house baelish

House Baelish lords of the Fingers, sworn to Arryn

House Baelish of the Vale is a young nobel house, their seat is an unnamed and an old flint tower which commands no more than a few stony acres on the smallest of the Fingers. House Baelish’s smallfolk consists of a village of a dozen families in huts of piled stone beside a peat bog. The current lord, Petyr Baelish, is only the second generation of the landed family. His grandfather had been a landless hedge knight and his father the smallest of lords. The house began with Petyr’s great-grandfather, who was born in Braavos and came to the Vale as a sellsword employed by House Corbray. His son took the head of the Titan as his sigil when he was knighted. His arms were a grey stone head with fiery eyes on a light green field. However Petyr wears a mockingbird as his personal crest instead of House Baelish’s sigil, he claims the head of titan is too fierce for him. Petyr Baelish was given a minor sinecure in customs by Lord Jon Arryn as a favor to his new wife Lysa, who was childhood friend’s with Petyr. Quickly Petyr distinguished himself in the roll, bringing in three times as much as any other collector. Petyr’s rise to King’s Landing was a swift one, and within three years after his arrival at court, he sat on the small council of King Robert I Baratheon.


Robert’s Rebellion times. Pre-asoiaf. 


Game of Thrones: Season 4. History & Lore.

House Baelish - Read by Littlefinger


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Someday you’ll be my queen
And baby I’m your king to be

my bff’s birthday is on monday and he loves collecting different playing cards and he’s also a huge fan of GoT so i decided to make a standard deck of GoT characters for him. of course it’s only fitting that i start with the gruesome twosome first. i’m gonna print this all after i’m done