house elf rights

Can we talk about Western culture and magic– how we brandish our wands like clubs, instruments of blunt force, how we command magic to do our bidding and bind it to words and phrases? How arrogant are we to assume we are the masters of magic, demanding it to bend to our will, refusing to understand it beyond our desire for instant gratification?

We favor DADA and scoff at Divination, because we value individuality above all else and insist we are the sole masters of our fate. We think we re invincible, and look down on goblin magic and house elf magic and the magics of other cultures and peoples that we don’t understand. We look at the magics of Native Americans and tribes in the deep jungles and think of them as primitive and quaint, even while we ourselves remain stagnant. We fall further and further behind the muggle technology around us, obsessed with our traditionalist ways, snubbing anything muggle as weak and useless. And all the while muggles begin to wonder why their advanced scanners show buildings where none should be, and why our children don’t know what mobiles are, and why their CAT scans show dark spots where memories should be.

can we be real for a moment? as much as I’d like Harry Potter to have a nice wholesome happy ending, I think if we view the paths of the former actors, we’d have a much more realistic epilogue that would include Hermione Granger continuing to speak out on women’s rights (and house elf rights), Ron Weasley owning an ice cream truck (most likely outside of Weasley Wizard Wheezes), and Harry Potter working out his issues by getting naked with horses and posing as a farting corpse while letting others ride him around like a jet ski. 

oh yeah, and Neville gets hot and takes his clothes off. 

Are you part of any organizations?

I consider myself a member of S.P.E.W., The Society for the Promotion of Elvish Welfare, also known as H.E.L.F., the House Elf Liberation Front. My family owns house elfs, and I understand how delicate the situation between wizards and house elfs can be. Many house elfs do sincerely desire to stay with their families, especially if they are treated well, but I believe they deserve to be given a fair wage, or equivalent compensation, health benefits, days off, and anything else they need to maintain a high standard of living and general happiness.

Currently, the main goal of this organization is to raise awareness and encourage families with house elfs to treat them well, and allow their house elfs a voice in the home to state their needs and concerns without fear. Additionally, very little is known about house elfs’ incredible magical talent, all of it currently wandless, and it is one of the goals of this organization to research elf magic and try to learn from it. And while most house elfs are born in the home of their family, there are still farms outside the Ministry’s jurisdiction where house elfs are bred in unregulated conditions that may be unsafe and may require further investigation.

The Werewolf Equality Action Group is an organization dedicated to increasing awareness and tolerance of lycanthropy and pursuing legislature ensuring jobs cannot be denied to werewolves based on their condition. Despite an increasing understanding and empathy for lycanthropes in the wizarding community, there are still many who are apathetic or harbor prejudices against halfbreeds. Many werewolf communities still exist in poverty, a result of many decades of discrimination, and it is our desire to help reintegrate them into wizarding society so we may prosper as a functioning whole. The Ministry is in an ideal position to make first contact with newly-turned werewolves of wizarding and muggle families and help them deal with both their condition and with secrecy in the muggle world. We hope, in time, wolfsbane potion may be provided to every werewolf registered with the Ministry, for the safety of everyone in their community.

Albus and I are co-founders of The Muggle-Wizard Health Alliance, though likely not the first to support the endeavour to make wizarding spells and potions available to muggles, even if strictly regulated through magical departments within muggle hospitals. There is no reason any muggle should have to suffer or die at the hands of a disease that we easily have the capability to cure, and it is cruel and immoral for wizards to keep our knowledge and abilities hidden from them.

While I am not directly affiliated with any goblin rebellion, I do support goblin rights, and fully believe that goblins should be recognized as full magical citizens, with the right to bear wands and enroll at Hogwarts for magical training.

Have you ever seen a man with no home left?
Criticized and ostracized, systematically oppressed
He tries to hide the wolf inside his skin
Forced to pay the price for another man’s sin

          We don’t care about blood anymore
          Divided, we’ve earned our disgraceful rapport
          Newblood or oldblood, what’s in a name?
          You know we’re all the same

Have you ever seen a house elf hurt himself?
Slave to obedience, no way to assert himself
A nation built on slavery, broken by war
Possessed by corruption and superstitious lore

          We don’t care about race anymore
          House elf or werewolf, we’re all fighting for
          The same freedom to live without shame
          And we all bleed the same

Have you ever seen a goblin hold a wand?
At Hogwarts we could share this common bond
A nation united with magic of all kinds
Uniting the best of all our minds

          We don’t care about blood anymore
          House or status, rich or poor
          We don’t care about race anymore
          Class or religion, wealth or fame
          You know we’re all the same

by Scorpius Malfoy

‘But they get paid?’ she said. 'They get holidays, don’t they? And - sick leave, and pensions and everything?’
Nearly Headless Nick chortled so much that his ruff slipped and his head flopped off, dangling on the inch or so of ghostly skin and muscle that still attached it to his neck.
‘Sick leave and pensions?’ he said, pushing his head back onto his shoulders and securing it once more with his ruff. ‘House-elves don’t want sick leave and pensions!’
—  The Goblet of Fire