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Pluto thru the Houses

1st house - these people are very intense. It may seem like they’re looking straight through you sometimes, probably because they are. Someone with pluto in the 1st house individuals view life as a series of struggles with many traumatic ups and downs, and the occasional drastic change to their overall self. These people are not looking for the superficial; they want to know the how, what, where, why, who, and probably more. They want to understand the world and the people in it. Typically, you’d find that someone with pluto in the 1st house may have experienced trauma at birth, or the mother did during birth. These people do not back down, if something is in their path they simply move it out of the way and make room for more possibilities. They have very destructive powers and can be somewhat masterminds at using it onto others; they are great manipulators. They can probably convince you to do a lot of things you could not see yourself ever doing, but because they’re saying to do it, it doesn’t seem so bad. However these people are always on guard and looking out for themselves, they see life as survival of the fittest. They tend to experience a lot of personal growth through their life and are usually very wise even only in their 20′s, it seems like they’ve experienced and felt everything life has to offer. Their eyes are keen and penetrating. Their suppressed emotions can erupt sometimes, rising to the surface, causing them to act in extremes. They are the epitome of intense. They may not trust the world as a whole. Pluto in the 1st house people may have experienced life or death situations, or extreme trauma in their lives, usually making them very strong people with thick skin. They present themselves in a very secretive and covert way to others. A lot of people find themselves very attracted to these people, with no explanation as to why. 

2nd house - the 2nd house rules money, pluto rules obsessions, so it’s an obvious and superficial answer to say that people with pluto here will be obsessed with money - although it can be true. However, someone with this placement may hold secret and hidden talents/ways of making money that could change the world. These people may be hoarders, with money or materials. Some may see money and possessions as a symbol of power and superiority; some may see it as being closer to God. Their income is likely to come from pluto-like professions/careers: psychology, therapy, medical fields, detective, undercover jobs, or healing professions. 

3rd house - mixing pluto with the house of thinking and communication adds a very deep, penetrating and scorpionic flavor to someone’s brain. The goal for these people is to transcend and penetrate through the superficial or typical trains of thought or ideas and dive so much deeper into the grain. These people are great at studying, researching, investigating, etc. The 3rd house also rules siblings and who we grew up with. Pluto in the 3rd house individuals may feel as if they had to fend for themselves growing up, resulting in becoming very defensive over themselves and always trying to put themselves first to avoid manipulation and/or abuse. These people are also very intuitive, and it seems as if when they think about something or mention something, it happens the next day. Which can be scary sometimes. It may have been difficult for these people to open up in their childhood due to the feeling of keeping everything inside to avoid vulnerability and/or manipulation. 

4th house - having such a powerful planet on one of the angles in the chart (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th houses) is not something to not take lightly. Pluto in the 4th house individuals may of had to deal with a mother that was plutonic herself. She may have taken her emotions out on her children, been very restrictive, possessive, domineering, obsessive, or there could have been something to cause all of this in her - a death in the family, mostly, because pluto rules death. Death can mean a lot of things though. Divorce, actual death, the endings to things can all mean death. The childhood may have been very complex, dark and twisty, and many traumas may have been felt or occurred in the childhood (by the mother, probably). These individuals with pluto residing in the 4th house may have had to grow up fast, and became wise at a very young age, feeling as if they’ve felt the world’s pain just inside their own household. 

5th house - someone with pluto in the 5th house takes the pleasures and leisurely themes of the 5th house to high extremes. It can be very hard for these people to loosen up or just let go and have fun for once. They can have a tendency to take life very seriously. They make become self destructive in these areas of the 5th house too, like through casual sex; these people are not the type for that. They may also attract scorpio/pluto types in relationships, even stalkers at times. The person with pluto in the 5th house may feel like some kind of tortured artist; having so much inspiration, creativity and desire but just cannot get any of it out. They must learn valuable lessons in life of pleasure and creativity and to stop being their own worst enemy/critic, and to just let it pour out of themselves. These people, as children, may have been told “no” a lot, for having different or “dark” interests. They may love dark themed art, movies, photography, etc, and take part in it themselves. They may be fascinated with scorpionic topics that are taboo, but they don’t see it as taboo. They see it as, “why don’t more people know about this? Why is this kept such a secret?” thus resulting in societal-based inappropriate expressions of feelings, such as loss and death. They can have addiction problems as well and it would be wise of them to avoid gambling, drinking, drugs, etc, as best as they possibly could. 

6th house - pluto in the house of daily routine, jobs, and service can result in obsessive tendencies in all of these the 6th house as to offer. Someone with pluto here may have obsessive daily activities, whether it’s as simple as needing to walk the dog every single day at 7 o’clock or drink/do drugs, etc. It is just the fact that it’s obsessive and nearly compulsive. They may be subject to being hypochondriacs as well, being obsessed with their own health to an unhealthy point. Eating disorders may be something pluto in the 6th house has to struggle with in their life. Basic everyday activities turn into compulsive rituals with pluto in the 6th, getting dressed in the morning may be the biggest event of all to them.  

7th house - the 7th house represents who we attract, what we are attracted to (in some cases), what we project onto others, and what we can be projected as. With pluto here, relationships are not taken lightly. The individual with pluto in the 7th house may attract plutonic people themselves - obsessive, possessive, controlling, manipulative, etc. Though those are just the negative qualities of pluto, they may also attract the lighter side of pluto and experience the true transformation desired through relationships. The person with pluto here experiences relationships as a type of awakening. There may be power struggles present in the person’s relationships, where one may desire more control over the other - and most commonly, it is not the person with pluto in the 7th house. They may give in to manipulation and take this sort of abuse from their partner. The person with pluto in the 7th house definitely feels like relationships are catalysts for self transformation and rebuilding. There could be a reoccurring theme of suffocation in relationships; ones that are too smothering, too over-protective. Interactions between others for the person with pluto here are addictive and sometimes dependent. They can become addicted to relationships and the feeling of enhancement it brings them. 

8th house - in pluto’s ruling house, it feels very at home. Pluto in the 8th house individuals can experience major life changes, or most commonly the individual will experience one major life transformation that completely marks them forever. They will be very attracted to 8th house themes: sex, death, transformation, power/survival, and money (other people’s). Intimate relationships are felt with every fiber of the person’s soul; they mostly result in major changes in both people involved. Sex can be consuming for the person with pluto in the 8th house; the sex drive is likely high, because of the personal connection and how much they feel they resonate with it. These people are very probing and will more than likely be interested in the occult and 8th house surrounding themes. They may have some kind of hidden death wish. 

9th house - pluto in the 9th house individuals may have gotten so obsessed and even involved with their beliefs from a traumatic or high pressured situations. Those moments where you’re praying to god that nothing bad will happen, and that you will be singled out and saved by some supernatural force or higher power. Those moments convinced the pluto in the 9th house individual that “this is real, this is what’s going to save me, and I must do what I can to pay them back.” These people can feel some kind of obligation and obsession with their belief systems. There can obviously be a fascination with occult, philosophy, archaeology, or alchemy. They can search intensely for the meaning of life, and are strong believers in the phrase “Knowledge is power”. They believe what you know will save you. Pluto in the 9th house individuals can feel greatly impacted by their higher education opportunities and feel that it is or was the most influential factor in their life. They are fiercely stubborn in their beliefs as well. 

