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i’m scared to death of light and silence

A/N: Symmetra/Sombra fic written for @grimtriggers here on tumblr. Super NSFW, mostly about Sombra submitting completely and entirely to the shaper of her universe.

Also Available on AO3.

Corporate espionage was a very pretty turn of phrase. It sounded almost innocent, benign, like accidentally spilling too much gossip around the water cooler. It did not sound like a controlled explosion on the other side of the Vishkar complex, drawing all security personnel. It didn’t sound like Satya using a pass that did not belong to her to gain access to a room she wasn’t supposed to be in, stealing information she swore to protect, in order to give it to a woman that had a verifiable kill count.

Never too far away, Sombra hovered over her every move, murmuring instructions when she could get close enough.

“Cutting it a little close, bella.”

The blue core in the center of Satya’s left palm lit up, flickering purple. Static traveled up the length of her forearm, a tremble where she was normally steady as a surgeon.

She balled her hand into a fist. “I will be fine.” Satya had the unnerving ability to look right through her, even when Sombra had her cloaking device activated. “You should be more concerned about your own route of escape, if this goes awry.”

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Today, I put aside my overwelming fear of fucking up and decided to tackle styling my Chuuya wig and. let. me. tell. you. how. happy. I. AM.

Before (Arda’s Vivien in Pumpkin) :


The shorter side looks a little long-ish I know, but it curls really nicely around the collar and looks canon so i’m leaving it alone. Total time spent came out to around 2 hours I think, it was a lot of spraying, blow drying, cutting, spiking, etc. but i’m happy with what I did. 

(I have zero makeup on/my brows are out of control so ick but I wanted to show what it looks like on - also for some reason it looks a lot lighter in this light? hmm)

The big terrible problem is that the hat I bought for this doesn’t fit on top of the wig now D: sooo i’m going to see about returning it/getting the biggest size they have b/c i’m not smashing down all the shit I did to fit under that damn thing. 

The collateral damage, RIP:

Crazy hair coloring tips

Just thought I’d give some advice for anyone who’s dyeing their hair with semi-permanent dyes like Splat’s crazy pinks, purples, blues, greens, etc.

1. Bleach your hair as light as possible first unless you have really white blond hair to begin with. You’ll get much more vivid color.

2. After you’ve washed out the bleach (or just washed your hair, if you aren’t bleaching), do not apply conditioner. Conditioner coats your hair and will prevent the dye from soaking in as well. Also, you’ll need to blow dry your hair, because it needs to be bone dry when you apply the dye.

3. If you want the colors more pastel than what comes out of the box, mix the dye with some white conditioner until you get the color you want.

4. When you’re applying the dye, make sure you really saturate your hair from root to tip. Rub the dye in thoroughly with your fingers (in plastic gloves, of course) to make sure every strand is fully coated.

5. If you’re doing multiple colors, wrap the lighter color strands in foil so they won’t get adulterated by the darker colors. You can bend the foil or roll it up so it keeps that strand out of your way while you continue to work.

6. Leave the dye on for way longer than the package suggests. I always stick it all under a shower cap to keep it out of my way and just leave it on for about 6 hours. (This is why dyeing my hair is an all-day project.)

7. When you’re ready to rinse out the dye, use water as cold as you can stand. The colder the water, the better the dye will stay in your hair. I always condition my hair at this stage, but if your hair doesn’t tangle too badly you might be able to avoid that, which would be better. The package says to rinse your hair until the water runs clear, but in my experience that’s a joke. I’ve never gotten the water to run clear on the first rinse, no matter how long I stayed under the water. I just got it to run somewhat clearer than the first gush of extreme color and then gave up and dried my hair with a dark towel. The water doesn’t ever run clear the first 10 times I wash it or so.

8. When rinsing out the dye this first time, leave yourself considerable time and energy for cleaning the tub and shower afterward. It might look a bit like a murder scene, with arterial sprays of dye everywhere, and that dye will stain your tub/tiles semi-permanently if you don’t clean it off fairly promptly.

9. Splat dyes (the only ones with which I’m familiar) will stain your skin (especially your forehead, ears, neck, etc.). But make-up remover will pretty much take it all off if you scrub persistently enough. And I use masking tape to try to cover as much of my hairline as possible to minimize this kind of staining.

