some belle ballgown inspiration after having to witness that horrible prom gown today….. heres some of my faves!

1. I believe this is art by Maria Elena Naggi inspired by a painting of Madame de Pompadour by Boucher

2. pretty sure this is Ann Hould Wards design, correct me if im wrong..

3. Design by Terry Parson

4. The dress in the bottom two pics is by Miguel Angel Huidor

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you do realize that like a lot of intersex people do not want to be considered lgbt and calling it the "lgbtqia" community is rlly problematic

There are many intersex people who do want to be included, though, and who have expressed that (which you can find info about if you literally just gooogle “why include intersex in lgbtqia”). Intersex people who do not want to be part of the LGBTQIA+ community don’t have to be involved in any way but I don’t think it’s fair to exclude the ones who do (who want and need the community and resources that being part of the LGBTQIA+ provides) on that basis.

This is an issue that’s not exclusive to only intersex people. There are groups of people within every identity who don’t want their letter to be included in the larger acronym (I have met trans people who don’t want the ’t’ included, bisexuals who want to drop the ‘b’, nonbinary people who don’t want anything to do with the large community, asexuals who don’t feel like there hould be an 'a’, etc) and their feelings are valid but so are the feelings of the people who identify under those letters who do want to be included. This then comes down to which side has more pros than cons and in my opinion it’s always better to go towards inclusion: people who want to be included want that for a reason. They need the resources, they need the community, they need the support, and they want all of that, too. I find that removing those letters and denying all the people under them who want to be included is more harmful than including the letters and having some people uncomfortable with it. I find that denying all the intersex people who want to be part of the LGBTQIA+ and telling them they’re not allowed in is more problematic than keeping the 'i’.

IT headcanon

Bill doesn’t stutter/stutter waay less when he is extremely focus on something and someone else is asking him a question. Because the words just fly out of his mouth and his brain kind of doesn’t care enough to stutter.

Like that one time Bill is concentrating on his homeworks because they’re due the next day and that subject isn’t easy to Bill; while Richie is talking about a new cafe (which is rare in Derry) just opened two streets away from campus and they totally should check it out after school tomorrow.

“Bill, your favorite is strawberry, right?”

“Strawberry? Uhm…. sure, it is great.”

The Losers had already sensed that something is definitely strange here, and there was 5 seconds before all hell broke loose.

“Bill, what about blueberry?”

“Yeah that one too.”

“You like pineapple too, right Bill?”

“Kinda neutral on that one.”

“But do you like the slushies place or the new smoothie place?”

“Slushies everyday already.”

“Strawberry slushies or strawberry smoothies?”

“Uhm… strawberry is okay.”

“Bill, what about triple ber…”



“Y-y-y-you guy s-s-hould at least w-w-aited to talk about it af-f-fter we are done w-w-with our h-h-homework…”

And the miracle wore off.

From this day, Richie is always try to get Bill to talk when he is concentrating in something important.

Seventeen Reaction to their crush crying to them because they were cheated on.

HI HI omg love this blog so much 💕 I was wondering if you had the time to do a seventeen reaction when their crush comes to the mm crying because they were cheated on?? Thank you so much!!! ❤️❤️(if you can’t do full group , then I’ll ask for vocal unit)


You know, I was’t sure if I could do all the members for this, but I did it oddly fast so here you go! Thank you for your request, hope you like it!

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He would be super angry initially, but seeing you crying would make him feel really concerned. He would pull you into his arms without a word and just hold you really close, rubbing your back. The whole time he’d be gritting his teeth, he wanted nothing more than to just go up to your partner and punch them for hurting you.


Would feel an initial pang of rage. He’d take your face in his hands and make you look into his eyes so you could see how serious he was, brushing each of your tears away as it fell. “Don’t you dare cry because of that person. You are worth far more than them.”

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“They did what?” He would be so stunned, he couldn’t understand how anyone could treat you that way. He’d wipe your tears gently as soon as they appeared. “Don’t cry, hunny. It’s better that they’re out of your life.” He’d hug you softly then pull back to kiss your cheek, brushing his thumb over your cheek. “You deserve so much more than them.”

