After browsing twitter and message boards for a while, here are some of the fandom terms that I learned. Feel free to correct me if I got anything wrong:

説=setsu=theory (e.g: 生きてる説=ikiteru setsu=*character* is alive theory)
死亡フラグ=shibou furagu=deathflag

本誌派=honshi-ha=magazine readers (they read the latest chapters and up-to-date with what’s happening in a series)

単行本派=tankoubon-ha=volume-only readers

小説=shousetsu=novel, also refers to fan fiction
死ネタ=shi neta=character death
捏造=netsuzou=fanbrication. It refers to something that the artist/fan fic writer made up that’s not confirmed to exist in canon, could also mean AU.

現パロ=gen paro=modern AU
クラスタ=kurasuta=refers to a fan group (e.g.: Alibaba kurasuta)
キャラ崩壊=chara houkai=OOCness
キャラ偏り=chara katayori=bias towards a certain character
キャラ叩き=chara tataki=character bashing
厨=kuriya=someone who’s a diehard fan (e.g.: *insert character*-kuriya, *insert OTP*-kuriya)
地雷=jirai=landmine, also refers to turn-offs (e.g.: NTR, guro, crossovers…etc), also equates with ‘苦手=nigate=not very good at’.

the-backspin-alchemist  asked:

1, 3, 5, 19, and 22!

1. Your current favorite song aslkjd i dont have one Favorite favorite rn buuut Shinwa Houkai by Hello Sleepwalkers
3. A song that used to be your favorite that you still like Omg I used to listen to My Last Amen by Downhere constantly. its the only song that survived being my alarm without me hating it afterwards
5. A song that reminds you of another period in your life Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been by Relient K (reminds me of middle school. partially bc thats when i listened to it)
19. A song that you’ve seen performed live I’ve ?? Never really been to a concert unfortunately
22. A song that motivates you to work/helps you focus it depends on what im working on tbh o: playing music with homework (and usually writing) distracts me. But LA Devotee by P!atD helps me get of my butt (i cleaned my room to it yesterday)

Thank you !! :D