hours in the copy shop for this

you know the greatest thing about harry potter is that everyone’s harry potter book collection has a story you know like for example the first one i ever bought was the deathly hallows because i was twelve years old and had forgotten to bring a book on our flight to india and was stuck in the london airport with like a four hour layover with nothing to do because my phone was a crappy slide-y one that was only good for texting and calling and i wasn’t about to use international texting so i bought it in one of those airport gift shops and so my copy of the deathly hallows says petrol instead of gas and has the cool british cover, and then i got the order of the phoenix next because it was my absolute favorite one in the series and so i bought it at this used book store except it was like a relatively new copy but it was hard cover because that’s how Extra™ i was so now i just randomly have one giant ass book in my harry potter collection because it’s like 500 pages AND the only one i own that’s hardcover and then i bought the half blood prince next because i figured i needed to fill in the gap between owning 5 and owning 7 but when i bought it the cheapest version was this big ass large font version so my copy of the half blood prince has font so large i swear it’s at least three times longer than the book is actually supposed to be, and then i got 1-4 used at a garage sale when my aunt in new hampshire’s neighborhood was having a neighborhood wide one and she was walking around it and she called me, in texas, at like 8pm and was like “hey you don’t own books 1-4 yet right????” and so she mailed them over to me and they were already slightly dog eared with worn spines and there’s a coffee stain made by some random new hampshirean on the bottom of the chamber of secrets but like……. they’re so special to me i wouldn’t give them up for the world anyway tag this with your hp book stories

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I knew you met Dianna Gabbadon but not JK Rowling, when was this? Is there a story is it just everyone in the UK meets every famous UK celebrity at some point?

lol, no. The island is not that small. 

I “met” her because I used to work at a bookshop, it was one of my first jobs as a teenager, along with gathering up empty pint glasses in the pub for 2 quid an hour and the occasional bout of babysitting. Presumably when parents were desperate. 

It was the small village bookshop I got my first self bought book from with my pocket money at the tender age of five, and it was fairly inconsequential to the rest of the world but was the absolute hub of community and gossip for our little town second only to the tea house after church.

I’d flit from the cash register to the cafe at the back, learning to make coffee on an expensive Italian machine no one really trusted because using it to boil water for tea always burned the leaves, so the boss was always fuming that she’d spent a fortune on this shiny bit of equipment, and I was still brewing water for tea in the giant copper kettle on the ancient cast iron stove in the back because otherwise no one wanted it.

She was a hobbyist owner that one, meaning she didn’t actually want to run a bookshop but enjoyed saying that she did and was wealthy enough to not care if it failed. I always vowed one day I’d have enough money to buy it back from her and do it right. Except she managed to run it into the ground and now it’s a pawnshop.

Which is a profound shame because not only was it a vital community space, but it was also a beautiful old stone building that had last been refurbished sometime circa the 1920s, if not before then if I remember the plumbing right. It was all dark gleaming woods and shiny brass fixtures inside. It was the kind of bookshop you imagine when you read fairy stories. And now it’s all vinyl plastic and abandoned trinkets. Shame.

Anyway, long before the shop’s eventual demise, Order of the Phoenix was coming out and my boss had an idea in her head that she wanted to do a Thing for it to try and boost sales, and she chattered animatedly to anyone who would listen about how pretty it was going to be and how the newspaper would be there too. Also her “girl friend” was going to stop by to help out during the week, a statement which none of us thought about much because she always had some rich “girl friend” dropping by to inflict something on the shop. Like the one woman going through a midlife crisis who reinvented herself as a positive vibes guru and spent a whole afternoon “cleansing” the negative energy out of the store and managing to start an electrical fire when she flicked water onto the old electric wire heaters. (In her defense we did have to have a rather big clean out after that.)

True to the boss’s incompetence, she vastly under ordered copies of the book (200, she ordered 200, for the only bookshop for miles, while places like Waterstones in the city were ordering by the thousands and selling out in under two hours) and spent all her money on making the shop look the part and having fancy cakes baked by the bakery I would later go on to work for. 

I turned up to work that morning wearing my official “follow me for Harry Potter” t-shirt which was distributed to all official retailers, a purple witches cloak I’d spent a week sewing (and still own) a pointy hat, and my mother’s old heather broom. I spent my morning before opening time running around the local shops picking up food orders (and also delivering books, because when they said they delivered free locally, what they actually meant was I’d hop on my bike and ring the doorbell) and generally standing out like a sore thumb and ending up with a gaggle of children following me back to the shop, their parents dragged behind them.

I dare say my mother still has the newspaper clipping of 16 year old me sitting outside under the old oak tree on my tea break, nose buried in a copy of the book with the headline “Witch Way For Harry Potter” over my head. 

It was my first officially recognized (visual) pun that was ever published. The journalist was delighted when he realized it was intentional on my part and even asked me if he could use it. It’s still something I’m very (not quite so) secretly proud over. 

But right before that moment, when the picture was being taken, the photographer managed to capture my expression of pure surprise when I opened up the book to find that it was signed.*

So yea, about that “girl friend” who was turning up to help. 


Turns out I’ve made tea for both Diana Gabbadon and Rowling and not realized who they were until afterwards, although unlike Gabbadon the most I said to Rowling was “one lump or two?” and didn’t even glance at her. She was just another one of the boss’s blonde friends there to do something pointless like feng shui the audio books then fuck off again.

And they say these kind of things happen in threes, so I’m just quietly dreading which other author I’ve casually dismissed to their face without realizing it. I’ve probably told Stephen King I thought clowns weren’t that scary or something at the airport and Pennywise is just waiting to drag me to hell.

One can only hope.

Also Hagrid used to drive his sports car past my house most days, but that’s another story.

*a copy I didn’t even get to keep because the boss sold any and all copies left lying around in the shop when she realized her ordering mistake and didn’t even tell us until afterwards. I phoned my dad in tears saying someone had stolen my book from behind the desk, so god love him, he drove to Glasgow and waited in the hellish lines outside the still packed Waterstones and got me another copy. And a chocolate bar. Cause that was my dad lol.

HC that Jason has a habit of ruining Tim's dates
  • *Tim is out to dinner with a handsome gentleman he met at one of the Wayne charity galas. He thinks it's going okay, until the guy starts to slide an unwelcome hand up his thigh. Before he can react, Red Hood crashes through the window next to them and tackles the guy.
  • -Twenty minutes later-
  • Tim: "I just don't understand how you could get him confused for a crime lord."
  • Jason: Timmy, I showed you the picture. The resemblance was uncanny.
  • Tim: They didn't even have the same hair color! And you nearly killed him!
  • Jason: It's a mild concussion, he'll live. I'm sorry for messing up your night though. I'll take you out for some ice cream. That place that sells the coffee flavor is open for another hour I think.
  • Tim: -sighs-...Okay
  • ****
  • Red Robin standing in the middle of Jason's safe house, looking flustered: "You said this was an emergency..."
  • Jason reclining on his couch surrounding by snacks and video games, looking less guilty than he should be: "It is! I found a remastered copy of Borderlands at the thrift shop today for only $5."
  • Tim: "....You said someone might die..."
  • Jason: "Uh yeah, hopefully a ton of those creepy bandit motherfuckers."
  • Tim, heavy sigh: "You know if you don't want me to date other people you could just ask me out yourself."
  • Tim, rolling his eyes: "Uh huh. Let me just tell Rebecca I won't be able to make it tonight."

Part 2 of THIS fic got longer than I planned.

(NSFW & some mild emotional angst under the cut for Kait’s Loverboy AU.)

A million thanks to @seeyounextlevel and @book-of-flights for beta-reading my draft and turning it into something presentable (and listening to me whine a lot)

Yuri nearly chokes on his own spit when he feels someone poking his shoulder. He is ready to roast whoever it is that inconsiderate bastard who dares to wake him up so early, when he had barely closed his eyes behind his heart-shaped sunglasses. f only he had the energy to open them fully and glare at the scum who disturbed his slumber. He might be napping on a bench under an oak tree pretending to be awake but since when did people run around, pulling and poking at strangers who—



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The Godfather-(Derek Hale)

Originally posted by dylan-robrien

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Scott McCall, Derek Hale and (Y/N)

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Word Count: 1950

Warnings: swearing

Summary: (Y/N) and Derek meet again after 6 years of being apart

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Birthday Detention - The Marauders

Requested by anonymous.

