Top Of The Hour

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Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

Word Count: 997

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by an anon! I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

You were adorned in a sparkly red gown and Gibbs was wearing a tuxedo.  The two of you were undercover, attending a party.  Evidence pointed to the couple who hosted the party as the people who killed a naval officer down in autopsy.  He was supposed to stay quiet about them taking money from the foundation they set up and he almost came forward, had they not killed him first.

Gibbs had his arm around your waist as he looked around.  He knew that Tony or McGee could’ve done this, but he wanted to be the one with you tonight.  The Marine didn’t want you to dance with anyone else but him.  He had no right to be jealous because he had never told you about his feelings.  However, he wasn’t going to let that stop him from being here with you.

“We should move,” you said in a hushed voice.  “Otherwise we might cause suspicion.”

Gibbs hadn’t realized how long he had been standing there.  He was too lost in thought.  His arm dropped from your waist so that he could take your hand in his.  As he walked on to the dance floor, he couldn’t stop thinking about perfectly your hand fit in his.  Or how nicely the dress hugged your curves.

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When they have a crush on you, but your more compatible with another member

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Seokjin would do what he thought would make you happiest; he told the other member to ask you out. He would tell that member everything he knew about you, making sure that that member knew what made you happy and how to cheer you up when you were sad. He would be the world’s best wingman, and though he wouldn’t really be happy about it, if you were smiling in the end then it was worth it.

Yoongi would mull over his feelings for a while. He didn’t want another member to have you, but he didn’t want to enter a relationship if he knew that he wasn’t what was best for you. That thinking would lead to writing, which was the only way he could “talk” about his feelings for you, and a few sad songs would fill his notebooks - most going unused - until he forced himself to get over it, if that ever happened.

Hoseok wouldn’t let the fact that you were more compatible with another member deter him from trying to make you his significant other. That is, as long as the other member wasn’t interested. He would talk to the other member about you often, trying to find out how they felt about you, and if they had no romantic attraction to you, then he wasn’t going to let that member stop him. Hoseok was sure he could make you happy, so that was what he was going to do.

Namjoon wouldn’t even talk to the other member about you, at least in a romantic way. He didn’t want to know if the other member liked you or not, because he was going to go for it no matter what, and he didn’t want to feel like he was competing for you. There was always a chance that you liked him more than the other member anyways, so what did it matter if you were more compatible? If you liked him, that was enough.

Jimin would realize quickly that he wasn’t the best match for you, but that wouldn’t stop him. It would give him pause, though, because he would need to figure out just what he needed to do to make himself more compatible. He would change for you, wanting to make himself a better man; a man that deserved to be with you. He wouldn’t go overboard about it, just changing what he thought he needed to change about himself anyways.

Taehyung would bottle up his feelings as if his life depended on it. It might make him a little awkward around you, and it might put him on edge when your name was brought up, but he wouldn’t want to tell any of the members about his feelings for you. He wanted you to be happy, yes, but suggesting another member date you would hurt him. Plus, he thought you should ask one of them out, because then they would know who you liked more.

Jungkook would have been thinking about asking you out for weeks before realizing that he wasn’t the best match for you. That thought would leave him reeling for a few days, but he would eventually mention that he thought you and his hyung would make a good pair. He would then leave it at that; if his hyung actually listened to him and asked you out, then fine, but if he didn’t then he might ask you out anywhere from weeks to months later.