10. To help the color last as long as possible, A) use shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair, B) wash your hair as rarely as possible (dry shampoo can come in handy to help with this, as it doesn’t affect the color—I use “Perfect Hair Day” from Living Proof, and I highly recommend it), and C) only ever wash your hair with the coldest water you can stand. The warmer the water, the more color will rinse away. In my experience, this makes a huge difference over time.

11. Only use dark towels to dry your hair when you wash it, and only sleep on dark pillow cases, because the color will rub off and stain your linens.

Keep reading if you want to see some photos illustrating my experiments and showing how the color fades with various methods of treatment.

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Your Dork

Request: Hi can I request 17’s mingyu + 1?? Thank you💙💙

1) Another idol calls you their ideal type. What does your bias do?

Member: Seventeen’s Mingyu x Y/N (ft. Monsta X Minhyuk)

Type: Fluff

Mingyu hummed happily behind me as he ran another braid through my hair.

“Mingyu, darling,” I sighed, flipping through my magazine. “My hair is going to be so incredibly greasy.”

I was sitting on the floor in front of the couch Mingyu was lounging on. His long legs sat on either side of me, his hands deeply tangled in my hair. “Then shower,” he said simply, continuing his work.

“I’ve already showered once today,” I grumbled. “Remember? You insisted on helping me blow dry…and style…and here we are…hours later and you’re styling again…if that’s what we want to call it.”

“You see,” Mingyu began. I could tell he had a smile on his face just by his tone. “I’m so tall, and you are so short, that every time I look down, I inevitably see your hair. Every time I see your hair, I want to touch it.”

“I feel like your logic is flawed, but I adore you entirely too much to argue about it,” I chuckled, turning another page.

He leaned forward, wrapping his arms around my shoulders and planted a kiss onto my temple. One of the biggest pluses of dating Mingyu was that he wasn’t ever shy of showing any affection.

One of the downsides though? He didn’t have much of an inside voice.

“Yah!” he shouted into my ear, snatching the magazine from my hands. “It’s Minhyuk hyung!”

“Sorry, I couldn’t hear you,” I muttered sarcastically, placing a hand over the ear he had shouted in. “I think I was momentarily rendered deaf.”

“You know,” he continued, not even pausing to apologize. “Minhyuk hyung! From Monsta X! He’s so nice…they interviewed him!”

“I know,” I said, rolling my eyes. “I’ve met Minhyuk oppa plenty of times Mingyu.”

“They did a Q & A!” he continued, still ignoring me.

“Am I talking to myself?” I whispered.

“Every monbebe is dying to know,” Mingyu read. “Minhyuk, what kind of girl is your ideal type?”

“Someone caring. One of our friends in Seventeen, he’s dating a girl who carries his photo card in her wallet and she never told him. He found it on his own. I think that is so precious and cute. I want a girl like that. She’s totally my ideal type!”

I paused the speech I had prepared in my head about how idols are always asked such stupid questions and nearly vomited. A blush spread hot and heavy across my cheeks and down my neck. I sat in silence waiting for Mingyu’s reaction as he continued looking at the page. I had never in our time together seen a jealous Mingyu, so I was overwhelmingly curious.

“Hm,” Mingyu huffed, “I never knew hyung’s favorite color was…”

“MINGYU!” I nearly shouted, not being able to contain myself any longer.

“Hm?” he asked, lifting his eyes from the magazine.

“Do you have no opinion about Minhyuk oppa saying I was his ideal type?” I hissed.

“Well, I’m not really surprised,” he smiled. “If I didn’t realize how wonderful you are, why would I be with you?”

I sat for a second, my mouth slightly ajar. Mingyu began cackling as he scooped me up into his arms and pulled me into his lap.

“Are you expecting me to be jealous?” he giggled.

“Well…I mean…maybe a little bit,” I muttered moodily.

“Jagi,” he smiled. “Why would you leave me? I mean…look at me.”

I smacked him on the chest and pouted.

“I’m joking!” he laughed. “I’m so comfortable and so deeply involved with you that I have nothing to be worried about. Why be jealous over something that’s only the truth? You ARE precious and cute.”

“But…” I grumbled. “Why do you have to tell literally everyone we meet that story?”

“Because!” he gasped. “It is quite literally the cutest thing I’ve ever witnessed.”

“Yeah, well…Wonwoo found it and drew a mustache on your face,” I said grumpily.  

“And I’m sure I still look good,” he nodded with a smile, reaching his arms around me to continue flipping through the magazine. “Ooo perfume samples…”

I rolled my eyes and rested my head against Mingyu’s chest, peppering the area under his jaw with kisses. “Dork.”

