as the laughed together in front of him, and he couldn’t help but think back on all the events, and all the dead ends, and hopeless lonely nights in his life, that all landed him here. In a house in LA, with the most gorgeous girlfriend who was the love of his life, and the most spectacular daughter they could have ever created.