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He’d purse his lips and try to keep back his disappointment. You didn’t deserve anything like that. He had never really liked your partner, but he would have said something if he had thought you would end up being hurt so badly by them. He’d fight back a long string of curses he’d want to throw about your partner. “You’re going to break up with them, right?”

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Seeing you cry would bring tears to Hoshi’s eyes. “I’m so sorry, y/n.” He would throw himself at you, wrapping himself around you to give you the best squeezy hug you had ever had. “Please don’t cry” “Please stop or I will start to sob” it would break him seeing you so sad.

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“Did they give you a reason for being a complete asshole?” Wonwoo would be 10/10 unimpressed. “They were never good enough for you, y/n.” He’d surprise you by being so serious. He had always known he could treat you better, so now he blamed himself for your pain. If he had just confessed to you sooner, this might not have happened.

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Seeing you cry would make him feel awkward, not many people came to him for emotional support. He’d take your hand and maybe stroke it a bit, thinking hard as to how he could make it better for you. “You are so much better without them.” “You are the most amazing person I know.”

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“What?!” Would probably start pacing around, ranting about people being complete jerks. “They hould have broke up with you if they felt that way, rather than hurting you like this!” Hearing your little choked up sob would break him out of his anger and he’d whirl to you and give you some great aegyo. “It’s ok y/n, I’ll be your boyfriend now! I’m more handsome anyways!”


He would want to distract you straight away. He would give you a tissue and then “Can you help me cook tonights meal for the boys? There’s so many of them, it’s impossible on my own.” He’d set you small tasks and the compliment you loads, giving you little hugs and high fives the whole time. “Oh my god this tastes amazing, teach me your ways!” 


He’d be awkward and kind of unsure what to do. He’d sit next to you and rub your back, maybe pulling your head to rest on his shoulder. He knew nothing he could say could make it better, so he’d just be there for you. He’d hum quietly, hoping you would stop crying and get some rest. He’d be frowning the whole time, his heart breaking from seeing your pain. 

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“Who the frick would do that to you?!” He’d pat your tears away quickly, not trying to be careful. “Don’t cry, never cry. They’re a complete jerk, don’t let them hurt you.” (all the while he would be crying with anger) He would be tapping his foot impatiently the whole time. “You want me to punch him? I’m serious, I’ll do it.” (He would ask one of the older members to do it.)


Would whip out his phone and you’d have to hold him back from sending some rude texts to your ex. “You are the sweetest human ever, how could they do that to you?” You’d have to calm him down, and it’d be a good distraction from how upset you were. “Stay here tonight, ok? We can watch films all night!”

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Seeing you cry would probably make him cry, but he would try really hard to be strong for you. He would hug you and let you lie on his chest as you cry, just stroking your hair slowly so you knew he was there. “I would never treat you like that.”

In the 9th house, the elemental and mundane knowledge gleaned from the experience of the 3rd house, is lifted to a higher level of comprehension, one that is inspirational and probing of deeper mysteries
—  Deborah Houlding
Shopping Day

It was shopping day. Sam had escaped by going away for three days. And when he left, the task was handed to Dean and Cas.

It should be simple, it really should. But when was anything simple when you had a former angel trying to learn to be human with you? But Dean didn’t complain, he would never do that. So they got in the impala and drove to the store.

The first thing Cas did when he got inside was getting a cart. Dean found the list he had made and together they walked into the store.

“Dean, what kind of juice should we buy?” Cas was standing beside the shelf containing a trillion different kinds of juice.

“They have apple, orange, apple and orange, organic apple…I think Sam would appriciate something organic. Don’t you?” The look Cas gave him was nothing special, but it still made Dean’s insides turn. In a positive way.

It felt like his opinion was the most importaint in the whole world. Like he had all the answers and Can was dying to learn them all. And that feeling made Dean’s heart beat faster.

 “Organic sounds nice. Just pick the flavor you like best” Dean told Cas, and Cas did just that. Dean found a pen and drew a line over the word juice he had written on the list. 

