so now that i know that Brienne is going to see her bae again, a scene sprang into my head about how it might go.

(written on the fly, unbetaed, possibly quite awful)

(also slipped a little SanSan in there because RAWR OTP FTW)

“And why are you here, Lady Brienne?” asked Cersei, sounding almost courteous. “I recall requesting the presence of Lady Sansa, not you.”

“Lady Stark saw fit to send me in her stead,” replied Brienne. “She—” She fell silent.

“She…?” prompted Cersei, now just looking amused, much in the way a cat does when toying with a doomed mouse.

“She gave me a message to tell you.” Brienne paused. “It is not courteous.”

“Oh, Lady Sansa and I are old friends,” Cersei purred. “What’s an insult or two between friends?”

Brienne’s eyes darted to Jaime, pleadingly. He gave her a minute nod.

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