houndstooth skirt

I’m hard at work on some Bunnyribs related illustrations and comics for my zany comic/zine OBZINE, and they’re turning out to be absurd, sexy, and thought provoking, all at once. I’ll be sure to share more of it here, but I come from the old world of print and DIY zines, so mostly I’m eager to see it on paper, folded, collated, stapled together, and in your hands!

(Regarding the illustration above, please take note of the figure on the far right, who sports a houndstooth hobble skirt, long velvet mittens, and a comedy-tragedy dragon motif on her corset, all of my own design; the rather demurely posed Domme on the left whose dress features an expanded rear keyhole; and lastly, the central figure in the Valentina harness, one of Bunnyribs’ most popular designs.)

~ Neil


The 80’s does the 50’s in this houndstooth pleated skirt. Hitting just below the knee, this vintage skirt calls out to those looking for a conservative length with a funky twist.

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