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I honestly can’t tell you guys how long I’ve been excited and wanting to get to Queen Alphys :D She’s definitely one of the more fascinating rulers to me, if only because this seems like the mirror universe Alphys. I mean, not quite fully, but this is not the wonderful Alphys from Pacifist Route that seems most like herself.

And I find that really interesting.

As for her battle theme, I dunno. I figured it might be a mashup of her theme, and Undyne’s, and Mettaton’s battle themes. Maybe more accurately the tracks “Alphys”, “Battle Against A True Hero”, and “Power of ‘NEO’”.

I know jack diddly squat about making music tho. I’m a writer and artist, and not musically inclined in the least, but if one of you can make that theme omg I would listen to it.

This morning I was skyping my friend in Japan, and we were talking about how I want to go to a language school in Tokyo to be able to get into a University later. He asked if I had any friends going with me, and of course I told him no, all of my friends are going to American Universities.

He said, “oh, so you will be lonely.”
I told him yea, probably.
And so he says, “if you get lonely, don’t hesitate to call me. I will come running.”

And I almost cried.

Ask Box Opening Thursday + New Series and Request Option

I am back from the Band Camp Dead!!!!

Seriously this has been one of the hardest weeks of my life, but that’s not why you’re reading this post so if you’re interested in why, please read my last rant.

You’re reading this post because at long last the askbox is opening!!!

And I mean the askbox for imagines, scenarios, drabbles, and headcanons.

Please do NOT send me match-ups. They will be deleted and someone will be sad.

The askbox will be opening on Thursday August 25th, 2016 at 1:00 P.M Pacific Time. I will make a very explicit post when the ask box is open so please don’t send in requests any sooner. They will be deleted. And for those of you in different time zones, not to worry I will also be posting about an hour and half hour before to warn you guys.

Also, one thing, there was a bit of a problem with the last ask box opening with people sending in multiple requests. I understand that the event is really exciting and you all have a lot of ideas, but I only accept about twenty-five to thirty (usually about two to three months’ worth) of requests at a time, and it just isn’t fair to have twenty-five percent of those being from one person when there are about six hundred others who also want to put in requests. I’m not gonna be a Nazi about this unless it becomes a continuous problem but it’s minor request. Please only send one or two requests at a time. It’s just the fair thing to do.

And so on that note, for followers new and old, here’s a quick reminder on the fandoms I’m accepting requests for:


Kuroko no Basket



Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Yu Yu Hakusho


And now…

Kekkai Sensen/Blood Blockade Battlefront!

Oh my god who else is excited?!?! I’m so freaking excited!

Also, I’ve decided to start writing scenarios about yandere characters. I used to not write them because frankly I just wasn’t that into the archetype (although than again, jealousy requests bore the pants very much on me and I never banned those) and I didn’t want to fetishize abuse or stalking, but I’ve recently (thanks to a little game called Yandere Simulator) have gained a newfound love for, but the trend and have been thinking, what the hell? Go bananas! I still won’t fetishize the behavior, but if you want to know how your favorite volleyball player or Libra-member would go coocoo for reader-puffs than yeah, I can be down with writing that.

So yes, new askbox, new series, new genre, we should have some serious fun this askbox opening and I’m really looking forward to it.


Take some time off mobile, get on your desktops, click the little link on my beautiful, custom, pastel blog layout, and READ damnit!!! If I get one more vague request like “So-and-so NSFW, k thanx bai”—I’m gonna lose my freaking mind. Please read the rules guys. I took a lot more time writing them than it will take you to read them so please just do it. I’ll love you even more than I already do.

I’m super pumped to get back into this blog, you guys give me a lot of happiness with your ideas and support and I love you all. See you all Thursday.

Keep on sinning.

–Admin Ryou

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so i hear you have powers??? haha okay so it's my first time running for Student Council and I need all the luck I can get so.. bless me oh magical one

Whut the snick snak patty wack frick frack pancackes flipperama rodeo clown!??!  pEOPLe i literally am the girl who locked herself out of her own house less than 3 hours ag0  and can you guys pls believe in yourselves a little more?

