hourly comics


I know I’m a week late, but here are my hourly comics from Feb 1st!!

Come spend the day with my family–it’s a Sunday, so there’s a lot of church. In case you were wondering how Mormon my family is, here is empirical proof. Apparently we are SUPER Mormon.

I love keeping a document of my kids growing up. Here are hourlies from 2014 and 2013.


Hourly Comics Day was February first. I did this year’s comics in marker in a real book, and I finally got around to scanning them.

Hope y'all dudes and dudettes had a great day also! You can see how I spent the day last year here.

As always, you can follow my shenanigans and goings-on on facebook, if you so prefer. Folks keep trying to persuade me to do this twitter thing I’m hearing so much about. Is it time for me to take the plunge?


Part 1 of 2 - NIKKI’S HOURLIES (2/2/2015)

February 1st (or in my case the 2nd) was Hourly Comic Day! I tried my best to make as many comic strips as I could physically and mentally handle. For those who aren’t familiar with Hourly Comic Day is– It’s basically a challenge for artists to make a comic strip for every hour you’re awake.