hourglass earrings


Waiting for the second chapter, I continue to look at the official arts and generate more and more questions. The fandom has already paid attention to the hourglass earrings of Vanitas.

About the symbolism of an hourglass:
“Hourglass is a symbol of the impermanence of life and the passage of time, about the « memento mori »  principle, irresistibly approaching the hour of death.”
Main meanings: mortality, death, inexorable passage of time, the cycles of creation and destruction, the relationship of Upper and Lower Worlds.

And now I want to share with you about what attracts me in the following art.

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“Blue moonlight, like my own, will dwell in the eyes of he who holds this book… and before long… he will become the one who will destroy all vampires.”

It’s obviously suspicious that Vanitas claims to want to save all vampires, while the legend states that he should want to kill all vampires. On the same page as this line, it shows a close-up of Vanitas’s hourglass earring. So maybe Vanitas is fighting against the curse of the book? And his time is running out? 

I wonder if the book’s curse has something to do with the power of true names, like its healing powers do? Presumably, Vanitas doesn’t just happen to have the same name as the vampire from the legend. Maybe he’s also lost his true name?