10th house - the 10th house, or midheaven, is the highest point on the natal chart. The 10th house is what other’s see, your reputation, how others are perceiving you to be. With pluto here, it may take a while for the public or others in your career field to like you as a person. You seem like a powerful and intimidating force. Many of the world’s most famous (and infamous) leaders have pluto in the 10th, or harshly aspecting the 10th house, like Vladimir Putin for a good example (pluto square the midheaven). Those with pluto in the 10th house experience self transformation through their career. The individual’s ambition is highly developed, and there is a drive where nothing can stop you from reaching your end goal. The career will be found within plutonian fields: psychology, detective, healer, investigating, or something involved in business. The person with pluto in the 10th house will usually take their career and lead it onto a completely new path; addressing the things that no one will talk about or make an effort to change or acknowledge. Eminem has this placement, and it’s easy to see that. They challenge and change society, and that usually becomes what they are known for. 

11th house - the 11th house rules groups, social circles and dreams/aspirations. When pluto is found in this house, it can usually result in the individual experiencing intense and life-changing relationships with those involved in their social life - so, friends. Friends play a huge role on this person because they are the most influential and powerful force in their life. The individual with pluto in the 11th house may attract “powerful” friends in their life - those well known, for good or bad. Pluto here can give someone extreme anxiety or paranoia when it comes to crowds or being surrounded by new people (strangers may scare them). The need to control or dominate their friend group, or any kind of group, may become a real problem in their lives. Common effects of pluto are jealousy and mistrust, and this can occur as well in their social circle - the individual with pluto in the 11th must learn to not be so mistrustful of those they call their friends but they feel they cannot help it at times. They believe they have a reason to feel that way. The positive side however, is the bond of very powerful, long lasting and reliable friendships. 

12th house - the 12th house is the most unconscious, self-unaware house - it is almost impossible to fully understand, because it is the part of ourselves that we most commonly reject. With such a powerful planet in this house, there is definitely an ultimate fear of losing control, and may result in self destructive tendencies that can occur unconsciously. People with this placement are usually somewhat masochistic - not even always sexually but emotionally. They tend to take on a lot of weight and pain from others onto yourself which can hurt them a lot at times. This is usually a placement representing some kind of abuse or trauma, (TW) usually sexual. With pluto working behind the scenes of the chart, you have someone that’s very spiritually and intuitively gifted though. They’d make a detective probably. This placement can be very difficult though because it can feel like you’re being faced with your demons a lot. Pluto in the 12th can experience a lot of emotional turmoil. It’s an intense planet in an intense house. You could have really raw and intense (maybe violent) desires (sexually) (that you could feel ashamed of, probably, because of the nature of the planet & house). It’s really important for people with pluto here to have some kind of emotional outlet to let out distress because self destructive tendencies are likely.

The Houses - Depscirption

1st House - Vita (Life)

HOUSE OF SELF:  Physical appearance, traits and characteristics. First impressions. General outlook into the world. Ego. Beginnings and initiatives.

2nd House - Lucrum (Wealth)

HOUSE OF VALUE:  Material and immaterial things of certain value. Money. Belongings, property, acquisitions. Cultivation and growth. Substance. Self-Worth.

3rd House - Fratres (Brothers)

HOUSE OF COMMUNICATIONS: Higher education and childhood environment. Communication. Happiness. Intelligence. Achievements. Siblings. Neighbourhood matters. Short, local travel and transportations. 

4th House - Genitor (Parent)

HOUSE OF HOME AND FAMILY:  Ancestry, heritage, roots. Early foundation and environment. Mother or mothers as figure. The caretaker of the household. Cyclic end of matters.

5th House - Nati (Children)

HOUSE OF PLEASURE:  Recreational and leisure activities. Things which makes for enjoyment and entertainment. Games and gambling. Children. Love and sex. Creative self-expression.

6th House - Valetudo (Health)

HOUSE OF HEALTH:  Routine tasks and duties. Skills or training acquired. Jobs and Employments. Health and overall well-being. Service performed for others. Caretaking. Pets and small domestic animals.

7th House - Uxor (Spouse)

HOUSE OF PARTNERSHIPS:  Close, confidante-like relationships. Marriage and business partners. Agreements and treaties. Matters dealing with diplomatic relations of all kinds, including open (known) enemies. Attraction to qualities we admire from the other partner.

8th House - Mors (Death)

HOUSE OF REINCARNATION:  Cycles of Deaths And Rebirth. Sexual relationships and deeply committed relationships of all kinds. Joint funds, finances. Other person’s resource. Occult, psychic and taboo matters. Regeneration. Self-transformation.

9th House - Iter (Journeys)

HOUSE OF PHILOSOPHY:  Foreign travel and foreign countries. Culture. Long distance travels and journeys. Religion. Law and ethics. Higher education. Knowledge. Experience through expansion.

10th House - Regnum (Kingdom)

HOUSE OF SOCIAL STATUS:  Ambitions. Motivations. Career. Status in society. Government. Authority. Father or father figure. The breadwinner of the household. One’s public appearance/impression at large(audience).

11th House - Benefacta (Friendship)

HOUSE OF FRIENDSHIPS:  Ambitions. Motivations. Career. Status in society. Government. Authority. Father or father figure. The breadwinner of the household. One’s public appearance/impression at large(audience).

12th House - Carcer (Prison)

HOUSE OF SELF-UNDOING:  Mysticism. Places of seclusion such as hospitals, prisons and institutions, including self-imposed imprisonments. Things which are not apparent to self, yet clearly seen by others. Elusive, clandestine, secretive or unbeknownst matters. Retreat, reflection and self-sacrifice. Unconscious/subconscious. Unknown enemies.

Many modern astrologers assume that the houses relate to their corresponding signs, i.e. that the first house has a natural affinity with the first sign, Aries, and so on.

