When Henry says “I mean, look at you and john” and Sherlock says really unnecessarily sharply and defensively, “what about us??”, it just kills me because Henry really was talking about two people that were *just* friends, but Sherlock is so protective of his relationship with John, so afraid to see it impinged in any way, it’s so precious to him, who they are together, that he snaps immediately to defend it and what’s amazing is how Henry’s whole voice and body changes, like he was making a simple observation and then Sherlock reacts that way and you can almost hear Henry’s “ooooooohhhh, so it’s like THAT, oooo-Kay” as he fades off and drops it altogether and then Sherlock just kind of does that staring thing he does when he’s not sure what’s going on and Henry’s like “SO HERE WE ARE AT DEWARS HOLLOW SORRY I MENTIONED YOUR BOYFRIEND”


Small hours studying.

Sometimes Viena gets restless and can’t really sleep, so instead she reads about their long history of wars. The hounds can’t read, but they like looking at the pictures (most are very graphic ones).

Painted with fine watercolors and gouache on Daler Rowney paper.