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[ATTACK] Straight Line Tornado.

Of all the Dairanger, Lin was the only one who emitted qi power while in civilian form. In episode 6, she conjured a similar ability when she needed to rescue the Lailai Jewels. This new maneuver was the Heavenly Wind Star Straight Line Tornado (天風星・一文字竜巻; Tenpuusei ichimonji tatsumaki).

The sequence began with Houou Ranger summoning wind into her hands. After, she released the energy in the form of a pink tornado.

In episode 2, Houou Ranger debuted a voiceless attack with similar results.

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[BATTLE] Houou Ranger vs. Gara & Dairanger vs. Media Magician.

Lin was discovered by a photographer named Shouichirou Takamura, who in turn made the girl an idol celebrity. As Lin was distracted by her newly achieved stardom, it was revealed that Takamura was one of Gara’s minions. Lin’s soul was slowly being extracted from her, and anyone who saw Lin’s image became a monster.

When the male Dairanger confronted Media Magician, Ryuu Ranger wounded the enemy. Lin saw Shouichirou’s injury, but she still didn’t know the truth.

Later, Takamura told Lin who he really was on the beach. The Gorma warrior had somehow began to care for Lin, and the feeling was mutual. Gara interrupted, forcing Shouichirou to reveal his true form. Lin was too weak to transform.

After Gara killed Media Magician, Lin’s rage caused her to turn into Houou Ranger. Houou grabbed Gara and punched her in the face.

Gara turned Media Magician’s corpse into a giant, and the Dairanger summoned Dairenoh. Houou Ranger said goodbye before cleansing Media Magician with Raging Hurricane Waves. Rather than exploding, Media changed into a photo.

Back on the beach, the picture of Lin and Shouichirou together was swept away by the sea.

From: Episode 33

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[HENSHIN] Gokaiger.

Senshi: Captain Marvelous/Gokai Red/Gosei Red/Ryuu Ranger/Oh Red

Joe/Gokai Blue/Gosei Blue/Tenma Ranger/Oh Blue

Luka/Gokai Yellow/Gosei Yellow/Qilin Ranger/Oh Yellow

Don/Gokai Green/Gosei Black/Shishi Ranger/Oh Green

Ahim/Gokai Pink/Gosei Pink/Houou Ranger/Oh Pink

Gai/Gokai Silver/Gosei Knight/Kiba Ranger/King Ranger

Transformation devices: Transformation Cellphone Mobilates (Gokai Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green), Transformation Cellphone Gokai Cellular (Gokai Silver), Ranger Key

Transformation command: “Gokai Change.”

From: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger - Episode 22

Source: tokusequence.tumblr.com