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What Are You Waiting For?

Characters: Gabriel x Reader

Summary: There are a million reasons why getting together with Gabriel would be a terrible idea but when he crashes yet another hunt can you counter all his arguments or should you just give in?

Word Count:  1667 words

Prompt: “I’m fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing, whadda ya mean bad?”

A/N: This one is my entry for the lovely @jalove-wecallhimdean and the superbusters challenge which was inspired!

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“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” You hummed as you made your way down the dark hallway of the abandoned school behind Dean with Sam bringing up the rear.

“Really?  You’re quoting Star Wars right now?” Dean rolled his eyes and huffed out a sigh. He couldn’t deny his spidey senses were tingling too but he’d wanted to use that line.

“I can’t think of a better time.” You shrug as you peer into the blackness of yet another empty classroom.

“I have no idea what you two are bickering about now but can you just not for, say, the next five minutes?” Sam sighed.  You and Dean had been niggling at each other for the past few days and Sam had no idea why, wasn’t sure he wanted to know, but it was getting on his last nerve.

“I’m just saying, it’s quiet…” you began innocently only to have the elder Winchester stop dead in his tracks and glare at you.

“If you finish that sentence with ‘a little too quiet’ I swear to god…”

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◇ Kai has lost control.

◇ Kai x reader

◇ vampire!au

◇ I would like to dedicate this to @taeclipse !! Because she is always so supportive of my writing and shes amazing and i love her ♡ anyways im a bit rusty with my writing so this may not be the best!! I hope u guys still enjoy it!!


Kai had always prided himself on the amount of self control he had. Unlike a lot of his elder brothers - and younger brother - he could tell himself to stop. Even after not feeding for weeks, he would pace his blood intake, making sure to not hurt whatever human he was feeding off of.

Which is why he was so unprepared when he suddenly smelled the most ambrosial scent he’d ever had the pleasure of smelling.

He was planning on leaving just seconds ago, the pounding music and the stiffling crowds irritating him more than usual. He was completely sober, his thoughts straight and clear, and that completely changed once he smelled you.

It was like a switch had been flipped inside of him - his back straighted, his head snapped towards the dance floor downstairs, where the dancing crowd was gyrating and moving. He could feel his fangs forcing their way through his gums, his nails digging into the expensive leather of the armchair he was seated in. He didn’t need a mirror to know that his eyes were flooding with blackness, and as much as he tried to fight against it, his nostrils were only filling with your scent more and more as time passed.

Kai stands from his seat, jaw clenching in an effort to not flash downstairs and tear the crowd apart to find you. His brothers spare him a glance, but they’re too busy drinking, conversing, too fixated on their own mates. He’s quick to slip passed the waiters that roam around, hands full with sparkling faery concoctions, down the stairs and into the lively crowd.

He’s sure he’s pushed a few people - probably made a few fall over, with how he’s shoving to get through the crowd -, but he doesn’t care. He can feel it; you’re close. He’s nearing the bar, where Baekhyun’s mate works, and then he catches his first glimpse of you.

It seems as everything snaps into place. The stiffling aroma is completely gone in seconds as he registers that this is his mate, sitting right in front of him. Completely beautiful and breathtaking, wearing the sexiest dress he’s ever set eyes on, your skin a beautiful shade and your smile almost blinding, and -

And somebody is trying to chat you up. It’s the that Kai tunes in to how you’re feeling - your smile is incredibly tight, your fingers tapping against the mahogany bar table in discomfort. And, even with the music loud and pounding in the background, he can hear the stunning gentle thud of your heartbeat, much faster than it was supposed to be.

His self control, that he prided himself so much on, was completely thrown out the window. Red hot anger blazed inside of him like an inferno, as he stormed forward to the bar. His eyes were fixated on the obnoxious werewolf who was flinging out disgusting pickup lines as fast as his mouth would allow him.

The moment he meets your eyes invokes a strange sense of calmness to wash over him, as if the anger he had been feeling previously was simply a mirage. However, that comforting calm is quickly interrupted by an irritating, obnoxious voice.

“Uh, do you think you could back up? You’re making the lady uncomfortable.”

The anger is quickly blazing back, and Kai nusters every single particle of self control he has to not grasp this obnoxious idiot by the neck and fling him over the table - he definitely has the strength to do it - but Kai decides, for the sake of your comfort, that he would need to use other means of getting rid of him.