“You know,” Sirius said, leaning over his desk to whisper to you, “For someone celebrating their birthday, you don’t seem too happy.”

“Well, most of my birthdays aren’t spent in detention,” you whispered, just as McGonagall walked past. She gave you a stern look and Sirius groaned.

“Come on, Professor,” he whined, looking up at her. “It was one silly prank. You won’t catch us again.”

“And what? I should let you go?” she asked.

“Yes. It’s Y/N’s birthday today.”

“Well, happy birthday, Y/L/N, I hope you enjoy it as much as I am,” she said, walking up to the front of the room to her desk. You sighed and tried to pull out your Transfiguration book. If you weren’t going to be celebrating, at least you could catch up on some studying.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Sirius asked, ripping the book out of your hands. 

“Studying,” you said, trying to take it back. “Sirius, come on.”

“Look, I’m sorry the prank on Snivellus didn’t go well.” You groaned and looked at him with a frown.

“You shouldn’t have pulled any prank,” you said.

“It was suppose to be a birthday present,” he said, frowning as he slumped in his chair. You closed your book and stared at him until he looked up.

“It was a nice present. Minus getting caught.”

“Didn’t you think it was funny when he nearly fell into his cauldr-”

“Mr. Black!” McGonagall said from the front. “Show a little remorse for your actions.”

“Sorry, professor. And I’m sorry,” he said to you. “I know you didn’t want to be locked here for your birthday.”

“It’s alright,” you said. You opened your book again and started reading as Sirius stood up. He walked up towards McGonagall and was talking in hushed voices. You couldn’t hear what he was saying, but you could see him smiling. 

When he sat back down, he was still smiling. You looked over at him in confusion but he just shushed you and looked straight forward. You thought about questioning him, but couldn’t as McGonagall walked out, and came back a moment later with Professor Slughorn.

“There is something of the utmost important I need to do,” she said. “Professor Slughorn will watch over you for the time being.” Looking at Sirius again, you saw that he didn’t seem surprised by this like you were.

Slughorn walked past you, and smiled a little. You looked over at Sirius who was purposely avoiding you. 

“I don’t know what you are planning, but it’s not going to make up for getting me in detention on my birthday.”

“Really? What if I got that Slytherin sixth year you have a crush on to ask you out?” You looked at him and shook your head.

“Is that what you have planned?”

“Well, no,” he said, frowning. 

“Then no, I don’t forgive you.” As you said that, the door opened and Professor McGonagall walked back in. She smiled at you and then stepped aside. When she did, you saw Peter standing behind her, a birthday cake with burning candles in his hands. You laughed as James and Remus popped up behind him.

“I suppose you all could use an extra detention together,” she said with a small smile. “You aren’t to leave this room until midnight. I’ll have Filch at the door to make sure you get back to your dormitory tonight.”

“Thank you, Professor,” Sirius said. She nodded before walking out the door with Slughorn. Peter brought the cake forward as the others started singing ‘Happy Birthday’. 

Remus cut everyone a piece of cake, and they all clumped around the desk you sat in. You ate in silence for a little bit, until you noticed Sirius staring at you.

“What?” you asked through a mouthful of cake, making the boys laugh. 

“Do you forgive me now?” he asked.

“A little.”

“Well, hopefully this will help,” he said, reaching into his bag, pulling out a package wrapped in red paper. 

“Padfoot, you know that you don’t have to get me anything,” you said, taking it with an abashed smiled. 

“Does that count for the rest of us?” James asked as they each pulled out a present. You laughed and wrapped you arm around the two boys you could reach, in this case Remus and Sirius.

“I love you guys.” You opened your gifts and ate cake for about the next hour, telling jokes and reminiscing about times that you didn’t get caught pranking, and joking that that was the reason you were all in detention right now. 

Sirius got you a copy of your favorite book at a Muggle shop over Christmas, Peter got you a new broomstick cleaning set, James bought you a necklace that looked a lot like the one you complimented Lily on, and Remus got you every sweet you loved from Honeydukes.

“I am sorry I got you in detention,” Sirius said. “We had planned to go poke the giant squid with you tonight.”

“That’s okay,” you said, bumping his shoulder. “I like this birthday, too. And I also liked your prank,” you said with a small smile. Sirius grinned and went into detail telling the rest of the group about what he did to Severus earlier today. 

As everyone laughed, you noticed that this was the first time in a long time that you hadn’t thought about the impending doom of the war. You rested your head against Remus’s shoulder, and listened in silent bliss to your best friends joking, just like they used to. 

They had spent so much time trying to make this day right for you, but the best part of the day was the fact that they were all happy. If your friends were enjoying themselves as they deserved, that was all you could ask for.


As promised, here is a story from Bucharest! Hopefully it makes sense, and fits in with the story. Not only do I have to insert the Reader character into the scene, but I also had to adjust for the fact that Bucky has been living with the Avengers for years. I still think that Zemo’s plan will work in my version of the story.

If you have any feedback, please feel free to message me. I hope that you enjoy this story, which will lead into the bulk of the Civil War events!



You lazed in the bathtub, your favourite book in hand. Despite owning the eReader that Tony had given you, you always had a physical copy of your favourite. It was like a security blanket. And you really needed that right now.

You weren’t sure how many times you had read this book over the past week and a half. It was one of the only things that almost made you forget how far away from your loved ones you were. At least you had Bucky.

Bucky had gone out an hour before, in order to do some food shopping. You didn’t know a lick of Romanian (though you were hoping that one day Bucky might teach you), and you had been feeling so drained that Bucky insisted you stay home (home…) and try to rest. You had agreed, and had been in the tub since then.

You were starting to think about getting out and drying off when you heard a strange creak in the next room. It wasn’t Bucky. You had a hard time sensing who it was. Your emotions had been so strained, and your powers a little off in all of the stress. You would have to rely on your five senses to figure out who it was.

You slowly raised yourself out of the bath, hoping not to make too much of a splash, and wrapped your towel around yourself, tucking it at the side so it held itself up. Next you took up the kitchen knife that you had placed on the sink. Gently turning the doorknob, you opened the bathroom door as quietly as you could, and peered out into the room. A man stood by the fridge, tall and blonde. You would know that figure anywhere.

“Steve!” you cried out excitedly. You put the knife on the cramped table, and ran to him as he turned around, wrapping your arms around him. He pulled you closer and hugged you tightly, not caring that you were making his clothing wet.

“It’s so good to see you (Y/N),” Steve said. “I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too,” you replied. Now that you were in contact with Steve, his energy filled your heart, and you felt how concerned… no, scared… he was. “What’s going on?”

“Where’s Bucky?” he asked urgently, finally pulling away.

“I’m not sure. He went shopping, but I don’t know where,” you answered. “What’s going on?”

“Something happened at the UN.”

“Oh my god, is Nat ok?”

“She’s fine,” Steve replied. He was glad of that at least. “But there were a lot of injuries. The King of Wakanda was killed.”

You were shocked, and confused. “Why are you here Steve? Can we go home?”

“Get dressed, and I’ll explain.”

You nodded. “Could you… turn around? The bathroom is tiny, so I get dressed out here.”

“Of course,” Steve smiled awkwardly, turning back to the fridge. As he busied himself flicking through some of the restaurant menus and studying the candy bars Bucky had stashed on top of the fridge, you dropped your towel and got dressed as quickly as you could. You knew he wouldn’t turn until you told him it was ok.

You had just put your shirt on when you felt Bucky’s presence. Despite your powers malfunctioning recently, you could always sense him. And he was worried. Again, scared would be an appropriate word.

“I’m done,” you told Steve absent mindedly, and opened the front door, seeing Bucky on the other side, pulling keys from his pocket. His hood was up, and he had much less shopping than you were expecting. What is going on?

