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How about (UT, SF) Papyrus and (US, UF) Sans with a gloomy and pessimistic S/O who, one day, takes them by the hand and leads them to a firefly field at night and proposes there?

AHHHHHHHHH!!! Proposal ask, yes!! :’D AND normally pessimistic S/O thrown in! Thank you, anon.

Sadly, I do not write for UT!Paps and UF!Sans, so I will drop those. But I would love if someone added on what they think their reactions would be here!!

(also take this as an apology for the angst earlier)


– When you take his hand, he tilts his head at you. He’ll follow after you but start asking questions. Where are you going? Are you okay? 

– If you give him short answers or just stay silent, he’ll get the hint and just let you lead the way. But all the while he’s trying to guess where you’re headed. When you end up in a field, he thinks you want to star gaze and he perks up,


He’s cut short when he spots a glowing bug hovering by your shoulder. You tell him it’s a firefly and he’s absolutely fascinated. His gaze sweeps across the field, marveling at the way it’s lighting up. It’s like seeing the night sky up close, all around him.

– Part of him is surprised. He knows you as someone who’s not incredibly optimistic, someone who tends to look at the world in a “half glass empty” sort of way. You bringing him here - it seems like a hopeful act.

– He turns to ask you what made you bring him here, but the question is replaced with a gasp. His hands fly to his mouth at the sight of you on your knee, and when you propose, he tearfully shouts “YES!”. He throws his arms around you and kisses your face all over.


– Hound doesn’t question you when you take his hand, but he does raise a brow at you. He trusts you with his life so he allows you to guide him to your destination. He stays silent, observing the change in scenery with quiet curiosity. You’re not usually this… mysterious, so he’s intrigued.

– As you slow to a stop in the middle of the field, he looks around. And he doesn’t quite understand where or why you’re here yet, so it’s here where he finally asks. 

“what are we doing, sugar?”

– His question is answered as a firefly lights up before his eyes, rendering him voiceless in awe. He squeezes the hand that’s holding yours, swiveling his head around just as the field lights up with hundreds of tiny lightning bugs. For a moment, he looks like a giddy child who’s just discovered the magic of Christmas.

– His eyes are drawn back to you by a firefly that lands on the box in your other hand. Wait… a box?

– When you kneel down and propose, he’s frozen. He looks from the box, the ring inside, to you - it’s a cycle that’s broken by his own sudden laughter. It’s mirthful and he kneels down in front of you, wordlessly nodding his head. If you don’t take that as a yes, the following kiss should suffice.

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Do you or Lily bake? What's your favorite baked good? ~ironing Anon

Hello Ironing Nony! How nice to see you again! How has your Friday been going? I’ve been doing laundry of all things! XD

Lily, aka @writegowrite, is the baker in our happy Jedi/Sith family. She always bakes me a yellow cake with chocolate frosting for my birthday because she is a sweetheart and the cake is yellow like her Sith eyes. XD She can make biscuits from scratch and has been known to make a mean nutella waffle. She’s also pretty damn good at cooking too and is continually threatening to make me some kind of apple pie that is baked in bag? I’m not sure I’m remembering that correctly. She also makes a delicious San Francisco chicken. X9 

My single and solitary claim to baking fame is The Bread (an eggy, sweet challah bread), which I make for holidays and family get-togethers or when I feel the need to frantically call my mother at 8 o’clock in the morning and beg for the recipe for the tenth time and make sure that the dough is not too wet and that I added the ingredients in the right order and where in the world is the yeast?!? Oh god! Is the mixer supposed to be making that noise? HEEEEEELLLLP!!!!!

I am firmly convinced that there is some kind of unwritten spell in recipe of The Bread and that if I do not call my mom in a half panic, trying to microwave butter and boil water at the same time while Lily offers to help that The Bread will not rise and whatever meal it is being prepared for will be RUINED.

Happily, Mom always picks up, hooting with delight at being called up from the Long Distance Mothers League and proceeds to patiently walk me through my yearly Gluten Trial By Fire. 

Mom also deserves a special mention because one of my parents first dates was to go see Star Wars, which she thought was going to be silly and came out ADORING. The first thing she said to my Dad, who was rocking a truly epic seventies ginger fro, was “When can we see it again?” And if that doesn’t encapsulate me and my entire family’s approach to Star Wars, then I don’t know what does.

Thanks for swinging by and letting me take a walk down memory lane, Nony! Have a lovely weekend! ^___^/”)

So, my original goal was to have this done on two characters by Stormblood. I don’t think I can make it on Pupuri. Also, I could’ve been there forever ago but I’ve had many mental setbacks i guess.

But. I fuckin’ did it. Finally.

SwapFell Ficlet

Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a good afternoon so far :) No more imagines for today, but I do have this little short-short I typed up last night before I went to bed. These will probably pop up around here when I feel particularly inspired or just want to shake things up. Enjoy this small peak into my SwapFell boys!

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