“Your dork,” he smiled.

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More than friends (Mingyu, M rated)

Warnings: Smut and strong language, 18+ rated. 

It was Thursday morning when your best friend, Mingyu, called you to tell you to come over, since recently, he was under a lot of pressure and he needs you to help him relieve that. “The members won’t be here, they’re going out for dinner and I told them I’ll be staying in the dorm to get some rest” Mingyu told you on the phone. “You will be getting some rest before I come though, right?” You asked him. You knew what this meant, even though Mingyu was your best friend, when he told you he was stressed and that he needed you it only meant one thing. Sex. Yes, you and Mingyu were best friends with benefits, or something like that. It started in the last year of high school, when you both decided to take each other’s virginity, if none of you got laid before Christmas. After you lost your virginity to your best friend, you had sex again. And again. And again. And you became best friends with benefits. Mingyu debuted with his group called ‘Seventeen’ and since then; you’ve only done it twice. Mingyu didn’t have as much time as before because of the pressure, that’s why you were a bit surprised that he called you, you figured they were done with the promotions for their second album.

You were supposed to go over to Seventeen’s dorm around five p.m, that’s when the members of seventeen are heading out for dinner. It was ten a.m now, you were at work. You worked at a small cafe in Seoul, just to earn enough money to help your parents get you into Uni. You never thought about auditioning to an entertainment company since you didn’t think you had the talent, even though Mingyu said you sang pretty well. But you supported Mingyu all of the time; When he auditioned, when he debuted, when they promoted their first album and when they released their second album. He was your best friend after all, and someone you had a slight crush on. You worked hard, you loved your work actually and you never took a day off, unless you were really sick. You were supposed to finish work at half past three p.m. which meant you had enough time to take a shower before you went to Seventeen’s dorms.

“Are you finishing up?” Your co-worker asked you. “Why? What time is it?” You asked while making an order. “Three twenty five” Your co-worker replied. “Sure, I’ll finish up here” You said and finished making the order. Then you went to take your bag and jacket, said goodbye’s to your co-worker and headed out of the café. You quickly walked towards your home which was exactly five minutes from your work. You took a nice shower, wore the black set of lingerie Mingyu liked so much on you and casual clothes over it. You did your makeup softly, without a lot of foundation since you knew you will be sweating a lot. All of that took you an hour and a half. You blow dried what’s left to dry from your hair and tied it up.“Mom, I’m going to visit Mingyu” You called, heading out of the door. “Okay” Your mom shouted from the kitchen. You took a bus that stopped right in front of Seventeen’s dorms. Ten minutes passed and you were already there. You went up the elevator, and knocked on the door. “You got right on time, they went out five minutes ago” Mingyu said, closing the door behind you. “What’s up?” You asked Mingyu, sitting on the mattress that was in the tiny living room.

“Do you want to drink anything?” Mingyu asked, like the good boy he was. “No, thanks” You said. “Should we go to my room?” Mingyu asked. You started sweating. You thought about how much you missed feeling Mingyu inside you. “Let’s go” You got up and followed Mingyu to his shared room. You went in and Mingyu closed the door behind you. “I haven’t been here for quite a while” You said. Suddenly, you felt Mingyu pulling you back and pushing you against the door. “I missed you” He said, leaning in close enough that you felt his warm and familiar mint breath on your face. Mingyu was much taller than you, when you wanted to kiss him you had to stand on the tip of your toes or he had to lean down to kiss you. There was no other way. This time, he didn’t lean down, he only got really close. “Mingyu…” You mumbled, lifting up your head and trying to steal a kiss. Mingyu chuckled and leaned down “Yes princess?” You attached your lips to his. At first, it was a craving kiss. You were longing for his lips. You liked the way his pink plumped lips felt on yours. Soon enough, the kiss got heated and you made out.

“Should I treat you today?” Mingyu mumbled through the heated kiss. You mumbled yes and Mingyu lied both of you on his bed. Mingyu started to kiss down your neck, finding your sweet spot and making you moan. He helped you to take of your shirt and jeans, leaving you in only your underwear. Mingyu smirked “You wore them” “Especially for you” You said, licking your lips. Mingyu went back to suck on your sweet spot and after leaving a visible mark, he kissed down the valley between your breasts, going down your stomach and taking off your thong. Mingyu spread your legs and blew cool air on your heated core, getting out a quite loud moan of you. Without any warning, Mingyu buried his face between your legs, sucking and licking your pussy harshly. You threw your head back, pushing yourself more towards Mingyu’s sucking lips. Mingyu laughed and his laugh sent vibrations towards your core. “Fuck Mingyu I’m gonna cum” You stopped breathing when the familiar tension that built up in your stomach released. Mingyu licked your pussy clean and lifted up his head.

