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Robb Stark- Children of the Summer

There were certain perks to living in the North during the long summer. Although you often didn’t get to actually appreciate those days, with your husband learning how to be the Lord of Winterfell, and you were spending your days juggling shadowing Catelyn to learn your place as the future Lady of Winterfell and raising your two young children.

Ed (named truly after Lord Eddard) had just had his sixth name day and your daughter Lyla was nearing in on her third name day. It was always a cause of celebration for your Northern home whenever it was announced that you were with child and when you survived the births of both of your children, your place as a Lady of the North was cemented.

Although for you, the fact that the children had always been an expectation of your marriage was forgotten the moment you saw the look of pure joy on Robb’s face when you had told him, you can remember the moment as clearly as a new day’s sun rising over the walls of Winterfell…


You had been suspicious of a pregnancy for a few weeks, but you waited to be sure, checking with Maester Luwin before you even considered telling your husband.  The real issue was trying to figure out how to tell him, you didn’t want to just out right say it, you and Robb had been trying for a child since your bedding ceremony (and if you’re completely honest, the pair of you hadn’t exactly been avoiding the conception of a child even before you were wed, Robb was simply too much to resist) so the a creative plan was necessary to break the news to him.

 It took you roughly three days to come up with a plan to announce to Robb about your child. You decided to go with some creative needlework, creating a baby-sized blanket with a direwolf embroidered alongside the Stark house words. You smiled to yourself as you finished the blanket, placing it on your shared bed and awaiting Robb to return from a hunt with his father and half brother Jon, knowing that the hunt was his final commitment of the day you were hoping that this would lead to a joyous celebration. You sat in front of the fire in your chambers, a book in one hand and the other resting gently on your small bump, although you knew a bump was still unlikely, but you liked to think that you were beginning to show, the door to your chambers slowly opened and in walked your gallant husband, hunting furs still hanging from his shoulders and his auburn curls still ruffled from riding through the wind, a loving smile appearing on his face as he finally sees you sitting in front of the fire, his smile only grows as he makes his way towards you and greets you with a light kiss

“Good afternoon my love” He says pulling back from you, his hand gently holding your cheek

“Hello my darling how was the hunt?” You ask, standing from the chair and helping your husband to remove his furs

“Successful! We managed to take two stags and a couple of wild boars, the kitchens will be full for the next week or so” He said, a proud smile appearing on his face, you knew that he felt great pride for his finesse in such ‘lordly’ activities as they helped to confirm for him that he will be a great Lord just like his father when his time comes.

“That sounds amazing my lord, you know how much I love roasted boar, I can’t wait” You reply with a smile, taking his face lightly in your hands and taking a moment to admire the breath-taking man that you married

“And how has your day been?” Robb asks, kissing your forehead before moving to the seat you were sat in previously to heat by the fire for a moment, it may have been sunny outside but the castle somehow managed to remain cold

“Oh nothing much really, I completed some needle work, would you like to see?” You enquire, trying as hard as possible to keep your voice steady so that you don’t ruin the surprise by allowing excitement to leak into your tone

“Of course my love” Robb answers, his eyes following your body as you moved to collect the blanket from your bed, he had noticed something was different about his wife, but he simply could not place it.

“Here you are” You said, watching his face intently as he inspects the blanket

“Its beautiful my lady, but what is it?” He asks, a blush rising on his cheeks, embarrassed that he did not know what you had created

“It’s a blanket” You said, Robb nodded in understanding but then turned to you again in confusion

“But its much too small for our bed” He said, his northern accent becoming thicker in his confusion

“Yes but its not for us darling” You whispered lightly, moving your hand to lay on your stomach again, waiting for your sentence to settle into Robb’s mind

“Wait a moment… Are you certain?” He asks, standing from his chair and stepping close to you

“Aye, it’s been a few weeks and Maester Luwin confirmed it for me a few days ago” You said, a smile breaking out onto your lips

“You’re with child?? LET THE GODS BE GLAD THIS IS THE MOST WONDERFUL NEWS” Robb shouts, picking you up and spinning you around, kissing you passionately, your joint laughter ringing out as you celebrate the news of your first child


“Now what are you thinking about my love?” You hear a voice say from behind you, two arms reaching around your waist to hug you and pull you back into the strong chest of your husband

“Just thinking about the day I told you that I was pregnant with Ed that’s all” You say with a smile, tilting your head back slightly to kiss your husband

“That was one of the best days of my life, and now look, we have two beautiful children, growing together in the same place as generations of Starks before them” Robb said, you could clearly hear the joy in his voice, the fact that Winterfell will eventually be passed down to your children and the children of the other Stark children, and hopefully Jon if Ned ever convinces Catelyn to allow him to legitimise Jon

“Its almost crazy to think about it like that, how many tasks do you have to complete today my love?” You question Robb as you turn in his arms

“I believe I need to have one more brief meeting with my father and then I am done for the day, why do you ask my lady?” He returns, eyeing you rather suspiciously, obviously assuming you mean to sneak off and begin work on your third heir
“We haven’t spent time as a whole family in so long, I miss seeing you with the children” You say, you hand reaching up to play with the small curls at the nape of Robb’s neck, knowing full well that it is one of the easiest ways to get Robb to agree to anything you want

“I think a day as a family seems like a wonderful idea, I’ll go meet with father, you go to the kitchens and ask them to prepare a small picnic for us, after my meeting I will find the children wherever they may be causing trouble and then we’ll meet you at the gates” Robb said, kissing you softly but lovingly at the end of his long list of instructions and he begins to turn to go and find his father, but you grab his collar and pull him close to whisper in his ear

“Just think about how well the children will sleep after this, it means the whole night will be free for us to do whatever we please” You feel a shiver pass through Robb’s body at your words
“They do say three is the magic number” Robb whispers back to you
“Well we better work hard tonight” You respond with a kiss on his cheek before you saunter away towards the kitchen, feeling the lustful look emanating from your husband as your hips sway with your steps
“Go find your father” You call out without turning back to face him, hearing a mumbled “shit” before you hear the stomp of his boots move in the opposite direction.