“Look,” he begins, an almost amused tone settling in his voice, “I don’t know where you got the idea that I made her uncomfortable, but I think you should leave before you suggest that idea again and I end up getting angry.”

The werewolf stays seated, and that’s when Kai realises that he obviously has no idea who he is. For all that werewolf cares, Kai is a lowly 3rd class vampire with no power, no influence. How wrong he is.

“Seeing as you obviously are new to this,” Kai sighs, tilting his head to the side - he can feel your eyes on him, grateful but guarded, “I’ll introduce myself. My name is Kai - and I’m one of the most powerful Beings in this realm, so I suggest you leave before I make you leave.”

His voice is dark and deep when he finishes, almost a whisper yet just as or more threatening as a yell would be. The werewolf gulps, eyes flickering between you and Kai, recognition painted on his face, before he slips off of his bar stool, hands up in defeat as he disappears off into the crowd. And Kai’s left alone with you, finally.

“Thank you for that,” you smile gratefully, readjusting your position. “I’m _____.”

Kai can’t help the shiver that travels up his spine like electricity at the warm drawl of your voice. He smiles back, slipping onto the seat the werewolf had previously been sitting on, and you’re both dunked back into silence.

It’s strangely comforting. The music provides background noise and Kai is left to admire you in complete silence as you take a few sips of the pearlescent liquid in your glass, a sigh escaping your lips as you turn to him with a raised eyebrow.

“I’ve heard about you,” you begin, your voice quiet yet curious. Kai raises an eyebrow, raising a hand to Baekhyun’s mate who quickly begins to prepare him a drink.

“All good things, I hope?” He questions with a smirk, nodding in thanks as a glass of amber liquid is slid along the dark wood. You let out a light laugh at his blatant flirting - unlike the previous guy, you didn’t feel sick to your stomach.

“You never tend to come down here,” you shrug, ignoring his questions, “None of you do. You all stay up there, with your waiters and your friends, making deals, peering down at us… What made you come down tonight?”

Kai shrugs easily, lifting his glass to his lips, but it’s obvious what the reason is. He dares another glance at you, almost stopping to stare because how is anyone that beautiful? “I guess you could say someone caught my eye.”

“Caught your eye?” You echo, a chuckle falling passed your lips in a amusement. You raise your eyebrows in interest, sipping at your drink as you turn to him fully. You’re teasing him now, a mischievous glint in your eye that makes him smirk. “I never would’ve guessed - you vampires tend to stick to your mates.”

“Maybe I am?” He raises an eyebrow, watching with amusement as your face contorts to one of disbelief, his glass hiding the smile on his face. He places the empty crystal on the bar table, pushing it in far in front of him as he too turns fully to you. “I’m Kai.”

“Me?” You question in confusion, your eyebrows knitting together and giving you the cutest expression, “You - I’m your mate? You’re absolutely sure?”

“Trust me,” Kai laughs lightly, shaking his head, “It’s hard to get it wrong-”

“What is it like?” Your eyes widen, and Kai is surprised to find you leaning forward in interest, your eyes completely fixated on him. You took the news quite well - he vaguely remembers how Xiumin’s mate slapped him when he tried to tell her she was his. “Finding me - finding your mate?”

“Well,” he begins with a cough, thinking back to just a few minutes ago, when he couldn’t control the simplest things, like his fangs or his eyes. “Imagine the best thing you’ve ever smelled - and multiply it by a million. That’s how I knew you were here - I could smell you. And it didn’t just affect my brain, my state of mind; my fangs, my eyes were out of control too.

“And then I followed it,” he continues, his voice getting quieter as you lean in further, the club seeming to disappear around you as he focuses on telling you as best as he can. “And I found you - sitting here, the most beautiful, amazing person I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing.”

The air between you two is silent, full with tension that Kai can’t place his finger on. It almost feels as if the air has been knocked out of him as he holds eye contact with you, his chest rising and falling-

“Take me out of here,” is all you whisper - and he notices that you’ve both gotten so close, your lips inches apart, and it takes everything in him to not close the distance and finally feel your lips on his.

“I thought you’d never ask,” is murmured back.


The journey to his house - or mansion, more like - is a blur. You can only remember how his hand felt in yours as he tugged you through the crowd, into the chilly night and through the swirl of black smoke that transported you to the notorious EXO mansion.