With the juice in the kart they turned to the next on the list. While they walked Cas brushed his hand against Dean’s, and Dean grasped it. He pretended he didn’t see, but he knew Cas was wearing a shy smile. The kind he only used for Dean. He couldn’t get over how happy he became every time he made the former angel smile. Each time he tought was the best smile. And each time the next one was even better. 

They stopped in front of the fruit, and Dean preteded he didn’t want to, even though he actually loved apples. But after so long of pretending to be someone he wasn’t, it could be hard sometimes to remember that the facade wasn’t necessary.

“Cas, do we really need all this fruit?” Cas just gave him a sassy look and Dean went quiet.

“Of course we do. You can’t live on burgers. I know you don’t eat rabbit food, but I also know you actually like fruit. So quit whining and pick some.” He said in a determined voice.

“Oh, I get all tingly when you take control like that” Dean smirked; knowing Cas would get flustered. Only this time he suprised him by responding. “I am vell aware of that Dean. Remember last night?” And this time it was Dean’s turn to get flustered.

“You two are really cute together. I wish me and my boyfriend was like that” It was a young woman beside them that had spoken. She blushed immediately after the words had left her mouth.

Dean felt the need to deny it. To say they weren’t together, but it wasen’t true. All those years of hiding himself had taken its toll. He needed to remember that he could be himself again.

Cas was the one who spoke up. “Thank you” He said, linked his han with Dean and kissed it while looking at him.

When she walked away Cas spoke again. “That was sweet of her to say”

“Yes, but it’s true. We are really cute, aren’t we?” Cas just smiled at him and said a quiet yes while shovig him playfully.

Thay were almost finishe and were heading to grab some cereal. Dean found his favorite and put it in the cart, and when he turned around the sight was hilarious.

Cas was trying to climb the shelves, desperately reaching for the ones on top. His arms were going in every direction and he barely held his ballance while standing on his toes. It wasn’t weird Dean started laughing.

“Cas, what are you doing?” He said, struggling to stop laughing. 

“What does it look like? Don’t just stand there Dean, come here and help me. I can’t reach the box I want.” 

“Cas, you’re a grown ass man, you should be able to reach the top shelf.” Dean said as he walked to stand beside him. Once he reached for the box he realized he had spoken too soon.

Dean, you’re a grown ass man, you hould be able to reach the top shelf” Cas said mimicking Dean’s former statement. 

“Ha ha, very funny. It’s not my fault this shelf it too damn high.”

Cas started to look around after a stool, or a really tall person. It was in these moments Sam would be useful.

“Hold on, I have an idea. If I just lift you, that should work.” Dean smiled proudly, having come up with a master plan to catch the cereal.

Cas stood in fornt of him and Dean took a hold of him and lifted. Cas managed to get the cereal and Dean let him down. He then turned and gave Dean a peak on the lips.

“Thank you” he said, put the box in the cart and walked away. 

Soon they were standing at the counter loading the items, when Cas got a worried look on his face. It was a look Dean didn’t like, and then he ran away in between the aisles again. 

“Hey Cas! Where are you going?” Dean called after him, but he didn’t respond. His hunter instinct kicked in, but before he could react Cas came back with something in his hand.

“We couldn’t forget the pie Dean. It is the most important thing we could get” He put the pie along with the other items. Dean took a hold of Cas shoulders and pulled him into a hug. “Thank you” he whispered into his hair and gave him a quick kiss.

In the car on their way home, Dean figured shopping day wasn’t so bad. At least as long as he had his boyfriend with him.

“You know I love you, right?” Their hands were touching, and as Dean said this Cas moved closer to him. “Of course I do. And I love you too Dean.”

Yeah, shopping day was definetly not so bad after all.

Bad Girl Ch 19: Loyalty

“Daddy I already told you that I can’t wear things like that to work,” I tell Baekhyun for the fifth time. He huffs as he shoves the cute baby blue dress back in the closet.