Empty Houses

I’m getting tons of questions about empty houses now, so

  1. it’s not bad to have empty houses. actually,it’s not possible to not have empty houses!!
  2. you won’t really lack in that area of life, it will just naturally not be that important in your life and not receive a lot of conscious attention.
  3. an empty house can potentially be problematic if the opposing house has three or more planets in it, because it’ll make you too lop-sided. (opposing houses are 1/7, 2/8, 3/9, 4/10, 5/11, 6/12)
  4. an empty house can be balanced if the sign or planet that is associated with it is strongly placed. (1st house/aries/mars, 2nd house/taurus/venus, 3rd house/gemini/mercury, 4th house/cancer/moon, 5th house/leo/sun, 6th house/virgo/mercury, 7th house/libra/venus, 8th house/scorpio/pluto, 9th house/sagittarius/jupiter, 10th house/capricorn/saturn, 11th house/aquarius/uranus, 12th house/pisces/neptune)

Little (conscious) energy is put towards…

  • empty 1st house: one’s role in the world and self-realization
  • empty 2nd house: building a secure foundation (physically or of values and worth in general)
  • empty 3rd house: learning or building connections - not very curious or communicative
  • empty 4th house: the home life or roots, family and past
  • empty 5th house: hobbies, leisure time, general time for play and fun (also children and romance)
  • empty 6th house: organization, chores, and health
  • empty 7th house: relationships, others, relating, negotiating, compromising
  • empty 8th house: intimacy, sharing yourself with a partner and creating deep bonds, personal transformations
  • empty 9th house: finding/creating world views, beliefs, spirituality, higher education
  • empty 10th house: public image, career, reputation, success
  • empty 11th house: the community, shared goals and visions for the future
  • empty 12th house: recharging, the subconscious/unconscious, spirituality, connection with the divine, alone time/solitude
Party of the year; C.H.

The party had been going on for quite some time. The first hour or so, I spent alone, roaming the rooms of Kyle’s parents’ house. He always threw the best parties – so I’ve heard. This was the first one I actually attended. I was pleasantly surprised when my gaze caught his, Calum usually never came to these sorts of things. He didn’t really hold up with the popular, sporty types. Luke, one of his best friends, was on the baseball team, but he was more of a musical type – a band geek if you could really call him that.

As soon as our gazes met a vibrant smile erupted from Calum’s lips. He stumbled his way towards me, excusing himself whenever he would practically run someone over. I awkwardly tucked a strand of hair behind my ear as I waited for him to reach me. “Fancy seeing you here.” He smiled, his fingertips lightly brushing over my exposed arm.

“Well, if I want the complete experience, a party is in order now and then. Why are you here?” I smiled in return, toying with the edge of my red plastic cup to avoid Calum’s piercing eyes.

“I lost a bet with Luke. He’s my designated driver tonight.” Calum laughed so heartily, I felt my chest tightening as I let my eyes wander over his frame. “Shouldn’t it be the other way around?”
“Now you see how highly he thinks of me.” Calum winked before he was roughly pushed into me, by none other than Luke himself. “Caaaaal. Mate I think I might get lucky tonight.” Luke motioned his head to a girl in the back, giggling with her friends before she throws a wave in our direction.

“Aaah! Y/n! Lovely to see you here, m’lady.” Luke bows in front of me and I try to suppress a chuckle leaving my lips as I amusedly grin at a frowning Calum. “Are you – Are you drunk?” Calum’s eyes widened before his fist collided roughly with Luke’s shoulder, who stumbled to the floor.

“Ah man, I only had a few drinks. Nothing major. I’m good to drive.” Calum didn’t respond to his mate, instead, he held out his hand to me. “Care for another drink, Y/N?”

“You know, I’ve had a few drinks myself but I’ll walk you home if it makes you feel better?” I offered grinning to a moping Calum who was fixing me up with another drink. It drew a laugh out of him, one that I was desperate to hear some more. I gingerly took my drink from his outstretched hand and bit my bottom lip.

“Shouldn’t that be the other way around?” Calum mimicked my voice from before and my smile was so bright it started to hurt my cheeks. “Whatever floats your boat, Cal.”

And that’s how I ended up just one hundred meters away from my house, Calum leisurely strolling besides me as he told me about this new song he had been working on for the past couple of weeks. I had drank quite a bit at Kyle’s party and I felt slightly lightheaded, but confident. Calum had indulged in the same amount, although I think he was just better armed against the alcohol percentage.

“So… This is me.” Silence fills the air while I press my lips together, wobbling on my feet. “Glad I didn’t lose my manliness and got you home safe.” Calum jokes, licking his bottom lip as his eyes dart towards my illuminated front porch. “Do you – do you maybe want to come inside for a bit?”

“Won’t your parents mind?” Calum questions but already starts to lead me towards my own house. “They are out themselves.” I mumble, letting my fingertips brush against Calum’s open palm. He realizes my intentions and his fingers curl around my own while he pulls me closer to his radiating warm body.

As I let the door click closed behind me, Calum stands there, hands in his pockets, awaiting my next move. This had been a long time coming, something both of us had been toying with in our minds and I was ready to take the leap.

I step closer to him, letting my flat hands rest on his rather toned chest. His cup my neck and before I even realise it properly, I have my lips pressed against his, first tentative, rather exploringly as I let my hands roam. Our kiss starts to get more heated, Calum pressing me into the wall near the stairs.

I press against his chest, breaking out kiss as I throw him a look underneath my eyelashes. I push past him, up the stairs, stopping momentarily and turning to see if he would follow. It seems to click in his mind and within a few seconds he has jogged up the stairs and is hot on my heels.

His shirt is the first thing that goes flying to the floor, exposing his torso to my wandering hands and gaze. Our lips press back together as he starts unbuttoning my blouse. I pull him towards me, both of us dropping on the plush duvet behind me. His lips focus their attention on my neck as one of his hands cups my breast. My own fingertips brush over the soft, silky skin of his back as I feel his shoulder blade portruding.

I throw my head back, granting Calum with more access as I hike my legs up and around his hips. I feel his erection obtrude against my own aching core. Calum moans against the skin of neck, the vibrations causing shivers to erupt over my flesh. “Calum, I-“

My body arches up as Calum’s large hands caress my sides, his lips near the arches of my breasts. My blouse is flung to the floor and my jeans follow suit, leaving me in front of Calum’s hungry gaze in just my lingerie. He discards his own jeans before he slowly, seductively, crawls back onto the bed, his lips leaving kisses along my exposed skin in their wake.

He swiftly unclasps my bra and slides my knickers down my legs before his arm winds around my waist and he presses his whole body against me, throbbing erection pressing at my entrance. With just the right swivel of my hips, I feel his entering me as he buries his face into my neck, groaning loudly.

“Y/n…” His voice is so raw, filled with emotion, something I hadn’t witnessed from Calum before. I don’t say anything, instead I moan in return, bucking my hips up against him to get him to move. Calum slowly starts grinding his hips against mine, his fingertips digging into my hips as he picks up the pace.

My head is thrown back as moans slip repeatedly from my lips, my hands grasping and gliding all over Calum’s silk like skin and my hips erratically trying to chase my own release. Calum drops his body onto mine, his lips pressing kisses repeatedly against the hot skin of my neck while his hips start snapping a rapid rhythm spiralling me towards release.

I can sense Calum is close as his hips start to stutter and I feel my world blacken around me as I loudly moan Calum’s name. He halts his movements, panting in my ear before he drops down beside me as if he weighed as much as a school bus. It takes him quite some time to even his breathing.

It’s quiet for a while, not one of us knowing what to say. We had broken an important rule of being best friends, but I was glad we did. My stupid crush on Calum had eventually developed into me loving him and this was all I could have been dreaming about.