“Get inside quickly (Y/N),” Bucky said urgently, and you obliged. He followed you in, closing and locking the door behind him.

When he saw Steve, he smiled, but you knew he wasn’t happy.

“It wasn’t me Steve,” he said, putting the small amount of shopping he had done on the table.

“I know Buck,” Steve replied. You looked between the two of them, still in the dark. The mounting sense of fear in the room though was telling you that whatever they were talking about was serious.

“Wait…” you said quietly. “The UN was attacked…”

“A bomb was set off outside the building,” Bucky filled you in.

“And the man who did it looked an awful lot like Bucky,” Steve continued.


Bucky riffled through the shopping bag and pulled out a newspaper, holding it out to you. You couldn’t read much, but you saw the words James Buchanan Barnes and UN. There was a photo of someone who looked a great deal like your husband on the front, walking suspiciously past a white van. The date was from the day before.

“This isn’t you… the eyes are wrong…” you muttered quietly. “It’s obvious.”

“To you maybe,” he replied. “But most people don’t know my eyes that well. Even I was thrown by it. I thought they used an old photo of me at first.”

There was silence, until you finally asked, “Is trouble coming?”

Steve tensed more than he already was. “Yes. Sharon Carter told me. They’re coming for Bucky, and they know you’ve been staying here.”

“How?” you asked, surprised.

“I don’t know. But they do. Hopefully I got here soon enough. Pack what you need, we have to get out of here now.”

You got to work immediately. You could part with most of the possessions that you had brought with you. You placed your book and eReader into a small bag, and Bucky put in the journal that he had recently started keeping.

Steve lifted his shield from next to the fridge. You hadn’t even seen it there, so distracted by the sudden appearance of your best friend. “We don’t have any weapons Steve,” you reminded him.

“I know. Sam has them in the Quinjet,” he replied.

“Wasn’t it risky to fly that here?” Bucky asked, rushing around the apartment to make sure all of the essentials were packed.

“They already knew you were here, and I needed to get here first.”

“What’s Tony’s take on all of this?” you asked, swinging your bag over your shoulder.

“I don’t really know. We haven’t talked since it happened. But it’s too dangerous to go to him. He signed the Accords, and they are now in effect. He’s legally bound to uphold them. UN attack aside, Bucky is wanted for question relating to his Hydra days. And (Y/N)…” Steve faltered.

“I’m going to be imprisoned, until I can control the powers I have never been able to properly control…” you replied glumly.

Bucky put a hand on your shoulder and squeezed it comfortingly. “Alright, let’s get to the Quinje-” Steve stopped suddenly, and placed his finger against his ear. “Damn, I thought we had more time.”

“What’s happening?” Bucky asked. The fear in the room swelled.

“They’re surrounding the building.”

You heard a distant thump. “They’ve breached it,” Steve muttered. “Out the window I guess…”

You all moved to the window that Steve must have entered through, looking out. There weren’t many escape options for you. “I think you’re forgetting that I’m not 100% Super Soldier. There is no way I can make it over to that roof, or climb down the building.”

“Sam,” Steve spoke, earpiece clearly in place. “We need you to pick (Y/N) up, now.”

You looked out the window again with apprehension, waiting for Sam to arrive, when you heard a bang at the front door. It wasn’t a knock. “They’re breaking down the door!” you exclaimed.

“Sam!” Steve shouted. But there was no more time to wait, as your door collapsed inward. Too many police officers to count were outside ready to take you into custody. They were well armed, while you and Bucky had nothing but your fists. Bucky could use his arm if necessary, but what the hell were you supposed to do?

“What do we do?” you asked nervously.

“We hold them off til Sam gets here,” Steve replied, shield at the ready.

“Come on Sam,” you whispered, watching the officers apprehensively approaching you. You shifted into a defensive stance, and tried to keep your fear in check.


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Craig likes swimming so much he goes with the girls to the local pool at least once a week. Briar and Hazel take turns playing with River in the kiddie pools and water slides and racing their dad in the lap pool, then they all float around in the wave pool and play water games until they're all tired out. Then they go get Jamba Juice and relax at home

i would like to personally thank you, anon, because i could read 10k of cahn family fluff and beg for more

Before River, they play marco polo, with the added thrill of having twins with voices similar enough that Craig can’t tell which kid is which. Now the big scene of the season is when a fantastically tanned and beautifully smiling Craig floats like an otter with River lying on his stomach, splashing in the water that collects in his abs, much to the delight of the other pool goers. The Cahns bring a cooler with juices and sandwiches and fruit for lunch, and River takes a nap while the girls do their hour of waiting to avoid cramps, spending the time playing cards or travel board games.

At the start of each summer, Craig takes the twins to get new suits and that’s it, they live in the pool until they’re shopping for new backpacks. They also have a tradition of taking a family picture by the entrance, which Craig makes glossy copies of and puts in a special box so he can look back on them and watch his girls grow all over again. (”They just keep growing. No summer is quite like the last. Really gives you some perspective.”)

The Bakery (Alfie Solomons x Reader)

SUMMARY: Alfie’s wife runs a real bakery as a front for his distillery. This is a brief look into their daily life. 



A/N: This is an expansion of this headcanon request I received yesterday. With the anon’s permission, I’ve turned the ideas into a fic. I’m not Jewish and I’ve only been to Shabbat once, so if I’ve gotten anything wrong, feel free to let me know so that I can amend it. Anyway, enjoy and remember my requests are currently all open!

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AVEX Pictures Export Ban

Are you a fan of Yuri!!! on ICE, Assassination Classroom, Osomatsu-san, King of Prism, and more? 

Unfortunately, AVEX Pictures, the publisher of these many anime titles are banning exports of only Blu-Rays, DVDs, and CDs. This restriction has been applied to all of the online shops in Japan, and will be placed in less than 24 hours ( Japan Time 6:00pm, February 15). Orders of BDs, DVDs and CDs will not go through after the indicated time. 

However, if you are desperate to get something , you have before Japan UTC+9 to get a copy on CDJAPAN.  All orders placed before the ban will go through normally. 

Products that have this under the description will be banned. 

Here is the email sent to CDJAPAN customers. 

If you want to support your favourite series, PLEASE go purchase a BD, DVD or CD before the ban is placed… 

Svt reacting to finding a lost puppy

anon asked:  I’d like to request svt reacting to finding a lost puppy❤🐕

Seungcheol- Leader-nim is a puppy it’d be like he found his long lost brethren. He’d be heart broken when seeing it whining and with its tail drooping between its legs. He’d carry it around his arms everywhere asking if anyone lost a puppy. Knowing Seungcheol he would probably end up rallying a whole crowd to help search for the lost puppy’s owner even if they didn’t like pups because Seungcheol is a natural leader. Then he might lecture the puppy while giving it lots of cuddles and kisses.

“Now next time don’t run off without your parents. They love you and you don’t want to leave them. You’re loved remember this.”

Originally posted by gong-yoo

Jeonghan- Jeonghan would be surprised but really sad watching the pup wonder around lost. He’d stare at it for a while before bending down to pet it. He’d be careful though, wouldn’t want people to think he dognapped a pup so he’d sit on the ground next to the pup and shout at random people passing asking if they lost a puppy. He’d also ask nearby employees in stores if they had puppy food or toys or anything and if he could check the security camera footage

“This is an emergency the puppy has been lost if you don’t help me I’m literally going to call the police, what coldhearted person would refuse this pup look at its eyes!!!”

Originally posted by eggyyoon

Joshua- Joshua is melting, you can see how damn sad and desperate he is to find the lost puppy’s family in his eyes as he stops everyone that passes and really politely asks them if they lost a puppy. He’ll probably gather a crowd too like Seungcheol but not because the puppy is lost, just because no one can refuse freaking gentleman Joshua and his adorable desperation for reuniting the pup with his family. He’d be willing to watch out for that lost pup’s family even if it took him hours.

“I can wait another hour, or two, or five. I mean we can’t just leave it here. Just imagine how much it misses his home.”