“We are going to have to go shopping for you all over again, everything in here is pastel colors or too girly as you say,” The man shuffles out of my closet and sits down next to me on the bed.

“We don’t need to go shopping I have a whole closet full of work clothes at home with Jiyong.”

“Home with Jiyong?”

I sigh, “My other home,” I specify.

“But I want you to wear things we buy for you.”

“Okay, Daddy, we can go shopping later.”

His face lights up, “Just the two of us?”

“We may have to bring one or two people along to make it somewhat fair but we will see tonight or tomorrow okay?”

I can’t help but smile as he tackles me to the bed, “That good enough!”

“I’m happy you are so excited Daddy but I still need to get dressed, so if you want to do my makeup you are going to need to hurry up.”

“Is this what you were asking about earlier?” Chen comes into the room holding one of my suits on hanger.

“That’s the one! Thank you so much!”

“So I take it Baek couldn’t find something to fit your requirements in your closet.” Chen’s eyes scan over all of the clothes scattered on the floor that Baekhyun made me try on to prove to him that they are not appropriate, though I’m pretty sure he started doing it on purpose just to see me in them.

“You would be right, sorry guys, pinks and purples aren’t going to work for me when I go out for work. But when we go out, just us, I will wear whatever you want.”

Chen hums, “So when is it going to be my turn?”

“Well,” I pause to think it threw, “Xiu got his time, so did Lulu, Kris, so next will be Suho, then Yixing, Baek, then you, so we could probably go out some time later this week. Anything specific you want to do?”

“Can I plan it? I know you are big but is there any chance you can let me take the reigns?” He beams at me.

“Of course, now let me get dressed before Jiho shows up.”

Chen pauses with the suit just out of my reach, “Kris hyung had mentioned something about a song, he tried to hum it to us but none of us thought it sounded right, could you hum a few notes for us?”

I cock my head in confusion, “Why?”

“He said it made him uneasy so he really wants to place it.”

I mindlessly hum the song I’ve heard a million times since I met Jiho. My mind tingles at the familiarity of the song but nothing new comes to mind, just Jiho standing next to me, his arm around my shoulders. The thought makes me smile.

“I wish I could place it,” Baek groans. “I know that song, I swear.”

Chen nods, “We will figure it out at some point, lets not worry about it for now. Lets get you dressed and ready!” I let them help me out of Kris’s massive shirt and into my suit. When I was ready and they too, we wander down to the dining room where everyone is already waiting. Kyungsoo appears with a bowl of porridge and sets it down in front of me, kissing the top of my head. I thank him as I take a bite, automatically regretting it.

“Hot!” I pant, sticking out my tongue and waving at it frantically.

“Oh Baby,” Kyungsoo rushes over and cups my cheeks, “I’m sorry! Is hould have warned you!”

“Here,” Yixing offers me a glass of water, “This will help.”

I chug half a glass of water before taking deep breath, “Thank you. I’m sorry I just get so excited whenever I see your food, I missed it!”

“Well I will be cooking for you for a long time so you don’t need to worry about running out.”

I grin up at him, “Okay Daddy.”

“This is so weird,” Chanyeol mumbles from his spot next to me, “You go from being big to small so quick.” My eyes scan the full table, appreciating each mans’ neat suit before looking down at my own. It’s all black with matching black stilettos. I wink at Kai who is matching me to the black button up with a few undone buttons.

“I have to agree,” Kai blushes across the table.

“I feel like this is normal.”

“No, it feels weird.”

“Just think of it as me going to school. I mean it’s kind of similar, I’ll be gone for about eight hours and then I’ll come back and things will be normal.”

“The difference is that we have no idea where you are, what you are doing, who you are with and when you will be home.” Suho mumbles, “You will be home, right?”

I chuckle, “I will be home, don’t worry.”

Just then there is a knock at the door. I jump to my feet and rush to open it, on the other side is a lot more than I was expecting. Jiho is there with my foot soldiers, all completely poker faced until they realize it is me. Grins spread on their faces, “Jooyoung!” They yell together.

