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Good, I can respect your heandcanons. People can have their headcanons, that's peachy keen. I headcanon Jamison as bi and cis, will you do me that same respect?

what is this about???? i haven’t posted abt overwatch in forever,,, and i mean,,,, thats “peachy keen” that you respect my headcanons but i mean,,,, you come into my house,,,,, two days before my birthday,,, and say junkrat is cis??? im sorry, but you can take your headcannons somewhere else bcs i frankly dont care for cis junkrat

I think we visited a murder house

So we’re looking at places to live at the moment and we went into this house the other day that looked great in the pictures - although for some reason there was still a car in the driveway but still - but was really surprisingly cheap. When we got there it was an open house and the estate agent started giving us a bit of back story:

Turns out the house was a product of a very messy ‘divorce’, with her still living locally and him apparently disappearing off to 'Australia’ and now completely unreachable. Their son had been living there since, although he’s now disappeared and incontactable too (it was his car in the driveway and it’s been sat there so long moss has grown over it and they can’t get into it without the keys) and some of his stuff was still in the house.

Walking around it though you could literally feel the anger in the house, like it was palpable and we all independently said it. Made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. We politely walked round the house as quickly as we could until we got to the bedroom and found a bunch of bullet-holes in the wall, really badly plastered over. Then we quietly amskrayed and didn’t look back.

whomst wants to come to my house on switch launch day and play mine

we can play uh, *looks at launch titles written on my palm* uh, not 1-2 switch, i’m not getting that. uh. snipperclips? sure, it’s 15 bucks. bomberman r? no, waiting on a review for that, wanna make sure it has no microtransactions. uh. Fast RMX has split-screen, i guess we can do that. We can’t do Zelda. I’m buying that, but it’s singleplayer and i’ll be damned if anybody plays my copy of zelda before I do. um. what else. is Ultra Street Fighter 2 a launch title? I don’t think it is. oh! shovel knight is on launch now! that has co-op. but… we’d have to use sideways joy-cons. that’s okay, i guess. i’ll take the shitty one with the thumbstick in the middle since i’m a good host. 

um, okay, so i think the list is snipperclips, fast rmx, and shovel knight. maybe i’ll let you play zelda. i might do that. MAYBE. once i play it for a bit. you can watch me play it. if you come to my house. if my switch arrives on time. i got the one with the grey joy-cons. i kinda wish i got the one with the red and blue ones, it’s really cute, but i guess the grey ones are okay. i promise i wont bring up the fact that it looks like a dog. no promises that i won’t pull up fanart of the switch dog, the one with the fat ass. if my friend billy comes over then i’m definitely going to do that to see his reaction to it. unless billy brings his brother. his brother is only 17 so i can’t let him see fat dog asses or he’ll die. i have psvr and resident evil 7 also if you get tired of the nintendo. 

I don’t know how I kept forgetting to mention this but a while ago I had a dream where House and Wilson had some kind of in-joke regarding ties and one day House walked into Wilson’s office and sat down only to notice a dispenser in the corner. Like one of those dispensers where you put in $2 and get a bouncy ball except instead of a ball it dispensed novelty ties. And for whatever reason House found it so fucking funny he eventually ended up curled up on the ground, still laughing and gasping for breath, about these ridiculous ties Wilson had loaded into his fucking tie dispenser

My cyber kotori outfit came in the mail the other day, so naturally I tried it on as soon as I got home (I’ve been at a friends house for the past 10 days). I don’t have a wig yet, or the headset. And idek if I’m wearing the socks correctly but you can bet that I’m excited to wear this at anime matsuri and hang out with my friends and us all be light up babes 💖

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My mom has been here for a few days. She witnessed our sleep routine a few nights and is horrified. Here’s our typical sleep routine, with the ultimate goal of the kids in their bed by 7:

“Quick” cartoon (one less than 24 minutes long)
Bath for the girls/Shower for Dino
Melatonin distributed
Lotion, hair maintenance, pjs, brush teeth, potty

Now, Dino and MeToo are asleep within 15 minutes.

Bee takes an hour to fall asleep.

8:00pm- Bee asleep
8:00-10:30 I get stuff done around the house, prep for next day, review things for work, get ready for bed.
11:30pm- Bee wakes up, but will fall back to sleep quickly
2:00am-4:00am- Bee wakes up at any point during this time frame and she is wide awake. It takes another dose of melatonin, maybe some Dimmetap, massage arms and leg with sleepy time lotion, rocking while wrapped up in a blanket. Usually she is back to sleep by 4.
5:45am- Start the day.

I have been very resistant for 18 months of psychotropic meds for Bee. The psychiatrist pushed it heavily the first couple of visits and I pushed back. I’m still against the medication. This sleep disturbance is difficult. I’m thinking of doing a sleep study to see if there are underlying physiological causes. This sleep pattern is with or without a nap and physical activity doesn’t appear to have any effect. My mom really wants me to revisit the idea of medication.

I deal with this about 7 nights out of 10. I’m worried how it will be for my mom while I’m gone.


“Hello, Lace speaking.”

“Hello, Lace? This is Tisha from Child Youth Services. I’m calling regarding a child you’ve inquired about adopting, Genevieve Pierce?”

“Oh, yes! My wife and I are interested in welcoming her into our home.” 

“That’s great. Someone will be over to inspect your property, and i’ll email you the necessary paperwork. Then, Genevieve and I will be at your house on Leisure Day!” 

“That’s excellent, thank you so much!” Lace said. Tisha hung up the phone just as Lace saw the school bus pull up. Madelyn bounced off the bus, looking significantly more cheerful than she did yesterday. 

“I’ve got some good news, Madelyn.” Lace said, somewhat apprehensively. She wasn’t sure how Madelyn would take the news. “We will be getting another little girl in our family, like a little sister for you. Would you like that?” 

“A baby?” Madelyn asked. 

“Not quite a baby. She’s a toddler, quite a bit younger than you.” 

“Okay,” Madelyn said. Lace took it as a good sign that she said anything at all.

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EXCUSE ME BISH! I KNOW YOU DIDN'T DROP A FIC WITHOUT TELLING THIS KATE FIC HOE?!?! I'M JUST??? It's cool. I forgive you. I'm gonna go read it now byyyeeeee

SFGHDSJDFG KELSEY <3 I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. I didn’t drop the new part yet, but I’m releasing it today, I just need to edit it now >:) 


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The 25 Days of Shit Slytherins Say: #2
  • My Christmas list is short this year:
  • 1) $1,000,000 in cash
  • 2) The souls of all who have displeased me
  • 3) A kitten
White House says it Deliberately Omitted Jews from Holocaust Statement | Time
The Holocaust Remembrance Day statement made no mention of the 6 million Jews killed
By Madeline Farber

Deliberately. Omitted. The Jews…. from HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE DAY.

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It’s already been pointed out before, but it bears repeating: Trump - who campaigned with anti-Semitism - is NOT trying to be a friend to the Jews.

Or Muslims. Or Black people. Or Women. Or anyone else in the United States. Or the world.

(And no, Jared Kushner doesn’t count)