Haven’t posted new pics in a while, since I’ve been so exhausted, but here’s a batch! This outfit pic is from Saturday last week - I went to the theatre with my husband & my parents (the play lasted 4,5h 😅), and I wanted to dress nicely. Not too flashily or using heavy half-wigs & epic hairstyles, so I went for a more casual onee-gyaru style, wearing my black x pink houndstooth dress from Ma*rs with fluffy H&M cardigan, lace stocking pattern tights & black OTK boots (both from eBay). I lolled at myself looking like one of those black-eyed demons from Supernatural, since my make-up is so darm & I was trying out my new, dark grey circle lenses 😂. My hair looks kinda bad, since this pic is taken AFTER the 4,5h play & ensuing dinner. #ootd #gyaru #oneegyaru #gaijingyaru #mars #amoebamars #black #pink #houndstoothdress #blackOTKboots #casualhair #outfit_for_theatre

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