“You – you don’t have to leave. If you want to stay.” I mumble apprehensively, pulling my sheets closer to my naked, shivering frame. Calum halts his action, slowly turning his head to smile at me. Without another word, he drops his jeans and crawls back into bed with me, his arm enveloping me in a warm hug as I drift off to sleep in my best friend’s arms. “I love you Y/n.”


New house update: Everything else in this place is a disaster, but at least I have this. A front porch slice of heaven, periwinkle crawling up my fences, and violets instead of grass. As Monet said, I will have flowers and flowers and flowers 🌺 🌷🌻🌹

Sun thru the Houses

1H: the first house is the house of the self, and because the sun is representative of the self as well, this is a very healthy position for the sun to be in. this shows the type of person that is meant to put themselves out into the world, and to have a lasting impact on others. the sense of self is most likely pretty strong and associated with the aries archetype, since this is the natural ruler of the 1st house, and mars. this can give the chart holder a warrior like personality, one that must always be more forceful, assertive and able to stand up for themselves. they usually approach life with much vitality, strength and enthusiasm. these people must be appreciated, noticed and acknowledged for who they are. there is a strong desire to feel important and wanted as well, it is important to not let yourself become a tyrannical figure though, as that can be something common and associated with this placement of the sun. 

2H: the second house is the house of worth and value, also security and possessions - physical possessions. with the planet of one’s vitality, self expression and ego coming in here, it lights up the part of us that needs to develop outer security and what one values. it is important for these people to learn what gives them a sense of security and fulfillment and not have to be dependent to find it through others, like their opposing 8th house represents. security would typically come through strengthening the ego and self, because that is what the sun itself represents. the individual with this placement must feel secure with themselves, so even if outer security is missing, they will feel an overall safety with life. 

3H: the third house is the house of communications, knowledge, speech, and siblings. with the ego and self lighting up this house, the sense of self is derived from what this person knows. they must feel honorable about their own thoughts to feel a sense of purpose in life. they also must feel like they have been heard by others, nothing could be more sad than a third house sun person that is constantly ignored or feels ignored (perhaps if mercury is in the 12th house). these people are hardly ever satisfied with what they know, and are always looking to learn more, their hunger for knowledge is insatiable. there is always a need for this person to get their point or words across to others; through verbal speaking or the written word as well. there could be a talent or mastery of language. 

4H: the fourth house is the house of where we came from, our roots, home, family, mother/parents, the deeper part of the psyche, what makes us feel safe, secure and at home. with the planet of the ego and vitality here, the person must feel honorable in the home environment; there is a need for the home to stable in order for this person to shine. imbalances in this environment can severely hurt or impact the chart holder, never to be forgotten. there can be a tendency to over identify with the family and not give yourself the chance to branch off and create a separate identity in your own life. it’s common for this person to have been an only child - the center of the parents’ universe, worshiped by the parents even. creative energy may be mustered up in the home environment. 

5H: the fifth house is the natural ruler of leo and is ruled by the sun, so this is seen as a very healthy place for the sun to be in and shine to it’s fullest extent. the fifth house rules leisure, pleasure, romance, casual sex, gambling, risk taking, the general sense of fun, although that is something very subjective and personal to everyone. with the sun here, the person must feel honorable in what gives them a sense of pleasure and leisure. these two things are what the chart holder holds very highly and strongly values. there may be a strong creative force in the individual. the involvement of romance, fun or any theme falling in the fifth house enhances the chance of this person being a participant. however, there can be a need to always be the center of attention as well, especially when endeavoring these “fun” activities. 

6H: the sixth house is the house of labor, daily routine and health. with the planet of the ego and vitality, there is a tendency for the overall sense of self to derive from work/service and one’s own general health. there is a need and constant motivational factor of improving the self and finding ways to be better at what ever it is they do. self imperfections or insecurities are always heightened here, because the ruling sign of this house, virgo, is highly critical and picky, especially of themselves. there is always room for improvement and fixing everything to it’s best ability, virgo believes. since this house rules one’s general health, with the sun here the individual must have a respectable relationship & honor their own body. there can be self-neglect because of the primary focus being of service to everything else but themselves. the sun here must learn to efficiently balance out their daily life and the self, realizing there can be nothing without their self anyway. 

7H: the seventh house is the house of others, partnerships, marriage, open enemies. with the sense of self, ego and vitality coming to light up this house, the person must feel honorable in their relationships with others. however there is a common tendency to have a poor sense of self and vitality because the ego is so closely associated with others, rather than the self. they find themselves through others. relationships and partnerships or social interaction of any kind give them subtle clues to who they are more so than when they are on their own. this can be the type of person that does not ever want to be alone by choice, because of this fear of feeling completely lost within the self. it is true though, that they do need to be involved with people or others in some way. 

8H: the eighth house is the house of privacy, intimacy, transformation and the occult. the sun represents the self, vitality and ego, so naturally when this comes into the eighth house, the ego and self seek personal transformation through acts of intimacy, occult studies or pushing themselves extremely hard to test their limits in life, and possibly find a sense of rebirth through doing so. this person pretty much yearns to feel emotionally connected to and bonded with something, there is an extremely intimate outlook on life. everything is profound in the eighth house, this person can be extremely wise and insightful because of their deep, complex dynamic make up, mostly because of their fascination with all things that are hidden from the public’s eye, their investigation of the inner workings of the self and others, as well as rather taboo subjects, can pay off rather well. 

9H: the ninth house is the house of beliefs, higher knowledge, travel, foreign lands, and philosophy. with the sun, ruler of the personality, ego and one’s own vitality, there is usually an experimental nature towards one’s own belief systems - the individual can usually try out many throughout their life, until one fits their personal moral system the best, and which they must find honorable enough to expand and grow from. the individual with the sun here may view life as a voyage, a soul search or some type of pilgrimage. this person can be very concerned with the bigger picture and tend to neglect the finer details to their life. there can be an eternal wanderlust and desire to constantly grow internally and mentally; these are very acquisitive people. this is a common placement indicating visionaries, gurus, religious figures, spiritual practitioners. the self is designed to find inspiration through growing and developing the self more, and passing this inspiration on to others through their own beliefs and knowledge, as well as life experience.  

10H: the tenth house is the house of one’s reputation, how one is perceived through the public eye, the persona, the career and one’s achievements. when the planet of one’s ego and personality, also vitality comes in the 10th house, there is a strong desire to be admired by others and recognized as someone. the sign of the sun specifically will give more clues to what it is exactly the person wants to be admired for. there must be an honorable relationship with one’s professional achievements and reputation. there can be a dependence on a parental figure for acknowledgment, or an inheritance to enhance the chances of acknowledgment. the person with sun in the tenth may over identify with tenth house matters and have a hard time forming a separate identity with any other part of themselves. 

