One of the very earliest known images of the newly created Liverpool Football Club, with chairman John Houlding seated in the centre. Taken in in front of the bowls pavilion at the rear of the Sandon Hotel, the team were wearing blue and white quartered shirts. Exact date of the picture is unknown but thought to have been between June and August 1892.

Back row; left to right: John McCartney, Matt McQueen, Andrew Hannah (captain), Billy McOwen, Duncan McLean, Douglas Dick, David Henderson.

Front row; left to right: Patrick Gordon, Malcom, McVean, Joseph McQue, James McBride, Harry Bradshaw, Jim Stott, Hugh McQueen.

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au where chara becomes a For Real Ghost after their death and has to cope with the fact that their plan failed, their best friend is dead, and their parents’ relationship is ruined because of them

but hey at least they get a sweet robo body!!