You would hit yourself if you ever even thought of going to someone’s house when you virtually know nothing about them - especially when his house is looming high above your head, surrounded by dark forest and even darker gates. But strangely, with Kai’s hand in yours, the darkness doesn’t matter. You guess that whatever bond that mating gives allows you to feel completely safe around him.

“Your house is beautiful,” you mumble as he pushes open the heavy oak doors. The floor is white and grey marble, the grand staircase a gleaming dark wood. The foyer is decorated minimally - a few expensive vases and a portrait of the entire EXO clan, 12 that had lowered to 9, men with stoic faces and handsome features.

“It is,” he agrees, a soft hand lowering to your lower back to lead you along, letting your eyes drift over the interior as he slowly begins to start up the stairs, his hand not leaving your lower back, and sending chills through your spine, “The rooms have an equally nice interior.”

You let out a short laugh, “You’re not very slick, are you?”

“You seem to do something to me, sweetheart,” he grins as you reach the top of the stairs, and the pet name has your cheeks burning up - which really, it shouldn’t be, because this man is your mate and you just went home with him.

You pass by numerous doors on your way to his room, all dark and clean and identical, and he pushes one open at the end of the hall. He really wasn’t joking when he said the rooms were just as beautiful; the curtains are drawn, revealing the beautiful view of the night woods, and the bed is large and centred. A dark coloured pair of wardrobes and a dresser are against the grey walls, and apart from that, there’s only photos and books in the room.

“Well, you certainly weren’t lying,” you remark as you step into his room. You hear the click of the door shutting behind you as you delve deeper into the room, settling yourself on the bed. The sheets are soft and cold, and you find yourself letting your eyes shut slightly as your hot skin is cooled down.

“You don’t trust me?” Kai raises an eyebrow, the bed sinking underneath him as he sits next to you, eyes fixated on your form. “We’re mates, _____.”

“I never said I didn’t trust you,” you murmur, sitting up slowly and rolling your shoulders back. “I’m a very trustworthy person, actually.”

“I hope to find out more about you.”

“You can,” you whisper. The room is so silent that even whispering is too loud. “Right now, if you want to.”

And there it is. The invitation, the approval that he was waiting for. He wastes no time, fastening his arms around your waist and pulling you up onto his lap. The contact has your skin burning, and you’re quick to wind your arms around his neck.

And then your lips are on his, and your limbs almost feel weak with pleasure. His lips are chapped and addicting, his hair between your fingers is unbelievably soft. The feeling of his arms tightening around your waist, pulling you closer, makes you feel safe and sound.

You don’t know how long you spend just kissing him, basking in the glow of finally being able to touch him - if it feels this good for you, you can only imagine how good it feels for him. But soon enough, both of your patience is running out.

You break away from the kiss with swollen lips and breathing heavily. His eyes are dilated and his hair is messy and you can only guess you look the same, but you don’t have much time to over think because he’s slipping off the bed and pulling his shirt over his head, revealing a plane of tan skin that has your mouth watering.

He climbs back onto the bed, a predatorial look in his eye that has you shivering in excitement, and you almost whimper as you feel his hands trail over the skin of your thighs, fiddling with the hem of your dress, before he’s beginning to raise it, slowly and deliberately.

Kai can only take in everything as he reveals it; you’re so beautiful that he can’t fully comprehend it, his hands smoothing over every inch of skin revealed to him - and then he comes upon a little black star, right in the middle of your stomach. Your dress is bunched up around your chest, and he can’t stop himself from leaning down and pressing kisses against your skin.

“A witch, huh?” He murmurs against your skin, a sloppy kiss placed against the small tattoo, “You never told me.”

“It never came up,” you say breathily, leaning up on your elbows as he begins to help you fully remove your dress, the pale underwear covering your body making his breath almost stop. “I think we can leave it till later?”

“I’ll make sure to hold up your offer, my love,” he smirks the most devilish smirk that you had ever seen, and the mere sight of it paired with the sweet pet name has heat pooling in your stomach.

“I think it’s unfair that you still have some clothes on,” you breathe, unclasping the back of your bra easily. Your underwear have been kicked off, much to his delight, and he’s left to marvel your half naked body. You hold the bra onto your body, raising an eyebrow at him. “An article for an article?”