You started making out again, when Mingyu unhooked your bra and played with your breasts. Mingyu went down to suck on your nipples, while you palmed him through his pants. He was more than just hard, he was a fucking rock. You helped Mingyu to take of his pants along with his shirt, you moaned at the sight of his big bulge. “Mind taking off my boxers?”  Mingyu asked, you slid off Mingyu’s underwear slowly. Mingyu groaned and took it off faster. “You’re killing me here” He said and pushed you down against the bed. Without a question, Mingyu pushed himself in hard and fast, making you scream in both pleasure and pain. “Fuck I didn’t know you’d be so tight” Mingyu moaned while thrusting in and out of you. He didn’t even give you time to adjust to his size. After a few more thrusts, you started to moan Mingyu’s name loudly. You knew how much it turned Mingyu on when he heard you moaning out his name and you knew you were right once Mingyu started to thrust much faster and harder.

“I’m close Mingyu” You moaned in Mingyu’s ear after he buried his face in your neck, noticing his thrusts became much sloppier knowing he’s close as well. “Same” He breathed out. A few moments later you both came, Mingyu slipping out of you and lying next to you breathing heavily. “Jesus I knew it” A voice said. “Jun!” Mingyu screamed, covering both of you with a blanket. “Yo guys, there are little kids here you know” Jun continued, referring to Seungkwan, Vernon and Dino. “Jun get out!” Mingyu screamed at him once more, you covered your face with the blanket. “Fine. But did you ask her to be you girlfriend at least?” Jun continued. “I WAS ABOUT TO DO SO NOW GET THE FUCK OUT” Mingyu screamed again. Jun chuckled and closed the door, leaving both of you alone again. “So y/n, I’ve wanted to ask you this for quite a long time now. Will you be my girlfriend?”


Jisoos that smile though. Gets me every time.

i just spent OVER an hour maybe closer to an hour and a half shaving my entire body of dark thick hair and three hours washing and blow drying my hair and waxing off my facial hair plus fifteen minutes to moisturize like no one fully appreciates the time it takes to curate my poc body it’s insulting

How to Squeeze every drop out of your day

- Wake up early! Rise and shine baby and have your coffee or tea and get the day started. I like getting up early just to have some time to myself. Also on days where I wake up early I feel like I get a lot more accomplished.

-Turn off notifications for instagram because that can seriously be such a suck back into your phone. I am guilty of checking every time I get a like and just refreshing and refreshing. Turn off whatever other notifications you think suck you back into your phone too. It helps a ton.

-When you wake up make a note of three things you definitely want to accomplish that day. It can be stressful to plot out every little thing you have to do, so focus on the big things. 

-Eat lots of yummy organic treats and fruits and veggies and other things that make your body happy. Super processed foods taste good at the time but personally drain my energy, so if I have a craving for something junky I go for ice cream or dark chocolate.

-Do stuff that you love! That’s just as important as your bigger tasks. Take time to paint, sing, run, watch netflix, cook, yodel, whatever floats your little boat.

-Nurture your soul everyday! Take time to center yourself and appreciate life and all of its beauty. Some people benefit from meditaion, others benefit from prayer, or just listing a few things that you are thankful for and love about yourself.

-Do not stay inside all day, unless it is blizzarding or tornadoing or earthquaking. If you have some homework go outside and do it, or take a walk somewhere that you could’ve driven. 

-Embrace messy hair with messy buns, messy ponies, or messy braids. Those three hours you spend straightening and blow drying it could be spent frolicking in fields. 

Be productive & stay messy


Em & India
Wash That Con Right Out Of Your Hair! -- A guide to washing your wigs!

Hi everyone! 