11H: the eleventh house is the house of social groups/dynamics, organizations, clubs, society, humanitarianism. when the planet of one’s identity and self comes in this house, there is a direct association of the self with whatever they are associated with. there can be direct association between the self and friend group, this is who they are. or what cause they believe strongly in. this person may be vastly involved in many different groups or organizations, and an interest in spreading their knowledge. the identity here is strongly linked to a higher cause than themselves. the self worth, worst case scenario, is derived from groups or friendships. relationships with friends, groups and organizations must be felt as honorable and secure through the individual with this placement. 

12H: the twelfth house is the hardest house to describe because we do not truly know what is in there…generally it’s the house of the subconscious mind, the “back of the brain” where things are not commonly thought about or acknowledged, or seen. its the house of dreams, mysteries, escapism, illusions, sensitivity, spirituality…everything. it’s where things go to dissipate. it represents the things that are hidden from us, as opposed to the things we hide from others - it’s entirely unconscious in it’s workings, and extremely hard to describe or pin down accurately. with the planet of the ego, personality and vitality coming into neptune’s domain, the ego is washed away and dissolved. the boundaries between the self and outer world are extremely thin, these people are very sensitive to energy. the conflicting aspect of this placement is that the twelfth house is the furthest house from the conscious mind, and the sun itself is an extremely conscious energy. the individual with sun in the twelfth must learn to properly blend the workings of the spiritual realm and the things that cannot be seen, with the outer, more tangible realm. the ego is comfortable in spiritual practice, solitude and being of service to others. there is a fear of others not accepting them for who they are, so its more often than not that the individual with the sun here hides themselves from others and only comes out when alone. the sun here is easily tainted and colored by other energies and is felt the strongest when alone or secluded from others or things that may drain its energy. the sense of self is fogged and blurred by neptune. the ego must feel honorable in it’s spiritual views, acts of service and time alone. the uncertainty of the self that these people feel is what causes them to fall into the depths of depression or sadness. they can feel overwhelming guilt just for being who they are and expressing themselves, because there is some obligation they have to be there for others, and avoid ever being seen or felt as selfish. 

**afflictions of the sun must be taken into consideration as well, as that can severely alter some of these characteristics. 

I Got A Promotion!!!!!!

I stopped by my office building this morning to collect some files when my boss called me into his office. I apprehensively walked into his office where I noticed the other partners were all seated around his glass table bearing warm smiles on their face.

Indya: Good Morning Mr. Goldenblatt, Mr. Platt & Mr. Colethrust.

Mr. Goldenblatt: Good Morning Miss Jenae, please have a seat.

*sits as Mr. Goldenblatt begins to speak*

Mr. G: We’ve been looking at your work performance Indya and we’re pleasantly satisfied, so much so that we’ve decided to offer you a promotion to Vice President of Communications at Goldenblatt & Associates, you’re going to be working out of the California offices if you choose to accept.

Indya: Oh my goodness! I’m honored & humbled at your decision, I thought I was in some sort of trouble as I walked in.

Mr. G: Oh no, nothing of the sort. The conditions of your promotion are as follows; an immediate increase of pay, housing, travel and leisure allowances and of course a company vehicle of your choice as well as a driver. 

Indya: Wow! Mr. Goldenblatt I don’t know what to say that’s quite an offer.

Mr. Pratt: We’re hoping you would yes.

Indya: Of course I accept your offer!! On one condition I get to choose and purchase my own home.

*they all nod and the room fills with applause*

Mr. Colethrust: Congratulations Indya and welcome to the Big League!

I’M MOVING TO CALI!! I’m too hype lol 


The astrological houses are fields of experience and departments of life. A BAD HOUSE warps the positive qualities of each house, and they are as follows:

1st House: The I Am, I Exist House; defining the personal identity is highest priority, and consumes energy, which makes them unaware of anything but themselves; selfishly approaches life ‘me’ first; singular vantage point distorts objectivity and awareness.

2nd House: The to Have and to Hold House; the importance of material value and property accumulation is overemphasized resulting in gripping greed; the objects own and control you; difficulty in letting go of personal possessions and private grudges.

3rd House: The Shallow House; overstated need for mental activity without want for application or use; ceaseless import and export of communication; nearsighted view of tomorrow lacking direction; concerned with the new and the now.

4th House: The House of Nostalgia; thin-skinned about home and domestic life, as well as the family heritage and cherished traditions; need for privacy produces painstaking introversion, shyness and shame; outsized appetite for sentimental creature comforts.  

5th house: The Liberal Leisure House; high desire to keep retain a lighthearted level of amusement and to be at the center of attention; focused on recreations, and with being and staying entertained; trouble taking things seriously.

6th house: The Type A House; skepticism and separateness provoke substantial self-criticism resulting in anxiety and sickness; inhibited expressions produce imbalances in life; hyper-concerned with the body, prone to self-abuse by overthinking, undervaluing, and mistreating.

7th House: The People Pleasing House; prone to pathological niceness and conflict avoidance; overly concerned with being the good guy or gal; interdependence causes reliance on one-to-one pairings and partnerships; a lack of identity and independence.

8th House: The House of Justice; power struggles result in insecurity about strength of will; efforts spent storing secrets and using them to control self and others; unhealthy emphasis on sexuality and dominating through psychological manipulation.

9th House: The Far-Out House; farsightedness makes it difficult relating to others intimately; stresses the importance of personal opinions and ideas; disproportionately frivolous attitude and reckless behavior results in chronic irresponsibility; constant movement and mayhem.

10th House: The Tactical House; overly concerned with the reputation and of being recognized; business and self-centered perspective that results in sterilized and carefully controlled associations; troubled by anything less than the perfect professional persona.  

11th House: The Disconnected House; consumed with personal visions and dreams; overemphasizes the need to be different which forces distance between self and society; impartial and impersonal connections; irregularity, rigidity, and unreasonableness in relating.

12th House: The House of Ruin; inherited habits are enacted to escape the ego and reality, squashing self-confidence; strength of planets is powerfully diluted, leading to confusion and repression; subliminal obstacles restrict personal growth and self-expression.  

Swipe Right

Imagine: Ben finding out you signed up for Tinder so decides to create a profile to get your attention

A/N: Thanks to my sister who thought that Ben actually had a profile online and @delos-mio for the inspiration!


“You made her sign up for what?!” Cole asks, his eyes jumping from you back to your best friend Jen. You laughed, taking another sip of your water, your eyes hidden behind your sunglasses as Jen continued.

“Y/N is single, she’s hot and she doesn’t take any dating chances so I signed her up for Tinder.” She states this factually, casually scrolling through her phone.  

“And you’re okay with this?” Cole asks, looking over at you and shrug.

“Its okay I guess. I mean I only have my pride wounded.”

Cole falls back in his seat flabbergasted as Ben walks up to your table, taking a seat beside him.

“What could you ladies have possibly said to get Cole to shut up?” he smiles and you shrug, taking another long sip of your water as the waitress asks for everyone’s drink. When she leaves Jen says,

“I signed Y/N up for Tinder last night and she let me!”

