30 Day (Personal) Monster Girl Challenge, Day 8: Balthazara
Balthazara, or Zara, is a hummingbird hound waitress. She’s cheerful, eager to please, and maaaybe a little clumsy on those gangly gams.
Zara is a throwback to my 2008 Drawing for Animation class; she’d been Balthazar then. I like to take my old college projects and breathe new life into them.
Do you know what Balthazara loves most about her outfit? - her spats! They accentuate her cute li'l toes. ;D
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SOS Dinobots

We stay in the rocky general surroundings as usual because drawing backgrounds in cartoon shows costs money, but we get a random trippy hologram and, of course, another goddamn waterfall based power plant. In this episode, Wheeljack and Ratchet play God (or parents), Starscream is severely unimpressed with everything, Bumblebee doesn’t do what he’s told and we meet new characters who will actually stay around this time! 

Next time, we leave for different locations again, Spike meets a girl, magic is a thing apparently and another landscape is completely ruined. 

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Fire in the Sky

Episode 7 of The Transformers takes place in the arctic circle, where old friendships go to die and new ones are forged within two seconds without any reason, earth core crystals are a natural thing, several people probably died off-screen due to the sudden worldwide freeze and Spike fucks up. 
Also, in a shocking twist: Parts of the backstory of a main character are explained and we get some character development. 

Next time, Wheeljack gets to do more questionable things, we visit the most confusing museum in the world, the Autobots play God and we’re reminded that mind control is okay as long as an 80s cartoon says you’re the good guys.