No need to ask him twice. The pants are kicked off easily, and so are the boxers, and then he’s standing completely bare in front of you, head tilted to the side as he reaches out to softly grab your waist, one hand raising to pull your hand from holding up your bra, entwining your fingers together. You feel it drop to the floor, and suddenly, you’re aware of every touch on your skin. “Let me see you, my love…

“Beautiful,” you hear him murmur. His eyes are trailing up and down your body, learning every curve, every twist and turn that makes you you. With a light groan, he leans forward and presses your lips together, harder than before, more sloppy but just as slow and passionate. “So, so beautiful…”

Your eyes flutter closed, your mind completely focused on kissing him and only him - but with a surprised yelp, your attention is diverted to how he lifts you effortlessly, your legs winding around his slender waist as he lays you down on the bed, his lips still working magic on yours.

He breaks away in seconds, his hands wandering from your waist to your sensitive breasts, pinching and kneading and making you writhe underneath him, his lips painting original galaxies on the plane of your neck. He wanted to leave his mark.

“Are you ready, my love?” He smirks against your neck, and you feel, with a gasp, the blunt head of his cock brush against your weeping slit. The simple action has you reacting in a way you never had before; your fingers and toes are curling and you can only guess that the mate bond multiplies touch between mates too.

“Yes,” you whine, “Please - just do it already.”

With a chuckle at your eagerness, and a drawn out groan of his own, Kai slowly enters you. The feeling is undescribable. You could say it was as red hot as fire, as blinding as the sun, but both were underestimates in what you were feeling. The feeling of his cock stretching you deliciously has your stomach muscles clenching, your back arching and your eyes rolling to the back of your head.

“Fuck,” Kai curses, beginning to roll his hips against you, his hands on either side of your head, pressed into the duvet. His eyes are completely fixed on how he slides into you, your bodies finally becoming one, but he glances up at your face for a second and is completely compelled by what he sees.

Your mouth is open in a silent moan, your eyebrows furrpwed in pleasure. Your hair is plastered to your forehead, your skin dewy and flushed, your eyes beautifully hooded as pleasure sets fire to every single nerve in your body.

“Faster,” he hears you plead, grasping at his hips desperately, “More-!”

He cuts off your moan with his lips, his hips beginning to speed up to an almost inhuman speed, your hands grasping at his hair and crushing him harder against your bruised lips. Lewd sounds echo throughout the vast room, your whimpers and his grunts quickly following as you both chase your highs.

“I’m gonna cum,” he hears you whimper, your voice unstable and high pitched, “Oh, fuck-”

Your head is thrown back as you’re hurtled into the most powerful orgasm you’ve ever experienced, pussy squeezing once, twice, around him, making him hiss and his grip on the sheets tighten as his orgasm approaches. He takes one last look at you, beautiful face contorted in pleasure, looking as angelic as you did when he first saw you-

“Shit!” His last grunt resounds throughout the room, his hips stilling as he empties his seed into you. He continues thrusting slowly after a moment, burying his head in the crook of your neck so that he can place kiss after kiss there, his cock sliding in and out of you as the atmosphere calms.

After a moment of basking in the moment, he pulls out of you - you barely register him flashing to the bathroom in less than a few seconds to fetch some tissues that he wipes you up with. Your mind is dazed and tired and your body is even more so, but the remnants of ecstasy that you feel make you smile happily, wrapping your arms around your mate as you drift off to sleep.

“I’m holding you up on that deal, remember,” you hear him murmur as you’re over taken by sleep. “My beautiful little witch.”

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Hogwarts house: Gryffindor / Hufflepuff / Ravenclaw / Slytherin

Ilvermorny house: Horned Serpent / Thunderbird / Wampus / Pukwudgie

Hat time: instant / 1 minute / 2-5 minutes / Hatstall (between ravenclaw and slytherin)

Pet: owl / cat / toad / rat / none / illegal magical creature

Best subject: Charms | Potions | Transfiguration | Care of Magical Creatures | Defense Against the Dark Arts | History of Magic |  Astronomy |  Herbology | Runes | Muggle Studies | Divination | Arithmancy

Worst subject: Charms | Potions | Transfiguration | Care of Magical Creatures | Defense Against the Dark Arts | History of Magic |  Astronomy |  Herbology | Runes | Muggle Studies | Divination | Arithmancy

Hangout: The lake | Library | The Three Broomsticks| the grounds | empty classroom | somewhere hard to find | great hall | house common room | Forbidden forest

School Position: Prankster | Prefect | Head boy/girl | Quidditch Captain | Choir Kid | Quidditch player |

want one?



