houndstooth vest


Author’s Note: I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. Anyways, here’s something I came up with last night. Enjoy loves! Masterlist


Fuck, I’m so late. Lou’s gonna kill me. Actually worse, fire me. It’s all Harry’s fault. Ever since I became an assistant to Lou, I became a drag along friend for Harry. A drag along who had feelings for him.As much as I hid my feelings, over time they got stronger especially when he was around. Like last night when Harry practically forced me to watch Love Actually with him. Truly, I enjoyed these nights. They were a distraction from reality. The reality I probably wouldn’t end up with him. However, these distractions had consequences like forgetting to set my stupid alarm.

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anonymous asked:

don't you get bored with all the gucci? i used to get excited by harry's choices, now i'm as surprised as whenever louis wears adidas... but at least he's started changing it up.

how can you be bored? did you see what he wore today? a houndstooth vest. OVER A T-SHIRT. the other day it was custom made gucci (that is NOT A NORMAL HAPPENSTANCE FOR ANYONE OKAY). he wore the limited edition fuchsia sweatshirt only made for the japanese market. he picks the stuff you’d never actually consider and MAKES IT WORK. think beyond what’s right in front of you and you’ll find yourself having fun