So in light of a recent conversation, the topic of washing a wig came up! Being the ever helpful person I am, I decided to make a little tutorial on how I wash out my wigs. This can be used for getting out product that you may have used to style it, or it’s just really gross. (Summer cons, I am looking at you)

That being said, I do have a few disclaimers I want to address! First of all, this method is my way. I am in no way a wig expert. But this works well for me. Next, I am using a wig purchased from Arda-Wigs. Their fibers are high quality Hiperlon , so they can stand the heat! If your wig is Kanekalon , or if you just don’t know, do a little more hunting before using this guide! :3

It is also recommended to use an actual wig shampoo. But I am cheap…. SO here we are. Now lets get started! :D

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My doctors asked me to tell my story so other girls like me could read it and learn from my mistakes because I’ll be dead soon. That makes me pretty sad to think about. I don’t want other girls to be sick like I am. I guess they won’t be sick exactly like me, because that would be crazy, but maybe they can read this so they won’t make the bad decisions I made.

When I was little, Mom used to hold me and say stuff like, “Oh Katie, you fit so perfectly on my lap! You’re so teeny-tiny!” I loved it. She’d keep me warm and hug me and I felt so great. I’d always go to Mom if I felt sad or scared and she’d just scoop me up, saying “What’s wrong, my teeny-tiny girl?” and I’d tell her what was making me upset and she’d always always always make it all better.

The most vivid memory I have was the day I turned 10. It wasn’t of my party, which I vaguely remember being great, it wasn’t the presents, some of which I still have, but it was when Mom had me in her lap that night and had tears in her eyes and said to Dad, “Katie’s getting to be a big girl, huh?” I don’t remember what my dad said, but there was no denying it: I wasn’t her teeny-tiny girl anymore.

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Busy Day

Today I need to finish revising for the marketing exam I have tomorrow, finish at least the rough draft of my OITNB AU, start chapter 3 of The Hills, watch a couple episodes of OITNB itself… And I also need to cook a long ass lunch, clean up the house, do my nails AND wash my hair which will take me at least one hour bc it’s super long and I want to blow dry it as well. Let’s see how many of these things I can actually get done.

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I made some safe homemade hair bleach and it turned out great for re doing my roots without going out and buying bleach! Mix about ½ a cup of baking soda and about 1/3 of Hydrogen Peroxide, brush over desired hair, wrap in tin foil and blow-dry every 15 minutes for an hour, wash out with lightening shampoo if desired blow dry and then dye!!

In highschool Camilla Collins was the type of girl to do her hair and makeup everyday. Her outfits were impeccable. Her smile radiant.

She thought that’s what she was supposed to do. Her Mom explained everything. How to wake up two hours early to shower, blow dry, and curl her hair (“otherwise it’ll look like a mess Dear”). How to put on concealor and line her eyelids in black (“you look so much less tired now”). How to wear clothing that deemphasized her hips and called attention to her breasts (“not too much though. You don’t want people assuming things.”) Camilla did everything right, everyday.
Except there were some small issues. Boys would stare unapologetically and approach her. Girls would turn away and whisper behind her back. She preferred her tennis clothes that showed off her hips and allowed her to move freely. She loved how her hair looked wild after a tough match.
She realized she had to make a choice. (Either change how she presented herself to the world, or come out).

She gradually wore less and less makeup (she still loves lip gloss and mascara though). She took less time doing her hair. Finding short cuts to emphasize her natural waves. She wore tennis shoes with short skirts and flannel shirts. She smiled at girls. She took her time becoming comfortable.
Then took the leap.
Prom of her senior year she asked out another girl on her team to the dance. Rita was sharp and handsome. She had a backhanded return that could cut steel. Camilla had caught herself staring too hard and lingering too long during practices. (As team captain she would help with training). She asked her in the locker room after a successful doubles match. Rita blushed and responded with a confident yes.
Camilla wore a yellow gown with a purple corsage and Rita wore a dark purple suit with a yellow boutonnière. They looked stunning. And Camilla had ever been more comfortable in her own skin.
Feeling Blue

Request: Can you write a one shot of Harry where the reader colors her hair blue??

 A/N: So this was probably not what you had in mind, sorry. Feedback is appreciated! Xx


“Are you sure about this,” Your friend asks you, looking at you incredulously through the mirror, “I mean, there’re other ways to make a statement, love.”

“I’m doing this,” You state stubbornly, running your fingers through your natural coloured hair for the last time, “I need a change.”

“Honey, I just feel like you’re doing this for the wrong reasons,” She says, knowing you all too well, she knows deep down why you’re so desperate to do this, “I understand he broke your heart, but,” She starts, but you quickly cut her off.

