hound mix!

Phoenix, Hound mix (2 y/o), Bogart & Thames St., Brooklyn, NY • “She hunts rats at night. We try and catch her in the act – it’s kind of nasty.”


We went today for a walk and build a campfire with this little crew over here. The dogs are actually owned by Surma’s sister’s first home before she moved to the recent owner… It was quite nice day hike chatting and Surma got her ass kicked quite many times by the feisty tervuren sitting next to her. She just doesn’t take any shit from youngsters, especially from Surma who was constantly trying to rile her up! Very interesting new behavior from Surma but atleast she now knows what happens if she tries to be a dickhead to other dogs.


The stair-shaped basket seemed like such a good idea. Drop things in it that need to go upstairs and next time I go up, take the basket with me. Unfortunately I’m very good at putting things in and lousy at getting things out. It’s been at least 9 months since it was emptied, judging by the Christmas ornaments I bought at last year’s comic festival as gifts and just found in the bottom of the basket today. I also found four new toothbrushes (meanwhile I’ve purchased duplicates at the store), new deodorants (ditto), miscellaneous bottles of lotion and acne cream and tubes of toothpaste, half a dozen books, and half a ton of miscellaneous bits and pieces. I might add that over the months my basset hound mix couldn’t resist sticking her nose in that basket and chewing up headbands, pens, cd cases, and a pair of Minnie Mouse ears. One 20 minute session and it was all put away. Nice.


So this happened today. 

Meet our new buddy Howie. He’s seven and has been in a shelter for much of his life on and off. He’s some type of hound mix according to his chart. 

He recently came up from Florida to Animal Haven where we met him! He got a little car sick in the back of the Uber, but now that he’s home he’s running about, playing with his toys (and Piper) and generally checking out his new digs. Also taking breaks to nap on the couch. 

We are super excited to have a new roomie over here at House PB&J. 

my self confidence is through the ROOF cause today at the dog park all the little puppies came bumbling over to say hi when they saw me, or came and hid behind my legs when they got overwhelmed by the Big Dogs and got skeered. i feel purified. yes, my little puppy friends, uncle ore will protect you all. it’s fine now, why? because i am here!!

Any Other Way

Nancy, Steve and Jonathan decide to spend the summer after graduation driving around the country fighting monsters. But they weren’t counting on a stowaway…

It’s Nancy’s idea originally. She brings it up one January night, their senior year, when the three of them are studying at Steve’s house.

“There’s this…’network’ of people.” She drops her voice to a whisper. “Monster hunters.”

Steve and Jonathan glance at each other but let her go on.

“We weren’t the first to deal with something like this. And it happens, like, all over the country. A lot of people don’t know how to handle it, so they…well, they hire someone.” She pauses. “And they pay you.”

They don’t say anything and Nancy sighs. “Look, don’t you feel like we should do something? I do. I think about all the things that could be out there and the people who don’t know what to do…”

The boys both nod, looking away from her. They know that feeling well. Steve finally speaks.

“Nance, we can’t just drop out of school to go monster hunting.”

“I’m not saying we’d go now. I was thinking this summer, after graduation.”

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