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“Houseplants” for D.I.Y.ers Who Have Killed Too Many Houseplants

Mop Upside Down in a Bucket

Imbue your living room or dining area with a tropical vibe with the addition of a Mop Upside Down in a Bucket. Its presence might inspire you to book an ocean voyage to an island paradise, which you could actually take, knowing that, when you return, your mop won’t have turned into a brittle skeleton that you have to shove into trash bags and then heave into an alley dumpster like some Mafia body or the paradise palm you forgot to tell your roommate to water. No, rest assured, Mop Upside-Down in a Bucket will still be there, just as droopy and gray as it was when you left.

Care: water as often as you mop (i.e., never).

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