To my surprise I’m pulled out of the doorway but an upset boy, “No,” Sehun snaps. “She is only my Noona.”

“Sehun,” I tap on the boys arm but he doesn’t release me, something Jiho notices and isn’t happy about.

“Who the fuck is this?” Hanbin snaps, ready to charge in and rip me from the boy’s grip but Jiho stops him.

“Joo,” Jiho says surprisingly calm, “We need to go, we have a meeting soon, I picked up the boys already so we could go straight there.”

I nod, “Okay, just give me a second, you didn’t need to bring them to the door with you. You aren’t helping the problem.” Jiho smirks. “Okay, Sehun-ah, you need to let me down, I need to go to work and so do you.”

He lets my feet touch the ground again but his grip on my waist stays firm. His head leans down to rest on mine, not caring about the on lookers and his brothers who are on their way to join us. “Do you promise to come home?”

I turn around and wrap my arms around his neck, “I don’t know why you guys are so worried about that. I will be home.”

“We already don’t want you at our door, the least you could do is not bring guests,” Luhan comments.

“I’m going before things get messy, you guys have a good day at work, okay?” I let go of Sehun with a short kiss on his forehead, before turning on my heel and leading my group back to the car. My daddies just watch me go from the steps until I’m in the car driving down the driveway, with one last wave I’m out of sight.

“Well that was weird,” Jinhwan notes.

“Why is everyone saying everything is so weird today? I think today is going great! Today is going to be a great day!” I bust out.

The car goes quiet, Jiho looks over at me with a confused look, the boys in the back just look scared. “What the hell?”

“I’m sorry, it has just been an interesting morning. Everyone is so worried about me coming home that they literally asked me about it every ten minutes. Now I just keep thinking that something is going to happen that will make me not want to go back but I don’t know what it is. So now just keep rethinking everything they are saying, absolutely everything like should this offend me? Is that what they are worried about? Am I just being to passive to everything?” I groan leaning forward and resting my head on the dash.

Jiho chuckles, “So it really has been a good morning!”

“Oppa! I’m serious! I don’t know what to do about all of this!”

“Well just don’t worry about it for now,” He pats my head. “It’s time for work, focus on that.”

I take a deep breath, “Lets do this! What are we even doing?”

“We are going look over some shipping details with Seungri hyung and Daesung hyung.”

“You made it seem like we had some big important meeting,” I sigh relaxing in my seat.

“I just wanted to get you away from those idiots,” He admits.

I glare at him, “Oppa, what did I say about bad mouthing!”

“You didn’t scold Hanbin for it. He looked about ready beat the shit out of that kid if I wouldn’t have stopped him.”

I turn around in my seat, leaning to the side so I could see all of them, “Okay guys, I know you are all really confused on what is going on and why I’m not at home with Jiyong but I need you to understand that you can not, I repeat cannot, try to harm those guys in anyway, okay?”

“Understood,” They respond together like I knew they would.

“Great, now I’m giving you a five question limit, starting now!”

“Are you and Hyungnim not together anymore?” Donghyuk is the first to ask.

“We are together,” I answer simply.

Junhoe questions me next, “Were those guys the leaders of EXO?”  

“Wow Jun-ah, I didn’t expect you guys to know them right away but yes, you are right. That’s two.”

“When are you coming home?” Chanwoo wonders.

Jiho and I share a look, “I’m not sure yet, soon though, but even if I come home I won’t be staying forever, I’m going to be bouncing back and forth.”

“For how long?” It’s Jiho who asks this one, throwing us all off.

“How ever long I can…” I admit, “You guys shouldn’t worry, I honestly don’t imagine this is going to last long.”

Hanbin mumbles from the backseat, “Who do you think is going to give up first?”


The question was not expected from the little information I gave them, but of course Hanbin doesn’t miss a thing, “I’m assuming they are fighting for your love or something?”


He nods, “Are they both safe?”

“Pretty safe I guess.”

“Would any of them hurt you?”

I hum for a moment, “Not intentionally.”

He nods, “Okay.”