GOOD LUCK THOUGH ANON-CHAN, YOU GOT THIS. I don’t know much about advice for running for council because every time I do it I don’t really prepare a speech and just think of stuff on the spot, it seems more natural that way so uh idk if that’s good advice but yeah. Last time I ran for something the board made me rap Jay Chou… -___-  BUT YEAH ALL THE BEST AND TRY TO HAVE FUN. 

okay but this shit is still hitting me too hard

last chapter we get this:

and of course it’s amazing because that’s Renji, my once pineapple-headed son, watching his closest most dearest most special person to him get promoted to captain. he’s there, watching her, supporting her, seeing her get her dues and rise to the rank of captain

and he makes that face (the one in my shitty drawn circle). that little smile and he watches her and before BEFORE it was cute BUT NOW


we know that he was watching his wife go be promoted to captain. HE WAS WATCHING HIS WIFE GO AND HE’S SO HAPPY AND PROUD AND IN LOVE and he knows that he’ll never be apart from her again, that they’ve achieved a happiness they probably once never thought possible YET HERE THEY ARE and i thought i was okay

a quick post, asking for help

Hi, everyone. I can’t even explain how much it hurts that my life has even come to this. Basically, I got an email today from my school letting me know I owe 3,012 dollars, or if I pay the deferment amount, 753 dollars by September 1st.

I live in an apartment off campus and have been going to school for 4 years. During my second year, my dad died suddenly in an accident and I was totally blown off my course. Just over this past summer did I make a solid plan for the future of my schooling. The problem is that I’m not getting anywhere close to the amount of money back that I’ve always gotten.

Even when the 3012 dollars is paid off, all the money I’d gotten back went into that amount being lowered. This means that I have no money to pay rent (400 dollars a month), buy groceries, buy books and supplies for the school year, pay my phone bill, my electric bill and my renters insurance. I’m planning to get a job once school starts on campus, and try to even get two jobs but right now I’m pretty desperate for help on the 753 dollars I owe by the first and the 400 I owe in rent by the 4th.

I understand this is a lot to ask, but any amount can help, even boosting this. If I don’t pay these things, I’m going to have to drop out and move home, which would be detrimental to my mental health. Thanks so much for any kind of help, even emotional support. Ily guys.



@coreyfogelmanis: *inadvertently quotes Hamilton every time I open my mouth*

*throws confetti* happy seventeenth birthday corey! hope you have many more to come. (insp.)

Imagine #35

Boomerang: So ya think I can’t do fire tricks, hothead?
Chato: *stares unfazed*

Boomerang: *gets lighter out* Watch this, junky. 

Chato: Unimpressed, you think (Y/N) likes this? She likes fire, I’m literally fire, I can fire her up more then you can achieve in two hours, grandpa.

(Y/N): You guys know we all are in the same room and this is fucking disturbing, no?

Harley: * whispers* how does he do that…? 

Happy Tuesday from ur fav neighborhood voltron blog ;) I finally feel like my streak of bad days has ended!! I hope you are all feeling good too!!! Sending all my positive vibes your way!!! Make sure you drink water and eat something good today, and know that I’m rooting for you!!!

The Mundanli’s main source of revenue-as in what they specifically trade in-are succulents and herbs. Started by Alaku, Yoddha’s second wife, the succulent and herb garden, or ‘The Garden’, is what allows the Mundanli to be able to form relationships and bussiness alliances with other Clans and has replaced the Mundanli’s original tactic of war and conquering. 

As of this moment, there are six Clans that the Mundanli sell the succulents and herbs to:

The Nuthai, a shadow Clan

The Tolta, a Nature Clan

The Hundari, a Nature Clan

The Sithai, a Nature Clan

The Mastani, an Earth Clan

The Siben, an Earth Clan

The Garden is tended to by Gardeners, a large group in the Mundanli composed mainly of dragons with non earth parents, nature dragons, and servants/slaves given to the Mundanli by other Clans. Most of the Gardeners are hardworking and devoted to their Clan and, contary to what most Mundanli Nobles and Warriors believe, the Clan would fall without their hardwork. 

Unfortunately, it is the lowest class in the Clan hiearchy and the Gardeners are usually not treated with the same amount of respect that Earth dragons get (mainly due to discriminatory nature of the Clan). 

Because the Garden is so important to the Clan, all Clan Leaders must be knowledgeable in horticulture. While this should be a problem for Aakola (considering that she was not groomed to be Clan Leader), the Skydancer has spent all her life in the Garden, sneaking out from her royal studies to tend to the fields. As such, Aakola is incredibly knowledgeable on gardening and growing succulents. 

She highly respects the Gardeners, knowing full well that they are the heart of the Clan and that, without their hardwork, the Clan would fall. Aakola hopes that, with her now being Clan Leader, she will be able to make the Clan better for them and that they will not have to face discrimiation simply because of their class and bloodline. She also plans to have the Clan stop the practice of buying and selling slaves (which is met with much protest by the Mundanli Nobles).