Originally posted by imaginetheseidiots

Jun- Jun would probably try his best to help it from a distance, he’d ask nearby shop employees like Jeonghan. He’d walk by the pup once, then twice, but he can’t help it, every time he sees it, it just makes his heart hurt. So in the end he gives up trying to maintain a careful distance and just brings it home with him. He’s the kind of person to print hundreds of flyers and stick like five on the same pole. And all over with the words “Lost adorable Pup found, if it belongs to you, you can find it here”


Originally posted by binsmoon

Hoshi- He’s dying. How could someone LEAVE THEIR PUPPY BEHIND WHAT KIND OF A CRUEL WORLD DO I LIVE IN?!?!? He’d run around going crazy until finally he just decides to pick up the pup and ask every. Single. Person. He passes if they have lost a puppy. He’d buy the pup a bunch of toys and snacks to keep it busy while he runs to print flyers at a copy shop and pass it out, sets up a blanket for the pup to lie down on, one of the shops prob lend him a table and he has a whole elaborate set up with balloons to get attention.


Originally posted by infinitblaq

Wonwoo & Mingyu- Wonwoo is scared of dogs. Like terrified. But the poor puppy he can’t just leave it there. Would probably drag Mingyu to help him with the puppy because he can’t get within ten feet of the puppy. He watches Mingyu pet it and then buy food for it together while Wonwoo talks to people. Mingyu would keep an eye on the pup and sit down next to it and keep it calm and happy. Wonwoo is running around stopping people and asking if they’ve lost a dog. Eventually it’d be time to go and Mingyu would say they can’t do much else until Wonwoo insists they bring it back with them even though he’s scared and go back and try again the next day.

“We can’t just leave the fluffy creature here, when we lost Woozi, we were going crazy, his family must be so worried too!”
“Don’t let Jihoon hyung hear you compare him to a lost puppy, hyung”

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Woozi- He’d be cautious of the pup too. He’d hate to leave it there without helping it but he can’t do anything so he starts walking away. Until the pup starts following him. Then he can’t resist the poor pup’s sad eyes and cute whine and he just sits down in the middle of the street as the puppy jumps into his lap and he sits and waits for the puppy’s owner(s) to show up. If people stare at him weird he just gives them a glare like, “yes me and a cute pup are blocking your path but you need to deal because it’s lost and I’m waiting to find its family”

“I’m not sorry I sat on the street for like an hour, but know if you ever lose it again I’m going to be really disappointed. Pet owners should be responsible and I hope this never happens again, thank you have a nice day.”

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Seokmin- This ray of sunshine would immediately run up to the puppy and it would jump onto him and he’d be using baby talk. He wouldn’t believe that anyone could lose something so precious. He’d be like Jun and bring the pup home and pass out flyers. When the owners did show up, he’d probably be reluctant to let the pup go but of course he will give the pup back to his family. He might end up visiting the pup often or pup-sitting for the family if they ever needed it because he loves his puppy friend he made that day.

 “Eat well and I’ll visit you sometime soon, pupperschnups!”

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Minghao- Minghao is the softest soft especially when he sees the puppy sitting and whining all by itself. There’s no way Minghao is just walking by without doing everything in his power to help the poor lost pup. He’d grab his skateboard and let the pup sit on top of it and he’d gently push the pup around asking everyone if they lost a pup. He’d go around the entire street or block looking for the puppy’s owners. If he can’t find them, he’d sit in one spot and probably be trying to teach the puppy how to skateboard to pass the time waiting.

“Just think, if you can skate, and you ever get lost again, you could just skate home. I’ll even give you my board.”

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Seungkwan-Extra as always, he’d pick up the pup and get it to sit on his head if he could while yelling at the top of his lungs. He might even sing a sad ballad out on the street just to draw attention for the puppy. People might mistaken him as a street performer and give him money, which he’ll take to buy the puppy snacks. He’ll even dance with the puppy in his arms, probably while singing a Svt song and doing all the choreography carefully with the pup still in his arms. Don’t even try to walk past him without stopping to offer help, he’ll call you out.


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Vernon- He was not ready for something so adorable and sad to be left in the street by itself. He’ll spend a good five minutes freaking out and jumping up and down in disbelief at how sad it looks just sitting there with its tail in between its legs. He’ll end up going up to it and petting it and showing it so much love before actually starting to search for its owners. He’ll be racing the pup up and down the streets trying to lay with it and find his family at the same time and he also would play music out his phone speakers and have a mini dance-party jam session.

“Might as well have some fun while we’re waiting for your parents. It’s like your first act of rebellion right? Aside from maybe peeing on shoes.”

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Chan- The maknae would be so protective of the puppy. The babes need to stick together. He’d hold onto the puppy so tightly and give it lots of hugs and cuddles while looking for the owners. He’ll carry it his arms like a baby while walking from place to place and person to person asking if anyone lost a pup. Must protect the pup. Chan would probably ask a bunch of questions to whoever claimed to be the pup’s family before giving the up the pup with a cute final, “Annyeong!”

“The pup has a mark on which side of it’s tummy, right or left side? Ok but what shape is the mark? What color is it? Oh your name is on its collar, sorry, here you go-”

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~ admin jess

#23 All Gods

@ichabbiefan234 the second part of your request - I did this as HCs since it’s such a big request. Despite that, I really hope I did them all justice - I haven’t included the Egyptian Gods ‘cause honestly, I’m not that confident when it comes to writing for them but I still hope you enjoy what’s here.

- Admin Fiona

Prompt 23: Shopping? For eight hours?

<<Norse Gods>>


  • Acts like he’s totally not interested
  • But tags along anyway
  • And ends up buying more than you
  • You ask if he’s having fun
  • And he tries to hide his grin behind his purchases
  • “I guess.”
  • You treat him at your favourite chocolate shop
  • And you watch him buy a few more boxes of caramel chocolate when he thinks you aren’t looking


  • He’s happy to accompany you
  • And when you ask for help picking between two dresses
  • He blushes when you try them on
  • “You look beautiful in both.”
  • Helps you carry everything
  • Ends up dropping everything when he trips
  • Won’t stop apologising
  • Until another guy starts to hit on you
  • And then he activates his cold glare
  • While you squeeze his free hand reassuringly


  • Doesn’t say much while you shop
  • But eventually, offers to take you to his favourite restaurant for lunch
  • You stay there and chat
  • For way longer than you’ve been shopping
  • But honestly, you don’t mind
  • You like seeing him smile while he shares this moment with you

<< Greek Gods >>


  • Is immediately fascinated by all the different shops
  • Wants to look at absolutely everything that there is to see
  • You have to drag him away from the pet shop
  • Since he was on the verge of adopting a golden retriever puppy
  • Afterwards, all he can talk about is what he was gonna call it
  • Finally settling on Artemis
  • Somehow you don’t think his sister would be impressed


  • Is a little uneasy at the idea of being around so many people
  • But after reassurance from you, eventually, agrees
  • You spend a lot of time in a bookstore looking at star charts
  • And he shows you his favourite constellations
  • And tells you the story behind each one
  • You eventually get asked to leave by the clerk
  • Because it’s been hours and you haven’t bought anything
  • So you heave the biggest pile of books onto the counter
  • And Hades can’t help but chuckle at your determined expression


  • He agrees to go since he is feeling a bit lazy
  • But apparently, he has never seen you in your favourite store when it’s having a clearance sale
  • And after you emerge victorious clutching the last copy of the manga you wanted he really does have fear in his eyes
  • Who is this woman and what have you done with my beloved?
  • But he cheers up when you walk past a wine-tasting stall
  • And ends up talking to the guy in charge for like an hour talking about different flavours and techniques that you don’t understand in the least.
  • But he makes it up to you by taking you to a nearby festival
  • And he kisses you as you watch the fireworks

<< Japanese Gods >>


  • Doesn’t really understand the concept of shopping all day
  • But goes along with you anyway to keep you company
  • And decides that this will be good practise to hold your hand
  • He notices you staring at a particular amethyst pendant and then sighing and walking away when you check your purse
  • He disappears for a moment when you order lunch at a nearby cafe
  • And when he doesn’t come back after 15 minutes you wonder if he’s gotten lost
  • You find him at a gift-wrapping station, struggling with a small rectangular box
  • “This is for you,” he says after you help him with it
  • It’s the amethyst pendant from before
  • He helps you put it on with a gentle smile


  • Can’t keep his eyes off you because of how excited you are about everything
  • Who knew that staring for hours at otome games could evoke so many emotions
  • Gets a lil’ bit jealous over the otome games
  • Cause’ honestly who needs Senpai when you have Takeru-san?
  • Promises to play them with you sometime
  • Still has no idea what the hell ‘otome’ means
  • But at the end of the day you have to drag him away from the displays
  • And even then he makes you answer all his questions 
  • Namely: “Why would anyone play this.”
  • Immediately regrets asking when you start describing your love for otome 
  • But can’t keep a smile off his face from how happy you look

Just a post to say thank you to Chris for what he has done for my niece. I’ve talked a lot about Ronan’s accident. One thing I’ve never talked about is the impact on his siblings.