  • Founder - James Winchester*
  • Symbol - Handgun
  • Head - Dean Winchester
  • Colours - Navy Blue & Forest Green
  • Traits - Brave, bold, proud, courage & honesty.


  • Founder - Fergus McLeod
  • Symbol - Handshake
  • Head - Gavin Walker*
  • Colours - Charcoal & Scarlet
  • Traits - Cunning, strategic, clever, ambitious & self-preservation.


  • Founder - Galahad Fitzgerald*
  • Symbol - Heart
  • Head - Sam Winchester
  • Colours - Dark Brown & Plum
  • Traits - Caring, patience, tolerance, kind & hard-working.


  • Founder - Elijah Novak*
  • Symbol - Wings
  • Head - Castiel Novak
  • Colours - Tan & Cornflower Blue
  • Traits - Intelligent, imaginative, wise, witty & eccentric.

House trivia
The founder of the McLeod House, Fergus McLeod, is now more famous as Crowley, the King of Hell. It is also he who choosed the handshake as a symbol for his House since it represent making a deal, and people belonging to this house is generally good at making deals that serves them.

Sam Winchester is the only person from the Winchester-family that didn’t belong to the Winchester House during his time at school. He got sorted into the House Fitzgerald, which he now is the Head for.

Elijah Novak was an eccentric man, obsessed with angels. Unfortunately he didn’t live long enough to see his great great grandson becoming a vessel to one. This vessel fell in love with a mortal woman and together they got the rather famous Castiel Novak, now head of the Novak House.

(* All names marked with a star is made up by me.)

Guild Wars Lore: Factions

“Many generations ago, evil walked the shores of Cantha. It rode the wind, and skulked in the shadows. Waiting for the right moment to strike… Much time has passed. Evil, has returned….”

Hey everyone! Time for the next lore post, continuing on from last week’s Prophecies post, we are moving onto the next campaign from the original Guild Wars, and the second in the series of lore posts, Guild Wars: Factions. Guild Wars: Factions introduced us to a whole new land, Cantha! It is very heavily influenced by Asian culture, drawing inspiration from all over the continent. This campaign also introduced two new professions, the Assassin and Ritualist. The Assassin was a quick and deadly warrior, specializing in chaining together attacks to take down enemies quickly. The Ritualist was more a support profession, and unique in that they are one of the oldest profession in Tyria, even existing before humans were gifted magic. Before receiving magic from their Gods the ritualists would channel Spirits of their ancestors from the Mists, granting them power. We can see this class being an inspiration to the newly revealed Revenant (Also I would like to point out that Guild Wars: Factions is NOT an expansion, but a standalone campaign, Prophecies is not necessary to play it, though owning both means characters created in either game can then travel to the other)


The Betrayer

The story for Factions actually starts about 200 years before the present day in game. In 872 AE, in the Harvest Temple, then Emperor Angsiyan was slain by his trusted bodyguard, Shiro Tagachi. He absorbed power from the dead Emperor, given to the Emperor from Dwayna while in prayer, and proceeds to slay all in the Temple, but not before one of the Ritualists is able to alert the outside by ringing the Temple bell. Among those that enter the Temple to face Shiro are Vizu the Assassin, Saint Viktor of the Kurzicks and the Luxon Champion Archemorus. Vizu dug her blades deep into Shiro’s shoulders, forcing to drop his two swords. This gave Viktor and Archemorus the opening they needed. The two champions of their factions each took up one of The Betrayer’s dropped swords and slew him with his own blades, cutting him almost in half. With his last breath, Shiro changed Cantha for centuries to come, unleashing what is now known as The Jade Wind. With his death wail, Shiro unleashed the power he had stolen from the Emperor, now corrupted, it washed over the land, turning the Echovald Forest to stone, and the Jade Sea to (well…) a block of solid jade for miles. The Betrayer was dead, and Cantha now had to deal with the destruction it had brought with it, and also answer the question of why Shiro would slay the Emperor. For two hundred years the people moved on, with limited resources now that a whole sea and forest could no longer sustain life, the Kurzicks and Luxons again warred with each other. However, it would seem all too soon that all of Cantha would have to confront their past yet again…

The Affliction

The Shing Jea Monastery is a tiny island just west of Mainland Cantha, where students come to learn and train with great masters of their chosen profession. In 1072 AE (it should be noted that Factions and Prophecies happen at essentially the same time) The Player Character (PC) catches the eye of Master Togo, a highly respected teacher in the Monastery, and half-brother to the Emperor, and as his most promising student, he takes the PC to see Minster Cho, as is a yearly tradition. As they approach Minster Cho’s Estate, a very dangerous problem presents itself. A very deadly disease has swept through the estate, turning all those infected into vile monstrosities called The Afflicted.