“Just dye my fucking hair,” You snap, refusing to have any sort of conversation that had to do with him. Him, the man you saw as the love of your life, the person you were meant to spend the rest of your life with, but apparently he didn’t share the same dreams.

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Cons to thick long hair:

  • Pony Tails/buns/other full updos = a certain headache or death
  • You have to own thinning shears
  • You have to learn to use thinning shears (and usually fail disastrously the first time)
  • straightening hair = over an hour
  • blow drying hair = over an hour
  • Curling hair = 2-3 hours
  • Air/towel drying hair = up to 6 hours on a good day (and even then you get that little damp bit at the back near your roots)
  • your hair tangles literally faster than your headphones do
  • heavy
  • heavyyy
  • so fucking heavy
  • twice the amount of shampoo (and triple the conditioner)
  • Everything. Falls. Curls. Hairstyles. everything. 
  • “I WISH I had hair as thick as you!!!!!11!!1!” comments
  • Doing anything with it apart from brushing is considered a hassle and is only done on special occasions. 

Pros to long thick hair: 

  • It doesn’t get greasy easily?
  • I wont go bald???
  • I can probably use it to kill someone at some point.
Imagine being 21 and Chibs has a crush on you. He doesn’t think he has any chance with you.

Requested by @suicidaldemondarling 


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You pulled up into the TM lot with Chibs. He had just picked up your car for a tow from the diner you worked at. You jumped out of the tow truck and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you so much Chibs. You’re a sweetheart.” You smiled at Chibs and walked away to the office to fill out paperwork. 

“Shite.” Chibs said under his breath. Jax heard him and walked to the Scot.

“What’s up, Chibs?” Jackson asked, concerned for his brother.

“Look.” He stared over at you while you entered the office. Jax saw you just before you went into the office.

“Holy shit, who’s that?” Jax looked from the office door to Chibs with a smile on his face.

“Y/n. She works at the dinner.”

“How old is she? She looks at least 5 years younger than me.”

“21.” Jax’s eyes went wide and he looked over at Chibs.

“You kidding?” Chibs shook his head no as an answer.

“Well, I haven’t seen you look at anyone like that for a very long time. I’m inviting her to tonight’s party.”

“Jax, don’t”

“To late, old man!” Jax ran off into the office to invite you to the party. That was Chibs’ problem with liking you: he was an old man. He was twice your age, and he was worried that you wouldn’t like him because of that. 

“She’s coming!” Jax ran back outside to Chibs. Chibs nodded his head and went to work on your car.


You had gotten a ride home from Jax in the tow truck so you could go home and change.

“Chibs is gonna pick you up around 9.” He told you. You nodded your head and thanked him for the ride, and invitation. 

You ran into your apartment and hopped int he shower. You spent about an hour doing your hair and makeup, really only blow drying your hair and throwing on mascara and a bit of eyeliner with some lip gloss.

You walked over to your closet and stared at it for about ten minutes. You had never been to a biker party before, you didn’t know what to wear. You saw what Gemma and Tara would wear whenever they came into the dinner, so you went with something similar. You pulled out your black skinny jeans and your black wedges. You looked into your dresser and got out a red tank top and your leather crop jacket. You looked at the time: it was only 6:30. You decided to throw your robe on and go into your living room and watch TV until 8:00. You threw some trash TV on and dozed off.

You awoke to the sound of knocking on your door. You looked down at your watch and saw it was 9:15. “Shit!” You yelled out. You re-adjusted your robe and ran to the door. Looking through the peephole you saw Chibs.

“Chibs! Hey!” You said with a wide smile. You opened the door and invited him into your apartment.

“That what you’re wearing, lass?” The scot asked you. You looked at him and almost forgot you were only wearing a robe.

“oh shit. Right. Umm…wait here for like 5 minutes.” You ran down into your bedroom and ran into your door. “Fuck! I’ll, uh…yeah..” Chibs started to chuckle and shake his head at you. You finally figured out how a door worked and went into your room. “What the fuck y/n? Stop acting like a crazy idiot. Jesus. He probably thinks you’re crazy.” You were talking to yourself as you were getting dressed. Once you were clothed. You went into your bathroom and looked yourself over. “Okay. You can do this. Just calm the fuck down.” You put on some more lip gloss before leaving the bathroom with your purse in hand. You walked down the hall looking through your purse to make sure you had you phone, wallet, etc. You looked up to see Chibs staring at you. “What?” You asked him, you thought something was wrong with your face.

