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i’m rewatching the show again and how on earth does arya have such a good connection with everyone she comes across? arya and jon, arya and syrio, arya and gendry, arya and tywin, arya and the hound, arya and jaqen, and most recently arya and the lannister soldiers. her family is cursed with misfortune but besides practically witnessing the death of everyone she loves, all she really runs into is luck and people who miraculously see something in her and want to help her out (the most interesting dynamics are the ones she has with the perceived villains in the show though).

  • [gendry goes to the starks house. calls the door. waits for arya to show up. he's really nervous and anxious. suddenly someone opens the door.]
  • gendry: arya, i know this will sound weird and you probably will never talk to me again after this but i like you, i like you a lot and...oh my're so perfect, so incredible and i just want to kiss you really hard. so...i know this is unexpected, but do you want to be my girlfriend?
  • gendry: * up his head and finds jon in the door with his mouth open, staring at him shocked*
  • gendry:
  • jon:
  • gendry:
  • <p> <b>Oh, please, give us finally Gendry in the 4th episode! Please, please, please!!! I would be more than happy even if there will be only one scene! Even something like this would be enough:</b> <p/><b></b> Jon and Davos are standing next to the huge pile of dragon glass<p/><b>Jon:</b> so now we only need a good gunsmith...<p/><b>Davos:</b> actually, I know one...<p/><b>Jon:</b> *looking at Davos* a good one?<p/><b>Davos:</b> *looking back at Jon* the best one *smiling his DADvos smile*<p/><b></b> The camera shows a gunsmith at work, starting with hands, then moved higher and finally stops at the sweaty and grimy face. It Is Gendry.<p/><b></b> (That's all I waaaaant! *yeah, well, maybe, a little bit more heh, but I would be happy even then* 😊)<p/></p>

You know, Nina Dobrev is 26 and Ian Somerhalder is 36 , there are 10 years of diference, and they made TVD most famous couple and use to date.

Keira Knightley was 18 years old when she filmed pirates of the caribbean, and Johnny Deep was 40 and Orlando Bloom 26, yeah…

And so there is, differents situations like that, with age gap, and I don’t understand why people Say GENDRY AND ARYA is weird, 

Joe Dempsie is 28 and Maisie Williams 18. That is10 years of difference.


Daenerys is 13 in the first book and she’s delivered to Khal Drogo who is  30!

Emilia (Dany) is 28 and Jason (Drogo) 35…

Arya in the first book is 9, in A Dance with dragons (last book) she’s 11, and Gendry is 15 in first book and 17 in the last.


Because Gendrya is a super normal thing and still can happen,.

More in a show like Game of thrones…

So, wait bc GENDRYA can be Canon!!!

(look how good they look together dancing:)