The PC and Master Togo fight through waves of the Afflicted and are forced to kill the now transformed Minster Cho. Togo takes the PC to search for the origin of this plague, finding it in the holy valley of Zen Daijun. Killing the Afflicted as they make their way through the valley, and avoiding the deadly miasma, they come to where it all seems to be spreading from, the Daijun Library. After slaying the Afflicted in the library, Togo makes a startling discovery. Etched on the ground is the Guild Emblem of The Betrayer, Shiro Tagachi. Even though Shiro has been dead 200 years, Togo believes that this symbol may point to Shiro’s involvement in spreading this plague. 

The Betrayer Returns

Togo and the PC head for Kaineng City on Mainland Cantha, hoping to stop the plague from reaching the crowded city. Togo also calls for his old student Brother Mhenlo, who was studying in Tyria, to come help him. In Prophecies, Brother Mhenlo was a Monk henchmen a player could add to their party. Upon reaching Kaineng City Togo and the PC realize it is too late, the plague has already taken root within the city. Whole areas are being closed off for quarantine, chaos is starting to take hold. Togo and the PC head to Vizunah Square, believed to be the center for this latest spread of Afflicted. This is also where native Canthan players receive help from afar. For Guild Wars: Factions they had a unique mechanic for this, if playing a native Canthan character, the next mission in Vizunah Square has you fighting the Afflicted to reach another team of players, coming from either Tyria (if Prophecies character) or Elona (a Nightfall character). A foreign character playing through Factions would begin their campaign in this mission as well, starting from a different mission outpost, and fighting through a different route, to meet up with the native Canthan team. Before the mission, a flashback is played where Shiro, before he is a bodyguard to the Emperor, is confronted by an old fortuneteller woman. She tells Shiro that she sees great things in his future, and that he would be remembered for generations. Shiro brushes off the woman and continues on his way. In the mission and after the two parties had met, they proceeded to try and find the source of the plague. They find that indeed Shiro Tagachi has returned, as a spirit he is building an army. Togo and the PC discover that the Affliction is not a disease, but the result of living creatures getting too close to Shiro’s evil spirit. Whether or not this was done on purpose by Shiro, or simply an unintended result is unknown. In either case Shiro uses the Afflicted in his schemes, but he sets loose a new creation, the Shiro’ken. Shiro had taken spirits and bound them to constructs to serve his will, creating an army of powerful warriors. After the party is able to defeat this Shiro’ken, Shiro manifests himself and kills everyone present, having dealt with them, he leaves to continue building his army. As the players lay dead, several mysterious spirits appear and after debating among themselves, they return them all to life. The spirits explain that they are Envoys, the spirits of terrible criminals guilty of horrendous crimes in their mortal lives. As punishment for their evil deeds, Envoys are tasked with taking the recently dead to The Mists. Shiro was one of these Envoys, but has since been taking the souls he was supposed to be bringing to The Mists and turning them into Shiro’ken. The Envoys cannot fight Shiro, as the Envoys cannot fight each other, so they task the PC and the others with taking Shiro down, in exchange for returning them all to life. To this end they suggest they become Weh no Su “Closer to The Stars” (this is the same thing as becoming Ascendend in Guild Wars: Prophecies). Only by becoming Weh no Su can they even see Shiro, and thus be able to stop him.

Guidance From The Past

The PC and the party proceed to Nahpui Quarter, there they must prove themselves worthy by fighting celestial creatures, each representing a human vice. After defeating them, the player is finally Weh no Su, and is granted access to the sacred Tahnnakai Temple, where spirits of Cantha’s greatest heroes are honored. Among them are Vizu, the Spirit of the assassin that helped taken down Shiro 200 years ago, Togo believes she may possess knowledge in defeating Shiro now. They arrive almost too late, as Shiro has started binding the spirits of the heroes into his Shiro’ken. The party is able to free all the heroes before they are bent to Shiro’s will. Speaking with the spirit of Vizu, she reveals that while she was responsible for incapacitating Shiro 200 years ago, the death blow was struck by Saint Viktor and Archemorus of the Kurzick and Luxon people respectively. Vizu tells them to seek out their spirits, Archemorus’ spirit resides in an ancient spear made of his bones, and Saint Viktor’s urn, housing his ashes, also holds his spirit. After this mission, another flashback plays, with Shiro going to meet the fortune teller. She tells Shiro that great things are coming to him soon, and that the Emperor has his eye on him. The next scene has the Emperor appointing Shiro Tagachi as his personal bodyguard, seeming to prove the fortune teller’s prediction true.

