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save him. 

wasted youth, wasted you // luke hemmings

because i’m a fuckin slut for stoner/badboy!luke

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She was younger, and Luke knew it was so fucking wrong. 

 But there was just something so right about watching the girl pull her hair back as she took hits from the joint Luke had rolled. There was something about the grin on her face when he’d slip her a couple g’s of xanax. The lazy kisses they’d pull was one of Luke’s favourite parts. He’d never take xanax when she was around. It had the habit of zapping his short term memory, and he never wanted to forget any moment he had with her. 

 Her philosophy was that it was best to get high to Arctic Monkeys. It was something about the bass and Alex’s voice that just gave the marijuana that extra push. At least, that’s what she’d said. Luke didn’t really feel the difference. He just liked the band a bit and, after she’d made him listen about four albums, he’d begun to enjoy them more. Well, mainly because he’d get a long kiss with each song that played. 

 The age difference between them wasn’t  huge, per se. He was nineteen and she was sixteen. She seemed a bit aged for her years, wise eyes and heated debates was just a few key points that had lured Luke in in the first place. 

They’d met through some gross party neither wanted to be at - it was all cheap vodka and prescription marijuana and it just wasn’t too fun. He’d immediately taken notice to the quiet girl with the drink in her hand, and, well, things had taken off from there. He didn’t know her age at first. She didn’t care to mention it. She hadn’t known his, either. The first thing said between them was some silly compliment he’d made on her Nirvana shirt. She had smiled and told him to get out, because he was clearly too much of a dork to be at the party. 

 It was weekends at first. She’d come to Luke’s in the middle of the night on a Friday, knowing her way in through the bay window in his room and crawling under the covers where Luke would be half-asleep, laughing under her breath when he’d jump at the feel of her cold toes pressing into his legs. “You’re cold,” he’d complain in a small whine, but he wouldn’t actually care. He had become accustomed to the feeling and felt empty the first Friday night he had without it. She’d giggle and apologise with a kiss, so soft and sudden that Luke would barely recognise that it had happened until seconds after it had ended and she’d taken all of his blankets. He would roll his eyes at that being as habit of hers, but pull them back over his lanky body and curl closer to the girl who was becoming more of a drug to him than his actual drugs were. 

 He loved the way she looked in his shirts. They’d drag down her glowing skin, swallowing her up and falling past her thighs. It gave him the perfect leverage to kiss her shoulders or slide his calloused palms up to her hips and he just knew, at that moment, she was something special. 

 Luke hated the way the aftermath felt though. After hours of smoking and laughing and listening to old rock bands, the boy felt he was stealing her teenage years. She was spending almost every night with some college kid living in a big house by himself and going nowhere in life. 

He knew she was smart. He’d seen her grades, watched her apply to extravagant universities, listened to her talk about her dreams and goals. He was so proud, watching this little girl grow into something so much more than another stoner. But, knowing that in the back of his mind - well, it wasn’t right for Luke to keep her from going out with her friends and going to school events and, well, be a teenager. He wasn’t keeping her from that, so to speak, as she came and went at her own free will, but, well, she was young and impressionable, swept under this lifestyle just like Luke was. It just wasn’t right. A sixteen year old girl getting high at three A.M with an almost twenty year old man who struggled with kicking old habits and had a set future in some big fucking company he didn’t want anything to do with. 

 But, it seemed as though his morals vanished every time she flashed that killer smile of hers that made Luke weak in the knees and had his heart melting. Every time she stepped into his room, he would take her hand from his spot on his bed, pull her down into his chest, and kiss her like he’d not seen her for years. She would giggle against his mouth, the laughter crushed between them as they kissed and Luke actually felt so fucking loved by this girl, this sixteen year old girl that loved old rock bands and getting high and, wow, he was the luckiest man in the world. 

 They would talk for hours, sometimes not even bothering with the drugs, instead tracing patterns on each other’s skin with their soft fingertips and Luke was so in love. 

He fell in love with everything about her, the rush in his stomach when they’d lock eyes and the drop of his heart when she’d whisper his name in that vulnerable tone Luke knew he was the only one to hear. And that was just fine with him. 

 He showed his love for her in a variety of ways. Driving through the town in the earliest hours of the morning, windows down and hands laced together on the sectioning between the seats. Purple and red marks littered on her skin with sweet words whispered between each one. Walks along the oceanside with their shoes in their hands as the waves brushed the edges of their feet as she’d playfully kick water onto his ankles. The soft way he’d hold her hips with the weight of his chest pressed to hers under soft linen. 

 Luke was so in love. He was in love with the way his name fell from her lips and her laugh and fuck, Luke was so gone on her that it was going to hurt so much to let her go. But it was going to be hard. It was going to be so hard to tell her that, this, whatever it was, wasn’t okay. He was wasting her youth. He was some stoner she didn’t need in her bright future. Every time he tried, though, his throat would close and he’d choke on the tears and he just couldn’t do it. 

Maybe one day. 

 Maybe in the morning. 





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