hounds of the wild hunt


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I don't know if you have already answered this or something like this but you do think that that picture of the hellhound and the wolf at the end of 5a finale is based on Parrish & Theo.

I do! Jeff said we’d see what the Dread Doctor’s success is and why it would danger for everyone especially Parrish.

I am thinking Theo is on his way to being the success, and that pic at the end is sort of a prophecy of Theo VS Parrish.

The reason I think this is because Parrish is a hound of the Wild Hunt and one of the Riders in mythology was Theoderic the Great.

And I remember Jeff saying something about picking names carefully for plot, and what hashtag was used for Theo? #TheoTheGood.

Sounds oddly like Theoderic the Great, no?


Hounds of the Wild Hunt - Courage

They live somewhere between ‘Mats style punk and the throat-tearing howl of Murder City Devils’ Spencer Moody.  As great as their spitfire incarnation The Whore Moans was, I love where they’re going as Hounds.

twistedsouzou: That’s awesome! I’ve been reading and learning a lot about the various ghoustly hounds of the different Wild Hunts. My favorite are the wisht hounds, fairy dogs, and the devil’s dandy dogs. Some cool ritual elements you can incorporate there. One of my favorite rites by Gemma Gary involves the hounds of the Wild hunt :D Some cool stuff!!

stagkingswife: That’s all good! It still would be super interesting to hear. I have been doing a lot of looking into different versions like the Ghost riders (a version of the Wild hunt originating in the states), The Devil’s Dandy hunt, and especially the hunt of Cain! I love me some Wild hunting that involves hoards of witches flying into the nightix

veneficiumveritas: Pretty much anything from lore to actual practicing stuff. I know some will focus more on protection and warding of the wild hunt, while others will hop on right in there. Versions of the hunt, such as the Hunt of Cain, is a hoard of witches (particularly the Mighty Dead) as the fly into the night lead by the Cain (who is believed by some to be the first sorcerer). I definitely have some lore (particularly to the great Sabbat) behind that as well, especially now that I’ve become very interested in learning more about the Sabbati Cultus and Sabbatic Witchcraft. I’m also interested in working more with the fairy hounds and wisht hounds that accompany those hoards, since I have a book with a lovely Cornish inspired ritual that involve them.