Relics of The Past

Mhenlo and Togo decide to split up, as Mhenlo has a personal connection with the Kurzicks, so Togo leaves to work with the Luxons, as he knows the Elder of The Turtle Clan, Elder Rhea. Mhenlo and the party meet Danika, the daughter of Count zu Heltzer, leader of one of the Great Houses of the Kurzicks. With her help they head to the petrified Echovald Forest to meet with Count zu Heltzer, in requesting the use of Saint Viktor’s urn. The Count agrees to help Mhenlo, but Cathedral zu Heltzer, where the urn is stored, has become corrupted, and the wards put up no longer recognize and responded to the Kurzicks. The PC and party fight their way into the Cathedral, fighting corrupted guardians along the way.They are finally able to locate, and secure the Urn, but as soon as it is removed the Cathedral begins to crumble. The party barely escapes, but almost as soon as they are able to savor victory, Togo appears with news with the Luxons. They will agree to let them use the Spear of Archemorus, but only if they can win the right to wield it in a tournament known as the Convocation. The Convocation is an event where all the Luxon Champions fight for the privilege to wield the spear, and use it to slay the legendary kraken Zhu Hanuku, a legendary Sea Spirit that rises every year. The PC enters this tournament, and is able to best the champions, and the Kraken, and finally, the Spear is awarded to them. With the Spear and Urn, the PC heads back to Kaineng City, where news reaches them that an attack by Shiro and his army seems to be imminent. In the Undercity below Kaineng, Shiro is opening spirit rifts, bringing in legions of bound spirits to fight for him. The PC destroys the rifts, and the powerful constructs guarding the rifts. Finally, they confront Shiro, who merges with a bound spirit to fight them. Using the Urn and Spear, the PC is able to fight Shiro, and as his construct is destroyed he is nowhere to be found. Unsure if Shiro is defeated, the Envoys appear to the party once again and reveal that The Betrayer is not gone for good, but a great blow has been struck against him. The Spear and Urn were destroyed in the fight with Shiro, but it matters not, as the Envoys reveal that they will not be enough to destroy him this time. The Envoys tell them they must unite the warring Luxon and Kurzick people together, to fight as their champions did 200 years ago, and take down Shiro. It is here that the PC must make a decision, go with Mhenlo to try and convice the Kurzicks to lend their strength, or with Master Togo, and seek the power of the Luxons. Another flashback is shown, this time the Fortuneteller has grim news for Shiro, newly appointed royal bodyguard. She tells Shiro that the Emperor plans to kill him in the Harvest Temple, that he is afraid of his power. Shiro can’t believe it, but she tells him that he would have to make a choice, his life, or the Emperor’s.

(While it is possible to do both of these next missions after you beat the game, since you must choose which faction to join, Kurzick or Luxon, these next missions happens at the same time)

Factions United

If choosing to join the Kurzicks, they welcome the PC and ask for their help in bringing 3 of their people to the Eternal Grove. These 3 have volunteered to become Juggernauts, plant constructs that are created by binding the soul of a human volunteer to one of the Forever Trees. These Juggernauts are immortal, as long as the tree they are bound to lives, the Juggernaut will spawn at the tree if destroyed in battle. These Juggernauts act as eternal guardians of the Kurzicks. While preforming the ceremony, The Awakening, Luxons attack, trying to kill the Trees, preventing the creation of more Juggernauts. The PC is able to fend off the Luxon attackers, but soon the Luxons return, this time surrendering. The Luxons are fleeing an attack by the Afflicted that have entered the Echovald Forest. Using the situation at hand, the PC convinces the Kurzicks and the Luxon to put aside their rivalry and work together. Together, they are victorious, and an alliance is forged, if only for the time being.