“Really?” Ben asks, falling back in his seat and looking at you. You blush. Benjamin Barnes was a very attractive man. 6 foot with chocolate brown eyes that seemed to look into your soul when he was focused on you, dark lustrous hair and a smile that knew how to make you trust him. He was giving you a smile now, a skeptical smirk that was verging on amusement and you can’t help but smile back.

There had always been something between you and Ben but every time you tried to push it further he had always politely declined it. Or as Jen phrased it ‘he put his career first’. Either way, when he was back in town, despite wanting to spend all of his time with you, you were left feeling confused. You sigh, pushing your sunglasses on top of your head, ignoring the wisps of hair fighting to get into your face.

“To be fair, it was a bet. I was drunk. I lost. She won. Now I have a Tinder account. The end.” You start fiddling with your napkin as Ben cocks his head to the side, weighing your explanation. Finally he says,

“You have to stop betting against Jen in cornhole. There’s a reason she keeps a cornhole set at her house. To make the rest of us look like crap.”

The table laughs and you shake your head.

“Hey! I almost beat her! I just needed one more beer…”

“You had one more beer….” Jen says, smiling behind her menu. You roll your eyes as you pick up your own before you feel your phone vibrate. It had been going off for a while so instead of keeping it in your pocket you throw it on the table. It’s not long before its vibrating again and you ignore it, trying to figure out what you want to order. A couple more minutes go by of buzzing when Cole asks,

“The hell is that?”

“It’s my phone.” You shrug and Ben raises an eyebrow.

“Your phone?” he asks and you both look at each other for a beat before you both go to grab. Jen, who had been watching in amusement, easily snatches it before either of you can grab it.  

“Stooooooppp.” you whine, trying to grab the phone as she looks at your iPhones main screen.

“Holy shit Y/N! You have 200 notifications from Tinder? You freaking started an account last night!” She begins to try to put your phones passcode in to only get a rejected.

“Stop…..I know…I just ignore them. I said I’d sign up for it not that I’d follow through!” you whine more, trying to grab the phone from her.

Jen laughs, throwing the phone to Cole who also tries to input your phone’s lock passcode.

“You changed your passcode again?” Cole frowns and you throw your head back dramatically.

“No! You never knew it. Give me back my phone before you lock me out.”

“May I?” Ben asks. Cole nods, handing the phone to him and your eyes widen. Ben knew your passcode, just like you knew his.

“Ben….” you say, warning in your voice.

He smiles, easily opening your phone and opening the app. Cole starts to say something but Jen kicks him under the table, shaking her head. It’s not long before Ben is frowning, giving the phone back to Cole.

“A lot of guys have messaged you….” He mumbles, taking a sip out of his coffee and you cross your arms over your chest.

“Really?!” Cole and Jen ask in disbelief. Jen jumps from her seat and is over Cole, looking at your phone as he scrolls through each person and message.

“Holy shit!” Jen repeats and you groan as Cole smiles.

“Damn, Y/N, I mean…. some of these guys aren’t the most handsome or successful but some pretty attractive dudes seem to take a liking to you. Some of these guys are CEO’s!” Cole’s eyebrows furrow together and you give another sigh.

“I know! I’m just…. you know…. I wasn’t expecting to get all this attention. I thought it was a game you swipe and then suddenly, these people were messaging me. I stopped swiping for a while…. I mean that parts fun but I seriously don’t want to date these guys.”

“Uh huh…” Cole says, flashing his eyes between Ben who was concentrating on his menu intensely  and yourself. He jabs Jen, who was eagerly looking through profiles to break her attention. She also sees how quiet you both have become and sits down, clearing her throat.

“Whatever, so you’re popular on Tinder. This is LA…. I mean, I’ve always told you that you were hot shit Y/N.”

You laugh, looking back at the menu. Jen was a tall, athletic blonde who could get men to stop what they were doing the minute she entered the room. You knew you were attractive it was just compared to Jen – it was easy to forget at times.

“Can we brunch? I want to hear all about Ben’s adventures in New York and about this party he’s hosting and not about my Tinder profile.” You finally say, noticing that Ben hasn’t said a word since he’s opened your phone. Which, for Ben, was unusual.

He smiles at you, his eyes gleaming from above the menu before the table is engrossed in new conversation.

Two days later, you were at Jen’s house leisurely drinking a beer and swiping through your Tinder. Again. It was all because of what happened after brunch. You and Ben decided to go book shopping, much to Cole and Jen’s displeasure where you both spent hours flirting with each other while sifting through dusty shops. Ben had been more affectionate and yet distant so by the time you both said goodbye, you were left wanting more. Instead of lingering on it – like you normally would - you decided to distract your brain. Because whether you liked Tinder or not, it was a great booster for your confidence.  

“You have an addiction!” Jen yelled from the kitchen, monitoring the meat she was cooking as you fell back on the couch.

“I do not!” you yelled back, laughing knowing she was right. You took another drink of your beer before the next profile popped up. You jumped up from your lying position, coughing on beer as Jen runs into the living room.

“What happened!? Are you ok?” she asks and you shake your head, still choking on beer. You give a large burp, causing her to laugh before you shove your phone in her face.

“Shut the fuck up!” she back pedals, looking at the profile again before looking at you.

Benjamin’s name was on the screen, underneath a charismatic picture of him smiling at the screen. The next photo was of you and him at a friend’s party, freshly pied in the face by Jen and Cole. The next was a selfie you had taken on his phone when you had visited him in New York. Another one from this past Christmas at his place. Then finally, the last photo.  It was a picture of you and him dancing at a friend’s wedding. It was the last dance and you were still recovering from a bad break up so Ben had offered to be your date. Your eyes were contently closed as he kissed your forehead, your hands wrapped around his neck.

“When was this photo taken?” you asked but Jen shushed you, scrolling down at his profile.

London to LA

Loves theater and movies, binging on Netflix, eating, traveling, a nice hike, tennis and a great smile

 Just a dorky British guy trying to get the attention of my fun, intelligent and beautiful friend. Will she swipe right? Or am I stuck with other girls who might find this awkwardly romantic….

I’m in if you are!

You read the profile again, before muttering “I’m swiping left.”

“What!” Jen exclaims, grabbing the phone from you.

“THIS is how he tells me he likes me!? On a Tinder account?” you ask bitterly, still trying to take it all in.

“Who says it’s for you?” she asks deviously. You narrow your eyes.

“Swipe. Left.” You repeat again.

Jen sighs, taking a seat beside you. “I was kidding.” She says defensively and you shrug, throwing your head back, hitting it on the wall.

“Ow.” You moan as Jen chuckles, shaking her head.

“That’s why he likes you y/n. You’re so cute. Even when you’re trying not to be. And….listen I promised I’d never tell you this but I don’t want you to do something stupid if I don’t. Of course, Ben likes you.”

“What?” you ask, your voice flat.

“Ben’s liked you for years Y/N. Cole and I have known forever…. Cole and him are roommates. He drabbles to him all the time about you.”

“If he likes me then….” you ask skeptically and Jen shrugs.

