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The Boss Pt.2

It’s a little later than I had planned, but here it is! I hope you guys enjoy part 2! Thank you so much for your kind words on part 1; you’ve given me so much to live up to, haha! (I’m giffing the fuck out of the I’m Dying Up Here trailer).

After your shopping trip with Nat, Bucky wants to see where his money went (4,000 words; 70′s Bucky x Reader; 18+, smut; 70′s Bucky Barnes strip club AU; WOO BLOWJOBS!; Part 1.)

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It’s here!!! My #inktober #book #Inks arrived today and it looks amazing! So quickly and beautifully printed. It will be out in 200 numbered and signed copies (I’m bringing 100 to @ctnanimexpo and the next 100 will be available in my shop late November). Yay!!! #girlsinanimation #ctn - nb, remember the originals will be available in less than 2 hours - see link in bio :)

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AVEX Pictures Export Ban

Are you a fan of Yuri!!! on ICE, Assassination Classroom, Osomatsu-san, King of Prism, and more? 

Unfortunately, AVEX Pictures, the publisher of these many anime titles are banning exports of only Blu-Rays, DVDs, and CDs. This restriction has been applied to all of the online shops in Japan, and will be placed in less than 24 hours ( Japan Time 6:00pm, February 15). Orders of BDs, DVDs and CDs will not go through after the indicated time. 

However, if you are desperate to get something , you have before Japan UTC+9 to get a copy on CDJAPAN.  All orders placed before the ban will go through normally. 

Products that have this under the description will be banned. 

Here is the email sent to CDJAPAN customers. 

If you want to support your favourite series, PLEASE go purchase a BD, DVD or CD before the ban is placed… 



Back at school after fall break and I miss being home with lots of free time for studying at new coffee shops with my beautiful boyfriend 😭

Currently waiting on an email from my archaeology professor to confirm an extension on my “Roman copies of Greek statues” presentation and it’s stressing me out since the class is in two hours! 😬

Instead of plundering the bakers’ shops one day, and starving the next, the people of the insurgent cities will take possession of the warehouses, the cattle markets, — in fact of all the provision stores and of all the food to be had. The well-intentioned citizens, men and women both, will form themselves into bands of volunteers and address themselves to the task of making a rough general inventory of the contents, of each shop and warehouse. In twenty-four hours the revolted town or district will know what Paris has not found out yet, in spite of its statistical committees, and what it never did find out during the siege — the quantity of provisions it contains. In forty-eight hours millions of copies will be printed of the tables giving a sufficiently exact account of the available food, the places where it is stored, and the means of distribution.

In every block of houses, in every street, in every town ward, bands of volunteers will have been organized. These commissariat volunteers will work in unison and keep in touch with each other. If only the Jacobin bayonets do not get in the way; if only the self-styled “scientific” theorists do not thrust themselves in to darken counsel! Or rather let then expound their muddle-headed theories as much as they like, provided they have no authority, no power! And that admirable spirit of organization inherent in the people, above all in every social grade of the French nation,[4] but which they have so seldom been allowed to exercise, will initiate, even in so huge a city as Paris, and in the midst of a Revolution, an immense guild of free workers, ready to furnish to each and all the necessary food.

Give the people a free hand, and in ten days the food service will be conducted with admirable regularity. Only those who have never seen the people hard at work, only those who have passed their lives buried among documents, can doubt it. Speak of the organizing genius of the “Great Misunderstood,” the people, to those who have seen it in Paris in the days of the barricades, or in London during the great dockers strike, when half a million of starving folk had to be fed, and they will tell you how superior it is to the official ineptness of Bumbledom.

—  The Conquest of Bread, Pëtr Kropotkin

I have no idea why I bother dressing in a nice suit jacket on exam days when I inevitably end up covered in copy toner.

cute date ideas:

- paint pictures all over each others bodies then wash them all off

- spend hours in a used book store

- get a copy of a cookbook and make all the recipes one by one

- drink too much wine and binge television shows

- sit in a coffee shop together and write for hours

- go on picnics, go stargazing, go nightswimming

- spend all sundays drinking tea and cuddling

UGH HELP GUYS so i have this POT who is ‘apparently’ a multi-millionaire/billionaire (he sent me a text with a copy and pasted bank balance) and apparently spent $70,000 last week shopping (Rolex and LV). Apparently he’s a ‘very recognisable’ CEO and can’t just have dinner like a normal person and needs to meet in a hotel. Instant red flag, yeah I know. But he says we don’t have to have sex, he just wants to be in a private, relaxed place so we can talk. He wants to meet at a hotel (holiday express inn - ew right?) that is AN HOUR OUTSIDE OF MANHATTAN. Wtf what kind of billionaire are you that you want to meet in a 3-star hotel outside one of the most expensive boroughs/cities in the world? THEN he says he can’t order me an uber or book the hotel room and that I need to fork out my own money to order both because he ‘can’t make any transactions’ and everything has to be in cash (obviously he’ll make it up to me later). I’m literally so like… wtf?? If he’s scamming me, then he’s asking me to pay for a hotel and for us to.. not have sex. I mean I’m not afraid that he’ll hurt me - I’ve had years of martial arts training, I can defend myself, but this is honestly such a wtf thing. Like he promised $2450 in my hand on our first date and $10,000 allowance. So is he a salt or just weirdly rich? Thoughts???