If the PC chooses to join the Luxons, Elder Rhea  has them prove their worthiness to her people. One of the tasks is to take newly hatched Siege Turtles into the Leviathan Pits to be raised. As they are escorting the Turtles, Kurzick raiders attack them, trying to kill the turtles. As they battle, the Kurzicks are suddenly attacked from behind by Afflicted, and it become apparent that the Afflicted will overrun them all if they don’t fight together. A fragile alliance is struck, and the Kurzick and Luxon people fight as one, stopping the Afflicted. 

After either mission, Togo is said to be heading to the epicenter of the Jade Wind, the remains of the Harvest Temple. He hopes to get advice and help with Shiro from the ancient Saltspray Dragon Kuunavang, who was trapped beneath the Harvest Temple during the Jade Wind.

Where it All Began

Another flashback is seem before this mission. Shiro and the Emperor are seen approaching the Harvest Temple. A guard welcomes the Emperor, but informs him that he is supposed to enter alone, as that has always been the case. The Emperor orders the guard to let Shiro and the rest of his escort pass, that ‘there has been a change of plans’. The Fortuneteller’s words ring in Shiro’s mind, this deviation from tradition, coupled with the correct predictions that the Fortuneteller has already made, convinces Shiro that his life is in danger. He had made his choice.

Once the mission starts, it is found that Kunnavang has become corrupted by Shiro. Fighting through waves of Afflicted, the PC and their Kurzick and Luxon allies, finally reach the corrupted dragon. They are able to defeat her, and break Shiro’s hold on her. Along with the appearance of the Envoys, Shiro’s true intentions are finally discovered. He has been searching for a spell that will return him to life. He is almost finished, but he is missing one very important component, the blood of the imperial line. 

The Betrayer Lives

The PC and their party rush to the Palace, realizing that Shiro planned to kill the Emperor in order to return to life. They are too late to warn him though, as the Palace is overrun with Shiro’ken by the time they arrive. Shiro is almost to the Emperor, so the PC and their allies, fight their way into the inner sanctum. They arrive to see Shiro about to strike down the Emperor, but Master Togo steps in to take the fatal blow for his brother. Master Togo is killed by Shiro, and unfortunately his death is the last component Shiro needs for his spell, as he is of imperial blood. Although not the intended target, Shiro has what he needs, he leaves, ready to prepare his spell. Master Togo is mourned, but not for long, as the greatest enemy to Cantha breathes once again.

Shiro was now returned to life, in his mortal body he now had access to all his former power as a legendary assassin. This body did come with a risk, he was indeed mortal once again, so death was once again a reality for him. He worried little, he was eager to enter battle again, starting with the PC and their allies. The Inner Sanctum of the Emperor’s Palace would be the setting of the final confrontation with Shiro. A formidable foe, he was able to hold his own against the heroes. Finally, after a hard fought fight, Shiro, was slain again. As he died, Oracles of The Mists sealed his mortal body in Jade, probably preventing another Jade Wind. Shiro then appears as a spirit, angry, he demands the Envoys release him. But this time Shiro is not an Envoy, he is simply a lost spirit, and rather than make the mistake of giving him that power again, the Envoys seal him away in a ‘Special’ part of the Underworld. The Envoys thank the heroes for their work, telling them that they will be waiting for them to join them in the Afterlife, but to live a long and happy life till then. Shiro was defeated, the plague was no longer spreading, and the Kurzicks and Luxons had struck a fragile alliance. Peace was in Cantha, but many questions remained. Why had Shiro so easily turned on the Emperor, how had he gained so much power. These questions would remain unanswered for a few short years. For in another part of the world, on another continent, another power was awakening, something forgotten, erased from history for its crimes, sought revenge. Its power has been felt throughout the whole world, even if those affected were never aware. Seemingly unrelated events would be revealed to be connected by one long thread, and a common enemy would be revealed…

Alright guys, that’s it for this week’s lore post! Next week we move onto the final standalone campaign for the original Guild Wars, Nightfall. See you then!

-Karn Vileclaw

muse-community  asked:

It had been months since ruby was attacked by the grimm pyrrha. She had healed up from her last encounter but now her older sister was watching over her so nothing like this would happen again

Pyrrha had been off the island more often then on, working for Lady Salem and finding food that wasn’t the Sweet Soul and those she was with. She was saving her to sate her thirst, which today had finally come to a head. She was stalking her house from the edge of the forest, keeping an eye on when the sweet soul would go out again.