“Just let us know who we need to kill in the end.”

“Hanbin, I-”

“You don’t need to explain anything else, we had our five questions. We trust you, we know you know what is best for yourself. If you need anything you have us and Jiho hyung, of course, but if you need back up for anything, like an escape or a murder, just let us know.”

I rest my chin on the back of my chair and smile at him, “That’s all I ask for, thank you.”

He gives me a small smile, which is rare for him, “You are welcome.”

“And they loyal boys are hard to find, I got eight right here, I must be a lucky girl.” We do a little playful banter on the way to my office in Jiyong’s building. Jiho tells me that he will be out for most of the day so he won’t interfere with our work. But when I work with my oppas nothing really gets done anyway.

“Jooyoung!” Seungri yells happily when I walk into the conference room.

“Hello to you too Oppa,” I chuckle as the man comes up and hugs me.

“We’ve missed you lately,” Daesung whines as he hugs me as well.

I stare at them for a moment, taking in their nice suits and large smiles, noticing a bouquet and box of candies near where they were sitting, “So I take it Jiyong told you that I found out.”

Seungri drops to his knees in front of me, “Jooyoung I’m so sorry!” He apologizes profusely, being as dramatic as possible.

“Please forgive us!” Daesung soon follows suit, grasping my hand with the saddest face I’ve ever seen, “Oppa would never do something like that to you!”

“It was all Seunghyun hyung! I swear it! I will sign a blood oath to prove my loyalty to you!” Seungri’s amazing acting continues as he grabs a letter opener from the table and looks at me as if he is going to cry. “I’m going to do it!” I watch with a straight face as he brings the blade down on his trembling hands, Daesung is watching as well with judging eyes. When I say nothing Ri stops and glares at me with his hands on his hips, “Are you not going to stop me? Why aren’t you saying anything?”

“I was just seeing how far you would go.”

He pouts, “Joo-ya! Are you seriously doing this to your Oppa?”

I sigh, “Of course not Oppa, I have no reason to be mad at you so you have no reason to worry. Now can we get to work?”

“But I still feel guilty,” Daesung mumbles.

“Buy a good lunch to get rid of your guilt. Then I will be happy.”

Sorry guys it took a bit longer than I thought, I hit a wall for like an hour and suddenly I got a new idea and had to redo the whole chapter. But I finished it! I feel like I’m going to hit another wall so if you guys have any requests that you would like to see, special dates, moments or scandals, certain peoples POVs, please let me know! I can get ideas from the smallest things so anything will help! Hope you have a good night!

Feedee and or feeder risk of Tumblr

Open tumblr app
Check follow feed
Check search feed with suggestions

5mins later craving heavy amounts of food
Rubbing your belly
Dreaming of being bigger

5 days later
Same thing
Then realize Tumblr has made u gain 5lbs in 5 days

Month later
Still doin it
Realizing Tumblr and the feedee and Feederism community has helped you with your self and embrace your inner feedee or feeder.

Don’t ever look back
If like to feed people keep doin it

Like to be a feedee indulge in it

U can walk away but at the end of day
You are in your bed on tumblr eating chips or cookies while scrolling and rubbing your glorious belly.
Then you will pass out and wake up next day
You are a lil bit fatter
A lil bit wider
A lil bit bigger

I fought for years
But when it comes down to it after neglecting it

I’m at peace with myself
Whatever happens
I lose a pound oh well

I gain 5 lbs oh well

I still get butterflies in my stomach when I gain and I see my body change everyday
I’m happy and others hould be happy



I can’t decide which TV show to binge through next!

Ok need some help deciding what my next binge should be, from the ones I’ve got on my Netflix list any recommendations which one I hould check out first.

Choices are:

Wynonna Earp

Van Helsing




Santa Clarita Diet


So watched first season of Wynonna Earp which I ended up loving, it was fun and exciting with likeable charcters,  Doc is my fav and then Waverly me thinks. I hope the 2nd season comes to Netflix soon!

Then watched Santa Clarita Diet which is amazing, I love it so much it was really fun!