We should go home.

Netta, a young witch who lives deep in the Southern woods, and her peculiar rooster Ember were gathering some ingredients when they heard a distant thunder. It’s going to rain soon.

I’ve been feeling a little more tired than usual due to the long days in the office, but finally got myself to do some painting on the side. : >
Painted with fine watercolors and gouache.


Small hours studying.

Sometimes Viena gets restless and can’t really sleep, so instead she reads about their long history of wars. The hounds can’t read, but they like looking at the pictures (most are very graphic ones).

Painted with fine watercolors and gouache on Daler Rowney paper.


Won’t you let us play with him too?

Jack carrying his sleepy son Wyn to his lair, but gets taunted by those pesky ghost-canines every so often during his walks. Seeing Jack has his hands full, they dare to tease him from a smaller distance than usual.

Painted with fine watercolors, gouache and masking fluid on Daler Rowney paper.