My niece Meadhbh (said Maeve) was 9 when it happened. Now my niece was not a reader. That was Ronan, who finished Harry Potter at 8 and was just starting Lord if the Rings when everything changed. Not Meadhbh. Couldn’t be bothered. She’s rather watch the movie.

A few weeks before the accident their whole family had visited me in NYC. And I valiantly tried to get her to read Wishing Spell. To no avail. My sister took it home to continue the effort and 10 days later our entire universe shifted and quite frankly it was forgotten. To say this time was difficult for Meadhbh is an understatement. She was fully aware of what was happening and forced to spend days apart from her parents and brother due to school (home and hospital were an hour apart).

Thanksgiving was spent at the hospital and dining at Ronald McDonald House (those volunteers are angels). The next day, the ladies decided to leave the hospital and do some Black Friday shopping. Our first group outing and very much needed. One of our stops was B&N and they had an autographed copy of the Treasury of Fairytales. And finally her interest was peaked. She knew I loved the books and she wanted to read. Needles to say I bought it for her for Christmas, much to my moms protest that it was a waste of money as she wouldn’t touch it.

Well she proved grandmom wrong. She loved it. My sister gave her the box set for Valentine’s Day. I bought her Red’s Guide and Mother Goose’s Diary. And of course picked up a signed TLOS 6 at the signing for her in July.

She has just completed the series. She spends hours talking about the characters and the stories. These books gave her an escape from reality. Something I think Chris understands well when there’s a sibling in the home with medical issues. She absolutely loved them and perhaps Chris, you made her a reader.

The only downside. She’s convinced she’s perfect to play Alex in the movies. As much as we tell her that’s a near impossibility, she’s pretty determined!! But there’s nothing wrong with a dream.

So thank you Chris for giving a young girl an escape. A safe place to get lost. For making her want to read. And for providing her with some joy. And giving me the opportunity to enjoy these books with through the eyes of a child.

KANEJ//”Please don’t leave me,”// MODERN DAY COFFEE SHOP AU// SUPER FLUFF// headcanon


- There’s a cafe that Kaz likes to go to before school

- he likes the coffee plus all the lil bakery snacks but sometimes if he hasn’t finished all his homework then he’ll go in early and just hang out for a while

- they even have live music sometimes and it’s always very nice and calm music

- he likes it a lot because it’s not a huge or popular place, it’s just like him, the staff, and maybe 2-3 other people, on a busy day

- so anywhoozles

- one day he walks in and they’re training a new barista

- as soon as he walks in one of the baristas training the newbie pipes up,

- “Oh look, we can even start you off eazy. This is Kaz, he’s actually a regular here. You learn his order once, and you’ve got his order for probably a couple weeks, if not more, until he decides he wants to mix things up,”

- Kaz walked up to the register as the newbie smiled at him

- he couldn’t help but to notice her pretty chocolate eyes

- “How can I help you today?”

- Kaz quickly made his order and took his seat, pulling out his laptop to start on some homework

- Kaz kept on working, before he heard a,

- “Here’s your order, sir,” that startled him so much he almost fell out of his seat

- Kaz couldn’t believe this newbie had snuck up on him without even trying, he was known for noticing the smallest and most minute details, and he couldn’t remember the last time anyone had managed to sneak up on him, especially doing so without trying

- he searched for a nametag

- “Inej”

- maybe this newbie would be more interesting than he thought

- months passed and Kaz actually made an effort to talk to her, and Kaz never made an effort to talk to anyone

- he and Inej slowly became pretty good friends, when Kaz was the only customer or Inej was on breaks, Inej would go and sit with Kaz and they would make chitchat until Inej had to get back to work

- Inej always took the morning shift

- one day Inej told Kaz that the cafe was trying a lot of new things to get more customers in

- Kaz honestly hated the idea, he liked the quaint, quiet little coffee shop, but he knew money was money and there was nothing he could do about it

- so he dealt with it as they remodeled, repainted, started a bunch of new deals, etc.

- until one day they decided to try to target a new group of people, since so far nothing was working

- Kaz didn’t really know much about it, until one late night Kaz decided to do his homework there

- /he didn’t usually go in during nights but he had kind of started to because he knew Inej also worked late nights a lot of the times/

- he walked in and walked over to Inej, made his order, and sat down at his normal table

- he noticed that a pretty big band was setting up

- he also noticed that there were quite a few people waiting for the band to get started

- and now more and more people were coming in to watch the band

- he was walking over to Inej when the band started

- they were a super loud, rock, screamo band that made Kaz’ ears want to bleed

- one look at Inej and he could tell that she hated it as much as he did

- they did their best to talk under the music, but the crowd was just as bad as the band

- the fans were screaming and fighting and smashing cups all over the place

- Kaz couldn’t stand it anymore, so he quickly told Inej goodbye and turned to leave

- “Wait, Kaz,” Inej started

- “Please don’t leave me,” it was barely a whisper but Kaz heard every word of it. He didn’t know why but still he slowly turned back and sat back down with the barista as he nodded his head as an okay

- suddenly Inej gestured him to follow him to the back room, Kaz easily obliged, happy to get as far away from the sound as possible

- Inej turned on the light and shut the door and the mess outside was barely louder than Inej’s almost-whisper from earlier

-the room, however, was a tiny storage closet

- “Sorry,” Inej started, “It’s the best I got,” she spoke as she slid down the back wall so that she was sitting on the ground against the wall

- “It’s perfect,” Kaz said, copying her movements on the wall opposite, so close to the other wall that Kaz and Inej’s feet lay side to side

- they stayed like that for hours and hours just talking

- sometimes there were silences but none of them tension-filled or awkward

- all just comfortable silence

- even when Kaz noticed the noise die down

- he stayed

- she stayed

Ankle Biter | final - 07

pairing: taehyung x reader - single dad! au

warnings/genre: major fluff, major angst, smut eventually I’m sure because of my thirsty ass

summary: You swear that your job sucks, except for the guy who keeps coming in every morning to order himself a black coffee, and his kid a strawberry milk and chocolate muffin. When you and Taehyung have an awkward run-in at the cafe thanks to his kid, feelings start to emerge and so do the secrets.

words: 3k

playlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | epilogue

WOW HAHA literally 6 weeks later here is the LAST CHAPTER! An epilogue will be posted within the week. I have never been to court so sorry if there are inaccuracies. Enjoy! :)

The next morning, you awoke to the rolling of thunder through ominous, miserable clouds that opened up and poured an ocean from the sky, leaving everything in it’s wake drenched and useless.

That’s how you felt when you noticed Taehyung was not in the spot next to you, the sheets wrinkled and cold. He was standing with his shoulder pressed against the glass window overlooking the grey city, his coffee-colored eyes glazed over with stale tears that refused to escape their confines. Drenched and useless. 

Drenched in the heaviness the day will bring, drenched in uselessness because now, there isn’t anything anyone can do about the outcome. There was nothing more you could do to console him, and as you stood there watching his eyes sweep over the city when you were wondering if he was really looking at the city at all, or just consumed in his thoughts.

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It Just Happens (7/7)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Language, alcohol consumption

A/N: What happens when you’re Steve Rogers’ assistant, one bad night for the both of you, and you end up at the bar drinking it away. What could go wrong with that?