“You know Ben. He’s not going to commit to something if he knows how much it’ll affect that person. He didn’t want his job to interfere with anything for you. Long months apart, late phone calls….he didn’t want to be unfair.”

You cross your legs, shaking your head.

“That’s not his call. Jeez, I hate when does that. Tries to be selfless but really he’s selfish cuz you can’t do that!” You growl, hitting a pillow before looing over at Jen. “Why can’t he tell me things like this?”

“Because he likes you!” Jen exclaims and then sighs. “you know how weird you get when you know he’s going to be around. He feels the same way okay. Give him a little slack.”

You look back down at your phone, then break into a small smile.

“Did Cole put him up to this?”

Jen laughs, shaking her head.

“That night of brunch…. he was sooooo mad I signed you up for Tinder. And that a lot of guys expressed interest…. I think he was afraid that you’d go out and find someone. So, he tells Cole he’s going to make a profile and hope that your profiles cross.”

You laugh now, looking back down at your phone where Ben’s smile was beaming back up at you.

“He does know that it picks up where you live….so between the millions of people that live in LA that probability is like… hella low.”

“That’s what Cole told him!” Jen continues to laugh. “He just shrugged and said it was the only shot he’d have with you.”

You smile, looking back down at the photo of you and him. Ben was sweet and stubborn – once he set his mind on something there was no changing it. You bite your lip, swiping right. Immediately Tinder’s ‘It’s a Match’ pops up.

“Guess its up to him now.” 

Zodiac Cheat Sheet (Part 2)


  • Ruling planet: Mars
  • Ruling Olympian: Athena
  • Ruling House: 1st house, House of Self (Latin: “Vita” meaning “life”)
  • Element & Group: Cardinal Fire sign
  • Symbol: The Ram
  • Ruling body part (medical zodiac): Head, Face, Eyes
  • Motto: I Am


  • Ruling planet: Venus
  • Ruling Olympian: Aphrodite
  • Ruling House: 2nd house, House of Value (Latin: “Lucrum” meaning “Wealth”)
  • Element & Group: Fixed Earth sign
  • Symbol: The Bull
  • Ruling body part (medical zodiac): Neck, throat, vocal tract
  • Motto: I have


  • Ruling planet: Mercury
  • Ruling Olympian: Apollo
  • Ruling House: 3rd house, House of Communication (Latin: “Fratres” meaning “Brothers”)
  • Element & Group: Mutable Air sign
  • Symbol: The Twins
  • Ruling body parts (medical zodiac): Hands, Arms, Nervous System
  • Motto: I Think


  • Ruling “planet”: The moon
  • Ruling Olympian: Hermes
  • Ruling House: 4th house, House of Home and Family (Latin: “Genitor” meaning “parents”)
  • Element & Group: Cardinal Water sign
  • Symbol: The Crab
  • Ruling body parts (Medical zodiac): Breasts, Chest, Stomach
  • Motto: I Feel


  • Ruling “planet”: The sun
  • Ruling Olympian: Zeus
  • Ruling House: 5th house, House of Pleasure/Leisure (Latin: “Nati” meaning “children”)
  • Element & Group: Fixed Fire sign
  • Symbol: The Lion
  • Ruling body parts (Medical Zodiac): Heart, Spine, Spinal column
  • Motto: I will


  • Ruling planet: Mercury
  • Ruling Olympian: Demeter
  • Ruling House: 6th house, House of Health (Latin: “Valetudo” meaning health"
  • Element & Group: Mutable Earth sign
  • Symbol: The Virgin
  • Ruling body parts (Medical Zodiac): Digestive system, spleen
  • Motto: I analyze


  • Ruling planet: Venus
  • Ruling Olympian: Hephaestus (Even though Libras are considered the “attractive sign”)
  • Ruling House: 7th house, House of Partnership (Latin: “Uxor” meaning “spouse”)
  • Element & Group: Cardinal Air sign
  • Symbol: The Scales
  • Ruling body parts (Medical Zodiac): Kidneys, skin, buttocks
  • Motto: I balance


  • Ruling planets: Pluto and Mars
  • Ruling Olympian: Ares
  • Ruling House: 8th house, House of Death and Sex (Latin: “Mors” meaning “Death”)
  • Element & Group: Fixed Water sign
  • Symbol: The Scorpion
  • Ruling body parts (Medical zodiac): Sexual organs, reproductive system, bowel
  • Motto: I want


  • Ruling planet: Jupiter
  • Ruling Olympian: Artemis
  • Ruling House: 9th house, House of Philosophy (Latin: “Iter” meaning “journey”)
  • Element & Group: Mutable Fire sign
  • Symbol: The Centaur / The Archer
  • Ruling body parts (Medical Zodiac): Thighs, Hips, Muscles
  • Motto: I see


  • Ruling planet: Saturn
  • Ruling Olympian: Hestia
  • Ruling House: 10th house, House of Social Status (Latin: “Regnum” meaning “kingdom”)
  • Element & Group: Cardinal Earth sign
  • Symbol: The Sea-Goat
  • Ruling body parts (Medical zodiac): Skeletal system, knees, joints
  • Motto: I use


  • Ruling planet: Uranus and Saturn
  • Ruling Olympian: Hera
  • Ruling House: 11th House, House of Friendship (Latin: “Benefacta” meaning “Friendships”)
  • Element & Group: Fixed Air sign
  • Symbol: The Water Bearer (And not that good at it since he’s actually pouring it out!)
  • Ruling Body parts (Medical zodiac): legs, veins, heels
  • Motto: I know


  • Ruling planet: Neptune and Jupiter
  • Ruling Olympian: Poseidon
  • Ruling House: 12th house, House of Self-Undoing (Latin: “Carcer” meaning “Prison”)
  • Element & Group: Mutable Water sign
  • Symbol: The two fishes
  • Ruling body parts (Medical zodiac): immune system, feet, toes
  • Motto: I believe
Leisure [PREVIEW]
Leisure [PREVIEW]

*listen w/ headphones c:*

Not sure if you all missed my post from earlier this year, But I said I would be releasing ANOTHER album so here is the preview of my third album/EP  “Leisure”. This album is more laid back for the most part and has a more consistent style (EDM, Trip Hop, RnB, Future Bass). This album will feature 5 songs, along with 2 instrumentals of the songs that include EXO and ONE T. Also, it features an instrumental from my 2nd album, “Timeless”. Anyway, let me know how you like the songs so far, by commenting!! :D (personally, “Wishes” is my fave hehehee~) 

Release date: Monday, August 1, 2016, 8PM CST

  1. Opulent
  2. Penumbra (ft ONE T)
  3. Wishes
  4. Forgive and Forget
  5. Invincible (ft EXO)
  6. Pure Heart (Instrumental)
  7. Penumbra (Instrumental)
  8. Invincible (Instrumental)


THANKS FOR LISTENING!! Please anticipate my new EP♥♥♥

anonymous asked:

thoughts on Ursa & Ozai (from show canon)?