Application for full time job relevant to degree studies with fair wages: 30 seconds, please send a copy of your CV.

Application to part time, minimum wage coffee shop job: 3 hours, please take 5 tests and sacrifice a goat.

Liam must be like
  • Liam: *entres disco shop*
  • Liam: *grabs 30 copies of Mind of Mine*
  • Liam: *walks over to the cashier*
  • Cashier: Hmm man ain't that like... why so-
  • Liam: Oh I KNEW IT! There were too little, I need more. Wait for me
  • Cashier: *looks at the camera like he's on The Office*
  • Liam: *comes back with 20 more copies* there
  • Cashier: ... Each one their thing...
  • A few hours later
  • Liam: *on the streets handing over Mind of Mine copies to every person who passes by*
  • Liam: No buying, just a gift from the house, listen to it and love every single beat
Book Buying Habits in Verona

Juliet: Often is caught by an eye rolling Tybalt buying a copy of a book she already owns, just because it is a prettier, more handy, or simply differently illustrated copy than the one on her shelf at home. But if a book is important to her, she wants to be able to take it with her everywhere.

Tybalt: Enters the bookshop with the book he wants firmly in mind. Usually he just gets it and pays for it directly without any petty distractions, however, if he spots a book that takes his fancy, on a topic he is passionate about he sometimes looses control and leaves the shop 3 hours later with 3 bags of books. At home while trying to think of new tactics to squeeze books in a shelf he curses his thoughtless actions.

Romeo: Has a different pet topic every week, buys all the books concerning said topic, reads less than half of them. However, a few stick with him and he keeps them in a special shelf.

Benvolio: Spends a lot of time inside the bookstore. Often he just drops by, without intending to buy a book, but  to enjoy the athmosphere of the place. Sometimes he makes a discovery, sometimes he doesn’t.

Mercutio: Doesn’t like reading too much and complains how boring Benvolio and Romeo are when they spent hot summer days reading in the shade. However, when he sees a fairy tale book he goes mad and has to have it. Yes, even the one about the pink unicorns in candy country.

Friar Lawrence: Politely buys some of the religious literature the bookshop owner always sets aside for him and reads some of it with great interest, however he is als keen on everything regarding chemistry and has a soft spot for alchemy-only he buys those books usually in Mantua, not Verona

Nurse: Romance novels, so many romance novels, all full of drama, most set in Cornwall. (Spoiler alert, the handsome stranger is a prince and gets the girl)

Paris: Buying all the nice expensive leatherbound classics, just because they look good in the shelf, telling himself he’ll read them some day.

Escalus: Always buys travel guides of places he deep inside knows he’ll never see. His job is too demanding to allow travelling, but he likes to plan journeys nonetheless and while looking at the pretty pictures dreams of the adventures he’ll never have.


A Group of Ugandans Are Shattering Stigma with the Country’s First LGBT Zine

Every day for nearly a week straight at the start of last December, Vincent and a group of volunteers traveled to a friend’s printing shop in Kampala, Uganda right before it closed at 6:00 PM. They’d wait from a close distance as the last group of customers trickled out and disappeared down the street. Once clear, they’d file in. The shopkeeper would hand off the keys and leave. The shutters would be drawn, and for the next 12 hours they’d work to print thousands of copies of what is now one of the most important pieces of literature in Uganda’s LGBT history.

“The friend who runs that shop risked his business to help us,” said Vincent, who did not give his last name. “But it was important that we did it at night, because no one could see us. We didn’t want anything to happen.”

It’s called Bombastic magazine, and within its pages are dozens of stories from Uganda’s socially, legally, and often violently oppressed sexual minority communities. In one story, a woman recalls getting fired after concerns surfaced in her office that she might be a lesbian because she declined sexual advances from her boss. Shortly after the incident, she saw her name printed in an anti-gay tabloid. On another page, a transgender lesbian describes the onset of a deep depression when her body started to grow breasts.


Can we just talk about that sandwich for a minute? I’m amazed at how much work Jemma put into making that thing. I mean, it looked like it came from a professional sandwich shop or something. Very neatly put together, cut up and wrapped in a fancy cloth napkin or whatever that was. She even tied the individual pieces in little bows for Pete’s sake! 

When was Jemma making this glorious piece of food art? Did she just sneak off to the kitchen for a few hours while she had the 3D printer in the lab making a copy of the toolbox? She probably put more effort into making Fitz a sandwich than in faking out “Real” SHIELD. lol

These two, I swear… 

I went to @sfmoma for the first time yesterday and spent like 5 hours there and then on the way out I saw my book and I have zero chill so I introduced myself to the gift shop employee and they brought out the book buyer and we said hello and I signed the copies they had on display so anyway if you live in san francisco maybe they will still have them this weekend.