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Stepping off the elevator you slip your sunglasses off tucking them into the open V in your grey vintage mechanics shirt, that was tied up at the ends exposing a small amount of you naval and stomach, your black skinny jeans clung just right in a comfortable manner, your black strappy heels clicked on the marble floor as you make your way through the offices. You carry a cardboard to go box, as you step into the meeting room.

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So coolest thing happened to me couple days ago and since no one in my life found it as cool as i did, i just had to bring it to tumblr! I was on a getaway with uni friends last week in Rosebud Vic and we decided to go to a street market for the day. As we’re walking down the street I noticed a book store and ever since I heard that still star crossed has been canceled I’ve been trying to see if I could find the book. I told my friends to go ahead while I quickly went in. While I was waiting in line to ask one of the store girls if they had the book another girl came up and served me. Since no one really knows about the show in Australia I didn’t really expect her to know what it was when I asked, but as soon as I did she replied with “Oh do you watch the show?’. I was just happy to meet someone that had actually heard of the show so I said ‘yeah I love it, do you watch it too?!’ and she goes ‘my brothers actually in it’ ………… my first thought was maybe he’s just an extra but then I remembered that the leading man of the show (and my heart) is Australian too! So I say ‘I’m sorry but is your brother Benvolio???????” AND SHE SAID YES! Of course I freaked out a bit and my cheeks were hurting from smiling so hard but omg she was so lovely and stood there chatting for like 15 minutes! I was telling her how upset I was about the show being canceled and how annoying that there was literally no publicity for it and of course she agreed and since I have no brain to mouth filter I blurted out ‘I’m sorry but your brother’s really hot!’ and she laughed and agreed that the whole cast is rather good looking! Anyway the shop was starting to get busy and sadly she couldn’t find a copy of the book, so I had to say goodbye but not before telling her to tell her brother that even though the show got canceled its got a big fanbase and he’s brilliant in it! A couple hours later when my friends and I were on our way back we were about to past the shop again and I realised that I hadn’t even had a proper look around before (clearly starstruck) so i went back in and after being there for five minutes looking around one of the other girls who had been listening to my fangirling before comes over to me and points to another lady and says ‘That’s Wades mother!’ I love that girl cause she was clearly looking out for me! So I got to meet his mum as well cause when the sister saw me again she brought her mother over and said ‘mum this is the sweet girl I was telling you about before that watches still star crossed!’ and they were both so lovely and I just kept thinking about how cool it’ll be that they’re probably going to be telling Wade about this fan that they met randomly and they’ll be talking about meeeee! And his sister said that the cast is actually really close and everyones so lovely and omg it was awesome! And of course we both bonded over Rosaline and Ben and I told her how I hope they get together before the show ends and she said she thinks that something’s going to happen before it ends! I’ve always been one to believe in fate but I’ve never experience it like this before! So many things could’ve stopped us from meeting (my friends taking forever to get ready that morning, almost going to another location, me walking on the other side of the road and completely missing the shop, me getting served by the other lady, etc) but I don’t know, I like to think this happened for a reason, not sure what that reason is, besides the fact that it was super cool, but I’m going to love having that memory with me. 

Sign of Love

Pairing: Clint Barton x Reader

Warnings: nah

Word count: uhhhh I don’t know.

A/N: it was Deaf Awareness Week this past week so I thought, yknow, why not make a story with Deaf!Clint. I dig it. I mean he’s not deaf. He’s hard of hearing but whatever. Might get a little confusing because I used italics for stuff that is beign signed except for one time early in the story but you’ll be able to tell it wasn’t being signed. I’m very excited that I’m going to a Dead vs Hearing basketball game tonight!!! Anyways, enjoy!!

Your friends begged you to go to game night at one of their favorite cafe lounge. You finally gave in. It was a Friday night and it had been a long week. You just wanted to stay in and sleep. Natasha was your best friend and she thought it would be beneficial for you to go out and let loose.

You weren’t really enjoying any of the games. So you decided to go to the coffee bar and order a drink. You notice a quite attractive man sitting alone and not participating. You decided to go talk to him. Grabbing your iced latte, you head over to him.

“Hey, I like your shirt. The Killers is my favorite band.”

No response. He just didn’t even look at you. Okay maybe he doesn’t understand English you thought. So you tried speaking to him Spanish.

“¿Habla español?” (Do you speak Spanish?) No answer. The stranger turned to you. He look at you a little confused and he signed sorry.

OH! Hes deaf!

Are you deaf? You signed.

The man smiled to big from excitement to know that someone knew ASL.

Yes he signed back. How do you know ASL?

My little brother is deaf. I’m Y/N. what’s your name?

I’m Clint. I’m hard of hearing. I usually have hearing aids and talk, but I forgot them, so I sign.

You pulled up a chair, and signed some more. You got to know Clint. By the end of the night you exchanged phone numbers.

Weeks went by and so did a couple of dates. You learned he’s an archer, and he loves birds. At one point his friends called him the hawk. He was also a preschool assistant where he would teach ASL to children for an hour a day.

The kids weren’t deaf, but rather hard of hearing. He believed at it was important to know at least a little sign in case they ever needed it.

One day, after your morning shift at the coffee shop, you decided to surprise Clint at his job. Walking in to the preschool you greeted James and Wanda. James was the teacher and Wanda was the receptionist/aid/everything. She did helped James control the children, she made copies, dealt with annoying parents, graded some ‘homework’, prepared lunches and snacks, she did everything.

When you walk into the classroom, you saw Clint sitting on a tiny stool while the kids were sitting around him watching his hand movements. You took a moment to observe the man in front of the classroom.

He was handsome, very handsome, his hair was getting a little shaggy since you met him, he had some scruff, his eyes were green, he was muscular. This man is your dream guy. Holy shit. The fact that the man of your dreams in front of you hit you like a ton of bricks.

Tall, well, taller than you. Check

Green eyes. Check

Muscular. Check

Scruff. Check

Brown hair. Check

He’s got it all. Damn.

Clint spoke, snapping you of your day dream.

“Hey are you okay?” He spoke.

Calmly you reply “yes.”

“Okay, give a sec. I have a surprise”

He turned his attention back to the class and signed ready?

The kids turn around so they’re facing you. Clint stands up and points to a child, the child signs Will, the next signs You, Be… My… Girlfriend?

The last person to sign was Clint because it was the longest word and he hadn’t thought them yet.

Setting the coffee you forgot you had down, you walk over to Clint and hug him, whispering yes in his ear. When you pull apart you sign yes to the class. They all cheered.

Who knew little kids would be so excited their ASL teacher got a girlfriend?

Still Looking Up

A Raven’s Home fanfic
Rating: T
Paring: eventual Raven/Chelsea (Chrave)
Summary: PARENT TRAP(ish) AU. Raven and Chelsea ended up falling out big time after the chinchilla controversy in their senior year of high school and haven’t spoken to each other since. When Levi, Nia, and Booker discover a photograph of their moms from their good old days, the kids decide it’s time to try and bring the two old friends back together.
Chapter: 1/?

(You can also read on AO3)

They’d only just begun their new adventure in Chicago (that’s what she’d called it when she’d told Levi about the move—he’d seemed less than convinced) and everything was already stressful. Their new landlord had conveniently forgotten they were moving in that day and had gone off on vacation with his mother, so they’d had to push back their move-in by two days. Then, the first hotel they’d tried to check into didn’t allow pets, and neither did the one after that. Chelsea thought this was not only inhumane and unfair to all of the poor dogs and cats and turtles and other creatures that may be traveling with their humans, but wildly inconvenient for her. But they were finally settling down in their third-attempt hotel, which did allow pets, with less than—she glanced at her watch—ten hours to go until Levi’s first day of school and thirty-four hours until her first day of work.

She closed her eyes and rested against the headboard for just moment, just taking in the fact that, yes, she was really here, and yes, this was really happening. Her entire life had been turned upside down within a matter of months and had kept spinning and spinning ever since. But it felt like things were finally settling down, despite how crazy the past twenty-four hours had been. And soon, they’d be in their own apartment and settled into their new work and school routines and things would be back to normal. She couldn’t wait for normal.