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17 days of Catherine de Medici: Day Two

The marriage of Catherine de Medici and the future Henry II of France was called ’the greatest match in the world’ by the bride’s uncle Pope Clement VII, who greatly desired this marriage and told the French envoy to Rome that, “his niece was not worthy of so lofty an alliance ( as she lacked royal blood) but ready nevertheless, for every sacrifice and any concession to secure it.” Those words would prove prophetic as Catherine was eclipsed by Henry’s mistress Diane de Poitiers during the duration of the marriage.

Leonie Frieda describes Catherine’s official entry into Marseilles in Catherine de Medici: Renaissance Queen of France:

On 23 October 1533 Catherine officially entered Marseilles, riding a roan horse decked out in gold brocade. She was preceded by six horses, five caparisoned in scarlet and gold, and one grey charger in silver cloth led by her cousin Ippolito’s pages. Wearing an outfit of gold and silver silk, Catherine’s appearance did not disappoint the crowd. A fine horsewoman and brilliantly dressed, she made a striking impression.Among her train rode twelve ‘demoiselles’ with a royal and papal guard…..In the audience chamber at the Pontiff’s temporary palace, Francis I stood nearby with Henry and his younger brother Charles as Catherine made a deep curtsy to Clement and knelt to kiss the Pontiff’s feet. This humble gesture pleased the French King who lifted the young girl to her feet, kissed her and bade both his sons do likewise.

Frieda describes the religious ceremony that took place the morning after the signing of the marriage contract:

Catherine wore ducal robes of golden brocade with a violet corsage of velvet encrusted with gems and edged with ermine. Her hair had been neatly dressed with precious stones and upon her head sat a ducal crown of gold given her by Francis. The nuptial Mass took place in the chapel of the Pope’s palace; the bride and groom exchanged rings and vows. Catherine was now a royal duchess of France.


The title of “Dauphine of France,” was given to the wife of the heir-apparent to the French Throne.

The following are Dauphines of France married to members of the House of Valois:

Joanna of Bourbon - Became the first Dauphine when her husband, Charles, received the title of Dauphin, the first heir-apparent to the throne to do so on August 22nd, 1350. She would become Queen on April 8th, 1364, when her husband took the throne as Charles V.

Margaret of Burgundy - Was the wife of Louis of Guyenne, one of the sons of Charles VI. She became Dauphine when she married him on August 31st, 1412. She ended up outliving her husband, who died on December 18th, 1415, and thus she was never Queen.

Jacqueline of Holland - She was married to John of Touraine, a son of Charles VI. She became Dauphine when her husband’s older brother died and he became Dauphin, on December 18th, 1415. John would pre-decease her on April 4th, 1417, meaning she never became Queen.

Margaret Stewart of Scotland - Was the first wife of Louis, eldest son of Charles VII, and because Dauphine upon their marriage on June 24th, 1436. She would die unexpectedly on August 16th, 1445, at the young age of 20, before her husband became King, so she was never Queen.

Charlotte of Savoy - The second wife of Charles VII’s eldest son Louis, she became Dauphine when they were married on February 14th, 1451. Her husband became King as Louis XI upon his father’s death on July 22nd, 1461, and she became his Queen.

Catherine de’ Medici - The wife of Henry, second son of Francis I, she became Dauphine when her husband’s older brother died on August 10th, 1536. She became Queen on March 31st, 1547, when her husband took the throne as Henry II.

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots - Already Queen of Scotland in her own right, she became Dauphine when she married Francis, eldest son of Henry II, on April 24th, 1558. She became Queen of France when her husband took the throne as Francis II on July 10th, 1559.



Cosimo di Giovanni de’ Medici; Pater Patriae (”Father of his Country”)

aka Cosimo the Elder and Cosimo Pater Patriae (Latin for ‘father of the nation’). Lord of Florence. Born in Florence, inherited welth and expertise in banking from his father. Married Contessina de’ Bardi. Had three children; Piero di Cosimo de’ Medici “the Gouty”, Giovanni de’ Medici and Carlo di Cosimo de’ Medici (illegitimate with a slave woman named Maddalena). He was a great patron of literature, the arts and architecture. He was succeeded by his son Piero on his death. 

Anna Maria Luisa de’ MediciHer Serene Highness The Dowager Electress [Palatine of the Rhine]

Electress Palatine; Duchess of Neuburg, Jülich and Berg, of Cham and the Upper Palatinate; Countess of Mege. Only daughter of Cosimo III de’ Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany and Marguerite Louise d'Orléans. She was a patron of the arts and musicians. Married to Johann Wilhelm, Elector Palatine, who had syphilis, therefore they never had children. Her siblings were barren which left the family almost extinct at that point. After her brother Gian Gastone died, all of the Medici’s allodial possessions (including  £2,000,000 liquid cash, a vast art collection and robes of state and lands in the former Duchy of Urbino) were bestowed upon Anna. The most notable act that she passed was the Patto di Famiglia (”Family Pact”). Signed on October 31, 1737 and in collaboration with the Holy Roman Emperor and Francis of Lorraine, she will all the Medici’s personal property (all of art and treasures collected by the family for nearly 300 years) to the Tuscan state, provided that none of it was ever removed from Florence.