Im SINGLE & i wi$h it wa$ U&I but im AFRAID you wont feel the $ame about me, my friend$ $ay i $hould LET IT GO. You’re ju$t $o FLAWLESS & i find my$elf STAYING UP at night, i want TO be HONEST but our relation$hip might be DANGEROUS & it might $ting, but idk i think it$ just been 1 OF THOSE WEEKS but i just wi$h at the end of the day i could $ay my BABY CAME HOME

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erin!! I know we dont really talk but i saw how you get some /agressive/ asks about your story and !! i hope you stay patient and think about it as since people are so into it it means your story is really really good!!>\\< keep writing and have a good day~

awwww thank you so much for taking the time to send me such a sweet message :’)) yeah i guess that’s one way i could think of it? LOL clearly they cared enough to turn on anon and send in an ask HAHA well thank you love!! hope you have an amazing day <3

[At Atsushi and En's wedding]
  • Priest: Should anyone have a reason why these two should not be a wed,speak now or forever hould your peace.
  • Kinshiro: *looks around*
  • Kinshiro: Really? We're all just going to let this happen.

well this entire issue had me going >:[ for various reasons. I mean, one, we didn’t NEED Tyger to tip off SHIELD, because we KNOW that they had the entire X-men and especially Warren under surveillance. Also Angel doesn’t think to begin with ‘yeah we kind of dosed Laura with murder drugs and she may have just stabbed her only remaining family’ or some OTHER reason why SHIELD hould not go in guns blazing?

and SPEAKING of that murder drug, that entire sequence just. Arghhh. Someone force Jean Grey to go to a lecture on Remedial Ethics or something, because this is some shady shit. My only regret is that it was Gabby and not Jean who got stabbed - because seriously, the ONLY way this should’ve gone well is if it was Laura’s choice, undertaken in a calm environment. These idiots decided that they knew what was best, the interaction was ACTUALLY FRAMED like Laura was 8 instead of a freaking adult capable of making her own choices… Seriously whose idea was it to have it happen like this? Have Laura, who just healed back from being several flesh chunks, and that after a fun-filled day of nearly killing someone, meeting her abuser again, and being tortured, immediately thrown into a situation where she would be either forced to kill her own family or break through years-long conditioning? A situation where she has no control and no way out? Therapy KIND OF NEEDS the person being therapy’d to be able to have some control over the situation for when things get too intense, and it needs people to freaking CONSENT to what they go through! 

Theoretically, something along these lines could’ve worked. It’s just that it would’ve needed to have been different from the start. Laura should’ve had time to calm down, rebalance, hear out the ENTIRE plan, consider it, agree to it, and then, having set up a calm environment where she had a way to stop it and in general was in the best possible mental state to be doing something intense and stressful… THEN start trying to break through the conditioning. In a situation where she can feel in control, where she doesn’t feel like she’s being constantly overridden and pushed around by people who talk about how they know best like Laura isn’t a goddamn fully-grown adult capable of making her own life choices.

eta: AND ALSO whose freaking idea was it to have Gabby do that, like, seriously what the fuck. Did Gabby volunteer? Was it the idea of one of the others’? Seriously Gambit, Angel, and Jean have done so much shady shit in this issue. Did no one think ‘oh hey maybe Laura stabbing her own sister against her will might make all of her problems much worse ’ or anything.