When she opened her eyes, Levi was climbing up onto the foot of the room’s single queen bed, his nearly-as-big-as-him backpack in hand and their golden retriever Zoodles at his heel. In one quick movement, Levi dumped the entire contents of the backpack on the bed. Pencils, pens, crayons, folders, and notebooks covered the white, standard hotel-issue bedspread in a rainbow of color.

“What are you doing, bud?” she asked, rolling some of the crayons that had strayed her way back toward Levi’s pile, with little success.

“I have to organize my backpack for tomorrow. I can’t be the new kid and the kid with a messy backpack,” he answered, without lifting his gaze from the task at hand. With nimble hands and a little (unhelpful) help from a slobbery dog, he began sorting his pencils and pens into piles.

“Do you want any help?” She started to reach forward but he shook his head and stilled her hand.

“Thanks,” he said. “I got it.”

Chelsea nodded, and returned to her resting position against the headboard. She admired and respected her son’s independence, absolutely, but it always made her a bit sad to think about why he was so self-reliant, so willing to go and do things his own way.

“Alright, but make it quick, okay? You need to get to bed soon. There’s school in the morning.”

“I know, Mom.”

Chelsea sighed, and felt a warm, wet patch forming on the side of her jeans. She looked down, and, of course, Zoodles had his nose pressed into her outer thigh, bashfully begging for her attention.

“Come here, buddy,” she called, and he scrambled happily so that his head was resting safely in her lap. She gave him a big scratch behind the ears. “Tomorrow everything will be back to normal, I promise.”

She didn’t know why she was hoping so hard for normal, all of a sudden. For years before her marriage had started to fall apart, she’d been hoping for a return to anything but normal, anything but the monotony that she had inexplicably and then unwillingly fallen into Garrett. Her life had once been just a bit extraordinary, had had a touch of magic. But that was a long time ago, almost eighteen years now, and nothing worth thinking about anymore. She had a new life and, starting tomorrow, a new new life with a new job and a new apartment in a new city. She had a lot to look forward to. There was no use in looking back.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Paris Fashion Week was always the most stressful time of year for Raven, even though it probably wasn’t supposed to be. Fashion Week was supposed to be a time of socializing and showing off (both of which were things which Raven knew how to do very, very well). By the end of the week, though, she was always exhausted and cranky and even a little bit intimidated by all the other amazing designs she’d seen, and all she wanted to do was go home and do nothing for another week except take several long bubble baths and spend some time with her kids.

If you had told Raven fifteen years ago that she would be passing up shopping in Paris so that she could go home to be with her children, she’d laugh in your face and go back to flipping through her latest copy of Vogue. Yet, here she was, in the back of a car on the way to the airport, bouncing her leg in anticipation.

“Could we go a little bit slower?” she muttered under her breath, checking the time on her phone. She still had over an hour before her flight was supposed to leave, and didn’t need to worry about silly things like security to get on the private jet. But the sooner she was there, the sooner they possibly could take an earlier space in the take-off queue, and the sooner she could be back in Chicago and on her way to pick up her kids from school.

Raven sighed and leaned her head against the cold glass of the window like she’d done as a child in the backseat of her parents’ station wagon. They were stuck in the usual traffic around the Arc de Triomphe, which meant the stop and start and stop and start of almost standstill traffic. Raven closed her eyes and took a deep, calming breath. There was no need to be anxious, there was no need to get upset. She’d be home with her kids in ten hours’ time and she wouldn’t even remember this car ride. If she just let herself let go of the things she couldn’t control, she could be at peace. At least that’s what her therapist always said. Her pilates and yoga instructors, too. Even her ex-husband had said something to the effect at one point, long ago. But Raven Baxter was all about taking control, and always had been. Letting go wasn’t a concept that came to her easily or often.

She managed, though, and with just a few more deep breaths she felt herself center and her muscles relax. Things were better. Things were calm. When she opened her eyes, she would be at peace, able to enjoy the rest of her ride through the city before they hit the Autoroute.

But when she opened her eyes, she immediately felt her muscles re-constrict and her breath catch in her throat. Her body became the absolute opposite of at peace as a shock of red hair flew past her window. Raven’s face pressed even further against the glass, trying to catch another glimpse of the red-haired cyclist, but to no avail. The bicycle was gone, disappeared into the mass of cars ahead of them.

Her every nerve felt on fire.

Raven would love to say that was the first and only time she’d ever jumped at the sight of long, red curls that seemed at one so familiar yet so distant. She felt silly for her excitement, for thinking that, of all the places in the world, she would find her here. She didn’t even want to, she told herself. They hadn’t spoken in almost eighteen years, despite Raven’s earliest efforts, and now she wanted nothing more than for it to stay that way. She could hold a grudge as long as anybody.

She settled back into her seat, head against the leather interior instead of the window, and closed her eyes once more. Her body was still vibrating with energy, and her heart still thumping wildly in her chest. She needed to calm down. She needed to relax. She needed to take a nap.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

The plane landed that afternoon in Chicago at 2:12, which gave Raven exactly 48 minutes to collect her things, get the car, and get over to the Lakeshore Day School before the final bell rang at 3:00. When she pulled into the parking lot and looked down at the dashboard clock, she smiled victoriously. It was 2:51. She still had nine minutes to spare.

In the spring, the grounds of the Lakeshore Day School were lush with blossoming trees and beautiful flowers, and during the fall the leaves on the trees all turned magnificent shades of orange, yellow, and red that Raven hadn’t really gotten to see while growing up in San Francisco. But during the winter, the campus looked no more appealing than the arctic tundra, its perfectly manicured lawns hidden beneath a layer of frost and its trees mere skeletons, crouching over the stone façade of the school building.

On a normal winter day, Raven would turn up the heat and wait in the car for the kids to come out of school. But it was unseasonably warm outside (thanks, global warming) and she’d been cooped up in cars and planes for too long already. She needed fresh air and to stretch her legs.

Benches lined the walkway up to the school’s giant front staircase, but Raven had had enough sitting, so she decided to lean against one instead. She pulled her phone out of her purse and began swiping through meaningless email after meaningless email and responding to some less meaningless texts, when she caught sight of something in her peripheral vision, a flash of red hair leaning a bike up against the other end of her bench. She shook her head and sucked in a breath.

“No. Not again. You’re not gonna fall for this twice in one day.”

She kept her focus fixed on her phone, sent a text to her group message with the twins telling them she was outside, but her curiosity was messing with her, telling her to look up! look up!

She scoffed again. She wouldn’t. She had more dignity than that.

She looked back at the clock on her phone. It would still be five minutes before the bell rang. She could last five minutes without looking up. She had to beat this damn urge somehow. She was a grown woman, a famous fashion designer, she traveled around the world on a weekly basis. She couldn’t keep doing this. It was getting pathetic.

A few seconds later, the figure finally stepped out from the edges of her vision, and Raven rejoiced. She’d done it. She hadn’t looked up. She was probably cured now. She’d never ever have to—

A large weight crashed into her lower legs and sent her almost toppling over the back of the bench, but she was able to catch herself, keep herself upright. Her phone was another story. It crashed to the concrete on the other side of the bench with a horrifying crunch. She tried to go get it, but the thing that had crashed into her—apparently a giant golden retriever—was blocking her path no matter which way she moved.

“You better get your slobbery mouth away from my pants, dog. They’re suede,” she muttered, trying to push it away, but to no avail. The dog would not budge. She kept up the struggle. “Where is your human?”

“Zoodles, come back here!”

Zoodles? Raven thought. What kind of weirdo name for a dog was that?

But the dog backed off instantly and took off jogging toward the voice, leaving Raven covered in hair, slobber, and her own sweat. She leaned over to dust off the bottoms of her pants as best as she could, hoping the slobber wouldn’t leave any stains.

“Are you okay?” the voice said, much closer than it had been the last time. There was something about it that felt so familiar. “I am so sorry about that. We just moved here and he’s been really excited by all the new places and people. Haven’t you, Zoodles?”