I’m glad you specified the show canon, as the comics canon completely contradicts the A:TLA Urzai dynamic. (And no, I won’t go into that, because I don’t fancy frothing at the mouth right now.)

First of all, Ozai was an abusive parent, but that does not necessarily mean he was an abusive husband. Although it’s not out of the realm of possibility, Ursa never acts frightened in Ozai’s presence or recoils from him in any way. She is free to chastise Azula, Ozai’s favorite, without hindrance and never shows Ozai any special deference or submission. There is even evidence that Ozai cared about her as far as he was able. There’s this shot that @exfirelordozai pointed out:

Ursa when Lu Ten was reported killed in action, and Ozai after Ursa is banished forever, standing in the exact same place.

Then there is Zuko’s admission in the “Ember Island Players”:

I told you, my Father hasn’t come here since our family was actually happy. And that was a long time ago.

If Ozai wasn’t sentimental about Ursa, why would he board up his leisure house at Ember Island and never visit it? He didn’t want to be reminded of his wife because it was, at some level, painful. My guess is this: Ursa and Ozai, while perhaps not in love, had a certain amount of affection for each other and maybe even shared political goals at one point. Ursa is shown to be on board with the Fire Nation’s conquest of Ba Sing Se and is never shown expressing doubt at the rightness of the cause, nor does she shirk at regicide, albeit to spare her son. But with Lu Ten’s death, followed by Azulon’s snubbing of Ozai and demanding that Ozai sacrifice Zuko, Ozai’s resentment at being passed over for heir, combined with his ambition, drove him toward murder of his father, banishment of his wife, and exile of his son. Once Ursa left, any trace of compassion Ozai might have had left with her, and both her children were left without a loving parent–until Iroh came along for Zuko.

Favorite/Least favorite Roller Coasters/Amusement park games/rides of the Argo 2 crew + a few others

  • Percy loves log rides, water rapids, water slides, water parks, anything with water. Though, no matter how hard you try, you could never get him on one of those really tall coasters like Kingda Ka or the drop towers.
  • Annabeth enjoys the arcade. Skill, tactic, no surprises. She ends up winning a bunch of stuffed animals that she shares with the gang. She hates haunted houses though;Too many (fake) spiders most of the time.
  • Jason is a sucker for tall rides. High up in the sky? You bet he’s ridden it.. Meanwhile, he’s not a fan of haunted houses either, and usually hangs outside with Annabeth while the others ride it (he’s a scaredy cat).
  • Piper will ride just about anything, but her absolute favorites are the tea cups or bumper cars. Why? She loves spinning the tea cups really fast, and she owns at bumper cars. She’s also great at the little arcade or side games. She hates ring tosses though. Those things are the worst.
  • Frank prefers calmer or smaller rides. If it’s slow with not a lot of loops, he’ll probably be up for it. Also carousels and tea cups (with anyone but Piper). Wet rides are fine with him, as long as he has a towel or something with him. He hates big, fast rides though. Usually he’ll stick to riding the carousel with Hazel.
  • Hazel’s favorites are the carousel and haunted house. Calm and leisurely with horses and of course a little spoopy ride for fun. Usually she’ll ride the carousel with Percy and Frank, and the haunted house with Nico. Her favorite haunted house ride will always be The Haunted Mansion, though (classic). Her least favorite thing is the side games. Always so taunting and ready to take your money.
  • Leo loves the side games and arcade, especially the cane games. His favorite rides, though, are bumper cars and anything fast, especially with loops or if it just looks wild; It’s just his style. He hates wet rides. They’re much too damp and cold for someone with fire powers.
  • Nico is a complete sucker for haunted houses. Even just walking past one he can’t help but crack a smirk. He’ll always try to drag the others on it, and he always manages to get Hazel to go with him. When he does get on, he’ll try to ride it several times in a row. He has to ride it at least twice. His least favorites are really tall rides and water rides, though he’ll bear the latter if he must. (Nico also drags everyone to the food carts/bars after every few rides. Food is a very high priority. Especially junk food and ice cream.)
  • Reyna will bear just about anything, and usually with a stoic face. However, she does enjoy big rides a bit more than others, mostly because she finds it fun to watch everyone else get scared. Usually Nico and Hazel manage to drag her to the haunted houses, and Jason knows how to convince her to go on the giant rides with him. She dislikes pirate ships out of everything. She just doesn’t like the idea of pirates very much.
  • Grover’s favorites are rides with nature scenery, ones that you can see the entire park from, or water rides. When he’s not on one of those, he’s usually hanging out by the games or food, or being dragged around by Percy and Annabeth. His least favorites are the big ones and car rides, mostly because of how much space the big ones take up, and how bad cars are for the environment. 
  • Thalia likes small but wild rides, and she’s a bit of a fan of Haunted Houses. She’ll bear other ones too, like water rides or tea cups or carousels, but there’s no way you’re getting her on a drop tower (unless it’s Tower of Terror, but that’s just because it’s enclosed. She feels less like she’s going to fall out.) Her least favorites are, obviously, tall rides. No way in Hades is she going to ride Kingda Ka. 
  • Rachel loves hanging out at the games, and riding the tall rides. (Legend says she rode Kingda Ka with Jason, twice.) The only rides she doesn’t like are the really slow ones, like kiddie rides or carousels. She lives for action and speed. Usually, she’s the only one that will go with Jason, Thalia, or Leo on the really wild rides.
  • The Stoll brothers spend most of their time at the games, usually messing with stuff and pranking people. When they aren’t sabotaging someone’s game of ring toss, they’re probably on one of the pirate ship rides or those rides where it spins so fast you get pressed against the wall. Their least favorites are the kiddie rides. Much too boring for their tastes.

anonymous asked:

I know the moon represents hidden habits, risings how people first perceive u and Venus dictates how u love, but idk bout the rest. All astrology sites say is weird keywords like "death, obscureness" n I dont understand it and yall keep things simple

okay bb imma make this simple


Sun- Conscious mind and ego
Moon- Subconscious mind and emotions
Mercury- Communication and writing
Venus- Love and art
Mars- Sex and anger
Jupiter- Knowledge and luck
Saturn- Laws and restrictions
Uranus- Individuality and progression 
Neptune- Dreams and inspiration
Pluto- Death and spiritual rebirth


Chiron- how you heal your deepest wounds
Ceres- nurturing and grief  
Pallas- justice and wisdom
Juno- What you look for in a soulmate
Vesta- metabolism and home life
North Node- What you strive to be in life
South Node- What characteristics you fall back on


1st house (ascendent)- outerself, appearance
2nd house - money and property
3rd house - surroundings and siblings 
4th house -(IC)- family life (mother/father), homelife
5th house- leisure and children 
6th house- work, coworkers and health 
7th house- (descendent)- open enemies, personal relationships
8th house- death, transformation, sex
9th house- spirituality, abstract philosophy, travels 
10th house- (midheaven)- career life path, social standing
11th house- humanitarian, group of friends
12th house- enemies, secrets, illnesses