“You look beautiful, lass.” You started to blush and smile.

“Thanks Chibs. You don’t look half bad yourself.” You winked over at him. You turned off the TV and the rest of your lights. Chibs followed you out of the apartment. 

“I hope you don’t mind, I drove my bike over here.” You looked ahead to the bike in front of you.

“Of course I don’t. I love to ride.” You thought back to when you lived with your parents, both were avid motorcycle enthusiasts. You hopped on to Chibs’ bike after him. He handed you his helmet and you clipped it on. He started it up and your smile grew bigger. Your arms wrapped around Chibs tightly. He’s really starting to grow on you. 

You both pulled into TM and it looked like the party was just starting. You followed Chibs into the clubhouse. You saw Gemma at the bar with Tara and waved at them. You met Gemma earlier that day, and you had seen Tara with Jax’s son in the diner a lot. She normally sat in your section.

Chibs led you two the bar and sat down. You sat down next to him and asked the bartender for four shots of whiskey. “Woah, lass, what are all those for?”

“Well they’re for me, unless you want to split them with me?” He laughed and nodded his head yes. “I normally go hard at the beginning of the night then slow down as the night progresses. I normally have to drive home after I drink so I give myself time to sober up.”

“Well you can drink all night if you want to love, there are plenty of places to crash here.”

As the night progressed you slowly got more and more drunk, along with everyone else. Somehow you had ended up in Chibs’ room with him. You were both laying on his bed, talking. You hated how much distance there was between you and him, but you didn’t want to assume he was attracted to you. You had been talking basically about how you were brought up, playing a game of twenty questions. 

“Alright. My turn. How did you get your scars?” You bluntly asked him. You both told each other at the beginning you would both be honest. Chibs wasn’t sure he wanted to tell you about how he got them. He was worried once he told you about Fiona and Kerianne, you would freak out.

“I used to be a part of a gang in Ireland. Some shite went down and I was kicked out. My boss of sorts, took my wife and daughter from me. He gave me these and told me to never come back.” He looked over at you and saw you staring at him with a sort of sad expression on your face.

“You have a daughter?” You asked him.

“Aye. Kerianne. She’s seventeen now.”

“And your wife and her just live with this guy?”

He nodded. “I’m still legally married to Fi, but that’s to protect her and my daughter. I don’t know what Jimmy would do to them if I separated from her.”

You looked at Chibs intensely. There was something about him you couldn’t put your finger on. He was so loyal, dedicated to his family and to his club. You were surprised he was so honest with you as well. You turned your body so you were laying on your side rather than your back, mimicking the way he was laying. You reached your hand out and touched the side of his face, tracing his scar with your fingers. You rubbed your thumb  lightly across his lips. He turned his head into your hand and kissed you palm. You spotted forward, closer to the man in front of you. You pulled him in and kissed him. It was soft and sweet, almost pure.

“Why me, love? Why not Juice or one of the younger guys?” Chibs pulled away from you and sat up. You figured this was why he was acting a little distant from you. You were connecting intellectually, but that was the first physical contact the two of you had since you hopped off his bike.

You sat up as well and scooted closer to him; you closed your eyes and leaned against him. You stayed like this for a few minutes, the silence was strange but welcoming. You were trying to figure out the best way to explain to him why she was attracted to the man twice her age. “Because they aren’t you.”

Chibs looked down at you and smiled. He turned and pulled you in for another kiss. You pulled away and looked into his beautiful brown eyes and smiled. “I’m tired.” You said while biting your lip.

“Want to stay with me tonight, lass?” 

You nodded your head, never breaking eye contact with  him. You stood from his bed and started undressing. You took your jacket off, then your pants followed. You were wearing lacy black boy shorts. You felt Chibs’ eyes on you the whole time and you were eating all the attention up. You took your bra off with your tank top still on, then crawled under the covers. Chibs started removing his boot and took his cut off, gently placing it on the dresser. He took his shirt off, then his pants. He remained in his boxers and turned the light off. Chibs walked over to the opposite side of the bed from you and got under the covers. He laid on his back, you were laying on his chest and had your fingers gently making circles along his skin. Chibs’ arm was wrapped around you and was playing with your hair. After awhile, he took your hand with his other one and held it on his chest. Every once in awhile as he was falling asleep, he would bring your hand up to his mouth and kiss it. You fell asleep about ten minutes after your head hit the pillow, listening to Chibs breath.