Raven froze. That voice. It was more than just familiar. It was the voice. Her voice. She couldn’t tell if she was embarrassed or ashamed or proud that it had taken her so long to figure it out. After all these years of compulsively searching for that voice, for that hair, for that girl, she’d found her. But suddenly, she couldn’t unfix her gaze from her feet. She watched the tiny droplets of melted frost roll down the rounded toe of the leather boots.

The voice spoke again. “Are you okay? Should I call somebody?”

Raven shook her head, finally stood upright, and turned so she couldn’t see the other woman, but more importantly, so the other woman couldn’t see her. “I’m fine,” she grumbled, with a cough, hoping her hardest to disguise her voice. She was a bit out of practice.

“Okay, good.” She could hear the woman’s smile in her voice. “My name is Chelsea Grayson. My son Levi just started school here today. He’s in the fourth grade, but I should probably get him tested out. He’s a really smart kid, a lot smarter than I was at his age. Or I was ever, really. I’m assuming you have kids that go here?”

Raven remained silent. The bell rang, a shrill hum in the distance, but then it was quiet for a long time between them. Raven could hear Chelsea shifting in what was surely a pair of pleather loafers, and release then a soft sigh.

“Sorry to bother you,” Chelsea finally said, her voice quiet, the disappointment carrying through. Raven heard the soft clip-clop as she began to walk away toward the school, but it stopped abruptly. “Oh, is this your phone?”

Raven held out her hand behind her, still unable to turn around, and she felt the cold metal of her phone thunk heavily into her outstretched palm. “Thanks,” she squeaked. She didn’t get a response this time.

As she was inspecting her phone for damage—apparently the fall sounded a lot worse than it had actually been—a pair of voices that she could never forget called out to her, and two pairs of footsteps began pounding thunderously down the pavement. Before she knew it, she was sandwiched between two eleven year olds. Her hands quickly found rest on the backs of their heads.

“Hey, babies,” she whispered, squeezing them closer, planting a kiss to their hairlines. “I missed you.”

“We missed you, too,” Nia, her youngest but wisest answered.

“Did you bring us anything back from Paris?” Booker, her oldest and decidedly less wise, but loveable nonetheless, asked immediately after.

“You know what? I don’t remember. We’ll have to see what’s in my suitcase when we get home.” She chuckled softly, reveling in being home again, having her children so close. “How was school today?”

They shrugged out of her hug simultaneously.

It was okay,” Booker answered.

Nia nodded her agreement. “Yeah, nothing special.”

“What about last week?”

The twins shared a look. “The same.”

Raven narrowed her gaze. “Well, how about I give you two the car ride to think of some better answers, and we’ll talk about it more at home. Sound good?”

The twins both shrugged and began to trudge toward the parking lot, their shoes, the only non-regulated part of their uniform, leaving two trails of footprints in their wake.

Raven started after them, but as she began walking, she realized that she’d made a critical error. She’d forgotten entirely about Chelsea, forgotten that she’d left her bike at the other end of Raven’s bench, forgotten that she would be standing directly in Raven’s path to the car. But she realized her mistake too late.

Chelsea was standing frozen at the end of the bench, her eyes wide and her now shorter red curls flowing gently from beneath a floppy winter cap.


anonymous asked:

aaah i loved your dazai x writer s/o! could you do the same except with oda? ;w; tysm❤️!

Aw thank you! (I loved that one too tbh)

HC referenced is here: (-X-)

Another note: Since I tend to pepper in the occasional NSFW part in my headcanons, from now on I’ll be marking any overtly NSFW hcs or sub-hcs with the first word bolded; so if you want to avoid that, bolding is your warning sign. Very light NSFW in the middle of other HCS will not be bolded for appearance's sake.

Oda Sakunosuke

  • After a few times of accidentally grabbing your notebook and filling a page or two with his own scribbles, Odasaku splurges a bit to buy you a gorgeous faux-leather bound journal. He orders it custom to your exact preferences; from perfect page size to lovely paper thickness, he overlooks nothing. Inside the front cover, Oda pens a sweet love note. He claims it’s just to help keep your notebooks apart; if you ever point out that since he bought the journal for you in the first place, he should know what it looks like, he simply shuts you up with a sweet kiss
  • Whenever you need a second pair of eyes, Oda’s always willing to break out the red pen and go over your latest draft. He doesn’t hesitate to point out flaws, but he’s careful not to discourage you, either; for every awkward metaphor he restructures or paragraph he scratches out, he circles or points out some word or sentence that has a lovely ring to it.
    • If you’re willing to do the same, Oda always turns his drafts over to you. He always rewards you generously; one kiss for every error you can correct. If you spend long enough critiquing, he might even pepper them lower than your lips.
  • As a fellow writer, Odasaku knows firsthand how important the right setting is if you want to get any words out. His personal duty is ensuring you’ve always got a perfect environment to spread a few words across the page. If you need something more strict, he sets up a mini-office complete with a desk, comfortable chair, and fountain-pens galore. After something more relaxed? When you want to write, Odasaku quickly turns his living room into a chillaxing den; a huge pillow fort, your favorite snacks at the ready, even fairy lights strung around if you’re really after that calming vibe. Whatever you need to get in the zone, Oda never hesitates to provide.
  • If your writing desk starts falling apart, Oda brings up a much better idea than running to the closest IKEA for a replacement; sharing his. Something about the idea of sharing his creative space with you winds his heart a bit tighter; he can’t quite explain why, but he’s willing to deal with the occasional ‘who-does-this-pen-really-belong-to’ spat if it means you’ll work at his desk. As long as you’re not super-possessive, Oda works out a ‘custody deal’ about who’s turn it is to use the desk if you both want to use it at once (of course, all you have to do is pout a bit and he’ll give up his turn immediately.)
    • After you begin sharing this space, the writing desk quickly morphs into one of Oda’s favorite places to fuck you. He can’t explain this little quirk, either; all he knows is that when you’re bent over the familiar surface, moaning against him, his blood gets rushing a little bit quicker than normal.
    • Giving him a sensual, drawn-out blowjob while he’s at the writing desk is also a surefire way of getting him to cum a little faster. Sure, it’s not the most comfortable spot to recline back, but as long as you’re bent underneath the desk with your pretty little mouth around his cock that’s not exactly the first thought on his mind.
  • If you’re a published author, Oda has a billion questions for you about the publishing process. Even if he’s not ready to throw something at an agent until after he leaves the Port Mafia, he’d still like to know the process; and who better to learn it from than you, who’s already done it?
  • Odasaku keeps snippets of your writing paperclipped inside the front of his writing notebook. Often, whenever he’s tangling with writer’s block he pulls out what you’ve written, skimming over it again and again. Usually, scanning the words, hearing your lovely voice reading over it in his mind, is enough to spark a burst of inspiration.
  • Whenever you two have a few hours to kill and don’t feel like doing much, Oda drags you out of the house for a writing date. He drops your supplies in his laptop bag and threads his fingers through yours, tugging you along to the nearest quiet spot brimming with atmosphere. Sometimes, you’ll wander into a tiny corner coffee shop, or maybe a park bench under a cluster of sakura trees. As you both write, he pulls you over to lean on him; as time passes and your drafts take shape, you tangle closer and closer together until you’re practically in a knot. Oda could write like this for hours; fresh air, gentle ambient noise, and your soft skin flush against his own.
  • For your birthday one year, Oda collects your top favorite parts of his writing. He gathers everything you’ve written that he considers his favorite, too. In a small journal, he copies down the words in flawless, winding cursive. Across every page of your writing, he copies something of his that’s similar. When he’s done, all of your favorite writings span the pages together. At the end of the book is a surprise, though; an enormous love letter, listing so many of the things he loves about you (a new composition, of course).
  • Odasaku never leaves home without one of your love letters (his favorite words you’ve ever written) folded up, tucked in his pocket. He claims he just wants to keep your love with him all the time, which isn’t strictly a lie; but there’s more to it than that. Oda’s painfully aware his Port Mafia work means all it takes is one misstep, and he’s gone. If he dies, he wants to fade away with your words pressed against his heart; of course, he’ll never admit that to you.